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This website was created to help Galaxy Note 2 users root their shiny device, install custom ROMs, and more.


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  1. Lee says:

    Hi love the site
    The video of the screen replacement is just what I need.
    But bo you know where I can ger a screen from?
    Thanks for any help you can give

  2. peter says:

    As there starting to be quite a few Roms for the Note 2 and being fairly new to this it would be good to see a table of features comparing different roms and any known issues (like camera doesnt work etc) and maybe the stock rom.

    I realise this is quite a lot of work but maybe some help from other Rom developers to help push there Roms.

    Nice web site.

  3. duke says:

    Not a comment, but a question? Hope someone here can tell me how to wync my tmobile contacts onto my note2. Never backed 5hem to google, they r all on tmobile. Help please

  4. Tiffany says:

    Hi Max,


    How can I tether the Tmobile Note 2 for free?? I can’t find any solution. The tether apps don’t work for some reason. My phone is rooted (thanks to you). Do I need to flash a ROM?


  5. Will Tee says:

    I rooted my Galaxy note 2 (sprint). How do I get the tethering to work sir? Rooted with stock deodexed L900PALJC

  6. jay says:

    need help i see alot of youtube comment bout how ppl dont have twrp rovery during root with no reply well ihave the same problem is there away you can put up a link to get it or make a video on how to get it

  7. jay says:

    no twrp recovery can you make a video on how to get it

  8. michael says:

    Hey zedomax! I’ll ask your opinion. I love the note 2. Sprints network sucks.Verizon its too costly for my taste and t mobile is nice on price.(kinda) but they have bad coverage. I’m looking into at&t…. but I’m afraid of development for the note 2 for them..at&t has a terrible track record with updates. Cyanogenmod won’t support exynos 4 …..unless Samsung helps us out like they said they would…so what do you think? Grab the nexus 4 and lose the amazing screen, battery, LTE, multi tasking or the note 2 or do you think it will still get some love?

  9. Joe says:

    Trying to root my Sprint galaxynote 2. Followed your youtube. Cant seem to locate the cw6 file when tapping on the pda button. I do have a lightlighted yellow box which indicates my drivers are ok.

  10. alex tanoc says:

    I was about to ROOT my phone when I go t word of the upgrade (Multi-Window) so I did not root my phone. Is it safe for me to use your method of rooting with this upgrade?

    • nick says:

      I just rooted after the new update so I have multiwiondows as well. You hold the back button and it pops up, do the same to remove it. I only rooted so I could tether but I dont know what app to use for tmobile

  11. Firdaus says:

    Hi Max,

    Need a little help here, I’ve installed the criskelo ROM. It says that ‘The installation wizard successfully installed CriskeloRomNoteII. Press next to continue.’

    When I press next, nothing happen, seems it stuck/hang. What shall I do?


  12. Josh says:

    I had bought my note 2 and rooted it no problem. well the phone fell out of the holster I bought and smashed on the ground. I had to get the phone replaced under the warranty when the new one came I made the mistake of updating the firmware right out of the box. to the UVALK8 Firmware build and now I can’t seem to get the phone to flash CWM. I was wondering if there is another method to get the CWM to work on the new firmware? I haven’t seen any videos on flashing with the New firmware build. any thought on what I should do?

  13. Josh says:

    forgot to mention this is the T mobile version of the phone

  14. Jay says:

    Great website! Helpful stuff…

    I have a question if you don’t mind. I’m using a GT-N7100, i used both AndroidRev and Omega ROMs and im having wake up lag issues. I’ve also read a couple of articles about this and some say its more of a hardware issue (Exynos/quad core) not a rom problem. They say that its how the phone manages to save battery.

    I even tried the disabling S-Voice/ripple effect — did help but would not resolve the problem. It would have more lag if standby is longer.

    Just want to hear your thoughts, I’m sure im not the only one whos gettings this lags.


