Novella ROM + Saber Kernel for AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317! [1.8Ghz OC]

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Here’s a setup I’ve been fiddling with lately for the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317, Novella ROM plus Saber kernel.

Novella ROM is a pretty solid ROM by the Alliance Team (they’ve been making ROMs for other devices for awhile now) with its own UI customization/lockscreen settings.

With Alliance settings, you will be able to get up to 5 different lockscreens (Galaxy S3 ripple, Blackberry 10, Jelly Bean, Optimus 4X, Acer), change ink color, enable lockscreen torch (hold Home button down in lockscreen to enable flashlight, great for going up to your attic), customize UI (clock,status bar,toggle), and some more.

The Novella ROM comes slightly themed (how I like it) with slightly grey/black theme and with native AT&T hotspot working out of the box.

For maximum performance, I installed Saber kernel (just install after installing ROM) and used SetCPU app to overclock to 1.8Ghz.

Also does come with Multi-window all apps enabled.

If you haven’t tried this particular setup, give it a go this weekend and let me know how it works for you. Also do post your Antutu scores and see if you can beat mine.

P.S. Yes, you can also install the Saber kernel on other TouchWiz-based Android Jelly Bean ROMs but do not install on CM10, CM10.1, AOKP/AOSP ROMS!

Download Novella ROM

Download Saber Kernel

Credits – ROM, kernel <--- Please donate (even a dollar) to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thank you!

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34 Responses

  1. mike says:

    Email crashes every time

  2. Steve H (Verifiedsub) says:

    Hey bro do you have any tutorials on restoring imei to a phone.. my imei on my t889v is unknown and I have no signel.. any ideas would be greatly appreciated man.. TIA..

  3. Robert says:

    Installed Novella rom and suggested kernel. Now I can’t download or update any apps thru the play store, any suggestions would be appreciated because this rom works great.

  4. Robert says:

    I think I installed a program that changed my permissions, wiped data, reinstalled rom and all is good. Thanks for the advice, life saver

  5. Michael says:

    multi-window not working any idea??

  6. Tomas says:

    Wait, can I use the bullet kernel on this site combined with this ROM for i747 model?

  7. Tomas says:

    Sorry *Note 2 model i317

  8. Dave says:

    Installed it, and I have no access to contacts or text messaging. Phone locks up every time I try to open one of them. Any thoughts?

  9. Tomas says:

    I read the xda post on this rom – when you firsy flash the rom its normal for contacts not to work. Click on it and let if force close on you for about 5-6 times. Should work after that, it did for me.

    • Bowin Lam says:

      It works for me now too…just the ExSD card doesn’t seem to want to work.

    • G7Baker says:

      Really??? is that how you fix the contacts?lol ijust factory reset and reinstalling it now….after i downloaded allmy apps again….lol

    • G7Baker says:

      Hey that contact fix worked perfect. i let it crash i think 4xs and it works perfect. I like it alot since the hotspot works again after t-mobile blocked me…lol

  10. Robby says:

    For some reason it will not let me put NovellaBeta in my phone at all, im working from ubuntu but its a simple copy and paste and every time it says an error occured, not sure whats going on, i really want to use this rom it looks great and seems to perform excellently from what i’ve seen. I have Note 2 i317 model, please help?

  11. J H K says:

    Address book is crashing every time
    Jedi X is best

  12. Robert says:

    Rom is smooth, everything is working great, only issue is occasionally when I lock the screen it lights right back up.

  13. Dontavious says:

    Installed the Saber kernel onto my Jellythunder ROM now it stopped reading my sd card. Formated and did factory data reset worked until I tried wrighting to my sd card. Then won’t read it at all, even after format and data reset. Says “SD Card Ready to be Removed” any ideas?

  14. Bowin Lam says:

    Any idea how to make the external sd card work? It won’t read my ExtSD card and when I try to mount it, the phone freezes. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  15. ianpeters2 says:

    Ive been using your site since I had my gs2 and im always impressed by all the stable roms that you introduce me to, and this rom is the best so far for my sghi317. I have one question to ask. I love me some jellybean 4.2.1 and ive been trying alot of 4.2 roms to no avail.
    My question to you, or anyone really is this. Is there a 4.2 rom that has all of the following features. …
    •working s pen functions such as s memo (even though I know it is supposedly only for touchwiz based roms) I would like the air view at least because I love drrawing all over peoples faces.
    •working google voice search (google now)
    ● a versions that will run home2 shortcut so that I can double tap my home button to run google voice search.
    If someone could point me in the right direction tat would be awesome. And again thanks for this great rom.

    • Swishy88 says:

      Unfortunately, there are no Touchwiz based roms higher than 4.1.2. MWC, S pen, air view and the rest of the Samsung features are only available to touchwiz. Maybe next month when S4 comes out with 4.2.2 Touchwiz, we will see someone make a rom.

  16. Rollen says:

    Hi. I was wondering if this will work on the N7105 Note II. I heard that the AT&T Version is similar with the LTE model. I just want to confirm. Thanks!

  17. Phaze0085 says:

    Hey Max. Can you do a review on the JellyThunder rom?

  18. cjayongn2 says:

    any fix on external sd for this Rom?

  19. Y-V-E-S says:

    Hi Max! I really love NovellaROM + Saber Kernal!! I didn’t see an actual mutli-window app in my app list. Is there a way to add apps into the multi-window bar?

  20. Morgan Freeman says:

    When Novella ROM is installed can I go ahead and install the kernel all in the same go? Will I need to wipe partition?

  21. Robert Hein says:

    Install the ROM, clear the cache and dalvik, reboot, then back into recovery, install the kernel, clear the cache and dalvik,…reboot the phone. This process works for me everytime

  22. cjayongn2 says:

    i figured out how to get your ExSd to work after flashing saber kernel. you need to formatt to fat32 . did anyone know about this? been waiting for someone to help. thats okay . still love this Rom

  23. G7Baker says:

    Hey i got a unlocked At&t Note 2 on T-mobile. If I flash this Rom(Novella) should I also use the Kernel too??? Will i lose my 4g??? please let me know

  24. Keval Patel says:

    Heyy bro, I have got a AT&T SGH-I137 note 2. I moved to India and had to get tit unlocked, I went to mobile technician, he unlocked the phone for me. But I am faceing some network related issues with it now. I cannot use 3g/4g connection with my phone, and also if there is slightest weak signal in the area, the call drops.

    Thats a complete mess for me now. The technician isn’t even bothered to resolve it. Can you help me out with this.

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