Leather Cases with Kickstand for Galaxy Note 2!

For those of you looking for a leather case (on a budget) with a kickstand, definitely check out these Bear Motion leather cases.

For the white case, it comes with 3 credit card slots, a slot to put your money and a handy magnetic tab that keeps your case nicely closed.  This one I really like as it also disguises your Note 2 as a real leather notebook.

For the black case, it doesn’t come with the extra slots but does have extra padding to protect against accidental drops.

Both cases offer a simple kickstand so you can enjoy your movies easily.   These are not real leather of course but they are pretty good build and I think great deals for $12 each.

You can get them on Amazon here:

Bear Motion White Leather Case

Bear Motion Black Leather Case


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  1. JR says:

    I need HELP. I followed the process to root and it went thru perfect, im rooted and everything, the problem is i cant connect to my mobile network for calls or anything like that. After i rooted it i figured it was a glitch or something so i did a factory reset to no prevail. when ever i try to make a call it says something like “mobile network not available”
    please help me or gimme a clue???

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