Recommended Galaxy Note 2 Cases!

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For those of you looking for good Note 2 cases, I have tried several of them and have some to recommend.

If you are on a budget and want a nice case that will protect your case well under $10, check out CruzerLite cases.  These cases are pretty nice, they are built with TPU material and has cool Android Andy logo on the back.

For white Galaxy Note 2, I find the transparent case to work well.  For Titanium Grey, I recommend either black or green.  Of course, there are more colors to choose from but I am just giving you my personal opinion.

You can get these CruzerLite cases on Amazon here.

Also I have ordered two hard cases on EBay, one of them I ended up keeping.  The Black IMAK case below is a great hard case for those of you looking for an un-intrusive case. I really like the thin-profile, fits well on my phone, easy to pull out and in, and also the matte black finish makes it feel good in your hands.

You can get these cases on Ebay here.

I also ordered a white plastic case, which I don’t recommend. You will regret getting a white hard case because it will discolor overtime.

Also see TPU Case with kickstand.

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