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Announcement: How to Root Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-N7100/GT-N7105]


Here’s how to root your Galaxy Note 2.  (If you ended up on this page to root your Galaxy Note 3, see How To Root Galaxy Note 3 instead.)

Verified to work on the following Galaxy Note 2:

    International Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 International Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7105 T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889 AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-I317 Canadian Galaxy Note 2 with model number starting with SGH-I317 or SGH-T889 such as SGH-I317M or SGH-T889V

This root method works regar

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Announcement: How to Root Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900!


For those of you who want to root Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900, you can follow this root tutorial as it will show you how to install TWRP custom recovery and also root your Sprint Note 2.  (If you followed the original root guide, you can follow Steps 4-11 in this guide to re-install TWRP as the CWM Recovery you installed is not compatible with Sprint Galaxy Note 2.)

This root method is for Windows only but I will have another guide for Linux and Mac soon.

Step 1. Connect y

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How to Convert Note 2 into S5/Note 3 Hybrid Phone!


Probably the coolest thing you can do on a Note 2 is root and install custom ROMs.  Well, a lot of people just “don’t get it” and stay on stock firmware, which actually is super laggy and you are limited to features Samsung gives you.

There’s a better way to use your Note 2 by installing custom ROMs that give you Galaxy S5 and Note 3 features.  Of course, that is if you want to take advantage over everything that your Note 2 has to offer and root it.

For AT&T, T-Mobile, GT-N7105, Canadian, and GT-N7100, you can grab the Ditto Note 3 ROM, which is

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JellyKat ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100! [KitKat + AirCommand]


For those of you who have been waiting for Android 4.4.2 KitKat from Samsung, we have some great news for you, there’s a bunch of custom ROMs out there with the leaked Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

One of them I really like is the JellyKat ROM, which is a custom ROM for the GT-N7100 Note 2.  With JellyKat ROM, you will be able to experience some of the latest features such as Floating Pen Windows, just like found on the Note 3.

Wait, it gets better as you can also enjoy Note 3 AirCommand feature on your Note 2.  JellyKat ROM also comes with a graphical AROMA installer,

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Tiagra ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100! [Note 3 Air Command/Galaxy Gear]


For this week’s Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 ROM of the week, please check out Tiagra ROM!

Based on the leaked TouchWiz Android 4.3 firmware, Tiagra ROM brings you the best of Note 3 features along with latest Android 4.3 to your GT-N7100 Note 2.

First, you will get a ton of Note 3 apps, just like how it is on a Note 3 along with awesome stuff like Note 3 air command, that allows you to make floating windows.  And don’t forget, with any Android 4.3 TouchWiz ROM such as this one, you can use Galaxy Gear smartwatch with it. (I’ve verified working fine with t

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How to Unlock Bootloader and Root Verizon Galaxy Note 2 on VRAMC3!


For those of you who want to install custom ROMs on your Verizon Note 2, you will need to unlock bootloader and install a custom recovery.

Today, we will be unlocking the bootloader using Adam Outler’s “No You Verizon” program and also root it.  This will install TWRP recovery so you can backup, restore, and install custom ROMs.

This is ONLY for Android 4.1.2 with VRAMC3 Build, please do not use on newer Android 4.3 or 4.4.2!

If you don’t need to install custom ROMs, just want “root”, see

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Moon ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100! [Floating Multi-Window]


For this week’s Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 ROM of the week, check out what I have been running as my daily driver on my Note 2.

The Moon ROM is a full-fledged Note 10.1 ROM in Note 2 form. Based on TouchWiz Android 4.1.2, the Moon ROM brings you the best of “floating” multi-window to your Note 2.

I’ve tried countless ROMs in the past with similar tablet format but none of them have been really usable as daily driver.

The Moon ROM does it great by giving you the option to switch easily between Phone or Tablet mode, meaning you can run Note 10

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Macks ROM for Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900! [1.8Ghz OC][Transparent Multi-Window][V4]


Check out Macks ROM for your Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900 that comes with Perseus kernel and support for 1.8Ghz overclocking.

UPDATE: There’s an updated version “AllStar”, CLICK HERE to see latest version of this ROM.

Inside the Macks ROM you will find cool features like 23 quick toggles, semi-transparent status bar, multi-window support for all apps, resizable pop-up browser, call recording, camera shutter sound option, and even s

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How to Unroot/Unbrick Galaxy Note 2 with Stock Firmware!


For those of you who have bricked your Galaxy Note 2 (perhaps ended up in a bootloop), want to return to stock firmware (because you forgot to make a backup ROM!), or you want to return your Note 2 back to Samsung Service center for warranty, here’s how to unroot/unbrick your Galaxy Note 2 with stock firmware.

Also, you can use this method to update your stock ROM to the latest stock firmware.  For example, if Android 4.2 comes out, you can use this method to update instead of Kies if you want.

First, if you are rooted, I HIGHLY ADVISE you to make a backup ROM (see How

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How to Backup/Restore ROM on Rooted Galaxy Note 2!


After rooting your Galaxy Note 2, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to make a backup ROM at least once.

What is a ROM backup?

ROM backup is basically a snapshot of your whole Android OS.  Backing up ROM is similar to Timemachine feature on a Mac or Windows operating system recovery.

Basically, backing up your ROM backs up EVERYTHING except the contents of your internal storage/SD card including your apps, app data, settings, contacts, etc…etc…

Why backup ROM?

Backing up ROM allow you to easily restore to a previous point in time without having you to sta

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