Galaxy Note 2 FAQ

*Note – Before you can install custom ROM, you need to root your Galaxy Note 2!

Why root my Galaxy Note 2?  Please see this video explanation.

*Compatibility Note – All AT&T, T-Mobile, and GT-N7105 ROMs are compatible, the only differences are the modems.  Most custom ROMs do not install modems so you should be fine.  E.g. You can install AT&T ROMs on GT-N7105 or install GT-N7105 ROMs on T-Mobile.   If for some reason the custom ROM flashes modem, you can easily fix it by flashing the correct modem for you Galaxy Note 2.

*Compatibilty Note 2 – For Korean Galaxy Note 2s SHV-E250 series, you can also install any AT&T, T-Mobile, or GT-N7105 ROMs so long as you install a compatible kernel for your Korean Note 2 (SKT, KT, LG U+)  You can use SJKernels for all Korean Note 2s.

US Cellular Note 2 can run Sprint ROMs with converter kernels, for details see here.

International/T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 Root Tutorials (GT-N7100/SGH-T889/SGH-I317)


Sprint Galaxy Note 2 Root Tutorials (SPH-L900)

Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Root Tutorials (SCH-I605)

Other Useful Galaxy Note 2 Tutorials

How to get OTA updates after rooting?

We recommend you install rooted stock ROMs instead (so you don’t have to re-root) but if you want to take OTA, you can re-install stock recovery.

298 Responses

  1. sheik says:

    can i install this rom on galaxy N7000.
    If not i am interested to use this type of version can u plz send me link.

  2. David says:

    Hello, I’ve just bought my new Note 2 and I have a problem to restore my old wifi APN (all the wifis that were memorized on my old Galaxy S). The problem is that I cannot user Titanium Backup on the old one. I have tried with the MyBackup Pro (with root user on both phones) but when I tried to restore on the Note 2 I have a message like “This Android version forbits to restore APNs”.
    Can anybody help me?

    • David says:

      I found a solution! There is a file in /data/wifi with all the list of the wifi networks and passwords. I did it manually.

  3. Carlos Castillo says:

    I Just Bought The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100) & My Question Was… Will There Ever Be a Way To Install a Modem So It Can Work aon T-Mobile Or AT&T 3G/4G Networks…. Like You Did With The Galaxy Note i717?

  4. Billy says:

    Can I still get updates for my note 2 after I’ve rooted it?
    Also, is it possible to get the phone back to original state?


  5. Fred says:

    I rooted my phone with CWM and Odin. I’m new to Android, so I’m not sure if that means that I still have the Stock-ROM. But apparently not, because I can’t update my phone. I’ve read that it should be possible to “un-root” the phone and get the stock-rom back so it’s just like a new phone again. Could you write a guide on how to fix this issue? Sadly, I did not backup my ROM before I rooted with CWM.

    Great site and great videos! Thanks!

    • Fred says:

      And also, I know you have a video “How to backup/restore”, it’s just that I forgot to backup before I rooted the phone. And I assume that’s the big issue here and I hope it’s possible to fix.

      Thanks agian.

  6. alyaa says:

    i rooted my phone GT-N7100 yesterday. i wanted the dual screen function and i realised that my phone couldnt do that n tt they suggested i upgrade my rom tru kies. but the upgrade failed and now my screen in stuck at “downloading… do not turn off target!!” how do i proceed? PLZ help me!!!

    • alyaa says:

      after you root your phone. can you still upgrade firmware from kies?

      • alyaa says:

        my current firmware: PDA:LIH / PHONE:LIA CSC:LIA(XME)
        the upgraded firmware: PDA:LJ3 / PHONE:LJ1 CSC:LJ3(XME)
        and I want to do it through kies. is it possible?
        (Im sorry but Im a total noob here)

  7. Ludo says:

    Is there a Paranoid Android ROM for note 2? or something similar what can enable tablet mode??


    • Adrian says:

      Very interested in this as well max

      • Max Lee says:

        it should be available soon not right now though.

        • you says:

          Hi Max, I need somehelp with my phone since i rooted it and then my internal memory said that it was damaged and afterwards i need some files to unroot my n7100 international and firmware please and now im stuck on the samsung logo and it is not going anywhere. I can get in the up down volume into recovery mode and it is not working but the download mode is working 🙁 help me plz

  8. Carlos says:

    Any Thought On The ANDRIOD REVOLUTION HD ROM? & Will You Post Up a Video Review & Tutorial On How To Install It?

  9. Adam Estep says:

    Great site! I am planning on getting the VZW. I have never rooted before, and I will likely do so. However, I believe VZW’s version will come witha locked bootloader. Will I need to unlock it before rooting! Will you be adding tutorials for VZW version? I really don’t want to brick my phone…

  10. phil says:


    can the n2 7100 have twrp installed over cwm safely.
    and does the apps2sd function in rom manager work with this phone,

    cheers phil

  11. Adrian says:

    Anybody installed both the wanamlite and revolution HD ROMs? Which is better from a battery and performance view

  12. Phil says:

    Hi max
    I have come across 2 problems, I have an n7100 the wanamlite rom, gmail 4.2 apk installed and a successful app2sd swap, the problem is s planner crashes every time I go to edit or add something. And Samsung App Store doesn’t seem to want to load. Could these probs be caused by the apps 2 sd, I did copy everything across to the sd card.
    Is there away to get the apk’s of these 2 apps to see if a reinstall cures it

    Cheers phil

    Ps if I can’t cure it no problem as I prefer to keep the setup I have now.

  13. arnab says:

    hi max!after rooting my phone the dual screen capability will be disabled??

  14. edwardkth says:

    i am using galaxy note 2 N7105

    i tried to root it using Odin, but it’s stuck at recovery.img

    i tried for more than 5 times but it’s still same, (end all the kies process in task manager)

    what should i do to pass the recovery process

  15. george says:

    Hi Max,
    I am a noob in Android and will be walking out on the limb and start rooting my Note and in a week or two my Note 2 with AT&T. My question is, how can I make a back up of my stock rom and all my apps and data on the internal sd without rooting – is this even possible? Been looking at your tutorials and it seems, to back up, you use clockworkmod recovery. Can you install cwm without rooting? Currently, I have ICS on my note and I understand that jelly bean for this phone will be sometime in December. If I root and install a customized rom, when the upgrade comes, will this pose problems for me.

    Like your videos and very informative….thank you for your response.

  16. Johnny says:

    I have the same question that someone already ask. Sometimes, people found that AT&T version of note 2 is cheaper but he wants to use it in T-mobile.

    It would be a great help to see if there is a way to flash AT&T note 2 with a new ROM to support AWS (HSPA+) in T-mobile.

    Thank You Very Much

  17. Ammar says:

    Hi Max,
    i have been following your guids for a while now and i have to say THANK YOU,
    you really make life easy for us (keep spoling us).
    i used your methed to root my Note 1, my HTC one x, and now my new galaxy note 2,

    but i noticed that my galaxy note 2(7100) has a very short battery life when i compare it with my note 1.

    i dont why but do you think rooting a phone will make it drain faster i checked the battery stats and it shows the the Android OS is always the highest in my phone.

    can you please advise if i should return my phone and get an other one or is there a MOD to fix this issue

    looking forward to hear from you



  18. weed says:

    anyone has the sgh-t889v modem ???
    pls mail me at

  19. weed says:

    my based band and imei number r missing- any solution? sgh-t889v….

    • high on android and other stuff says:

      You have to do an imei injection search the xda developers for imei repair
      Sorry I dont have the link but there are several methods…good luck

  20. dean peightell says:

    How about the AT&T version of note 2. Can’t seem to find the model number. Released in stores today, would like to buy and root.

  21. Jorge Cobos says:

    Can i install an AT&T Rom on my T-Mobile Note II so i can use wifi calling if it is unlocked? Is’t it the same hardware. And is there a way to active the LTE on a T889?

  22. high on android and other stuff says:

    Hey MAx any idea how we can tether with tmo note 2?

  23. kenny says:

    Hey, are you gonna cover roms for N7105 too??

  24. bruno says:

    i rooted my phone…now i need to update it…how the fuck to do that?! this guy say:

    “””Flash the stock ROM
    – Perform a wipe
    – Set up your phone
    – Do the update

    Hope this helps”””

    can someone explain me what does that mean???with simple words…

  25. CARLOS says:

    Can You Install T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889 ROM On A Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100?

  26. Tanner says:

    Will rooting my Note 2 cause all the current data on the phone to be lost and be like I am setting up a brand new phone or will it retain all my data, settings, apps etc?

  27. PRINCE BHATIA says:

    hello i have galaxy note 2, n7100 india. how can i use screen recording function on it? i did try power button+lock button. but it dint work. please help

  28. Johnny Blaze says:

    Hey I downloaded the samsung drivers & installed them but I cant move the file from the pc to the can u give me any tips

  29. Johnny Blaze says:

    Ok o got past that fashed it got a passing light yet I can’t find twrp to install when I hold up on the volume rocker

  30. erinc says:

    Hi max, are there any inband ringtone fix ? or any rom can do that?
    jb 4.1.2 doesnt play ringtone or notify through bluetooth headset .

