Best Note 2 ROMs

After reviewing many, different ROMs, I thought I would suggest some of the “best” Note 2 ROMs for daily-driving and those of you new to the custom ROMing world.

Really, there’s no such thing as “best” ROM but there are ROMs that are more stable and going to give you a better experience to rooting and custom ROMs, so this is a page that lists some of ROMs that I recommend for stability and ready for daily-driving.

Have suggestions on the best ROMs for this page?  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section as we will review it!

*Note – AT&T, T-Mobile, Canadian, and GT-N7105 custom ROMs are compatible so you can install them on each other!

*For Korean Note 2 SHV-E250 series, you can install any AT&T Note 2 ROMs then flash SJKernel.

  • Jedi X ROM – I really like Jedi X ROM, ROM is updated very frequently, comes with Multi-Window Control app and performance tweaks you can clearly notice over stock ROMs.
  • NOTEorious Prime ROM – Here’s another solid ROM I like, notable features include Multi-Window enabled for all apps, Multiview control app (to add any apps to multi-window bar), Android 4.2 Photo Sphere Camera + Note 2 Camera, Awesome Beats app, and Pop-up browser.  Also, wifi tethering is enabled.
  • ParanoidAndroid ROM [AOSP] – One of the best AOSP ROMs loaded with Android’s bleeding edge features.
  • Illusion ROM [AOSP] – Illusion ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) built on Slim ROM with latest Android 4.2.2 and a hybrid ROM with features ported from other AOSP ROMs like AOKP and ParanoidAndroid.

  • Macks ROM – This is my goto ROM, I like this stock-like ROM with lots of cool features added like transparent multi-window bar, 23 toggles, and more.  If there’s one ROM I can recommend for the Sprint Note 2, this is it!
  • Goodness Noteworthy ROM – Goodness Noteworthy ROM is definitely worth flashing, it comes with a custom blue theme along with ability to install 4 more themes using its Team Nocturnal updater app.
  • NoWizAOSP ROM – NoWizAOSP ROM is a “hybrid” custom ROM with an Android 4.1.2 TouchWiz-base but with most of TouchWiz removed. This is a great ROM for those of you who want to keep enjoying native Note 2 features like S-pen apps or TouchWiz camera while being able to run your phone faster without any TouchWiz bloatware and with many AOSP apps.
  • Lab Rats ROM – If you like Pinky and the Brain (it was one of my favorites back in college like 10 years ago), you will certainly appreciate some of the Pink and the Brain sounds during boot and also whenever you pull out your S-Pen.
  • ParanoidAndroid ROM [AOSP] – One of the best AOSP ROMs loaded with Android’s bleeding edge features.
  • Illusion ROM [AOSP] – Illusion ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) built on Slim ROM with latest Android 4.2.2 and a hybrid ROM with features ported from other AOSP ROMs like AOKP and ParanoidAndroid.

  • Jedi Master ROM – Very similar to Jedi X ROM but gives you T-Mobile Wifi calling.
  • Tweaked ROM – Very nice ROM with lots of Tweaked offered through its TSM Parts Setting
  • Jedi X ROM – Just like the AT&T version, Jedi X is a great ROM that’s going to give you a great custom ROM experience.
  • MyROM – This is another great stable ROM with extra features and overclocking, similar to Jedi X but with a different taste.
  • ParanoidAndroid ROM [AOSP] – One of the best AOSP ROMs loaded with Android’s bleeding edge features.
  • Illusion ROM [AOSP] – Illusion ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) built on Slim ROM with latest Android 4.2.2 and a hybrid ROM with features ported from other AOSP ROMs like AOKP and ParanoidAndroid.

  • Jelly Bean ROM – Just a perfectly stable, stock-like yet loaded with new features like hacked wifi tether and multi-window enabled for all apps.
  • Jedi X ROM – Nearly identical to its AT&T and T-Mobile versions, the Jedi X ROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 2 features cool stuff like Sony Bravia Engine 2 (for better photos/videos), Awesome Beats app with Sony Walkman music app, native wifi tether, performance/battery tweaks, customizable 23 toggles, multi-window enabled for all apps, ink effect, and some more.
  • Goodness Noteworthy ROM – Goodness Noteworthy ROM is definitely worth flashing, it comes with a custom blue theme along with ability to install 4 more themes using its Team Nocturnal updater app.
  • Illusion ROM [AOSP] – Illusion ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) built on Slim ROM with latest Android 4.2.2 and a hybrid ROM with features ported from other AOSP ROMs like AOKP and ParanoidAndroid.