  15. jayson says:

    I like your site. I come back every now and then to check out your reviews on your roms and how to mods. Something I would love to see along with so many other would be a note 2 overclocked with a solid rom against a iphone 5. I think that would be a great video if you showed off it speed. (Startup, open apps, multitasking, browsing and show off some of the many things a android can do. No one has done a video like this and I know you would do a good review. Keep up the good work!!

  16. Richard Beck says:

    When I push on the volume up button with the power and home button I don’t get the options to back up my rom. I get reboot and restore factory settings and things like that,,,,maybe 5 options. I followed your rotting instructions and Root Checker says my devise has root access,,,,,,what am I missing?

  17. cullen says:

    Hi I really like your site, but I can’t seem to find the correct article to root my SGH-i137 Note 2. Any advice? Do you already have an how to on here that I missed?

  18. cullen says:

    Hi I really like your site, but can’t seem to find the article to root the SGH-i137 model of the note 2. Do you already have a how to on that that I missed?

  19. cullen says:

    Whoa double post. Sorry. 😛

  20. Renny says:

    i just got note 2 swap for new deal and i got a free flip cover with it lucky me xD i go wait before i root my phone for better rom
    and i find out bluetooth is a fail cant use my speakers for it i hope fix it next update. GT-N7100 i got. old phone SG 2.

  21. robert says:

    Hi, i am not good at rooting or install stock android os. After i saw your site…it’s really easy to go. My question is…I have note 2 I317M from Canadian carrier(Rogers). I want to install international android os. (which is N7100) because i will allow me to type or write chinese. (my i317m only have english/french/korean language option). From your web. i saw you listed many stock firmware from many different countries. So…i just root my note 2 (i317m) and install N7100 Hong Kong stock firmware?? because your video only show sprint or t-mobile rooted then install with sprint or t-mobile specific stock firmware…i was wondering…my rogers i317m can be installed with N7100 HONG KONG Stock firmware or i can only installed specific stock rom after rooted my note 2? after rooted my note 2…will it invalid my previous unlocked process? after rooted…how do i install stock firmware?? just use my note 2 to go to tyour website and download it then to installed or i have to use usb cable and use computer to put hong kong stock firmware in?? when i installed N7100 stock firmware after i rooted…do i have to unlock the phone again or rooting and install N7100 stock firmware will NOT invalid unlocked process?? Thanks

  22. Nayan says:

    I have been following your blogs from the days of htc one x. Now i have a note 2 (N7100 international version) so i am here. I am currently using cm10.1 thanks to your tutorial. I want to go back to official touch wiz rom and also reset the counter. So what should i do? My guess is
    First Install triangle away app and reset counter. And then install a official rom using odin. Please tell me steps. Thanks for always helping peoples like me

  23. Arthur Ryan says:

    Hey Max Lee, I just wanted to let you know that you are awesome. Rarely do people have a combination of tech savy and the ability to explain things to people who aren’t as tech savy. You are the man.

  24. Brett Lapides says:

    Maxx please help, I use your site for my info on the note 2 but today messed up. I tried installing a new custom rom and now my verizon note 2 says “system software not authorized by verizon wireless” with a triangle icon
    What do I do

  25. LeeV says:

    I’m new to this Android world, I just got my Verizon Samsung Note 2 phone as gift but i’m on At&t network with my current phone, Can I unload/root this Note 2 and use on At&t network?

    I really appreciate your reply.


    Lee V

  26. I need your help bad. Is there any way to recover photo’s from a smart phone Note 2 Sprint after a system restore? My backup failed me and I lost just over 200 photo’s. Thanks

  27. Ronnie Knight says:

    Can you review the Frosty Jellybean 7.5 for the T-mobile Note II? It is 4.1.2 with LTE support. I’m new to the Andriod and I don’t like messing with changing ROM’s. I currently run Jedi Master 8 but would like to go to something with LTE as I live in one of the 7 markets that LTE rolled out.