  31. Ryan Saglowe says:

    hey max… I have a problem with my note 2 n7100, after rooting, the camera wont record anything, it just say ”recording failed”… how can I fix this..? thanks…

  32. KC says:

    Any news about rooting the Verizon note 2 yet?

  33. SetagayaKid says:

    I want to root my brand new GN2 (SC-02E). That’s an NTT Docomo Japan model. Any help wildly appreciated.

  34. Paolo says:

    PLEASE HELP MAX.. I have install rom toolbox in my rooted galaxy note 2 GT-N7100 and download theme from ROM Toolbox and install after rebooting it hangs up in samsung logo.
    i tried to reintsall cwm6 thru odin and its still not booting.i think the theme that i intsalled is the one making it hang.please help Max.

  35. Yang says:

    Hi max

    I habe N7150 4g , I tried root with odin then It is successful but there is I try to install some font and system ask and try to reboot it then It is always stuck in samsung logo.

    could you please help how to recover ? it is just original rom.

  36. Matthew says:

    Hi Max,

    Micro SDHC Cards only go up to 32GB. Are 64GB SDXC Cards supported by the Note 2?

    The SDXC format uses a different type of formatting than FAT. Will the Note2 read these, or try to reformat it? Can they be reformatted? I need to know before I buy the card. Thanks.

  37. Jeric says:

    does this works for GT-N7105?

  38. iAmthePen says:

    Is there any way to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 by Sprint SPH-L900 on a Mac?

  39. Herman Singh says:

    I’ve already flashed the saurom rom on my phone but can flash another rom on top of that

  40. john says:

    Ok I did the rom and changed the APN settings. I have data but it’s. H+ OR 3g is this
    Normal or what’s wrong.

  41. Steven says:

    can u use freeze the provision like in the S2 i been trying but when i do mobile hotspot doesnt work at all the app wont open.

  42. Mike is confused says:

    So I tried using this exact guide for my Tmobile Note 2, and once I get to the odin part to click Start, the process halts at SetupConnection.. and won’t ever progress past that part. Any idea what I should do?

  43. Michael Harris says:

    I flashed the Jedi X Rom on my Galaxy Note II, can I also flash the NOTEorious Prime Rom on my Galaxy Note II

  44. Mr X says:

    hey…i tried to use chainfire 3d
    on galaxy note 2…bit it didnt
    work and Now i am stuck on the boot screen
    saying – Samsung galaxy note 2
    GT-7100. Not sure what should i
    do now to fix it.. my phone is rooted but i dont hv cwm recovary….so wht should i do now??

  45. Adonis Jones says:

    I have a sprint note 2. and when try to get into trwp recovery its going into android system recovery. What am i doing wrong? Thanks in advance

  46. Rowlan says:

    Great job with everything on this site. I didnt know anything about Rooting or custom Roms.
    Maybe i still dont know everything but all i know for sure that i have a beast for a phone.

    Custom MyRom 1.8ghz
    PPI 240
    Nova Luncher
    Extended battery @ 7600Mah ( ~48hours without charge on Semi-Advance use)
    Custom Silicone case
    Custom Boot Animation
    Custom Keyboard, Dialer
    Live Wallpaper “Circles of Confusion” ( Amount of Circles 25, Size Large, Animation Slow)

    Do you guys have any ideas how I can customize it even better?

  47. Rowlan says:

    REPLY HERE……………………………………………………………

  48. Cell says:

    So I have the note 2 n7100 but I am wanting the jellybean update but dont wanna root my phone. Any news on when that will hit the n7100. Knowning we had the multiview straight out the box but not the other updated features thats comes with 4.2? The ink blob on locc screen etc. Am in the US.. on tmobile service. Help if you can

  49. roy says:

    same question as adonis everything is sucess till you try to install twrp vol up center power goes to android system recovery with these options reboot system now…apply update from adb….apply update from external storage….wipe date/factory reset….wipe cache partition….apply update from cache ive re-tried the steps same result (galaxy note 2 sprint) please advise

  50. roy says:

    the other question i have is i forgot the name of the program that lets you disable permissions on aps you download
    again thanks

  51. roy says:

    sorry for all the posts figured it out had to turn off auto restart that fixed it

  52. Cell says:

    So I have the open Europe n7100.. did a lil research.. is there a US modem I can download cuz I live in the Us (ca)

  53. Tony says:

    Im trying to root my sprint galaxy note 2 and in your instructions you say to copy and paste a file right at the beginning but my phone won’t let me paste the file to it what do I need to do

  54. RGo says:

    Hi, I’m planning to buy this phone but I’m afraid of the Sudden Death Bug (Siii).
    Is the phone prone to such bugs?

  55. Brandon Ambrose says:

    I just put the Jedi X rom on my phone(Thanks, your videos helped me throught it all) but I had to turn off and reboot it twice to get it to start but it finally worked. But my question is S-Voice is something that I loved a lot but now it is gone!! Is there anyway I can get S-Voice command back on my phone?!?! If I can’t have it on my phone I am thinking about taking this rom off!! Thank you for your time..

  56. Rowlan says:

    Just a quick one. Is the a way to turn on Airview for the Spen using MIUI on t-mobile?

  57. Ferhat says:

    hello folks,

    i need galaxy note 2 international stock kernel ? where can i find it. i could not fined one :/

    • Max Lee says:

      you have to extract boot.img from a system firmware tar.md5 image then retar it and flash it with odin. let me see if i can put some cwm zippable files up soon tho.

  58. Junaid says:

    I just bough the GT-N7100. I have tried all methods but I can not bring up the download screen. As a mater of fact when I press volume down, home and power button then I see the menu in Chinese language. If I press volume up, home and power button then I see the android logo with red triangle coming out of the android belly. I have also installed all available USB drivers but my computer is not recognizing my phone. It also asked for MT65XX Android driver which I also did but still no resolution. I am desperate and really need help to upgrade to 4.1.2 to use the the all the options including multi window. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

    • Larry says:

      I have the same phone N7100 clone and am experiencing the same problem.Won’t let me root.It’s a CHN type 1:1/logos clone from Alibaba.Was a good buy and am looking for answers also.Hopefully someone will lend us a hand.When I get it done I will be using AT&T,the phone only has 3G but that’s not a deal breaker to me.

  59. Junaid says:

    By the way my my GT-N7100 is international edition.

  60. brandon ambrose says:

    I installed a rom that was made for the N7000 version and i had the Jedi X on it working. Well after my sim card wouldn’t work I tried going back to Jedi X and it still wont give me a signal. says to insert the sim card. what do I do to make my phone work again. Galaxy note 2 At&t. Thanks, please give me a answer!!

  61. aswethinkweiz says:

    Any information on rooting and custom roms for the N7100t its a NZ based Note 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Email me if you could

  62. jo says:

    If u root your phine will you get better service I have verizon dg note 2 and my service sucks were I live

  63. Brian says:


    Followed the steps to root my Note 2 on a Mac. It completes fine and reboots. Shutdown. Do the volume up, home and power. I don’t have the option to install the zip file from Downloads. Any suggestions???

    • rowlan says:

      It happend to me too. I think I quickly used triangle away app. If you dont have it what I would suggest you do is wipe your phone to factory reset and wipe cache. Do those two things in the same menu(home, volume up, power button). I thing is should work. Please come back and let us know if it did.

      • Brian says:

        Hi Rowlan,

        I followed the suggestions you made. None of them worked. The only options I get when doing the Volume Up, Center Home, Power are:

        reboot system now
        apply update from ADB
        Apply update from external storage
        wipe data/factory reset
        wipe cache partition
        apply update from cache

        I don’t know what steps to take from this point. Any other suggestions???

        • rowlan says:

          Go to the Google market and download application called Triangle Away and run it. If that doesn’t work than what you should do is:
          -Install Odin on your Pc
          -Download install all the Samsung drivers ect…
          -Find and download original stock rom and install it on you phone through Odin.
          -wipe Cache
          -factory wipe reset
          I had the same problem.You might not need all those steps to bring it back to normal.

          Make sure to let me know if it worked. Good luck

        • rowlan says:

          I already dont mess around with custom roms.
          There are always drawbacks of some sort.
          I bought 7600mah extended battery that lasts 2 days on hardcore use. Installed back my stock rom. Overclocked it to 1.9ghz. That’s it… perfect powerful phone. If I get bored of the feel it has, maybe then I will install something like Nova luncher. Those custom roms always foreclose on something at the wrong moment…lol

  64. SeanDEF says:

    Hope all is well with you. Have a question… Can you make a video on how to take roms from other versions on the galaxy note 2 and put them on the At&t version? I love the Omega Rom for the international version but I want it on the SGH_I317.
    Thanks In Advance

  65. celliecell says:

    hello there i asked a question awhile ago but no one answered it. well any way i was wondering if there was a way to put a US TMOBILE ROM on the galaxynote2 international version gt-n7100.. am reading that u can take n7100 roms and root them on a US version of the note. if anyone can help email me or respond here.. i live in the US CALI ACTUALLY but i received the phone over the holidays..

