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How to Install Stock Recovery on Galaxy Note 2!

For those of you paranoid about receiving OTA(over-the-air) updates, here’s how to install stock recovery back on your Galaxy Note 2.

Having stock recovery will allow you to receive OTA updates on your phone. Also, you can use this method to also unroot your phone back to stock (if you are on stock ROM) without using ODIN.


How to Backup/Restore ROM on Rooted Galaxy Note 2!

After rooting your Galaxy Note 2, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to make a backup ROM at least once.

What is a ROM backup?

ROM backup is basically a snapshot of your whole Android OS.  Backing up ROM is similar to Timemachine feature on a Mac or Windows operating system recovery.

Basically, backing up your ROM backs up EVERYTHING except the contents of your internal storage/SD card including your apps, app data, settings, contacts, etc…etc…


How to Backup/Restore Apps/SMS/Contacts/Settings on Rooted Galaxy Note 2!


For those of you who have rooted your newly-wedded Galaxy Note 2 and want to install custom ROMs, here’s a tutorial that can help you backup and restore all of your apps, SMS, contacts, and settings.

Most custom ROMs require you to do a data wipe/factory reset in CWM Recovery, which means all your apps, SMS text messages, contacts, and settings will be gone (although the contents of your storage are in tact such as videos and photos).