  28. amy says:

    Dear Max,

    I have been following your site for 2 weeks now. And have tried some of the roms you suggested like jedix and skynote and some other roms that can incorporate chinese display. I used some of your english roms and then afterwards would flash the root & unlock_language.tar on it. One day while I was on the ATT (non modem) rom and I believe i then flashed the root& unlock_language.tar afterwards. Was running ok I believe then suddenly no sim card. I have went back to original factory with no avail. Tried all 3 version of the original and to no avail. When I press *#0011#, it displays the following:

    RRC: IDLE, Band1
    MCC-MNC: 454-13
    RX: 10614 RI:-61 CID: 11379
    tx:9664, psc:42
    Eclo:-2, RSCP: -63
    SpeechVER: FR FR FR
    L1: PCH_Sleep
    Drx cycle: 64
    SIB19 is received
    therm: 0 LNA: 0
    Service: Limited

    Can you tell me what I did wrong cuz when I flash to original, it looks fine. Modem and Kernel looks normal but I cannot recognize the card. This is a tmobile SGH-889 UNLOCKED by T-mobile and was testing it in Hong Kong and suppose to give to a friend. Now I cannot do anything with it.



  29. Stav Dor says:

    AWESOME website!

  30. Naufil Imran says:


  31. Pudgee says:

    hi.. was just wanted to know if u can help me figure out how to root my verizon galaxy note 2.. thanks

  32. flatfoott says:

    Hey Max,

    My note 2 ( SGH T889V ) is stuck on safe mode no matter what i do to get it back to normal. Also the volume up button only works when the phone is on and volume down doesn’t work and both the buttons don’t work on recovery mode. I used something called galaxy note 2 toolkit to get into recovery but can’t navigate cause the volume buttons don’t work.

    Please help me out.


  33. Dem7d says:

    After rooting my Sprint Note 2, i decided to unroot my phone. Using odin i select the correct PDA and hit start but the process always fails right after it says :
    after that i cant turn on the phone and only get a message that says “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in kies & try again”.
    i dont have kies on my comp nor have i ever used it. I cannot find a solution to this problem anywhere else. only thing i figured out was using Odin I installed the pit file and the message went away and the phone turns on but i cannot unroot the phone. Any ideas? any help would be much appreciated.

  34. Mike Peterson says:

    After Unrooting my phone the device kept getting stuck and then i had to keep restarting it and later on after an update the “bootloop” started happening. And now when i tried to flash with ODIN the process gets stuck at “nand write start ” what should i do ??

  35. Terry says:

    Hey Max,

    Just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for everything your site and videos have done for me. Over the last 3 months i have went from someone who has never attempted to root a phone to some one who has been telling all my friends how awesome my phone is now because its now rooted, and all the things that i can now do. Just wanted to say thanks a lot!!

  36. Aaron says:

    Tried to subscribe to weekly newsletter, but when I get confirmation email the link takes me to a page that does exist. Says page im looking for cannot be found. Any help?

  37. Kevin Burks says:

    Why don’t you cover the jedi master rom’s anymore?

  38. Fernando says:

    Max Lee

    Question man hope you have answer for me ive seen on some you tube videos some rooted note 2 s that have 7 shortcuts on the lock screen any ideas as to how to put that on my rooted AT&T note 2 running Jedi X 14? and also any ideas on how to change the stock TW lockscreen clock?

  39. Fernando Vidal says:

    No no your not understanding I know how to change that but it only allows 5 shortcuts I want 7 which I have a screen shot of you don’t believe me I know is possible just wanna know how to do it

  40. JP says:

    Hey Max,

    I’m trying to get the app2sdnote2.bin file from downloadandroidrom.com but everytime I keep clicking on the download link it opens a new instance of the page. I don’t know if their server is down or the link is dead.

    Do you have a copy of that script that you could send me? I’d really like to be able to use app2sd without resorting to more hardcore methods I’ve seen on the xda forums.


  41. snow says:

    PLEASE HELP! why can’t I use the home button? *samsung galaxy note 2. what should i do? suddenly, i can’t use it

  42. Jovica says:

    Can you Check out ProBAM ROM for this week’s GT-N7100 ROM
    Think it is very intresting.