  66. Danny says:

    Hey Max, do you know how to get Google Wallet working for Sprint Galaxy Note 2?

  67. Arty says:

    Hey Max,
    I’d like to know which SGNote2 You’d suggest to work best for metro p c s 4GLTE and gsm (no contract symcard)when traveling overseas.Based on my online research I’m assuming the SCH-i605 since its descibed as cdma gsm & 4gLTE. Please advise
    BTW Awesome Work & Service You’re Doing, G.B.

  68. Bryant says:

    Is there any way to use an AT&T Note 2 SGH-I317 with Verizon network? I’ve read on other sites that it is not possible but thought I’d try my luck here and hope for the best.

  69. Wade Hood says:

    Great site and tutorial, but I cannot get my verizon i605 to unlock. I have gone through your tutorial several times and have had to set my phone back to stock and reroot each time because it locked up. Can you give any additional tips on making your unlock tutorial work please. Thanks again for the good work.

  70. kawai says:

    Hi Max, I rooted my sprint samsung galaxy note 2 using stock battery life has been great as I’ve been getting 16 to 20 hours with heavy use since then I have installed whompasaurus ROM and my battery life has been cut in half to about 5 hours with light use. I have also turned off light manager and other things that run in the background with no luck. Please help

  71. Fresenius says:

    I rooted my Verizon Note2 N7105 and installed the latest Android Revolution HD ROM. It works great in every way- except for one major problem. The cellular voice and data do not work. My APN says “unknown baseband” and it wants me to insert a SIM. When I re-install the stock ROM- all works fine. What do I need to do to use the Android Revolution ROM? Thanks for any help you can give.

  72. Richard says:

    Does anyone actually answer any of these?

  73. RUSSELL VIERA says:


  74. Darryl says:


    I recently had my sprint note 2 flashed to ,metro PCs. Now my phone won’t connect via usb to my PC. My wife has the s3 and hers works fine with the same cable and everything my phone also won’t root or go into twrp recovery

  75. ricky says:

    Is it possible to get 4g lte on a sgh-t889 im using att network on it

  76. john chappell says:

    Im a new root user and read everyrhing about making sure you back event up so I did on titanium. Well when u reset your phone or wipe it to try and install rom if it dosent work then u lost everything. So I downloaded titanium again and there is no record of my backup?????? What the heck do I do?????

  77. Thet says:

    First of all, thanks for the great effort you have put in to make all these tutorials. I just want to clarify that “International/T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 Root Tutorials (GT-N7100/SGH-T889/SGH-I317)” is also applicable for GT-N7105 right? At one point of tutorials, you have put up a note that it work for GT-N7100 only and it makes me confuse. Thanks in advance.

  78. Morgan Freeman says:

    I finally was able to root my note 2! I want to install the Novella ROM + Saber Kernel but am confused…Do I install the Kernel right after I install the ROM? Am I supposed to wipe partition like how you showed us when you installed ROM and gapps zip?

  79. Curt says:

    is ther any new on how to root the verizon Note 2 on mac yet? sorry if i this was explained and i didn’t see it. thanks

  80. Randolph says:

    I have a n7100 which is from united arab emirates and unfortunately they havent rolled out the update for jelly bean 4.1.2 in my region. can i download the firmware from any other country and flash it on my phone using odin?

  81. Darcy says:

    I need to get a hold of a modem file for my Telus SGH-i317M. In the modem.emmc and files. Can anyone help out here??? I flashed a few ROMS and now don’t get any 3G or 4G just H+….


  82. joe bill moad says:

    Max I downloaded the bullet kernal onto my sd card. I am a noob and dont know what to do to get it installed? Ihavent rooted it….dont trust my noob skills on my t-mobile note 2…can anyone help me tonight? I dont want to brick my only communication device… me please….555samplecatcher@gmail.com555


  83. nidhin says:



  84. bratoss says:

    I was wondering if its true that the note2 has fm tuner and ota radios built in some models?

  85. jake says:

    was wondering if there is a way to make the tmobile t889 work on verizon network.
    i am rooted and unlocked but of coarse you know that i cannot flash verizon software because the md5 dont match
    please help
    thanks jake

  86. Hi again everyone, I want to thank all of you great and talented people who have helped me and made suggestions as to make my Note 2 a much better device. I have a problem and I need some help. I have the Note 2 on T-Mobile, and I rooted it,

    How do swap my internal memory to become external memory and vice versa.? I have a T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 (USA version) I live in the New York City area.

    I have about 1.36 GB left of device memory. When I download a game, or a large app, it automatically goes my device memory. Problem #1: Is there any way I can tell my Note 2, or set up my Note 2 so that whenever I download a game or an app, to go automatically instead to my micro external SD 64 GB card (I have the Sandisk Class 10 card). So I have two problems one is transfer some of my 8.97 GB presently on the card, and in the future make every app or game I get to automatically to San Disk Card. when I go “My Files” on my Note 2, it lists two storage areas: the Sdcard0 and extSdCard. Also, when I plug in my Note on my computer it only shows the following: Card: 36.9 GB free of 59.4 and phone 1.25 GB free of 10.8 GB. Can anyone please help, please thanks? Thanks.

  87. George says:

    Hey Max, Hope All is Well. Listen I have the US AT&T Galaxy Note 2 and I rooted, it has been fine for a minute but now it seems I lost ROOT. Would you happen to know what happened? If so is there a tutorial where you address this? Thank You in Advance. Keep up the Great DroidTastic Work! Later. -AL4E

  88. Jeff says:

    To All,

    Max, great work as always, you have helped me through operator error induced panic many of times.

    I still cannot unlock the bootloader and have soft bricked my phone a few times. I finally got it back to stock but not using the downloaded firmware from Samsung or above mentioned.

    This worked for me, so I am passing it on if anyone else has the same issues. I was locked at the Download screen and trying flashing the stock firmware. I always failed at “sboot.” Finally on my last go I flashed the “root66_VZW” file and it worked fine. I am not sure if I hitting on a dead issue or if it was just an implied task: but it worked.

    I have followed the instructions step for step for unlocking the bootloader and still no dice. If anyone has guidance or direction I would appreciate it.

    Again, great work Max and thank you!

  89. Larry says:

    I just bought a Galaxy Note 2 N7100 1;1 clone.When I try to root,the little Android man has a red check,but won’t let
    me make the next move to gain root.
    Baseband V MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V7.P3 2012/12/27 Mabe this has a hacked version from CHN that can’t be rooted? Justtrying to get where it will do OTA on the phone.Any help appreciated.

  90. Josh says:

    Hi Max,
    I openned Galaxy note II from ATT in Nov, 2012, but I transfered it from ATT to T-mobile yesterday with unlock phone. It has still a version and software of SGH-I317.
    How do I install software for t-mobile and make it above Edge in t-mobile?
    I already rooted it.

  91. Lowell says:

    Have a problem. I have a GT-N7100 but the build in Number is JOZ54K.N7100XXDMB2.. Can it still work on LJ1 or LJ3 nor LJ7?

  92. dakota says:

    im looking to get the note 2 i have the note i717, and followed your instructions to rooting and hacking for tmobile 4g service. can i put the note II GT-N7100 on tmobile? and will it work with tmobile 4g. the one im looking at comes factory unlocked. thanks.

  93. Mark-N-Tosh says:

    I have rooted my Sprint note II But now my sd card slot is NOT working. Should I unroot and re root with a different program.
    One thing is that I found out is that, when I press down on the sd card slot the phone will see the card. But when I release it with the card still in the slot it doesn’t see the card.

    Did I brick the sd card slot with the rooting
    Oh and yes I have tried to format the card and also tried different sd’s

  94. Zach says:

    Can I still use the files max had on the site to root my att note 2 post exynos exploit and I have 4.1.2 from an ota update

  95. Chad says:

    I rooted my phone with this method and recently purchased the smart dock. When I connect to the dock, I get an “HDMI connected” message, then it switches to landscape mode and immediately goes back to portrait mode and shows “HDMI disconnected.” I’ve seen some other forums that suggest rooting your phone can break the HDMI output. Does anyone have experience with this issue?

  96. Keith says:

    Hey Max,

    Have you seen the video implying that you can get T-Mobile 3g/4g speeds on Verizon Galaxy Note 2 with a T-Mobile sim card? The guy in the video referenced your video”How to turn your gn2 into a world sim phone”. Any truth to this since I and others have tried to no avail. Wanted to know why this won’t work in theory. Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated by all those who have gn2’s.