  • Sungsonic HD ROM [TouchWiz] – Very lightweight ROM with lots of customizations.
  • Assassin Resurrection ROM [TouchWiz] – Assassin Resurrection ROM is a lightweight ROM with lots of customization offered during its AROMA installer.
  • Hawkish Premium ROM [TouchWiz] – Awesome ROM with lots of TouchWiz-based themes plus features.
  • X-Note ROM [TouchWiz] – X-Note ROM brings you three custom themes to choose from, Gold Theme, Blue Transparent Theme, and X-Note Elegant Theme.
  • Criskelo ROM [TouchWiz] – Too many great ROMs, this is another good one.
  • Alliance ROM [TouchWiz] – One of my favorite ROMs on Galaxy S3 and S2, Alliance ROM brings you many customizations/features over stock to give you a much more enriching experience on your Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100.
  • ParanoidAndroid ROM [AOSP] – One of the best AOSP ROMs loaded with Android’s bleeding edge features.

  • Perseus Kernel – Check out Perseus kernel for some good, ol’ overclocking, undervolting, GPU overclocking, and more!

99 Responses

  1. Tristanguy says:

    Will the US Cellular version of the note 2 — The SCH-R950 ever be added to this site?

  2. Jesus Alvarez says:

    You should test out paranoid 2.99 ROM I found it on xda it is awesome its stock jelly bean 4.2.1 and it runs super fast and has good battery life only downside is no snote. But give it a whirl side love to see if you can find any features I might have missed.

    • jose says:

      I got the GT-N7105 note 2 and i got the Pananoidandroid version 3.99 pacman rom on mine it works great but i want to know if theres any different ones that are better

  3. Mike says:

    The best ROM for AT&T Note 2, I have found to be the Noteorious Prim ROM along with using the Go Launcher Plus. Nothing comes even close, not Jedi X ROM, NOT CM10.1 and etc… I have tried them all.

    Confidently go with NOTEorious Prim ROM, you’ll stay with it… Unfortunately, updates may not come as fast as other ROMs or not at all!!! But… Who needs updates? It is not lacking anything and has no problems so far after a month of heavy use.

    • G7Baker says:

      Hey Mike, after reading your comment on the NOTEorious Prim Rom. Ima give it a spin today. I’ll let you know if i agree..

      • MikeT says:

        You’ll be happy!

        • G7baker says:

          Yea I liked it it was good the only thing I didnt like was the google widget on every page on my Home screen. I just Recently tried CLEANrom from Scottsroms. Its a suped version of stock 4.1.2 and I flashed the 4.2 sphere cam to it…..Love it

    • jerry says:

      Hey Mike,

      A lot of people complain about update takes too long or such, but like you say, who’s need updates. Lol. If the ROM is running good, why mess with it. I’ve never like updates anyways, and thats a good reason why I like root, I like options, I like to try out many ROMs. I’ve tried over 5 ROMs and I alway go back to Jedi ROM. Seem like Jedi ROM works best on my T889 Note2. People that are not rooted don’t know the freedom of being rooted.

  4. Sam D says:

    I’ve tried a few ROMs for the N7100 and found my two favourite are android revolution HD and JellyBeer.
    if you want all the samsung features like SPen apps etc then android revolution is the way to go, if you want latest CM10 and custom DPI groups for apps etc I love JellyBeer..

  5. conrad says:

    Any rom with texr messaging pop up?

  6. Dave says:

    Hi like to know if there’s any custom rom for international N7105 Note 2 ?

  7. yonglin says:

    Hi.I looking for a ROM have language setting for chinese.

  8. yonglin says:

    Hi.I looking for a ROM have language setting for chinese at at&t sgh-i317

  9. Mark says:

    Any review of hawkish rom for note 2??

