Note2Core Kernel Asylum for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100/GT-N7105/SGH-I317!

For those of you with a Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100, GT-N7105, or SGH-I317, you can install Note2Core kernel “Asylum” to get maximum overclocking up to 1.92Ghz and GPU overclocking up to 640Mhz.

This isn’t for the faint-hearted but for those of you who need to take your Note 2 to the maximum. With my AT&T Note 2 SGH-I317 overclocked to 1.92Ghz, I was able to get my new Note 2 benchmark records of over 8000 on Quadrant and 18,000 on Antutu.

Now, for daily driving, I don’t recommend overclocking more than 1.8Ghz but for pure fun, see what kind of numbers you can get on Quadrant and Antutu at 1.92Ghz. And yes, it’s pretty safe to overclock your phone but if you burn your CPU, we will not be responsible, you’ve been warned.

However, I do enjoy beating my daily driver Note 2 at 1.8Ghz, comfortably increasing my UI while battery drain is about the same.

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you! And make sure you flash the correct kernel for your Note 2!!!

Download: (This is for Android 4.1.1/4.1.2 ONLY!!!)

Download Note2Core Asylum for GT-N7100

Download Note2Core Asylum for GT-N7105/SGH-I317 (AT&T Note 2 is compatible with GT-N7105 kernels)

To install, simply use “install from sdcard” option in CWM or TWRP Recovery. Make a backup ROM beforehand just in case!

Credits – XDA

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41 Responses

  1. Prenicker says:

    I have had this for a week and use cpu tuner to run at max speed when the screen is on and slow it way down when screen is off max temp I hit was 100deg so all in all pretty safe so far

  2. Bobbby says:

    8469 wow sick kernel

  3. JOSEPH says:

    Im just new to android… Do you need to back up your kernel before you flash the kernel?? Or already back up when u back up your rom..

  4. Azizul Hakim says:


    I would like to know this kernel allow undervolt process or not…..and with OC upto 1.8Ghz…Can u show us how the battery drains by showing ur batt stat….=)…


  5. Rafi says:

    When I install Note2Core Kernel on my att note 2 it no longer recognizes the sdcard…keeps saying safe to remove sdcard

    • Moises says:

      It happened to me too. I’ve done everything I could saving my SD card but with no luck!

    • Bob says:

      I had the same issue… It could see my 32GB ExtSD but not my 64GB…
      So I loaded the Perseus-alpha32.1-n7100-CWM kernel and all is well. Everything works like a charm now. I also used Setcpu_2.24 to change my settings. It’s less intimidating then STweak.

      • K' says:

        I got the same issue, am new to android so please help me, I would like my 4 gb not be in waste

        • Bob says:

          Just download the Perseus-alpha32.1-n7100-CWM kernel… Install that kernel and that should fix the issue.

          • kunal k says:

            i downloaded the perseus kernel and my ExtSdcard replicated itself to be like internal 0sdcard.. and i coudn’t see the contents of my external memory.. i went to settings and unmount and remounted the card and then i was able to see my ext card just as it used to be.. but it changes back to the same thing after re-boot.. wht should i do!?
            as of now i’m back to the stock kernel and things are fine!!

      • jon says:

        Hey did you figure out how to move your apps to your SD card?

    • Dominic Aspel says:

      For anyone flashing custom ROMs, like JediX-12, with a 64GB memory card keep in mind the SaberKernel included doesn’t support your 64GB sdcard if it’s formatted with as Exfat filesystem (default).

      In order to be able to use my 64GB with SaberKernel…and for it to be mountable in CWM/TWRP recoveries, I used MiniTool Partiion Wizard home edition to format the sdcard as fat32.

      Now it works just fine. I can even mount the sdcard from within CWM recovery. The only thing I’ve found that you loose under fat32 is single file sizes are limited to 4GB max.

  6. Brock says:

    Hi Max,

    Can you flash this kernel with CM10? I’m currently running liquidSmooth(big fan, check it out), and was wondering if it would brick my phone?


  7. Likmetolly says:

    @rafi: I have exactly the same problem. I think it is not compatible with the app2sd when u use the sd card as ur main memory

  8. Mason says:

    CM 10.1 ATT, and after i flashed this kernel, my phone wouldnt boot. showed *galaxy note 2* and then black. had to reflash cm 10.1 back over it… dont tell me i can flash this when i clearly cant..