  97. eddie says:

    Hay max….is there a way u can email me at, I have a question about my galaxy note security flaw…well the thang is I found another one and dont know who to report it to or know how to go about bringing it to Samsungs aattention

  98. Adrian says:

    hi. i just want to ask how to change the font style of my korea version of Galaxy Note 2. my phone doesn’t have a “FONT STYLE” menu on settings, only font size so i can’t change the font style of my phone. The person where I bought my Galaxy Note 2 said that my phone is already rooted but I don’t have any idea if it’s true or not. anyways, my only concern is to change the font style of my phone. thank you for helping me in advance. 🙂

  99. Noman says:

    After following all the step my phone is dead,Now its unable to start black screen.Please help what to do,thanks

  100. christi collins says:

    I rooted my Galaxy Note 2 t-889 This morning around 7.And I can’t get it to work it keeps telling me it’s starting apps. Can’ t reset it to factory setting can’t do anything. Thought maybe you could help me.

  101. Noman says:

    Hi,I am still waiting for your help.Thanks

  102. alex says:

    I keep getting: odin I605VRLI3-verizon.tar.md5 is invalid

    how do I recover my phone. its bricked and I can’t get the I605VRLI3-verizon.tar.md5 file to work. I have downloaded it from two differnet places and the same result.

    • alex says:

      I flashed the injected root root66_VZW_stock_system.tar.md5 and Im back at rooted but on base i605vrall4 and build jr003c.i605vraljb

      how do I go to base vraljb like my build so that I can unlock bootloader? flashing to stock rom wont work? ( I605VRLI3-verizon.tar.md5 )

  103. Richardsoffice says:

    Want both multi window and a proper document spell checker built in to a custom Rom.
    Ever since getting my Note 2 GT-N7105 I have been trying to find a ROM with both multi window and a proper document spell checker built in, that underscores all the misspelt words in a sentence in red. These two items are most important to me, but the only way I can find to discover if a certain Rom has this is to install it and then having to uninstall when I find the Rom has only one of my two requirements, and to date after trying seven different Rom’s I still haven’t found one. Could anyone suggest a Rom that may have my two requirements?

  104. Joe says:

    I was following your step by step guide to unlock bootloader, I already rooted my note 2. But for some reason odin failed the test. And now every time i turn on my phone it keeps on saying “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies and try again.”

  105. nazekimi says:

    can i use this ROM on my docomo note2 (SC-02E)?

  106. Moe says:

    Hello Max i just flashed liquidsmooth and my lastest jellybam v7.6 and my question is i’m not getting 4g speeds with either i just get 3g could you explain this to me.

  107. Steve B. says:

    Hey Max,
    I have an AT&T Galaxy Note 2 – rooted – running stock rom. I want to use a custom rom but I cannot get MTP to work. USB debugging is checked. I tried different USB ports, different cable, different computer, etc. I get the sound that the phone connects and it charges but it does not show up as a connected device. I have installed samsung drivers in all the computers I have tried it on. I can’t find anywhere in the settings to address this. Can you help?

  108. Arjun.U says:

    I have rooted my phone 2 hours ago.I love this site.It took about 1 minute or something.I rooted my phone because now I dont care about future os updates from samsung.Because I have seen the Galaxy s4 today and saw how big the os is and how much memory it consumes….especially ram…over 1GB ram consumed….for that kind of heavy os..I will wait for the Note 3 with 3GB ram and 32GB internal.
    Now I want to overclock my phone.Only when playing some games..after that I will underclock it to 500mhz to save battery…now….I want to know how to overclock my Note 2 Gtn7100 to 1.9ghz.I have downloaded setcpu which had only upto 1.6ghz and the tegra overclock which had upto 1.8ghz…How can I overclock my phone to 1.9ghz.please help me..

  109. Adam.K says:

    Oh man, I need your help. I have the SCH-i605, and I tried to root it yesterday. Something went wrong and now when I turn it on it just flashed the Samsung Galaxy Note II screen. I can press power/home/colume down, and get to the download screen, but my computer doesn’t see my phone at that point.

    • Adam.K says:

      YOU ROCK!!! I was able to get my phone back by reading a few of your write-ups and putting some things together. I was also able to get it rooted at the same time. For now on, your site will be the only one I look to for my Note II.


  110. Arjun.U says:

    Please tell me how to overclock my note 2 gtn7100 to 1.9ghz…if that is possible.Using tegrak overclock I can overcl9ck it to 1.8ghz but I want to overclock to 1.9ghz because I want to play nds games.

  111. moh kareem says:

    how can i download the room on my 7105

  112. moh kareem says:

    how can i rom my 7105 by jedix 13

  113. Marcus says:

    Have difficulty with certain roms after installing with a message of process acore has stopped working. What is causing that problem particularly with JellyBam, CM 10.1 and others. Jedi X and Novella on the other hand work perfectly.

  114. simon cruz says:

    Hey is there any way to use my note as mass storage to play music on my car? I appreciate any help.

  115. Robert says:

    I have rooted note 2 with at&t sgh-i317 and installed jedi rom and it seems to work on every aspect with the exception of one. The cellular signal keeps fluxuating between H, 3g, and 4g. Do you have any helpful advice on how I tend to this?….thanks

  116. Mac says:

    Hi, i did all the steps in your video, the odin says i passed, my device rebooted but never made it to the home screen.. the problem is its like forever restarting.. i keep seeing the samsung logo and this new display “4G LTE” verizon which i havent seen in my phone since i bought it…. i need help to fix this.. 🙁

    my phone model is note 2 N-7100 which i bought in saudi arabia.

  117. denzell says:

    Hi I am a noob and I need help really bad I have a Verizon galaxy note 2 (build number sch-i605) and baseband i605vrall4. and I am on T-Mobile prepaid network and I’m rooted but I don’t know what method was used to root. I am interested in custom roms but I don’t want to mess up my phone please help. What should I do and I don’t want to mess up the network. Thanks in advance

  118. Philip says:


    I rooted my Note 2 gt-n7105 and wounder if there is a way to update it from 4.1.2 to 4.2(from what I’ve read is the latest one). I’ve been scanning the internet for answers but can’t find anything (that i understand). I am really new to the android platform so any help would be appreciated. i have seen things like ROM’s but every tutorial i find keeps assuming that you know a lot about androids and rooting.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Philip says:

      Ok, After watching your video “What Does Rooting Android Mean?” I’ve decided to get a ROM that is based on the 4.2 firmware. The only reason that i want to upgrade to 4.2 is that i’ve heard that you can make multiple user profiles (the only way to handle for example two instagram accounts without having to log-in and out every time). So my new question is. is there a ROM that is close to the original firmware in looks and functionality or do you know if there is any ROM’s that can handle multiple accounts in that way?
      P.S. forgot to say that its jelly bean that i’m talking about here. Sorry!

  119. Tabi304 says:

    Bro can i safely install any AT&T, T-Mobile, or GT-N7105 ROMs on my SHV-e250s…and at what stage the SJkernal is to be installed…before the main ROM installation or after the installation of ROM.

    any danger of bricking ???

  120. Parsa Gachkar says:

    hey you’ve got a cool website out there!
    i’ve got my self in trouble can’t Get OTA updates (no custom rom , no CWM ,…) it fails at 25% when trying to install the downloaded updates (Device status : normal) i’m looking for a fresh stock rom but i can’t find one in your list plz help!!!
    BBv : N7100XXDLK7
    Model : N7100
    BN : JZO54.N7100XXDMB5

  121. Nikhil says:

    I have rooted my note 2.
    But now there’s lot of problems:(
    Whenever I tap on app icon sreen stucks and don’t respond. Apps update atuck at downloading. And will be installed only after reboot.
    Sometimes keyboard doesn’t appear. … so many…and blue tooth is dead.

    What happend? ?
    J.b 4.1.2
    Based version:N7100DDDLK6

    Kernal version:3.0.31-31-1071214
    SMP mar 27 10:33:53 KST 2013

    Build no.: JZ054K.N7100XXDMC3

    Plseae please help me..:(((
    Waiting. ..

  122. doug shiv says:

    I rooted my note 2 n7100 n installed paranoidandroid v4.2.2 but I lost my sim toolkit app. How can I get that sim toolkit back? Urgently assist

  123. scott says:

    I just loaded the jeti x14 rom and I was testing my wifi/tethering and my laptop see’s my phone as android app. when I try to connect it is asking for a password. any help would be great.

  124. CAOS says:

    Hey I have a question. This is my very first time rooted a phone. Your video was SOOO easy thank you. But now I’m stuck on how to change the ROMs. Like I said I’m completely new at this. Can you send me a easy way to help with the ROM. I heard Jedi X was pretty cool. If you can point me in the right way of which ROM to use also. I have the US Cellular SCH-R950 Model if that helps

    • Max Lee says:

      I don’t really support US Cellular atm but the steps to install ROMs are the same and recoveries are compatible, you just need to find some ROMs for that specific model.