  10. Chris says:

    Any suggestions for the best most stable 4.2 JB Rom Touch Wiz base? Something clean, stable, smooth, S-Pen features and great battery life?

  11. Chris says:

    Any suggestions for a 4.2 JB Rom Touch Wiz base? Something clean, stable, smooth, S-Pen features and great battery life?

    • Jared says:

      Hey Chris… I have a Galaxy Note 2 with AT&T that I Rooted. I have been loading several different ROMs to test them all out and I have not really come across a 4.2 ROM that blows me away. You seem to lose a lot of features such as TouchWiz, S-Pen, Multi-window etc (Which I don’t really want to sacrifice)… I will be waiting and will let you know if I do come across any that are really great. My favorite Rom right now is the JediX and CleanRom. Both are great, very stable, close to no problems, and really Maxamizes the Note 2’s true potential. Hope this helps

      • Chris says:

        Yeah I noticed that if you want 4.2 JB you may have to sacrifice lots of TouchWhiz features. I am currently sticking with Jedi XP and loving it still! I am curious as to how the 4.2 TouchWhiz UI will be. Hope to see it roll out soon!

        • dominic liuzzo says:

          You wont see 4.2 for tw. Samsung has stated there gonna wait for 4.3 to update the note 2. Plus most of the s4 features

  12. jann_ali says:

    i have note 2 GT-N7100 GSMH
    android version 4.1.2
    baseband version N7100XXDLK7
    build number JZO54K.N7100XXDMB45

  13. joytest says:

    To hopefully answer the question posed in some of the comments, I have made a survey with statistics showing the most popular ROMs and Kernels for the Galaxy Note II (N7100) here:

    As of today, 2013-04-15, the most popular ROM is PhoeniX by tamirda.

    Please participate and vote.

  14. Jerry says:

    Hey all, I’m new here on the forum, but anyways, I had the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from T-Mobile and had it rooted the very same day. I am running Jedi X and I am very happy with it. No lag whatsoever. Battery last over 12 hours even @ max OC @ 1920Mhz. I get up to work at 4:20am, get off work @ 3:30pm, go to school @ 5:00pm to 10pm and still have 20-30% of life left. I surf the web and play game in between break and lunch time and I use wifi tethering @ school, since my school only have 4 line DSL as their network which is very slow to have over 100 computers on the network. All and all, If you’re a big Star War fan, Jedi X rom will be perfect because when the S-Pen is remove or put back, it make the sound of the light saber.

    This is the first ROM I have try. I will give it a couple of months before I’ll try a new ROM.. Other than that, I have no complaints about Jedi X Rom. I would recommended to friends and families and whoever is big on Star War.

    • Terri says:

      Hi Jerry,
      I wonder is the Jedi X by-pass the T-Mobile Hotspot since you mentioned the wifi tethering? Thank you.

      • erry says:

        Hi, it will by-pass tmobile tethering, but becareful cause tmobile is monitoring their data. According to XDA, to tether without tmobile noticing, is to config a vpn connection.

  15. Richardsoffice says:

    Want ROM comparison chart
    I posted the following message on XDA Developers and got scorned !
    >>Wouldn’t it be a good idea for someone to compile a list of the available ROM’s with their differing attributes for our N7105. For instance I have installed eight different custom Rom’s on my N7105 in vain, looking for a ROM that has multi window, and a proper document spell checker built in, that’s one that underscores all misspelt words in a sentence in red, and with suggested corrections. It would save a lot of frustration if we could have a ROM comparison chart . . . Please?<<
    I have always found it very frustrating installing various ROM’s looking for one the has the above mentioned attributes, for a non-elitist end user it is so difficult as the developers tend not to list which basic facilities are incorporated in their Roms.

    • G7Baker says:

      Hey do you like touchwiz or AOSP??? If you like touchwiz then i sugest you try CleanRom Ace 4.8 with Saber kernel. If you like Pie control like Jedi roms than download LMT launcher and install like reg app. You can always Mod out your rom to the way you want it. Just be carefull. I Myself like CleanRom because its stock but debloated and fast and saber kernel goes awesome with it. I get 2-3 days battery life with regular use.

