How to Backup/Restore Apps/SMS/Contacts/Settings on Rooted Galaxy Note 2!

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For those of you who have rooted your newly-wedded Galaxy Note 2 and want to install custom ROMs, here’s a tutorial that can help you backup and restore all of your apps, SMS, contacts, and settings.

Most custom ROMs require you to do a data wipe/factory reset in CWM Recovery, which means all your apps, SMS text messages, contacts, and settings will be gone (although the contents of your storage are in tact such as videos and photos).

So, how do you get these things backed up and restored so you don’t have to start over from scratch?

You can use various apps like Titanium Backup app for apps, SMS backup app for SMS text messages, Google backup feature for settings (such as Wifi passwords), and GMail for contacts.

First, for contacts, I highly recommend you to make a GMail account as having a GMail account on your phone automatically backs up all your contacts and when you simply sign in to GMail, your contacts are automatically restored.  Even if you don’t use GMail as main e-mail, just make a dummy GMail account for your contacts, makes your life much easier.

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5 Responses

  1. geegee says:

    just one question,

    i followed this tutorial to the letter but restoring apps+data does NOT restore any accounts i had like a couple of activesync accounts, hotmail and such..
    also all my text messages are gone…

    but most important.. how do i restore all my email accounts i had created???
    or does this mean i have te setup all my accounts over and over manually after installing a new ROM?

    i would guess restoring certain system apps/data will do the trick but there are about 200 system entries in the restore list..
    so which one to restore without screwing up the system?

  2. Rob says:

    I have been having no issues with any of the ROMs I have installed. Thanks, Max!

    BUT… I believe I forgot to backup a few of my original apps, from T-Mobile or Samsung, most likely. Will a factory reset recover that stuff?

  3. Andrew says:

    Hey Max,

    I have a copy of the titanium backup folder and when I restore my S Note, I do not get my old documents/sketches back.
    If I open up the .tar file in the titanium backup folder related to my s note app, I can see thumbnails of the documents I backed up.
    The ‘restoring’ completes without any error, but I cannot find any .snb files (S note files) in my internal or external SD card.

    Do you know a way to fix this problem?

  4. Chris says:

    Anyone who does any kind of tutorial needs to include version numbers for apps they are showing. Great video instructions otherwise. Go Giants!

  5. Terri says:

    Is anyone has the same problem like me that my Note will drain all the battery from 100% to 18% within 1 day after installing the Titantium backup? I don’t know what’s wrong of my Note that the battery goes out within 1 day (without any useage).
    I haven’t installed a new Rom yet, so I don’t know what’s wrong…
    Please help!!!!!!!

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