  125. CeliaCotrim says:

    Eu tenho um GT N7100 que é de Emirados Árabes e fiz root nesta semana mas nunca instalei ROMS no cel . Poderia me indicar slguma e como fazer o procedimento corretamente ? Estou no Brasil.

  126. Reinaldo says:

    Hey Max!

    Thanks for your very good work. I have a question…

    I have a N7105 (this is the Note 2 LTE version) and checking on UMTS bands it works on 850, 900 and 2100 MHz.

    I’d like to know if there is a way to add or to activate UMTS band on 1900 MHz.

    Apparently this is a hardware thing, but there are a couple of things that make me think it could be done.

    One of them is because a lot of people say on the internet that it could be done installing a new modem, they say all these phones comes the same hardware and all samsung does is to lock some functions by software so they can make some Note 2 version work on some especific bands for some carriers.

    The 2nd reason makes sense to the first one and it is, when I try to check the available bands by dialing *#197328640# -> UMTS -> Debug Screen -> Phone control -> Network control -> Band Selection, I can see this Automatic(*) meaning that the automatic option is chosen but if I get into WCDMA Band Preference I have an option which is WCDMA 1900 but if I click just that option nothing happens.

    That tells me that option may be activated somehow, I think it could be locked by Samung I guess.

    I’d like to know if by setting a new ROM or a new modem I’d be able to make my N7105 work UMTS on 1900 MHz band.

    I don’t know if by setting a new ROM it comes with a new modem or if it has nothing to do with that. I’m not sure if I it can be done just by installing a new modem, anyway I don’t know how can I do it. There is this web page where I found a lot of modem but my carrier is not listed there so I’m not sure if I can set any other modem by previously checking out if that carrier works UMTS on 1900. Is that possible?

    If it is, what is the correct way to modify the modem?

    I think the modem I actually have right now is N7105XXDLL5
    Android version: 4.1.2
    kernel: 3.0.31 – 795352

    Thanks a lot for all the support here.

    • Max Lee says:

      It should be working out of the box I believe, do you mean enabling 4G LTE on 1900Mhz or HSPA+ on 1900Mhz?

      • Reinaldo says:

        I meant 1900 MHz on HSPA+

        I thought the same thing, but only after I bought the phone I realized Samsung website says that this version (N7105) works 3G on 850, 900 and 2100 MHz, not 1900. That’s why I’m making this question… If it is possible to activate it.

        By 3G I mean all 3G technology. 3G (UMTS or WCDMA), 3.5G (HSPA), or 3.75G (HSPA+) as some operators refer to them. All of them, however you want to call them, can be used by the N7105 only on 850, 900 and 2100 MHz. At least that is what samsung says:

        I wonder if I can get UMTS (3G) works on 1900 MHz

        Thank you Max.

        Best regards!

        • Max Lee says:

          Yes it does support 1900mhz.

          • Reinaldo says:


            HSPA on 1900 MHz? How can I activate it? It is not available for me.

            I just changed operator in my country where this new operator works 3G on 1900 MHz and the phone does not take it. The higher network it takes is EDGE.

            As I said before, the web page I previously sent to you says that this phone does not work 3G on 1900, but if I follow this route on my phone by dialling this: *#197328640# -> UMTS -> Debug Screen -> Phone control -> Network control -> Band Selection I can see the 1900 MHz band but I can’t select it, as if it were deactivated, just as the samsung web page says that this phone does not have 1900 MHz on 3G.

            That’s why I wonder if there’s I way to activate it.

            Which version do you have? N7100 or N7105? Maybe you have it for some reason but I don’t.

            I don’t know how could I make a video on this, not sure if you follow me or believe me, hehe.

            Thanks anyway in advance.

            Best regards!


          • Reinaldo says:

            Hey Max!

            Just to let you know. There is a note 2 version which is N7105T. The difference with N7105 is:

            N7105T: 3G (850/900/1900/2100) and 4G (1800/2600)
            N7105: 3G (850/900/2100) and 4G (800/1800/2600)

            I have N7105. That’s why I cannot get 3G with my carrier, because this carrier works 3G on 1900 MHz.

            I wonder if by flashing a new modem or a new ROM from a carrier which works 3G on 1900 MHz (as ATT does) I could get 3G on 1900 MHz or this is absolutely impossible because of hardware limitations?

            Do you know anything about this? Thanks in advance.


  127. ben says:

    What do you think about skynote rom for att

  128. john says:

    I rooted my att galaxy note 2. I installed the jedi x14 rom but now I cant access my ext. Sd card. Help! I am new to android and rooting. Sorry.

  129. JOSE says:


  130. ryan says:

    how come when i click on the link to root my note 2 it is just a link for aarp?

  131. Ryan says:

    Yeah. Att note 2. It says to root click here. Goes to aarp site. Wheird

  132. Add says:

    Hi, I bought a Note 2 i317 that was locked. When I get the unlocking code , it was based on *#06# and I got a code for it. 3 times from different companies and they were all the same code that didn’t work. Now when I punch in *#06# I see the imei # but there is a ” /2″ at the end after my imei#. So, I will see it: …imei#** /2

    Help please & Thanks

    • Max Lee says:

      thats normal u can ignore that last part.

      • Add says:

        Thanks a lot for the answer, but it is not taking the code and not getting unlocked at all. like I mentioned, I purchased the code 3 times from different companies and they all were the same exact code. I wish If u could tell me if there is a fix for that. The phone was rooted,a nd I unrooted it bring it back to it’s original factory shape, following your video, thanks for that 🙂
        Still need help pleaaase

        • Max Lee says:

          use the free unlock method on my site then.

          • Add says:

            Me again. I looked and looked including the search bar. I could not find anything in regards to ” free unlock method “. Please, is it possible to give me the link, so I can go straight to it. And please bare with me, I’m not that great, not even that good surfing. I’m trying my best though,….. every help is so so appreciated…. THANKS

          • Add says:

            Please please please Max guide me to the link or please email it. I’m so stuck over here. THanks a lot

          • Add says:

            Max… please help me in directing and show me where to find the instruction of where to find that Free unlock method you r telling that is on your website. I tried again and one time I end up being somewhere that is asking me to install a program, and I did. Then my computer started to go crazy and quickly I did a recovery to that last know good windows 🙂 and I was safe.
            Please help me, I don’t want o go to another weird website and destroy my computer. Thanx for all the help I can get….

  133. Add says:

    Oh, sorry Max, I thought I mentioned that in my note. I mentioned it somewhere, I don’t know how to go to that area and see if u have answered that one. I barely know my way around in forums …Thanks again Max. When I say my mail from you, I saw hope :)) infact, I even kept this page open since the time I left the message and I refresh it every day to see any reply… 🙂

  134. Anson says:

    I tried your rooting method for my note 2 GT-N 7100 China version. The zip file successfully installs with odin. However, when i tried to install the custom rom by pressing Volume up + home button+ power button ( after I placed the custom rom zip file in the phone), nothing happens other then the samsung logo continously shaking and going out of place.

    Need Help. Please

  135. matthew says:

    hay i just rooted my phone and i want to put a new kernel on it. however, i dont have any recovery mod. when i go in to recovery mode i just get the note 2 writing going all glichy over the screen then it goes black and the phone turns off plz help i tryed putting twrp recovery on it but with no luck just the same thing

  136. Ron Couts says:

    I have a sprint galaxy note 2 SPH-L900 rooted and running Macksrom 5.0. This morning I have an android system update for my phone. Is this an update i should install or will it mess the phone up because I am not using the stock Rom anymore? I am new to all of this so I just want to make sure before I do anything.

  137. Chris says:

    How do you enable group messaging on macks rom (plain jane)?!?!??? Can’t find anywhere….Thanks for the help in advance guys

  138. Time says:

    Hi Max,

    Great job with all the work you’ve done for the community. I love your videos, they are nice, clear and easy to undestand. I am proud to say that watching your videos I was able to root my phone and install a custom rom with no problem. However, I got my phone back to its original state via factory reset and everything was fine until I pressed the software update button in settings. My phone is now not able to boot, it appears as a white screen with grey stripes across. The plus side is that recovery mode still works (volume down + home + power) however, i’ve used odin to try to flash it back following your tutorials and it does not work. The device is detected by my computer (not as an assesible drive but just detected) but odin refuses to go through stating “there is no PIT partition”. I searched XDA and found that my case is quite special and that there has been no solutions to it so far.

    I’ve already sent my phone to samsung and they refuse to fix my phone, stating that my phone has been exposed to liquid when it has not. I am confident that the hardware works and that this is a software issue and would like to ask for your advice on how I should proceed. Thank you.