      • G7Baker says:

        the ACE in CleanRom Ace is “All Carrier eddition” Trust me youll love it. give it a try

        • Richardsoffice says:

          Hey thanks for taking the time to reply, it’s much appreciated. However I have already tried the CleanRom Ace 4.81 but it has not got the whole document spell checker built in that I used to have on my SGs2 custom Rom’s i.e. Chamelian, & Thunderbolt v5: for me a Rom without this is not what I want, I wish to check my spelling after composing. I currently use the AOKP _t0lte_jb-mr1_milestone-1 but this does not have multi window.

      • Richardsoffice says:

        I also tried Jedi Master 12 but this has no Spelling corrector either.

  16. Salvation says:

    hi noob here…I have the AT&T Galaxy note 2…I installed jedi x-13 rom…and I absolutely love it, my only complaint is…what happened to battery life display….before flash batt would always say how much is left….now just get the battery icon….but no % number telling me how much battery I have left… so if someone cn tell me a way to get that fixed…and it says I only have 4g now…not LTE??? sup with that..

  17. Spike LeBlanc says:


    Is your most highly recommended daily driving ROM for Note N7100 still Alliance?

  18. brandon says:

    Even tho it says that doesn’t mean anything. You will still be getting lte, Jay doesn’t day it.

  19. Full_Metal_Jacket says:

    If my phone never show if I’m connected the LTE how will I know when I am. I have the JediX ROM on the Note 2

    • Zeeshan Siddiqui says:

      if it is showing 4G then you are connected to LTE, mind that LTE is just data enhancment it has nothing to do with your voice network.

  20. bassim bazz says:

    hey b….i am using note i have many problem in that like play store not working and all… now pls any sugest me a good rom that has exact feature of default note 2!but my problem should be fixed….!!!!!

    • Zeeshan Siddiqui says:

      play store uses browser browser sockets, is your browser working? do you have correct APN?

  21. Stanley says:

    okay so i have a major problem with my note 2. i flash hawkish extreme rom but i didn’t realize that it wasn’t for the tt mobile galaxy note 2, now i have no service and my imed number is missing. is there anything i can do?!?!

    please and thank you.

    • Zeeshan Siddiqui says:

      Flash the stock ROM and and find the providers CSC and RIL files in xda forum you should be good…or if you have ever done a TWRP backup with efs then you can always restore it.

  22. ghostops89 says:

    wat ron would be compatibale with the shv-e250k model having a hard time even trying to get a rom loaded more less inatall and then they never work plz help

  23. Chung Han says:

    Hey, I am currently using a TW based rom on my galaxy note 2. The only reason I use it is because of the battery life. Stock rom’s battery life isnt as good as TW based rom. I always wanted to flash a stock rom, anyone have a good suggestion?

  24. Richardsoffice says:

    Hi Max, What about “Best Note 2 ROMs” for the GT-N7105 ???
    And are there any with English spell checker (not the predictive spelling) the one that underscores all the misspelt words in red that you’ve typed into a page, and with suggested corrections?

  25. Zeeshan Siddiqui says:

    to all who are trying to install this ROM, I must say that I have tried a few other ROMS and by far this one is the best one out…great work by the developers!!!!….its is extremely fast and very responsive…I am running it on canadian version note I317M…I have TWRP recovery and used the AT&T ROM flashed.

    I found a an issue with the AT&T ROM though, (its the XP14)..when the aroma installer comes up it say “this will install the T-Mobile version of teh Jedi X14 version”…just ignore that they might have forgot to change the label when packaging the aroma installer…just go ahaead and install it…it is the AT&T version even it says T-mobile as long as you downloaded the XP14 not the X14 (the real T-mobile version)…keep the original modem file and continue…

    I am using S4 theme (the only one I tried)…the only thing I don’t like about this ROM is the slide notification shows the text “DEVIANT DEVELOPMENT” floating with it and the lock screen says “JEDI X” at the very bottom, I wish there is a way to get rid of these two texts ;)….

    otherwise happy flashing!

  26. Cerlin says:

    Hey man please suggest me a better rom for gaming…

  27. Lesson Learner says:

    Has anyone tried Tweaked for either the VZW or T-Mo Note II? It seems like it’s not a popular choice but looks interesting for a touchwiz rom anyway. Any feedback? Thanx!

