Jedi X ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-I317! [Multi-window][BEST ROM][Version 6.1.2]

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For those of you with AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317 (or Canadian models starting with SGH-i317 model number), check out Jedi X ROM, which comes with a load of features like Multi-window and Multi Window control app.

Based on N7105 ROM, the Jedi X ROM brings the best of the latest Galaxy Note 2 features such as multi-window, de-bloated, and Awesome Beats audio for headphone owners. This is another great ROM by Android developer Ptmr3 (you can follow him on Twitter here)

I know you probably still enjoying the stock AT&T Note 2 but hey, Jedi X ROM is very similar to stock without all the bloatware and full multi-window features with support for all apps. Other than that, there are some performance/ram/battery tweaks to make your super-fast phone even faster.

So, give this ROM a try and let me know if you like it!

Version 6 now comes based on Android 4.1.2, super-light, and more features!


Download Jedi X ROM

Credits – XDA

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84 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi, thanks for your rom buddy. But I also want to know if this one can be installed without data wipe/factory reset like the saurom ROM?

    • Kenneth says:

      I was wondering the same thing? any one try this out without doing the data wipe/factory reset? and did it work? 😀 Thanks!

      • Kenneth says:

        I was wondering the same thing? any one try this out without doing the data wipe/factory reset? and did it work? Thanks!

        • daniel says:

          i tried it after i backed up my rom. it works fine and save a lot of power, only 1% was gone when i sleep for a whole night.
          but the problem is i dont find “my files” no more.
          Max where are you? we need you!

    • ITHEHULKI says:

      yes it can be install with out having to re-set all your apps. some of your apps will still be on display, but most likely you are going a have to re install them.

  2. John Garcia says:

    How do i reboot my at&t phone i try the.volume up power button and home button nothing happens. can u pls show me?

  3. Juan says:

    The mirror link is not working.

  4. Clover43 says:

    this can be done using the the phone? I’m a MAC user are these able to be done with apple at this time?

  5. daniel says:

    Max, i cant find “my files” no more……… anyone meets this situation?

  6. Shawn says:

    Is there some way of making the Jedi X ROM work with media sharing via DLNA, I seem to have lost this functionality and can not restore it from my Titanium Backup?

  7. John Garcia says:

    nvm i got it now i just need the order on how to install the rom its clear cache or something? what are the steps

  8. Kerry says:

    Rom will not recognize my external sd card. Any suggestions?

  9. Andrew says:

    Hi Max,

    Did the developer include an option for the users to change the grid on the homescreen?
    I flashed the ROM and now my widgets have wrong dimensions because the Jedi X rom uses 5×5 grid instead of 4×4.


  10. Jae says:

    After DL jeidi x for shg-i317, the windows controller doesn’t work when adding more apps to customize. How do I download the windows controller v2? Do I have to do a complete wipe and DL the newer jeidi x that has the controller v2?

  11. Weipeng says:

    Hey, bro, how can i remove the cwm that i installed before…

  12. keith says:

    hey max an update for the jedi x rom was made on dec 8th where are you are you sleep post the new update and how to flash because pdmr3 is saying to flash carrier files after you flash the rom ???????? lost right now please help

  13. silverspear67 says:

    I installed the Jedi-x rom last night and the multi window feature worked great. Then it suddenly stopped working today. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

  14. silverspear67 says:

    Never mind!! It’s working again.

  15. how do you fix the SD card not being noticed, will not mount

  16. Gregory says:

    how do i get the jedi rom on the phone? i know its a crazy question, but i need help

  17. gregory says:

    Thanks, one problem I am having? The multi-view is not working. Any suggestions?

  18. i also noticed that the news on my lock screen will not work, it will not let you select your country .

  19. chris says:

    hey max i have i317m model when i try to flash signature failed msge appear any suggestion.

  20. sazaba says:

    I just flashed this ROM, but the google maps and navigator are gone. Do you know how can I get them back? I tried installed the gapps but no luck.

