Saurom ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note 2! [Multi-View][Multi-DPI]

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Just got your brand, new AT&T Galaxy Note 2 but no multi-view?  No worries, root and install this Saurom ROM with Multi-view feature.  Even better, this ROM comes with Multi-Window Control app that allows you to any apps to your tab and also supports full multi-window feature for all of your apps.

Also, you do get cool nifty mods like circle battery mod, 15-toggles, and some more.

Try it out and let me know what you think.  I’ve installed it without data wipe/factory reset and worked out fine so you can try that also (but do make a backup ROM just in case as always).

– “The Hybrid” RC1 – Supports Multi-DPI/LCD Density, 160-360, Tablet Mode, Landscape TouchWiz launcher!
– RC2 fixes multi-window errors


Download The Hybrid RC1 ROM
Download Multi DPI Fix RC 1.1

For installation, if coming from previous version, install The Hybrid RC1 then RC 1.1 over it.

Credits – XDA


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59 Responses

  1. mike says:

    Max please do one rom for gs3 with multi window T-Mobile and anyway thanks for your tutorials and all your effort

  2. billy says:

    How do you enable multiview on your rom you can text me @ 2295634127thsnks

  3. Egmike says:

    FYI: I installed ROM twice and still having issues with text messages not displaying the Contact name, and rather it just shows the phone number. I restored to factory and now no issues.

  4. jcho says:

    After install the rom I dont get detected any simcard, what can I do?

  5. Excite says:

    I installed it on my AT&T Note II with no problems, but the data transfer speeds over the phone were very low. I assume 4G/LTE was not working.

  6. Terry says:

    I have the saurom rom installed on my att galaxy note 2. The multiview works for the most part but I have one issue where the dividing bar for the windows returns an error and closes so im not able to resize or flip the multi windows.
    Anyone else having this issue and know how to resolve?


  7. Teddy says:

    Max, I installed the Saurom Rom and everything works fine except when I try and resize the window or click the swap window button, it crashes the multiview. Is there a fix to this? Please advise.

  8. Young says:

    On with AT&T after loading Saurom ROM, no SERVICE!!
    Invalid SIM CARD. Cannot get onto AT&T Network.

    I also went to XDA Forum to get the latest Saurom ROM rc2:

    But same issue.

    Can you tell me if I can link to any working AT&T ROM or
    even original OEM – image so that I can restore it back to original AT&T ROM.


    • Young says:

      Correction it does not say: Invalid SIM but
      Upon checking Settings -> Mobile Network
      It says: INSERT SIM card Insert SIM card to access network services

      About Devices has all the correct information except:
      Baseband version says: UNKNOWN

      How do I fix this?
      Did my SIM card somehow and need to get a new SIM and call AT&T to reactivate another SIM?

      My guess is that I would need stock ROM image to fix this but cannot find it.

      I did find Stock Rooted I317UCALJ2 (
      image but still no Service.

      Any help would be appreciated as my phone is a BRICK now and useless.

  9. Terry says:

    Max, I have looked everywhere I can think of for the updated saurom file link for the AT&T Galaxy Note 2.
    Please reply with where it can be found. Thanks

  10. Prince says:

    I installed and had no real issues other then the bugs w multi window, I am however no able to S-Beam… when someone sends me a vid, pic or websites it opens the play store app with an error message and no files are beamed… is anyone else having that issue? I’d rather have multi window than s-beam,but would be nice to have both…

  11. android freak says:

    Its a great rom but my 4g tends to disappear for a few minutes for no reason any fix ??

  12. android freak says:

    Anybody having the same issue with 4g losing signal from to time

    • Young says:

      I have Saurom ROM RC2 and loosing 4G data connectivity every once in a while.
      My wife has STOCK AT&T unrooted phone and her NOTE-2 also looses 4G data connectivity more often than mine. LOL

      Just restart or turning radio off and back on – does the trick.

  13. IgottaNote says:

    Will their be any future custom roms/update that can enable you to move your apps to sd? I would really like that feature.

  14. Tvo says:

    I added this rom and the only issue I have is it removed my “AT&T” text from the upper left corner of the screen. Is this a MOD that was added in the rom to remove this? I would like for it to be an option to have or not have if that is the case.

  15. android freak says:

    Whats going on my 4g for att is not working anymore???????

  16. M says:

    Is anyone having problems with their S Pen? Since flashing this ROM, my phone has become super responsive when I hover the pen over the screen.

