Recovery-Flashable L900VPALJC Firmware Rooted for Sprint Galaxy Note 2! [Stock ROM]

For those of you on rooted and custom ROMs, now you can easily update to the latest L900VPALJC firmware (with Multi-window) by flashing a zip file in TWRP Recovery.

There’s two versions of the ROM, one odexed and the other deodexed. I recommend using the Deodexed version as you can install mods like all-app Multi-Window. Odex version is more stock, you can use that if you are trying to unroot your phone back to completely stock.

Download and flash in TWRP:

Download L900VPALJC Firmware rooted Deodexed

Download L900VPALJC Firmware rooted Odexed

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Galaxy Note 2 Reference
You will need a rooted Galaxy Note 2 to install all ROM/kernels.
NOTE: If you are a noob, please remember the author of this site is not responsible if you mess up your phone. Make sure you know what you are doing before following any instructions on this site!
First time to rooting and custom ROMs? Please see our Galaxy Note 2 Root FAQ FIRST!

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19 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    The link seems broken, or is that just me? Is there another place I might find this flashable update.

  2. Alan says:

    Will install this file keep the data or will we have to restore apps and data?

  3. Mark MacIver says:

    Hello: I flashed this and is says I have JC in the build number category, but my baseband is still J1, is this normal?

  4. Mark MacIver says:

    Also; I had multi windows this morning… out of nowhere! I didn’t have it when I initially flashed… now I don’t have it again, weird!

  5. william says:

    Dont change rom to use wifi tether you dont need too just root you phone and dowload his version of wifi tether with the stock rom that work for me free hostspot :-)

  6. Jeff Olson says:

    Running L900VPALJC. Apps not installing. I have cleared data on multiwindow apk to no avail.

    Running CWM recovery. I have the mod that swaps internal and external SD card running as well. Rooted.

    Any suggestions?

  7. Joseph says:

    Is this compatible for n7000 running jelly bean 4.1.2??

  8. Joseph says:

    Is this compatible for n7000 running jelly bean 4.1.2?

  9. Matt says:

    i flashed it and it took unormally long to finish, then the booting took unormally long, i know it takes longer to boot after you flash a rom for the first time but this took about 5 minutes. then the real problem struck.. it says my chameleon stopped ? what does this mean and how can i fix it?
    info: sprint note 2, running 4.1.2

  10. Quela says:

    Okayy, I have a Sprint Galaxy Note 2 and I downloaded the deox part but once I went to my settings to flash it like you said I got confused. Please help!!

  11. Quela says:

    Helpp! Need it asap.

  12. Lindsay says:

    I did a factory data reset and wiped cache , flashed this rom, but then it got stuck in a sprint vs Samsung bootloop…I ended up restoring my other rom. How do I flash this correctly?

  13. RC says:

    So where do you get mods for the deodexed version?

    Also, everytime I reboot the phone I get the hands free activation setup poping up. I cancel it but, I was hoping for a fully clean rom. Also, chameleon kept crashing. I’ve frozen it for now, seems to work so far but why was it crashing in the first place?

  14. vito says:

    this stock firmware is not the same as the oem. this is one keeps giving me chameleon error messages and freezes up my phone.. and the battery dies 3x quicker…. what a disaster this whole rooting and flashing rom processes has been.. I suggest to anyone that you DO NOT FLASH ROMS!!! and I’ve tried all of them.. they are all trash.

  15. Broderick says:

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  1. November 21, 2013

    […] but i apparently need a "deodexed" rom to do it… my question is: if i flash this file (Recovery-Flashable L900VPALJC Firmware Rooted for Sprint Galaxy Note 2! [Stock ROM] | Galaxy Note 2 …), will it wipe all my stuff or is it just like an update and leaves everything else […]

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