  21. silverspear67 says:

    @Gregory – try holding down the return button the bottom right corner of the phone for 2 seconds and the multi view should show up.

  22. Mike says:

    Hello- I installed Jedi X ROM and no longer have LTE, my phone has dropped down to 4G. Any thoughts or hints on how to fix?

    • sazaba says:

      The 4G may actually is LTE. You can check it by going to Setting->About device->Status
      check the Mobile network type, if it shows up as LTE:14, then you are actually in LTE

      • sean says:

        I’ve also checked my about phone section and it says I have lte but when I run a speed test I get no where near lte speeds. Im getting more like edge speeds. I tried cleanrom and it slowed down both my wi fi and lte bit this one just slows down my lte. Any more help?

  23. dan says:

    Does this rom contain pdroid? Is there a list of what changes have been made? Thanks

  24. Michael Wright says:

    I can’t get the download link to work. It keeps saying download unsuccessful?
    Any ideas is greatly appreciated.

  25. Jon Benz says:

    The link is not working. Please fix.

  26. outcast411 says:

    I notice that the allshare on the phone is no longer working, Is there a fix for that?

  27. Jack says:

    I am a noob at this stuff, because I have never owned an android before. I rooted it with Odin..but this file is a .zip I just load this file into the PDA tab in Odin..or is flashing a rom done in a different way? thx

  28. Mark says:

    I just flashed the Jedi X rom onto my Galaxy Note 2(i317). Now I cannot find the, “My Files” folder. How do I solve this issue?


    This ROM is great but common issues Dev won’t address:

    1) MY FILES – is gone. (You have to download an alternative 3rd party App)

    2) LIVE Wallpapers are restricted (Landscape Wallpaper App had the best selections, but is now limited 4 types, no more gallery pictures collage).

    3) No Stock Music Player Widget

    4) 5 Grid App icons, some may like it, but it will screw up the sizes of Widgets like weather.

    5) Several key stock Apps like Paper Artist, and many others are gone!

    If you say “Who Cares” to all of the above, then you are Good to Go!

    But for some (or many) of us, the little things that this ROM takes away may just be too much of a price to get the “multi-view” upgrade for AT&T Galaxy Note 2.

    I wish someone would release a ROM that only upgrades by adding the multi-view function, and leave the rest of stock just fine. No need to get too controlling in the process of “liberating” our systems from bloatware!

    • Mark says:

      Thank you for this answer. I couldn’t even access my internal or external storage…not cool. I decided to go with JellyThunder Blackout, which I think is awesome and has none of those drawbacks you mentioned about Jedi X having.

    • David says:

      3) There is a music player app included: Walkman (and, it’s linked with Awesome Beats)

  30. Steven says:

    How do you uninstall a Rom?

    • Reboot in ClockwordMod, select wipe data, then install another ROM or select factory reset. If you don’t know any of this stuff, go watch his videos on youtube. Though I don’t know how you managed to install a different Rom without knowing how to uninstall it…

  31. Carlos says:

    Im new to this and I dont see any guides on how to install this rom. I just got the note 2 today from ATT. Thanks

    Is there any issues with Jedi XP-8?

  32. Ted Green says:

    I got the same question as Carlos
    Carlos says:
    January 8, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    Is this for T-Mobile or AT&T?

  33. ivan91293 says:

    this rom is used to note 2 Canadian operator Rogers sgh – i317m????

  34. android guy says:

    is this rom better than saurom original rom with multiview becaus eim still suing that and its freaking awesome

  35. Billygriffith says:

    I have the jedi rom. When I’m on a call it will switch screens an mute my call even when I’m on bluetooth and my phone is in car dock please help I love this rom but since this is my phone that comes first. Any help please someone text me at 2295634127 thanks

  36. Emon says:

    Hey Max. Have you used the Jedi XP8 rom before? I like the 6.1.2 version more, its a lot faster. Do you know why the XP8 isnt as good as the later?