  17. saif says:

    i m new and a question
    how i have to install “Saurom ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note 2! [Multi-View]” in my phone by computer or directly form phone
    give me complete detail please
    please reply me

  18. Kenneth says:

    This rom works great! Multi-view is awesome, but Multi-DPI is another thing.
    I changed the pixel density to 340 and after the restart, touchwiz won’t start so I can’t even change it back… I’m restoring to the stock (backup) now. Hope it brings my phone back….

    Changing the pixel density is really dicey, I wouldn’t recommend it.

    • Kenneth says:

      After restoring from the stock rom, I repeated the procedure to get Multi-View and Multi-dpi back on my phone. It all works great, I’ve added about 80% of my apps to the multi-view window with MultiWindow Control, and the density is at 270, I also liked the sizing at 280, but my widgets were a bit cut off in landscape mode.

      One weird thing that I noticed is that when someone sends me a picture thru MMS, it shows on my phone as a short video clip with that image of the picture in it, and I can’t zoom in or out of it. Anyone else run into this problem?

  19. Prince says:

    I installed the initial ROM, no prob. I installed first update no prob. I installed the rc1 and 1.1 and everything seemed the same visually. Maybe because I use nova launcher?! The improvements I noticed were the battery icon gave accurate percentages and the popup messenger was cool BUT for some reason my contacts didn’t seem to sync to Google. My message list was all numbers which made is difficult to figure out who I was talking to. In the end I reverted back to my backup.

  20. raimy says:

    I installed the new version but once i changed the density to 280 the multi window disappeared. is there anyway to get back

  21. John says:

    Hi max I installed this rom on my at&t note 2, only problems im having is I lost my page buddy when I take out the stylus pen. I also lost the pop up apps in the status bar when the stylus is in use. Please let me know what to do to fix this.

  22. Daniel says:

    Max, can you please review and recommend a ROM for the ATT Glaaxy Note 2 that can have TouchWiz disabled?? PLEASE!! 🙂 Thanks in advance and have a great weekend.

  23. Brandon says:

    Overall I love having the multi view. But are there any fixes for not being able to delete pages after creating them and I seem to have lost android integration for Google voice. I would also like to know if there are any other roms you recommend.

  24. Brandon says:

    Oh, and I also lost lte.

  25. DRAC says:

    Hey max, Where can I get the rc2 update that fixes the multi window errors??

  26. blumesa says:

    Hey max, are there any other stable i317 Roms?

  27. johnnysixtoes says:

    Hey! Love the ROM. The hotspot works great! However, I can’t install pandora, chive, or other normal apps. Also, my keyboard has gotten smaller.
    Any fixes?

  28. Kenneth says:

    Hey Max,
    I recently noticed a lot of apps on the store that “Isn’t compatible” with the device after installing this rom. Does anyone else noticed this? Simple bank apps, like Wells Fargo and Barlay.


  29. chris says:

    Is this rom will work on i317m?

  30. Dustin says:

    No 4g LTE now, my messages now do not have a option to see on screen or change my message tone. Had I read further into this thread before I would have never switched the ROM. Beware!

  31. Deimos says:

    I am fro mexico, and I had a note 2 with at&t working on lte mexican network without any problem, but I want the multiview, but I can loose my 4g lte connectivity, with this rom I will loose the 4g lte connectivity? let me know please. regards

  32. luis says:

    I loose my 4g once in a while an what I do is turn my data off an the on an. If this doesnt work for you reboot your device, this works all the time

  33. PAUL says:

    great rom, i am currently using this rom. thanks bro!

    question, how do i decrease my dpi or go into tablet mode on my note 2?

  34. Mark says:

    I’ve tried a number of ROMS the past few days, and so far the best is CLEANROM. Others would not connect to ATT, as they were for 7100, and 7105 models, ATT is SGH-I317. Same feel as stock ROM, Dual Window, no issues with S-Pen, video, in call quality. … very solid. Also tethering. .

    Follow instructions on this site to root phone with odin. Create a ROM folder on the phone. Download the ROM. …reboot to recovery (vol up instead of vol down).

    Navigate and do a system backup, then select factory reset, then select load ROM from zip… navigate and install. … answer some setup questions and that’s it. …. very quick.

  35. Robert Hein says:

    This ROM would not work for my Note 2 SGH-I317M. It installs but when I reboot the phone it just comes back to recovery mode. I’ve tried flashing over the existing stock ROM and a full wipe but both give me no OS. Anyone else experience this issue?

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  1. November 20, 2012

    […] find a link how to enable multi-view on ATT Note 2, but you have to Root and install Saurom Rom. Saurom ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note 2! [Multi-View][RC2] | Galaxy Note 2 Root! Has anyone done this yet?? […]

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