  139. Mauro says:


    I have a rooted T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2. I have downloaded several roms via your website specifically for T-Mobile. I have tried CM 10.2, Paranoid Android, Jedi X17, etc. and everytime I flash the rom I have no data available, thus can’t go on the internet. The only rom that seems to work is Jedi Master. Any idea on why I am not able to get data on other roms I’ve downloaded via your website? I’d appreciate your help very much! (:

  140. Patrick says:

    I think i have a problemi… it possibile that wheni installò a custom ROM (running CM10.2) that the stock one is not deleted? Here’s why….i recently installed cm10.2 and did a factory reset…the thing is even so i only have 4.50 GB available of storage out of the 10.52 GB…and i can’t figure OT why…o did factory reset…wipe cache partition…everything..bit stilo nothin..van anyone help me?

  141. Jose says:

    Hey Max…. I have learned alot on your site and I love it. I have one issue with my Note 2 SPHL900. I got if flashed into MetroPCS and I cannot get any MMS or VMail notifications. Can you help? Also, if I root this phone, will it stop working on Metro’s network? Any help will be appreciated.


  142. Ebony says:

    I unlocked to t-mobile on 4.1.2 on AT&T phone I’m with t-mobile, I go in with *#7284# selections are both still the same as the tutorial. Connect my phone open up device manager no port selection. I can only find the phone under portable devices as Samsung SGH – I317. Where do o go from there if it shows no port selection tab…..please help me.

  143. Kunal says:

    hey Mr.Max please help me..!!
    i tried to install 4.3 leaked stock firmware on my samsung galaxy note 2
    but whn it got on it has no network
    and when i try to call it shows
    “No Network Registered” 🙁
    please do help asap..!!

  144. Bubba says:

    I was wondering If I can delete or move the blobs folder located in the clockworkmod on my phones internal memory. The reason I ask is my phone is reporting only 400 mb of free space. and this Bolbs folder i appears to be taking up around 4 gig of space.

  145. silvestro says:

    Hey man I wonder if you can help me flesh note2 i605 verizon to metro pcs is possible and of course if this method work on my phone. Thanks again for all the good things you given out to us. …keep up the good work thanks Sylvester

  146. Prashanta Sutradhar says:

    I just followed the supposedly easy instructions and expected CWM to boot up after rooting. Below is what I have posted on the “Android forums” for the Note 2 in the All things root section for International version GT- N7100(see if there is anything obviously wrong?)

    Ive obviously done something wrong. I would give TWRP a try after looking at the other forums they say its better and simpler.
    What are my next steps

    You’ve all probably heard it a thousand times before but here goes;
    After years of reluctance and caution I decided to root my Android device.
    I was quite pleased after looking at all the forums and videos at how easy it can be to root your GT-N7100.
    I found this link and followed the instructions
    How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 (Jelly Bean)
    I followed all the instructions. One difference being that when I connected my device the com box on ODIN3 was Blue not yellow but after looking at a few forums the new versions of ODIN display Blue in the Com box not yellow when your device is connected?
    I went ahead anyway and after hitting start on ODIN the confirmation Box went green and said pass but my phone really did nothing. I was expecting it to boot in to CWM which the instructions stated could take between 5-8 mins to complete.
    When my phone turned on it was still the same settings? I then checked that SuperSu was in my app drawer. I downloaded TTB to back up all my settings and also a Root checker(which confirmed I was rooted)
    To get into CWM I pressed Vol+,Home key,Power button simultaneously but the screen displayed;
    Android System Recovery .
    reboot system now
    apply update from SD card
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    I pressed the power button and the phone turned on as normal?
    With the instructions I follwed initially did I put Clockwork mod on my phone?
    I then looked at another forum and found a clockwork mod link and used ODIN to put it on my device? should I have done that?
    Now when I press Vol+,Home key,Power button simultaneously it wont go into Android recovery or CWM but instead the screen flickers and goes blank? I took the battery out and powered it up and alls fine.
    But I want to put a custom Rom on!!!!
    1. Should I be concerned?
    2. What should I do now?

  147. mohdisham says:

    ubuntu touch giude

  148. Anant says:


    I am having problem with my rooted note 2 (N7100). The apps and the widgets are loading very slow (approx 3 secs) to appear. Even the dailer is responding very slow.

    This is going on since I installed the Autorun Manager on 7100. I have already uninstalled but the error persists.

    Please advice.

  149. Dean says:

    Hey MAx. I have a Rogers sgh l317, I have installed several roms. i like a few. My question is some of them after install i look under phone model it now says gt-n7105. I need to know some basics here. I need to make sure I get my lte speed for one. and that i am on a good compatible rom for the canadian Rogers note2 l317. ALSO I ALWAYS have problems tethering. Can never get a computer to connects do you know why? Here wil rogers it is free i have a feeling in the usa it is not. Stock rom i can tether no prob. Which are the best say 3 roms for me?

  150. Prashanta Sutradhar says:

    in my galaxy note 2 gt-n7100, cwm recovery mod was not working..
    To get into CWM I pressed Vol+,Home key,Power button simultaneously but the screen displayed;
    Android System Recovery 3e.
    reboot system now
    apply update from SD card
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    What should I do now?pls help me…

  151. Emad says:

    Hi.. Can u please guide me that how i can use my note 2 rooted device in different ways? I have rooted my device but i can’t use the functions of root. How exactly i can use my device? Please mail me details. and apps of rooted phone.

    Thank you.

  152. Ron says:

    I am running Macksrom allstar 5.0 on my note 2 4.1.2 SPH-L900. I keep getting a system update. If I do the update will I lose root and will it just put my phone back to stock? I am ok with this if that is what it is going to do because I would like to start over on my phone. If it is just going to put it back to stock then I will just root it again and do all the backups. Thanks for the help

    • George says:

      Exactly the same rom and problem constantly asking me to update. Which I don’t want to do. Is there a file I can delete or something I can do not to get the notification?

  153. ibrahim says:

    Hi please can you Find a custom Rom for my Galaxy Note 2 N7105T
    and if it is got a FM Radio working because my Note 2 N7105T now dos not have a FM Radio
    Thank you.

  154. nikesh says:

    by mistake i had lock my sim card permanently in note 2

    how to unlock that please help my

  155. Bryan says:

    I am getting a failed to verify whole file signature on every rom i try to install I have the i605 and it is rooted. PLEASE HELP!!

  156. gaurav says:

    plz help me …Mr. MAX ….i press my n7100 button simultaneously 5 second …volume up + home button + power button but no screen showing … blank screen….help me who can i backup my rom ? any alternative process..

  157. John says:

    I have the GS note 2 model SHV-E25OL rooted with SuperSu and want to reinstall stock firmware, doesn’t exist and SamMobile isn’t playing game either, is there any where else I can find the files?

  158. Akhan says:

    I’m unable to root after upgrading to Android 4.3. error – Security warning – unauthorized access to a secured area has been blocked. I think KNOX is blocking to root, Could you please help me to root Andriod 4.3 for Note-2
    Baseband version – N7100DDEMJ9,
    Build number -JSS15J.N7100XXUEMK4

  159. Shubham says:

    I’m running official 4.3 on my note 2 gtn7100 so do I follow the same procedure

  160. simoun says:

    Hi, Can i download note 2 international stock firmware on my SGH i317M Canadian variant??
    so i can change the variant? or maybe there is another way??

  161. focusteck says:

    Rooted. When I try to boot into recovery CWM, i keep getting TWRP. Followed directions (i think) installed cwm zip, passed, rebotted, opened titanium backup, so everything in the root process went good. just cant get boot into CWM recovery. Please help me out here. Thanks.

    • focusteck says:

      Nevermind. I figured it out. Had to flash recovery from rom manager app. All good. Love this by the way, good stuff. All I have to do is follow the instructions and I can be super user…

  162. Clint Hanley says:

    can I load t889v jelly bean 4.3 onto tmobile t889?

  163. Clint Hanley says:

    I’m fedup of waiting for jelly bean 4.3 on SHG-T889, will the jelly bean 4.3 from T889v work?

  164. Jiannu says:

    I have a Rogers note 2 sgh 1317m and I recently updated to 4.3 jellybean using kies. I would like to know how to get air command with stock rom? Also would like to root as well. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

  165. skylar says:

    Can I install jedi X19 rom + saber kernel on n7105 lte JB 4.3 .pls help thanks .

  166. prat says:

    can i root my sgh-i317 with the same method and using the same file after 4.3 update?

  167. kranthishyam says:

    hey, i while i was booting a custom rom it suddenly stopped and came to samsung logo and not going in..not even gng to recovery mode but going to download mode..
    phone:samsung galaxy note 2(n7100)
    i used clockmod recovery to install ditto note 3 in my note 2…help me plllzzz

  168. skylarlim says:

    hi, good day to u. I’m a newbie + nOOb . i mess up my phone pls help me pls.
    1.Already install twrp & cwm from Google Play Store.

    2.Reboot twrp from goomanager again.(b’cos i want to flash jedi x 20 rom + saber kernel)

    3.After reboot phone stuck at “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7105”.

    4.Flash samsung stock firmwear with odin “Pass” after reboot stuck at “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7105” again.

    5.Try to get into cwm or twrp to do factory reset and wipe cannot access.

