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How to Fix WiFi Hanging Problems on Galaxy Note 2!

For those of you having some wifi “hanging” problems on your rooted Galaxy Note, it’s not from installing custom ROMs or rooting (I found out).

Recently, I’ve been having problems of connecting to my WiFi router at random times with my GT-N7100.  (I haven’t seen this problem happen with other Note 2s I own but you can still use these methods to solve your wifi problems for all the Note 2s.)  The problem occurs when you are trying to connect to your Wifi, it will hang while trying to connect even though you have perfect signal.


Galaxy Note 2 S-Note App Alternatives for S-Pen!

For those of you looking to run your favorite AOSP ROMs such as AOKP, CM10.1, or even ParanoidAndroid ROM, you might want to learn that there are S-Note app alternatives to keep your S-Pen touch-sensitivity and note feature working.

Now, this will not replace the whole S-Note app with “all” of the S-Pen features like calculating math equations or adding new videos but will give you the ability to use your S-Pen for note-taking, drawing pictures along with S-Pen touch sensitivity.


How to Enable T-Mobile 3G/4G AWS Bands on AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317!

For months, many people have been asking me if there’s a way to run T-Mobile 3G/4G AWS bands on the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317.  Well, I’ve always told them the AT&T Note 2 does not have the hardware required for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ bands but I feel really stupid now as it is possible with a bit of hacking.  (Actually takes like 5 minutes, very easy to do and no root is required.)


How to Turn Rooted Verizon Galaxy Note 2 into a World SIM Phone!

Traveling to another country soon? Perhaps you bought a Verizon Galaxy Note 2 and want to use it in another country?

Did you know that the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 has world bands and supports GSM/HSPA+ to use as a World Phone?

The Verizon Galaxy Note 2 is already a world phone if you swap out the SIM card but Verizon has locked down APN, which means you will be able to get voice but 3G/HSPA+/4G LTE data is blocked.


How to Unlock SIM for FREE on GSM Galaxy Note 2!

For those of you with a GSM Galaxy Note 2 (such as AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317, T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T999, or any Note 2 that has a SIM slot but SIM is locked to specific carrier), there’s an easy, “free” way to unlock the SIM so you can use another SIM card from another carrier or perhaps you want to unlock SIM so you can use your phone while traveling internationally.