How to Disassemble/Assemble Galaxy Note 2 for Screen Repair!

If for some reason you break your screen or other parts of your Galaxy Note 2 breaks such as USB port, microSD slot, etc, here’s how to disassemble and assemble your Galaxy Note 2.

Step 1. Take your back cover, SIM card, microSD card, battery, and S-Pen out.  Then unscrew all the screws you see.

Step 2. Next use plastic phone prying tool to get between your screen and the frame.

Step 3. Slowly work your way so you have a small gap (1-2mm) between the screen and the frame.

Step 4. Take a very small flat screw driver and pry the center part near top of the battery compartment.  Be gentle and it should pop out.

Step 5. You should be able to easily pull the frame out and screen should separate.

Step 6. If you are trying to replace the screen digitizer/glass, you can unplug all the connectors.  There’s one black screw that holds the motherboard in place and one silver screw that holds the USB compartment at bottom.

Step 7. Pull the USB compartment out first at bottom.  If you need to fix the USB port, you can order a new USB port part and replace the old one.

Step 8. Next, carefully pull the main motherboard out and you should have a completely disassembled Galaxy Note 2.  If you are going to replace the screen digitizer/glass, you can refer to the Galaxy S3 screen digitizer replacement tutorial I did couple months back.  It should be nearly identical for Galaxy Note 2.


Some more close-up shots of the parts:

Replacing the camera should also be easy.


Lastly but not least, I do highly recommend getting insurance for your Galaxy Note 2 in the first place so you don’t have to do repairs yourself.  But if you don’t have insurance and broke your Note 2, you can refer to this handy guide for doing DIY repairs and save a bunch of money on labor.

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63 Responses

  1. BTC says:

    Hi Max,

    So glad you got a Note II, i love your tutorials and tips, you are THE BEST!! Before i root my Brandy New G-Note i have a couple of q’s:

    #1 Can you amake a video on how to install Triangle Away?
    #2 My G-Note says it has version 4.1.1 installed but i keep getting a “update request” Is it for the “multi-view”? If i do it, can i still use your root method?
    #3 Is clockwork mod recovery in the root file?



  2. Jefri says:

    Hi I broke my sim card slot on my note 2. 🙁 is it hard to separate it from the board?

  3. Rimsky JB says:

    Hi, I just cracked my note 2 and I need to fix it, where can I get the replacement digitizer and/or lcd?

    • Steve Conrad says:

      For reference this site sells replacement screens
      If something broke on your Note 2 and you need a replacement part – try here:

      Samsung Repair Parts – Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 – Parts4repair.Com

  4. Nick Lucas says:


    Yesterday I dropped my Note 2 🙁 The front glass is cracked but the LCD and touch component are fine. I have been trying to find a replacement white front glass but can only find grey ones :S

    I have need videos on replacing the whole LCD panel but what if I just want to change the glass? has anyone got a tutorial on that?

  5. Paul says:

    Great tutorial. I used to clean my lens from inside. I work with lots of FINE dust and lens got dirty ( I know – time for better case). This tutorial works great. Only thing I found that when assembling it back, you should install back cover before the screws starting at the top. I found that rubber seal around AUX jack would miss align if done any other way.

  6. Kess says:

    Is it possible to just replace the glass? I haven’t been able to find just the glass. I called a few cell phone repair places around town and was told I needed to replace the LCD plus the Digitizer. That’s a $320 repair. Any suggestions?

    • JoAnn says:

      I dropped my galaxy note 2 & the outer glass was the only part that got damaged. I looked on ebay & was able to purchase only the glass screen without the digitizer & LCD. If just the glass screen is cracked but the digitizer & the LCD are not damaged you CAN replace just the screen. It was nice cause I was able to find a seller that also included all the necessary tools that are needed to do the repair.

  7. richard says:

    Where I can buy a replace glass for galaxy note 2????? Please help

  8. Gaby Crentsil says:

    Dear sir,
    My Samsung galaxy note 2 screen has cracked and I want to know how much it will cost me to replace it with new one?
    Iam in Ghana and I do not know why it is so expensive that people in Ghana hate Samsung phones.I called your office in Ghana and I was told it will cost me of US $ 300 for only the replacement.I bought it in Finland.Please reply soon.Thank you.
    Gaby Crentsil

  9. raph says:

    Are you able to use the n7100 screen for the sgh i317?