  43. Gwendolyn Adams says:

    How to downgrade reflash samsung note At&t 1317 4.1.2 to 4.1.1 so i’ll be able to unlock my at&t samsung note 1317 phone to be able to use my t-molble im card please.

  44. cameron edwards says:

    Im working on my own GT-N7105 Roms

  45. Antonio says:

    I have tried to follow your rooting method using odin and twrp and it oden works but twrp isnt loading when i hold up home and power buttons… its a sprint note 2 with 4.1.2 version (sph-l900)

  46. Drew Jones says:

    Hey Max,

    xda just had Jelly Bean’s v20 come out yesterday. Downloading it now and it appears there was a bunch of changes from the changelog I read. Here’s a link to it so you can update on your site and even review it yourself. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2032447.

  47. Madvesh Chilapur says:

    Hello..I had rooted my Note 2 GT-7100 some 3 days back and rolled back the changes (thru super SU). Now if i go check ‘Software update’, it says “YOUR DEVICE HAS BEEN MODIFIED.SOFTWARE UPDATE ARE NOT AVAILABLE”… Now will i stop receiving automatic updates.?

    Can u please suggest me perfect ROM to galalxy note 2..I am from india.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Max Lee says:

      You may have to usr a stock firmware and do a factory reset to get ota updates but there not really ota updates worth updating. custom roms are certainly better, try any of the latest ones ive posted on this site they are all pretty solid.

      • Madvesh Chilapur says:

        Can you suggest me any ROM which must be stable and S pen must work peerfectly.
        I heard, if we update new ROM’s onto our Note2, then we will loose touch sensitivity on mobile.Is it true.?

        Please paste the ROM link for your website, i will refer to it and install it.

  48. seth veloso says:

    I have purchase 2 memberships for the download purpose by accident. Can anyone tell me if and where this site has any kind of customer support or where any Zedomax customer support is. I find it rather disconcerting that something can be sold but there is absolutely no way to contact anyone for support. It is also a yearly recurring fee. How am I supposed to cancel if there is no support page or any contact info for any purpose what so ever? I am slightly frustrated at the moment, If I am looking over something that is right in front of me please let me know. Other wise, please contact me in a way that I can respond. I would rather not be publishing this on a public wall but I see no choice in the matter.

  49. Jawid Fatih says:

    Hey, I tried to root my Sprint Version of SG Note II, all the steps went pretty well, except when I tried to install the CWM-SuperSU-v0.96 as the last step it did not work. Plus the TWRP recovery page does not open when I Hold [Vol Up+Home+Power] in order to install the CWM-SuperSU-v0.96. Instead Android OS shows up with various options such as: wipe data, update from SD, update from cache and etc. I attempted to install CWM-SuperSU-v0.96 through the externalSD and few steps within the installatuon process fails. IDK what to do, I tried several times but no difference. Is there something that I need to disabke or maybe even install before starting the rooting process. Looking forward for your response.

    • Seaogre says:

      I am having the same trouble rooting . the TWRP is not being loaded (after getting the green PASS ).
      when I do the up vol/home/power it looks like it only sees the stock recovery. says android system recovery kot49H – L900 etc. Did you find a solution?
      Thanks in advance, Seaogre

  50. Ryan Dodig says:

    If I’m going from jedi x16 to x17 do you have to do a factory wipe?

  51. Abimael says:

    Hello! First let me start of by thanking you through all my rooting and ROM problems! You have helped understand alot!
    I am having a quite a small problem with my rooted At&t Note 2. I have been flashing different ROMs without any problems. They flash and the first thing that comes up after I flash them is the set-up screen where it asks you to put in the WiFi password and whatnot.
    Well recently I tried flashing the ROM PACman and once it was done rebooting the set-up screen did not come up. It went straight to the home screen. So I tried reflashing a different ROM that I used which is the AOKP ROM and it to skipped the setup screen. That one always went to the setup screen first. So now its doing it to all my ROMs.
    Do you know what could be the cause of this?


    hello please help me get us cellular samsung note 2 ready to use with my t-mobile thank you.