    • Max Lee says:

      This is only for touchwiz based roms will not work on cm10 or any aosp based roms. Sorry if I didnt mention this beforehand cm10 wasnt available at the time of writing this will fix!

  9. Ryan Saglowe says:

    hey max.. i tried this on my n7100… but i only got over 6000 on quadrant but on antutu i got over 18000… is that good..?

    • Abu Sofiya says:

      i tried on my note 2 with this kernel…but when i run on quadrant, i just get 5500 and only 14876 on antutu..can u please tell me what is the problem? i overclock my note 2 to 1.92ghz..

  10. Julian Sese says:

    Hi Max, Im a newbie on Android… just recently switched from an Iphone (loving it so far)… thing is though i was just looking for OC and not asylum and flashed the asylum kernel instead. I was happy at the statistics and the speed… I’m just getting worried about the temperature.. how do I go to OC from Asylum? are the steps the same? Sorry for the noobness. Also I made backups of everything (TB and Nandroid as well since people kept on saying i should) Thanks!

  11. Julian Sese says:

    i did the same thing with the OC kernel from XDA that should have done it 🙂 I got scared about frying my phone.. is there anyway to run asylum and mitigating the high temps at the same time? setting cpu profiles so that it wont go over 1800? will that have any difference compared to the OC kernel? If im planning to run 1800 anyway should i just stick to OC or AS is fine? sorry im really new at this.. feel free to flame me for my noobness…. and thank you so much for all the support!

  12. klerin hercules says:

    Can i install this kernel in a stock SGH-i317 rom? I think the stock rom is amazing and nice looking, i wouldn’t like to loose any feature of the stock rom by flashing a custom one. I really hope someoje can help. Thanks!

  13. flxrlx says:

    First of all: dont need oc for note2, its just fun! The quadcore and 2 gyg of ram are more than enough… More important is to keep your ram optimized. Dont have too much going on in the background. So an app like for example rambooster is perfect. Gives you a clean memory for multitasking or play heavy games. To be extra fast i use No background(Just black). No transition effects. No multiple desktop screen. No bloatware. No scrollingeffects. Themed black. No google syncing. No dropbox syncing. No other launcher. No dock. No ext. sd-card… I hit a benchmark on untutu of 21470 and around 8000 on quadrant, ofcourse with the right kerneltweaks!

    • rr says:

      How did you disable scrolling effects, transition effects etc.? Do you use custom rom? I get around Antutu 8300 with this kernel at 1.92 ghz. How did you tweak the kernel? I couldn’t find an app that supports GPU OC with this kernel. Which one did you use?

  14. Nick says:

    Is this safe to install with stock 4.1.2

  15. nikkie says:

    hello sir? what custom rom can i be installed here? apparently that the CM10 isnt working fir this kernel? so what alternative Touchwiz-based rom couild i be download? is there any of it? thanks sir

  16. Gizm0 says:

    I was 19581 in autu clocked at 1.82 and 5660 in qua

  17. Adam says:

    Am running on a different kernel that allows overclocking etc. But have noticed when I UV (just by -21), the charge time is a lot longer. Anyone else notice this and is the same effect on this kernel?

  18. steve brown says:

    still the best kernel out there in my mind. anybody out the
    re have a suggestion on a better one?

  19. Arjun.U says:

    Even at 1.8ghz my phone gets underclocked to 800mhz…..I am not getting a score higher than 6000 in quadrant.
    But while playing nds games I get higer fps for 5 minutes and after every 5 minutes I have to overclock my phone..
    In my stock kernal I was able to overclock to 1.8 ghz with stability.But with this kernal and the perseus kernal, I dont get stability even at 1.7 ghz

  20. Taher Lilywala says:

    How can i backup my kernel without backing up the whole rom

  21. kuna says:

    i have a n7100 running 4.4.2 dn3 5.5

    can i use this?

  22. Mumin says:

    is the kernel version related to the android version if I want to install another kernel?

  23. John PiaPian says:

    I accidently installed it and didnt backup nd now now my samsung not loading os anymore when i press power button it starting and show like (Samsung note 2 ….. 7100 ) after that screen goes black and nothing happen…. plzz help

  24. nat says:

    Not much point to it as it removes the abillity to root and unroot at will the entire reason for having a note 2. Can you make a kernel that still works with framaroot to root and unroot at will with over clock ?

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