    • DMack says:

      Yo Lesson.. Just saw this post… I run Tweaked and have been for 3 weeks… No Issues… I am running super fast. You will not be disappointed. Until I find an AOSP that allows me to get 4G… I am sticking with this one. I will try the AOKP _t0lte_jb-mr1_milestone-1 one more time to see if I missed something on the install. But no 4G.. Tweaked will do just fine..

  28. David .J says:

    Hey Max,
    Keep up the great work!! Just wanted to ask you if you can help me out as far as Jedi X 14 and Perseus Kernel 36.
    Can they be installed together without losing anything? Replacing Saber with Perseus but still having Jedi X Master 14 as your rom? Can you provide me with some help how to keep both? The other thing I wanted to know is that I have a Bell Galaxy Note 2 and when I flashed the rom the Model number comes up as SGH-T889 instead of SGH-I317M? Everything seems to run good just wondering if that is right?
    Thanks in advance!!

  29. Joe says:

    what about the note 2 n7105

  30. novak says:

    how i can installl this rom on my shv-e250k

  31. nelson says:

    i have sgh-i317

    but i need chinese lanuage pack on my phone. can i install n7105 firmware on my sgh-i317?
    if it will work, how can i do that?

    thanks for your help….

    • Max Lee says:

      You can install N7105 custom ROMs on SGH-i317 yes. Try Jedi X which is based on N7105.

      • mark says:

        I installed this to my uk n7105 note 2. It has made my games lag and has also stopped my mobile data from working altogether.

        Please let me know how I can sort this out. No one ever said anything about this kind of thing happening and im going away on Friday so need mobile data!

  32. Khaled says:

    I have a note 2 gt 7105 international lte
    After the root and installing a paranoid my operators network can’t be found

    Get an Error while searching for network

  33. EDLMK says:

    Hi, Max

    i have note 2 GT-N7100
    android version 4.1.1
    baseband version N7100XXALIE
    build number JR003C.N7100ZSALIA
    What ROM is best for me ?

  34. Jim says:

    Does Illusion install the same way as RR?

  35. YV says:

    Hello Dear..
    I’m using Note 2 GT-N7105
    android version 4.1.2
    baseband version N7105XXDL5
    build number JZO54K.N7105XXDMB4
    Can you please help which ROM I should go ahead with….
    Appreciate your comments.

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  37. Chris says:

    I have attempted to install Paranoid Android 3.99 Final and RC2 (092413) several times and each time it reboots into a Boot Loop. I then reinstall stock and go back. I have tried with and without USB Debugging activated. Unfortunately, PA is not the only ROM I have had this trouble with. I reinstall stock using ODIN and ROM Manager to install other ROM’s. Is ROM Manager the problem? Is there a tar.md5 version of these ROM’s I can try through ODIN? I’d like to try Paranoid Android and PACman.

  38. VrockLy says:

    The list needs to be updated in my opinion. I found that the 4.3 rom is pretty stable and there are a couple of official release. One is the international n7100 and the other is the At&t. I tried it on my at&t galaxy note 2 version and found it to be a good daily driver: Here is the install and also root video:

  39. florin says:

    Best n7100 rom is huricane 4.3 is best batery saver and faster

  40. Nestor says:

    I think that Dr. Ketan Rom is the best N7100 ROM until now, it is very stable, and i get better results than hurricaine V5. But hurricaine is very good also.

  41. Wonderful article! We are linking to this great article on our website.
    Keep up the good writing.

  42. rayner says:

    Max? Do you have a download link any officiall stock rom for korean note 2 shv e250s ????

  43. Doug shiv says:

    What rom do I get for my updated n7100 version 4.3 which also brings note 3 features?

  44. Sanjev says:

    I tried Sungsonic HD ROM. till now using it with no problem.

  45. jiffy says:

    hi, i think im in the wrong thread but i just wanna know if there is a download link for GT-N7105 4.1.1 GLOBE LOCKED,PHILIPPINES i want to downgrade my note 2 so i can use a sim from a different carrier,ive searched every where in the web but i could`nt find a link..please help me thank you.