  37. Johnny Chen says:

    Hey, when I try and load my external sd card into my phone (worked before), my phone says “SD card safe to remove”

  38. Michael Wright says:

    I had to drop this Rom due to the fact it would not read my 60 gb micro sd card.

  39. Download Apk says:

    Greetings! Very useful advice within this article!
    It’s the little changes which will make the greatest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  40. Anderson J Wang says:

    This version is very smooth. I don’t have any issues at all. What a wonderful job. Works so great!

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 AT&T Samsung-SGH-I317

  41. Joe Mcgurvy says:

    Where is the video showing HOW to flash JEDI X to my SGH-i317???

    Is it the same as installing JEDI INVASION to at&t galaxy s3???

    It’s really nice of you to show me these roms, but it is all pointless if you don’t show me HOW to actually flash them!

    Thanks, 🙂

  42. SeanG says:

    im new to all of this i just got a NOTE2 for TMOBILE the SGH-t889 with 4.1.1
    im on straight talk (AT&T) and need to unlock but this phone apparently has some update that prohibits this
    even through the service mode menu or through paid cellular unlock sites
    i would like to know is it posible to write a rom or what ever from an AT&T phone on to my Tmobile t889
    im rooted already just unable to unlock
    THANKS A bunch -Sean

  43. Mike says:

    Hey Guys,

    I installed Jedi and when trying to forward my phone using AT&T’s method (e.g. *211234567890#) I get the following:

    USSD COD Running….

    Then get

    Connection problem or invalid MMI


  44. android guy says:


  45. Tyrone Hampto says:

    Do you need both files or not

  46. manish says:

    Hi guys
    Can I install it on my gt-n7100 international version.

    Also is there a rom with all the stock options like milti window, s pen apps, smart stay features etc for the GT N7100

    Thanks for the help

  47. javy says:

    i just flashed the newly released jedi xp11 to my samsung galaxy note 2 att sghI317 it flashed but it was all wierd first i couldnt find the att carrier files any where for this so i flashed it on top of cwm max showed in his video i was surprised to see that it worked but only for like 5 minutes after that i kept getting a pop up every 3 secs super annoying stating “unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped thats it after looking for about 3 days for a fix the only sollution out there was pretty much to delete everything and restore to my previously saved back up rom and titanium backup god bless these apps i will say that for the five minutes that it did work it looked great the ui and spen sound when removed and put back were phenomenal but it didnt last long as it kept force closing everything every three seconds Max Where R You com on show us all what we f***cking up with please if neone can help me plz do so if i helped neone ur welcome lol i tried to be as clear as i can

  48. Bluemicasti says:

    Max, Flashed the Jedi x rom on Verizon galaxy note 2 and have noticed some issues. 1. wont let me add apps to the multi-window only some. 2. when I go to download apps from the android market it says I have insufficient storage available even though I have plenty. 3. MMS send failure. Any fixes for these? Thank you

  49. Javy says:

    max u r the man all i did was watch your video now I’m using jedi xp12 i love it i repeat your the man !!!! keep up the amazing work i all keep liking and subscribing to all your work great teacher

  50. jon says:

    Hey Max I’ve tried to find out about updates with this ROM but haven’t been able to find anything. Do you know if there’s any new updates yet?? Thanks, you are a great teacher!

  51. john says:

    I have the jedi xv13 rom for sch-i605 verizon galaxy note 2. Everything was working fine…now my sd card wont show up when i connect to my laptop and wen i try to download apps from play store its telling me “insufficient storage.” I currently have 12gb on my sd card an 9gb of internal memory. Can anyone help me out?

  52. john says:

    @Max Lee…I have the jedi xv13 rom for sch-i605 verizon galaxy note 2. Everything was working fine…now my sd card wont show up when i connect to my laptop and wen i try to download apps from play store its telling me “insufficient storage.” I currently have 12gb on my sd card an 9gb of internal memory. Can anyone help me out?

  53. kevin logan says:

    I have the SGH-I317, I first flashed the JediX19 and kept getting the popup “unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped” so then i tried Jedi X….same thing….please help.

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