    HELLO Max Lee please help me get us cellular samsung note 2 ready to use with my t-mobile thank you.

  54. Andis says:

    Hi Max! I instaled custom rom on my note 2 gt-n7100 and now i dont have signal i have tried to instal stock rom, do a factory reset but nothing helps and my imei is changed aswel. Any ideas?

  55. Tuoppi says:


    Any idea where I could get finnish stock firmware? Found one place but after installing s note started to crash and couldn’t get it stop. Infinite loop.

  56. J says:

    Hey Max, will you be making a similar site for the galaxy note 3?!

    • Pete says:

      I would like to know this as well, this Note 2 site went a long way in me making up my mind into getting the Note 2 and what a phone it is.
      T he best thing I ever done was to root and use the hack to use 64gb sd card as the phone.
      Well done Max.

  57. Fidel says:

    Mr. lee, I am new to the galaxy note 2 (sprint) and I have been looking for a way to root it and obtain wifi tether. I have done this with other devices using ubuntu, but I have not been able to find a tuturial here that gives a step by step using Linux/Ubuntu. I found some links, but they specifically say it is not for sprint. Can you point me in the right direction?

    Thank you.

  58. C J says:

    Hello Max,
    Absolutely love the site, have been a computer geek forever and came across the site while surfing one day. Had my SGH-i317 rooted before I even finished reading the latest ROM review. I have been having a bunch of fun trying out different ROMs and I would like to continue to tinker, but I may have a problem. My company is installing exchange server email and some type of pinging software on my phone and I was wondering if all of these items they are putting on will be lost when I flash the ROM. If so I will have to pick a favorite, and I don’t know that I can! Haven’t decided yet If I prefer the Touchwiz or the AOSP more, both have pros and cons.
    Thanks for the new hobby.


  59. Andy says:

    Hi Max. First, let me say thanks for all of the reviews that you do.

    I do have one request, and that is that you provide more structure/organization to your reviews. I have a Note 2 and find it hard to compare and contrast the different ROMs using your reivews. Often you never mention if Note 2 key features are available or not in a ROM review. Like the Multi-Window, Page Buddy, S Pen features, etc.. Also, it would be helpful if you just had a list of general popular features (Floating Notifications, Mobile Hotspots is unlocked, etc..) that you just started off with in each video at least to just say Yes, it’s included, or No this ROM does not have that. I don’t know if this sounds like a dumb idea or not, but I watch your reviews because I am not up-to-date on what each ROM includes. And a formal structure to all of your reviews would be very helpful.

    Thanks again!

  60. dd323 says:

    Hey max you should review dirty unicorns 4.3 for sprint .. Its a really good new ROM ..

  61. Luis Santiago says:

    I have problems with kindle fire is stuck on the twrp plus my computer is not recognize pls can you help me thank you for everything you page is great

  62. Adi says:

    sungsonic hd v4 for note2 with note3 features has released at http://www.forum.adishakthi.in please update your post about sungsonic hd

  63. joseph sansevero says:

    I am using the Verizon note ii and hate that verizon took away the ability to manage calls during a 3 way. Do you know of a rom that fixes the phone ui?

  64. Niles says:


    I have a Galaxy note 2 GT-N7100. 2 Weeks ago my screen displayed this message. ” Firmware Upgrade Encountered an Issue. Please select recovery mode and try again” I tried recovery in kies and also a firmware upgrade and initialization in kies and both failed.

    So I saw your video on Youtube and followed it to a T. Used Odin3V1.85 and downloaded the firmware file for GT-N7100 (N7100XXALJ3_N7100DBTALJ2_N7100XXALJ2_HOME.tar.md5) and everything went perfect just like your video, but when it ended the Status was FAILED in the Odin3V1.85 top upper left box.