    • Jab1995 says:

      You cannot remove the globe lock by downgrading the firmware. Search for unlocking tips for note 2 on google.

  46. Rafael Aderaldo says:

    What is the best rom for the Note 2 N7100 when it comes to battery life?!


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  49. fozzy says:

    i’m a noob on this.
    but what other kernels can i use if i have the korean note2 e250s? the sjkoon link isnt working….

  50. mallik says: site mentioned in XDA page is down 🙁

  51. therabbitnews says:

    I’ve almost all of 4.4 kitkat for sgh i317. All of them but one has probkem with data connection. Some effect voice as well.
    Jedi x20 works all the time.
    Is it my kernal or bootloader?
    If so, why is jedi x20 working all the time?

  52. therabbitnews says:

    After jugling from one to another for many months, I perhaps settle on DN3 V5.2 with Agni.
    I have to rewrite a new APN to get the 4g LTE.
    Appsetting from xposed installer adjust dpi beautifully.
    And I like all on S5 theme. Yet, I still have the note 3 function.
    My major concern on DN3V5.2 was the data connection. I really don’t know what I did to solve that problem.
    There is a little glitch of the email listing though. However, I can live with it.
    Grerat job

  53. therabbitnews says:

    I forgot to add the liquidsmooth rom & ezkat rom.
    Liquidsmooth rom is the best if touchwiz doesn’t interest you much.
    ezkat rom is similar to DN3V5.2. So I chose DN3V5.2
    This is alot of fun.

  54. Christian A Figueroa says:

    I have this problem i tried to install cm11 to my galaxy note 2 sgh-i317m and it fails im just wondering were can i get a rom for my galaxy but the problem is im not att i think mine is canada and i dont know what rom i can install help please.

    Another thing is my phone wont let me download anything because i dont have space ive even reset it and i have more than 6gb of memory and it still says is no memory .

  55. /\/\ says:

    I have the SGH-T889V model from Wind (in Canada). I tried Cyanogen a while ago but it left my phone unstable and I reverted back to stock. Can anyone tell me if the latest version of Cyanogen is stable for my model? Also, is Jedi X compatible with my model? I know it works with T-Mobile, but it didn’t use to with Wind.

  56. Khasan says:

    I use DN4 , but it says Samsung SM – N910C in about device. So it must be changed in build.prop.

  57. Christopher says:

    Being using DN4 (Ditto Note 4) ROM from Electron Team since long time on my N7100. It is rock solid and feature-wise turned my Note 2 into Note 4 (Even my Device Model now says SM-N10C lol).

    • Abhi says:

      Hi Christopher, I also tried DN4 but I was facing issues with the messaging. SMS were being delivered very late. Did you face any issues like this or otherwise? Please mention.

  58. Karl says:

    I am new to this. I’m in the UK and using the ee network. Previously orange and t-mobile.
    I installed jedi X rom and selected 7105 but now I get no data from my carrier.
    I can make calls just don’t have data.
    I tried re flashing and selecting t-mobile. Same issue but also no lte support so went back to 7105.
    Do I just need setting for data from my carrier or should I be installing something else?

    Any help would be appreciated

  59. shyam says:

    OK .. This is going back in time but if you want a super light, slick and battery save ROM, have a look at this. It’s fantastic. Fully dee bloated touchwiz with AOSP look. Got 8 hours of SOT in regular use

    Do read the review I posted at[ROM DISCONTINUED] >> DEEP IMPACT ROM … – Pg. 38 | Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7100, N7105 | XDA Forums

  60. MARK says:

    Hi.. please help me.. im trying to upgrade my note2 gt-n7100 but there were always an errors and. I would like to upgrade to 4.4.4 from 4.4.2.. i wish you can help me.. I rooted my phone already but still i cant upgrade it.. please tell me the procedures.. i will follow and rate you always..

  61. alex says:

    hello max

    you said that
    *For Korean Note 2 SHV-E250 series, you can install any AT&T Note 2 ROMs then flash SJKernel.

    but what if i want to flash thor kernel ?
    what type of rom should i download which will work for thor kernel ?

    AT&T will work for Thor kernel ?

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  63. bibash says:

    Hello dear ?
    How to fix no command issue ? any idea Please

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