    Rooted Galaxy note 2 lte N7105.Stock ROm

    i know this is a silly question,but pls help me thanks.

  169. Vidit says:

    Can anyone please tell me that which kernel is best for my GT-N7100 running 4.3 jellybean with latest stock firmware and stock ROM

  170. TOSIF QAMAR KHAN says:

    i have note 2 n7100 with android 4.3 bt still i dont get note 3 feaatures what should i do …please revert me asap…….

  171. Chris says:

    Just got a Note 2 sgh-i317 with CleanROM ACE 4.9.0 on it but I have done a few different checks to see if it is rooted but there is no proof of it on there right now. I have checked Terminal Emulator. Tried Root checker, and even tried downloading TWRP manager, which both told me I do not have proper root access. In Root Checker Pro, it did say that BusyBox was installed properly though, which shows it was previously rooted. I am thinking the person who had it before me rooted the device, flashed with CleanROM, and then unrooted it. I need help on figuring out what is going on. I am new to the root and custom rom thing. I am wanting to go back to stock rom so I can do the update it or reroot it to download more up to date rom. Can someone give me some advice on where to go from here? All help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

  172. manuel pogi says: there any way to restore my imei? beacuse evrytime i dial *#06# is shows “null imei” i have tried flashing 4.3ph mk3 but still not yet fix,i have tried customroms mawrick odexed but no use btw myphone came from hongkong but i live here in philippines my unit is n7105.anyone please help

  173. San says:

    Hi, Max Lee
    I watch your video on youtube, like it. you explaining clear
    i would like to ask you about my phone galaxy note i317. At&t
    it come with firmware version 4.1.2 after i update firmware version to 4.3 the lao keyboard is not working are there any easy way to make lao keyboard work. i use multiling keyboard. please advice me
    thanks !

  174. lp says:


    Does anyone know any ROM can support VoLTE/IPv6 for Verizon Note II?


  175. is there any way to use a Sprint Sims card from the galaxy note 2 in a AT&T galaxy note 2?

  176. Hans Son says:

    I broke my last phone and got a warranty replacement from best buy.. unfortunately the people there updated to 4.3 OTA from verizon.. is there any way to get custom roms onto my phone now? I’ve been looking everywhere for custom recoveries, but can’t find any.. please help! Need that cm11! :0

  177. israel brito says:

    i get a system update message on my sprint rooted note 2

    a system update is ready to install. your android device will restart and install the update. you won’t be able to make any calls, including emergency calls, during installation

    how do i do this update it keeps coming back.

    I am new to rooting.

    thank you for any help

  178. James says:

    Hi, I sent my tmobile galaxy note 2 (rooted and running jedi x rom) to Korea. But it can’t connect to the LTE network and it also does not receive calls often. Do you know if the phone has to have different modem installed?


  179. The Jstir says:

    I’m some what new to this, every time I upload a 4.3 or 4.4 rom to my sprint note 2 I lose my cell signal, everything else work, but cell signal. Has any one else ran into this problem? Thanks for your feed back

  180. Bobby Cayman says:

    Hi Max, I’ve always followed your site and you always give great advice. I really need your help now. My N7100 galaxy note 2 was stuck in a boot loop so I tried flashing it by installing the original firmware. I just tried rooting it agian but it keeps sticking at the SAMSUNG logo. help me Obe Max you’re my only hope!!!

  181. nino says:

    hey im new to andriod and all the language, my question is i want all the functions on my note 2 that the note 3 has, like writing number and then it goes to phone book. can someone put in the right direction. thank im still learning

  182. Jos says:

    Hey i was wondering when you will have a video on how to root Sprint SPH-L900 on a mac because i really need to root my phone please, i really need it.

    Have an awesome day

  183. drane says:

    Dear Max and the developers of all the note 2 out there i feel like my t-mobile version sgh-t889 is the one which is left unnoticed, for more than a year me and my freinds are looking out for a rom which supports all the s pen features , i have seen so many of ur videos max where u show some great roms with KitKat+Note 3/S5 Features for all the other notes except for our t mobile version , please find a similar rom for us too ,kindly look into this and thank u for ur support

    • Max Lee says:

      Yes looking into it this week!

      • drane says:

        thank you so much max much appreciated looking forward for it and i promise to stay high on android 😀

      • droider says:

        max u forgot us t-mobilers

      • drane says:

        max its been 2 weeks any luck with the rom

        • Max Lee says:

          You didn’t try LiquidSmooth ROM? It works on Tmobile. If you want TouchWiz let me see what I can do this week but I have been working 24/7, I am trying to do my best but there’s just not enough time!

          • drane says:

            thank you max for the dn3 rom for us tmobilers , we where all waiting for years for a good rom like this , now i followed ur steps and went to root my phone for the first time from the stock 4.3 but it seems like knox is blocking my superuser and the roots right cant be achieved tried a different method, but that unsuccessful too triped my knox counter too seems like max u are the only one who can save me right now , how to root it and install a cwm to flash your awesome rom please help and thank you in advance

  184. RICKY GONZALEZ says:

    My galaxy note 2 reboots to the Samsung galaxy noteII screen. I rooted it and I messed it up. long story short I factory reset and it worked. Well today im getting just a blacked out screen with the Samsung galaxy niote II in white letters. any ideas on how to fix it.

    • Alex says:


      I have the Sprint Note 2. What version of which recovery are you using? For example: CWM or TWR I had problems if I tried to install to late of a version of TWRP. And when I installed an older version, I couldn’t always get the ROMs to install properly.

      I’ve found that for the SPH-L900 (Sprint Note 2), that CWM (touch) has the best balance between stability and features. I’m no expert by any means, but have slowly gained some experience. Feel free to reach out to me and we can take it off-line if I can help more.

      • Seaogre says:

        could I ask for help as well? I am have way thru the root but the TWRP isn’t loading with vol up/home/power. looks like (noob here) the regular android system recovery is there. I get the menu listing reboot sys now, apply update from ADB etc.
        any help would be appreciated.

  185. Roy Shorter says:

    cwm6-root-note2.tar Root instructions for T-Mobile SGH T 889 4.3 makes no mention of how to remove the Knox Security Block.
    Even after updating SU following your tip it would still would not load as it was being blocked by Knox.
    Even Mobile Odin or TWRP recovery setup via ROM Manager did not work.
    Max do you have a fix for this?
    Thank You

  186. nitesh says:

    hey! i have lost my imei no,of GT-N7100. Now my phone does not registers on network. please tell a way to revive my phone…help needed…

  187. albert says:

    Hi max.

    I updated ota to 4.3 on my t889. I have read and tried everything out there. No luck trying to get my wifi or bluetooth to work. It was fine before the update. I dont know what else to do. I have tried everything on xda. Nothing. Yes even the wifi patch. Still doesnt work. I have not tried the official 4.3 from sam mobile. I have tried the official via kies. So my question is is the kies official update the same as flashing via odin or will that fix it?

    And is there a way to get rid of the 4.3 bootloader . like you can on the international version?

    Thanks in advance.

  188. albertzelaya says:

    OK I figure it out. The answer to my question and after a lot of reading is. The back cover. I had recently gotten a new one and as soon as I put the old one on. WiFi and Bluetooth works.

  189. Howdy! This is my first visit to your blog!

    We are a group of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a
    community in the same niche. Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on. You
    have done a extraordinary job!

  190. My brother suggested I might like this website. He was entirely right.
    This post truly made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this info!


  191. Epi says:

    Hi Max –
    I have a rooted sprint galaxy note 2 on 4.4.2. I have installed the openrecovery-twrp- onto my phone, but I cannot seem to get wifi tethering to work. Will you guide me to what I need to do to get this fixed. Thx

  192. jagman says:

    Hi, many thanks for your great site and very informative FAQ’s…I have succesfully unbricked my Galaxy S2 i9100 thanks to your site….However I would have thought that going back to stock rom (4.1.2 jellybean from gingerbread) I would have unlocked my phone from Orange (EE) as I had put a new sw and rom on to it?? Is there a way I can check the unlock code from the phone?? (when in recovery mode etc) or do I have to visit an EE shop and give my IMEI number in order to unlock the phone….I wish to go onto vodafone sim (PAYG)
    Any info or suggestions would be very much appreciated,
    many thanks,

  193. roheel says:

    i have korean e250l note 2,in that i cant be able to launch 4g network on it,i use lte option ,but it shows only hspa+ option,so help me in this regards.

  194. koolassrick says:

    Hey Quick Question Can I Use wanam exposed for the sprint galaxy note 2 I see that they have it for the note 3 s3 and s4 I would really like to try this but don’t want to mess up my phone n the process tho can you check that out for me please thanks

  195. azhar says:

    hi max i rooted my galaxy note 2 using the video you uploaded.
    it says “unfortunately supersu has stopped”
    my phone is GT n7100 running android 4.4.2
    the device is not rooted ..i checked through titanium backup
    plz help

    • Louis says:

      Hi buddy I have the same problem as azhar.