    Below are the message feeds in the Odin3V1.85 message box that may tell you what caused it to Fail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    N7100XXALJ3_N7100DBTALJ2_N7100XXALJ2_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  65. Marcell H.K. says:

    Hi Max!
    I would like to ask for your help to undo a big mistake made by a member of XDA Developers (he and I share the same group of Google+). When trying to promote the ROM Galaxy Note 3 Edition for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT N7100 , he create a wrong title for the topic, the features of the ROM were not mentioned and he he ignored the questions asked by a member. The link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2494661
    I use the ROM Galaxy Note 3 Edition on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT N7100 since the RC versions and the final version is working pretty good.
    The developer is a friend of mine and I would like your help for a review of this ROM.
    We would be very grateful if you could help us.
    Best regards
    Marcell H.K.

  66. Benjamin says:

    Hey what is the best touchwiz rom for the sprint note 2?? I was using macs rom which I love but if possible I’d like to get a newer version of android with some of the newer features like the stuff from note 3. I tried jellybomb which was fun but I didn’t really like the all blue theme. Any suggestions?

  67. Tom says:

    I’m having an issue installing updates/ROM’s with my AT&T Note 2. I’m currently stuck on 4.1.1 which is extremely frustrating. I was using an AOKP rom about 5 months ago and wanted to update to the MR build. I”m a “Newb” and for whatever reason during the process I soft bricked the phone. I followed your instructions and had to re install the factory touchwiz using ordin which you had linked to your website. I had no issues until I tried to update my phone…The at&t update would download fine but fail on the install. I’ve unrooted my phone / I’ve also tried to flash a new custom rom. I keep getting a status 7 error. So I unzipped the file and removed the proper lines in the code and then tried flashing it again. Unfortunately it would start and stop with an error but not give a status code. I’m using the latest version of CWM and nothing seems to remedy the situation. Can you help? Thanks

  68. Scott T says:

    Your site is awesome and so are your services. How can I contribute? Also, could you hook me up with all the social networks and everything you are doing? My site is for a different product – we manufacture the only truly synthetic-free supplements and we want people to know it. If you know a person who can do this internet hook up for us as a job, if you don’t have time, that would be wonderful. Thanks

  69. Karl says:

    Hi, Your newsletter is very good and well explained, nice work. I have a Note 2 N900 and Sprint did the upgrade to 4.3 that unroot the device. I haven’t found how to root it again; can you help me on that? Appreciate your help.
    Keep the good work.

  70. HoA says:

    You have helped me out a ton dude! Where is your donate link?!?

  71. Wesley says:

    I installed your new Cyanamod 11 for my note 2 and I can’t mount internal storage or sd storage onto computer to transfer files in there a fix for this problem yet?

  72. Rick says:

    Hello Max,
    I’m kinda noob on the custom rom department so I always used your great guides, thanks for that. My question: I want to keep using Android Revolution Rom which is all I ask for a custom rom. But the developper says that “to Having bootloader from Android 4.1.2 will result in broken Wi-Fi. Flash this fix if you are having Wi-Fi issues
    – It is highly recommended to use the MJ5 bootloader.” But I never used Heimdall or Odin, I’m on a mac and I did it the way you show it on your hackintosh videos. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx in advance and for all the infos I got on your website.

  73. 4short.de says:

    There is definately a lot to find out about this topic. I like all the points you have made.

  74. Miroslav says:

    Hello Max Tee,
    Please help me,
    my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889 T-Mobile does not read SIM card.
    I thought it was a SIM slot and I was replaced it, but still does not read the SIM.
    microSD memory card slot its ok, he read memory card, but the SIM card slot does not read SIM.
    Tell me what to do?

  75. Frank says:


    Great site. Thank you from all us note users.

    I want to root my sgm 1317M (I’m Canadian) and I followed the instructions for using Odin/cwm6-root-noe2.tar.

    Everything cleared as you show in your video (green “pass” in Odin and the phone reboots to the regular opening screen)

    However, I get the message “Unfortunately SuperSU has stopped”

    Any ideas?

