NOTEorious Prime ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-I317!

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For this week’s ROM of the week on the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-I317 (or Canadian SGH-I317M), check out NOTEorious Prime ROM.   Notable features include Multi-Window enabled for all apps, Multiview control app (to add any apps to multi-window bar), Android 4.2 Photo Sphere Camera + Note 2 Camera, Awesome Beats app, and Pop-up browser.  Also, wifi tethering is enabled.

If you are looking to enhance your Note 2 experience and maximize all features, NOTEorious Prime is a great ROM for that.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

This ROM and Jedi X ROM are my two favorites on the SGH-I317 right now.


Download NOTEorious Prime ROM

Credits – XDA

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49 Responses

  1. Boricua137 says:

    For you, between if you had to choose NOTEorious and Jedi X, what is the best Rom?

  2. Alberto says:


    I installed NOTEorious on I317 and cell internet connection is not working, ANY COMMENT PLEASE?

  3. prince says:

    Alberto. I have the same issue… can u paste a link to the forum page where u got ur answer?!

    Thanks in advance

  4. Slick says:

    The only thing I really HATE about this ROM is the email and text messaging apps, the factory ones were much much better!! In the email app the colors are plain black and you can’t tell the difference between read or unread emails. The messaging app is just as bad and it gets rid of the chat bubbles which I really liked from the IOs and the note 2’s factory app. I heard the camera apps weren’t very good either except for the sphere but I haven’t messed too much with it.

    Other than that everything seems to work as promised!

  5. drew says:

    Awesome rom, everything went well but now it won’t recognize my sim card… no one even on xda has an explanation… please help if you know about this… i can’t even set my apn up without the sim card being recognized. Thanks

  6. Joe w says:

    Jedi-X is a better ROM, When I installed this one lost LTE

  7. Paulie Nguyen says:

    Thanks max, My SGH i317M (canadian) turned into SGH i317 (no M) should i be worried?

  8. Sergio says:

    This one is a much better Rom, the only problem is the LTE lost

  9. Sikpu says:

    This rom kinda sucks. Sometimes it’s unstable, things stopfunctioning and it becomes very laggy which has me rebooting.


  10. Paulie Nguyen says:

    CleanRom fixed all my issues I had with Jedi and NOTEorius. I would recommend CleanRom 3.5 any day

  11. Nick says:

    I installed custom rom and Saved my old and did all the research first time trying custom rom.
    Every works great………………..until next day….Apparently I cannot get picture messages ??

    Any idea’s?

  12. Shrekopher says:

    Does anyone know how to fix the goods issue? The goods is not accurate. Thanks

  13. Shrekopher says:

    I meant gps not goods

  14. Tippit says:

    I use Clean Room 3.5, and love it! I haven’t tried the other roms to compare to but I’ve done a lot of reading on all the roms and it seems more people are satisfied with Clean Rom. Anyway I really do like it!

  15. Andy says:

    Does NOTEorious Prime include Google Apps? I can’t find an answer to this anywhere..
    If it does not, is there a special version of Google Apps that I need, or some install that just has them all?

  16. Michael Taormina says:

    Loaded this rom and seens to be great but im unable to get rid of a video call forwarding icon in my status bar any ideas?

  17. Richard Beck says:

    I can’t get into back up mode on my Note2. All I get is the reboot option and others I’m not interested in. I want to install this rom and try it but I’m affraid to tryt given I can’t back up my phone. Why am I unable to get the back up option? I have root, Check Root confirmed it and Titanium also works great. Help so I can enjoy the entire Android experience.

  18. Nic says:

    I have the jellybam rom right now and all i had to do was download the rom and go into recovery and erase amd factory reset then activate the rom. Is that all i have to do with this one? Ive seen a few different ways on other websites so i dont wanna do it until i know it wont mess anything up…. yess im a noob lol

  19. MK says:


    Will this work on the N7100?

  20. Mike says:

    I have been using various ROMs on the original Galaxy S, GS3 and Note 2 and I have found this ROM (Noteorious Prim ROM) on Note II to be the best of the best. I wish it was available for my GS3 as well. You get everything you want in a custom ROM and all the new features.

    I hope someone will pick up this ROM and maintain/improve/update it as we go…

  21. Robert Hein says:

    I’ll been flashing all the ROM for my Note 2 SGH-I317M but my favorite is the NOTEorious Prime. It’s been the most stable and the battery life is amazing. I can get almost 3 days on a charge. I also installed the Holo HD Launcher which is really smooth and allow a landscape view. Going to now try NoVellaBeta ROM with the SaberKernal. Anyone had a chance to try it?

  22. Xsmoke says:

    Love this Rom! I am having 1 issue though. The sound seems to be way to loud. When I turn my sound half way up, it sounds like my speaker is going to bust. Any suggestions please.

  23. Edward Dragomir says:

    email app kept crashing, contacts wouldn’t be recognized in sms app

  24. Edgar Hernandez says:

    Will NOTEorious prime rom work for international note 2?

  25. Andy says:

    Does Page Buddy work for anyone???
    Not for me since installing this rom.
    I do have it turned on and all pages checked, but none of the pages work!

  26. Steve R says:

    WOW….. I did my basic way of installing roms and this rom works perfect. I can not find a thing wrong with it, and its super fast. GREAT job to anyone who had anything to do with it. I recommend this rom as a every day driver.

  27. Bobby Mao says:

    Hey Max, thanks for good work keeping us inform. I upgraded from Skyrocket and was using the Embyro rom and was very happy about the in call recording option. Are there any note 2 rom with that feature built in?

  28. MikeT says:

    I tried Jedi for few days, the volume was too low, it did not have the sphere camera and Gmail’s pinch-zoom, so I switched back to Noteorious Prim ROM. Wish someone picks it up and updates it with the new stuff in the future.
    I just tried Novela_Dos, it was good but not near as good as Noteorious, so I switched back.

  29. Hao Guan says:

    I installed this rom but my note 2 can not ues lte 4g any more. What wrong with my note2?

  30. richard evans says:

    Hi Max,
    first,thanks for all of the great roms and info.
    How do I flash Noteorious ROM, since the files are not zipped?

  31. Morpheus X says:

    I had horrible sound quality after installing this ROM; I ended up switching over to CleanROM ACE and that worked splendidly.

  32. zee says:

    I am having problem installing notorious ROM, i have wiped cache/dalvik and system wipe.
    and then went in install and pointed the zip file and says cannot open zip file…


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