      Followed the first video “How to Root Galaxy Note 2! [EASIEST METHOD]”

      Then i get the same problem, unfortunately supersu stopped and the phone is not rooted according to titanium (= root access X failed)
      Error message: Sorry, I could not acquire root privileges. This app will not work! pls verify that your rom is rooted, and try again. This attempt was made using the “/system/xbin/su” command

      I actually then, updated supersu as i thought that was the problem, and it reads “there is no su binary installed, and supersu cannot install it. This is a problem! if you just upgraded to Android 4.3, you need to manually re-boot – consult the relevant forum for your device!”

      Pls help me! I downloaded all other videos, coz I wanted to flash the note4 rom on my note2!


      Kung Hei Fat Choy from Hong Kong!

      • Louis says:

        Ok I saw in the FAQ this topic ” Q: I am having trouble with SuperSU on Android 4.2.2 or Android 4.4.2! ”

        Ill try to follow this and then let you know!!

        PS: Ive subscribed to your youtube channel!


        • Louis says:

          Hmm I followed that super su for 4.4.2 and after installing it with CWM recovery, things got worse, the app is not longer shown on my phone?? ive tried a couple of times and its not there.

  196. RRJ says:

    I just rooted my GT N7100 and installed Dr.Ketan Custom ROMV11. It looks fine. I am bit excited as this is the first time I have attempted it and it went fine (initial hiccups were there…overcame it).
    However I feel that the battery is getting drained too fast. Not sure what is causing this. Any suggestions will help.


  197. suraj says:

    i updated my N7100 to liquidsmooth v3.2 n my camera is not working,it says can not connect to camera..!!
    pls help me n if possible pls mail me on my id..!

  198. tony says:

    Hi I just followed your instructions to root note2 using odin and supersu. Everything went as shown but after reboot a message read that supersu had stopped and when I checked the phone was not rooted. Please help.

    I tried deleting supersu and tried rooting twice more and now supersu doesent show up at all.

    I went down this route because cyanogenmod installer also failed. From what I have read this is probably because of samsung Knox, but of course it seems you need to root before you can properly erase Knox.

    Please help, it seems something along the way may have stopped ota updates because when I try scanning for updates a message comes up saying that i have tampered with device unofficially, or something like that.

    I understand your very busy so appreciate any help you can give.

  199. Ubed Khalid says:

    Hey guys!!
    I have samsung galaxy note 2 (SGH-I317) during i trying to install custom rom I rooted my phone from odin but cant install custom rom after that I wany to factory reset my phone when I shutdown, it atomatically restarts.. guyz help plzz

  200. Dan says:

    It sounds like i can’t root my verizon note 2 phone since i updated to android 4.4.2 / FND7. If I do a factory reset would I be able to root my phone then?

    Thank you

  201. israel says:

    Dose anyone know where I can find something to root my Verizon note 2 sch-1605 on kitkat 4.4.2. Everything I’ve tied dose note work. Any help would be appreciated

  202. anav says:

    Hi, I have Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100. Region: India

    I had rooted successfully.
    Updated SuperSU-v2.14.
    Flashed Note2-CWM-
    Made a backup Rom using CWM.
    Then I flashed AllianceROM_N7100_DME6_v4_RePack_a,
    Perseus-alpha35-n7100-CWM and GT-N7100_XXDME4_Modem.
    Everything was perfect till here.

    Then i decided to flash photosphere and did it using TWRP.
    After reboot I had issues with the network, somehow I was not able to connect.
    I thought I had issue with the modem, so I tried flashing different modems.
    Nothing seemed to work.
    Then I wiped in TWRP and I reflashed AllianceROM_N7100_DME6_v4_RePack_a.
    Still the same. Then I wiped again and flashed Note2-CWM- and tried to restore my backed up rom. But now after booting successfully all my google apps started to force close and hanged.
    Then I wiped again and this time flashed AllianceROM_N7100_DMA6_v1_2.
    Everything else seemed okay except the network problem, I was unable to connect.
    Then I tried to flash a stock rom using odin: GT-N7100_INU_1_20120921181332
    During the middle of the update it hanged and showed fail error.
    Now shows:
    Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in kies and try again.
    I tried recovering via Kies, but it doesn’t detect my device.
    I also tried different versions of odin, tried uninstalling kies, updated my samsung drivers, tried various firmwares.
    But every time I get the fail error in odin.
    It shows:

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    N7100XXUFNL1_N7100ODDFNI1_N7100DDUFND1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Please help me. What should I do now? Thanks a lot in advance.

  203. Kaycee says:

    hi can you please send me the file to kernel for note 2 shv e250L,,thanks a lot..

  204. erfaan says:

    I have installed cm12 on my rooted note 2 n7100 from your site and I got success but I’m unable to install new themes. whenever I try to install new theme it says that installation failed.plz help me…..what I should do to use new theme…..

  205. jordan says:

    I’m trying to use heimdall flash recovery on my mac and it tells me thisInitialising connection…
    Detecting device…
    Claiming interface…
    Setting up interface…

    Checking if protocol is initialised…
    Protocol is not initialised.
    Initialising protocol…
    ERROR: Failed to initialise protocol!

  206. shakir says:

    I need to install cm12.1rom on my i317m canadian note2. But when i whipe and insyall tha custom rom its failure all the time.can some one help me in this case please…..

  207. inzy says:

    i have rooted my galaxt note 2 n1700 through your process…every thing is well done. but supersu is giving unfortunately stop message… please help me. ..

  208. inzy says:

    i have rooted my galaxt note 2 n1700 4.4.2 kitkat through your process…every thing is well done. but supersu is giving unfortunately stop message… please help me. ..

  209. Syed Hasan Ali says:

    Hey, so i wanted to ask, i have the resurrection remix ROM installed on my gt-n7100
    but with snap chat , it crashes a lot. Any way to fix this? Sometimes gets stuck on whatsapp too when i’m switching apps quick.
    Did not happen with stock rom.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  210. adam says:

    need help. trying to install custom rom on my note 2 t889
    i flashed it. installed clockwork manager
    when i try to install i do a reset then wipe cache then wipe divik cache
    everytime i try to install a rom it always aborts

  211. Celia says:

    It’s awesome to pay a visit this web site and reading the views of all mates about this post, while
    I am also eager of getting knowledge.

  212. Jim Piunti says:

    Hello, in trying to unlock my AT&T Note 2 to use with T-Mobile, I managed to reflash OS down to 4.1.1 – and used the system menu to unlock device. Everything was working fine with T-Mobile. Wasn’t thinking, and updated software on the device OTA. Of course, that relocked the system. but now, when I reflash back to stock 4.1.1, I can’t get back to the recovery screen (Vol UP, Power, Home) screen to do factory reset. It just sits as the Samsung Note II screen.

    What else can I try, please?

  213. Kris says:

    Hi my motherboard is not working.
    Not able to restore my note 2.
    can i root my note 2.

  214. Miguel says:

    my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 is from one to another day without function . Does anyone know what is broken or how to revive it ?? Thank you very much

  215. Miguel says:

    my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 is from one to another day without function . Does anyone know what is broken or how to revive it ?? Thank you very much

  216. Chops says:

    Hi Max,

    I have a Korean version SHV-E250S which I am using in Eastern Europe.
    For a long time I’ve been trying to flash another ROM due to performance issues – such as mobile network provider compatibility, LTE, SMS limit, etc.

    As few others have commented I cannot find files for SJKernels anywhere.
    Would you please help us out on this one? Cheers!

  217. Pa says:

    After installing marshmallow 6.0.1 my imei no changed and i dont have any efc backup. help me.plzz

  218. Sam says:

    I am in Canada using Bell mobility. I have a Note 2 SGH-I317M (16gb) which I have no room left on. Bought Note 2 SHV-E250S (32 gb) from Korea. I wanted to copy everything over but noticed some stuff on 32 gb Note 2 that I think is bloatware. Watched about rooting before I ran into High on Android videos and decided to do it. Used Kingo Root and installed Titanium backup. Rooting on 32gb completed and I believe is fine. I don’t know what to do next. I have noticed some things I need to fix which makes me think I need to convert the 32gb to GT-N7105. Things like: when I used the s-pen swipe to quick access the web using the “?” and write “you tube” – the results are Korean sites, the phone keypad display has Korean characters on it, the option for “driving mode” in settings, accessibility, text-to-speech – isn’t even there, apps like T-store, Samsung service, Book hub are all in Korean. I just wanted a Note2 like my 16gb one so I have more room and wanted to be able to copy my notes, text messages etc. onto it and clear the bloatware off of it. Is there a way to achieve this – do I convert the SHV-E250S to GT-N7105 or something and if so, how do I do it. All the videos that explain that are either Korean or fake according to comments. I’m lost … and I’ve tried really hard to learn this stuff. Did I maybe buy this 32gb for nothing or can you tell me how to clean up this 32gb and move my 16gb info over? Any help is much appreciated.

  219. jairo says:


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