  76. Firat says:

    Hi, I am sorry for my ignorance but I have a Galaxy Note II SCH-I605 which is verizon branded and now I moved to germany because I am in the military and I bought a prepaid SIM here now, I can receive phone calls and text messaged but I can’t get any mobile data even though I set my APN correctly, now I’m guessing because the phone is VZW branded. Is there a way to remove this so I use any sim card?

  77. Justin Holland says:

    Hi Max,

    First, I want to thank you for all the help you’ve given me with rooting my T889.

    Now, I have a question, that I hope that you might be able to help me with. Is there a way that I can disable the “First Time Use” dialog that pops up when I turn on my mobile hotspot? No matter what I do, it pops up each time I reboot my phone. I’m running a rooted 4.3 stock firmware.

  78. anuj says:

    max u have not created root note 3 neo SM-N750 website and how to root note 3 neo SM-N750???

  79. Raphael says:


    I have a pre-root question…

    I have a Note 2 GT-N7100 (not rooted) and a week ago I update OS to Kitkat 4.4. ( from Jelly bean)
    Since then I have huge problems with bluetooth connection
    I am a heavy BT user ( 3 devices at a time) and until now everything worked perfectly
    Since then, the BT range has dropped dramatically and devices keep on disconnecting all the time
    I have read on blogs that there is a BT issue with Kitkat but no solutions
    I wanted to downgrade, but as you know..impossible
    Before I root and upload some new ROM, does it make sense that Kitkat upgrade could f…. up so much the BT ?
    Would you suggest to root ?
    Thanks a lot
    BTW you are making a hell of a job, I never quite understood this root thing and viewing a few videos of yours made it crystal clear for me,thanks a lot

  80. Anastasia says:

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    of time writing, i know how to save you a lot of work, there is an online tool that creates unique, google friendly articles in minutes,
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  81. Richie Marinacci says:

    Hey max how do you root a Galaxy Note 2 SCH-I650 with 4.4.2 firmware I have looked everywhere and cannot find a way to do it

  82. Stephen says:

    I did as the you tube showed to root my phone, all seems to have gone well it was fast and when i tried to check for Software Update over the Air it states your Device has been modified. Software Updates are not available. So going by that I assume that my device has now been rooted. However, every time SuperSU starts i get “Unfortunately SuperSU Has Stopped” I get an Security Alert “Unauthorized access to a secured area has been blocked” Knox keeps me out. How do i go about letting it in?
    T-Mobile SGH-T889
    Android Version 4.3

  83. Luis Santiago says:

    i need help note 2, the supersu (unfortunately, supersu has stopped) and security notice update policy can you help me pls

  84. sheldon pilot says:

    Hi Max:

    I have been experiencing wi-fi issues on my Note 2 SGH-i317M after bringing it in for repair to have the LCD glass replaced. Bluetooth works great, but I cannot turn the tab on as it sticks for a few seconds in grey mode and then returns back to off position. I’ve done almost everything I can see on the internet and also reset 3 times. I had the issue on Jelly Bean as mentioned after repair and thought Kit Kat would solve the issue. I’m thinking that it could be the wi-fi antennae? But I cannot find anywhere on the web where to locate the wi-fi antenae. Can you help?

    Btw, your site and service is truly amazing…

  85. tula says:

    Help am having issues with my note 2 Verizon was trying to boot nd7 on it and it just went blank saying system software not authorized by Verizon wireless as been found on your phone.I tried booting in download mode to use Odin buy it keeps booting out of download mode itself ‘

  86. Samuel Raj says:

    can a Samsung note 2 7105 bought in australia be used in Malaysia.

  87. arthur says:

    i have verizon note 2 sch-i605 with 4.4.2 can someone help me to install a custom rom plz. what should i do ? i have no idea please help

  88. Samuel Derek Simon says:

    Dear Max,

    Been a follower of this page since a year.

    But seems like the updates stopped since June 2015.
    I still own a Note 2 and it runs awesome (thanks to your mods)

    Can you please give one last update for Note 2 N7100?

    Very grateful..

    Thanks and regards,
    Samuel Derek Simon

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  90. After rooting my note2 with many types of custom roms, they cant read sim card

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