  10. Mario says:

    Hi Max,
    very interesting, compliments! I’m interested to know what touch screen controller is mounted on Note 2 7100. I ask you ’cause you have opened yet the device. I know there is a Wacom W9001 controller for pen but I can’t find the touch controller anywhere. If you want could you send me high res photo of the teardown with your watermark tomake me able to find that.

    Thank you

  11. haston says:

    i think my display is broken….the touch and everything works,but i cant see anything on the screen :/ if i give it for repairs,would they `by any chance get my memory deleted for whatever reason??

  12. Mats says:

    Is it possible to mount a n7105 antenna in the n7100 model so you get LTE? Just a taught i got, or main card and flash a n7105 rom on it?

  13. Waz says:

    Ive changed samsung note2 glass perfectly without any damage. But my touch screen not working. Its only works with pen. What would be the problem?

  14. Marjorie says:

    Love the video .but where can i buy a Window replacement

  15. musanch says:

    I dropped my note 2 and had to replace the screen (whole digitizer thing), I had the note 2 unlocked and was using simple mobile, but after booting up, it will not recognize my sim card… I did a reset and noticed it said something like *manual mode* csc=ATT. do i need to edit the csc file and what am supposed to edit if so..
    please help, i miss my note! btw i have rooted it already and can access the csc files only I don’t know which lines to edit.

  16. william says:

    do i need to heat the screen before i pop out the screen

  17. Lance Evers says:

    Ok so I dropped note 2 in water our house flooded with sewer water
    Insurance wont buy new phone home ownerd insurance anways. And t mobile forgot to put insurance on phone now all I got is grey screen. Anywway I can fix that. It was coming on normal everyonce inawhile if I took it apart put it back together trying othrr parts from another note 2. Can you help . Ma halo.

  18. Lance Evers says:

    I forgot to mention its still s grey screen most 99% of the time I cannot get it back to regular screen now no matter how many times I switch parts from 2 other working note 2.

  19. akhil says:

    hey I hav broked my Samsung note 2 display.. my phn is bought from Dubai n ne im in india. cn I replace it in india. is der any difference in display in note 2 which is bought frm Dubai n india.????? plz help. ..

  20. siddhant says:

    I broke my note 2….I cn use al touch and evrythng.. there r minure crcks on top of my screen…if I go 2 samsung store it says 7000 rupees…but it is for both led and touch…my only touch screen part is broken…so cnt I hve another touch screen..

  21. Fursaan says:

    I replaced my digitizer and it worked for a day, i had to open it again and add more double sided tape as the top was not sticking at all and when i was on a call, the screen would turn on as the sensor was covered with the gap in the digitzer and body, but now the screen wont turn on, the phone powers up and i can hear it but the screen stays black through out. I am not sure what i broke in it. Any idea or guesses. I had replaced the full digitizer.

  22. bahama mama says:

    Hi, i have a dual sim android N7100 (note2) and i dropped my phone and im guessing my lcd and digitizer are gone…. can this be fixed because i know the american parts are different seeing that my phone is dual sim… please help

  23. Mark Ford says:

    Thanks for the tut – great job!

    My question this – Can I use a Sprint lcd/digitizer assembly on an AT&T (I317) Note 2? I’m getting conflicting answers. Some say the screens are the same, other say they are not. Some Ebay listing for used assemblies state “For Sprint Note 2 only”. Others say “fits all models”. Can you PLEASE clear this up for me?

    PS – I tried to subscribe to your newsletter but after entering my name and email, I didn’t see a “submit” button anywhere. Please add me if you don’t mind!

  24. ben says:

    Have a note 2 which I went to clean out some dust on the camera lens. When I opened the case I realize it had been refurbished. Didnt think much of it at the time, but when I reassembled, the usb port became flaky and the mic cut in and out. Thinking the usb board was damaged i replaced with new one. However same problem. I then I examined the flex cable going from the USB charging board to the main board. The cable was fine (new), but the connector on the main board seemed to have been worked on before. Looks like some of the pins were damaged and thus not making a good connection. Anywhere I can order this part to replace?

    I guess it is called a FFC-FPC type connector? It looks to be a 40 pin connector (with 20 pins per side)

  25. Mahmood Khan says:

    Hey Zedomax. Just want to know, my Note 2 international version is still under warranty, if there’s something wrong with the motherboard, would I be able to send it to samsung repairs and get it fixed?

  26. Jack Wilson says:

    Outer Screen Lens Glass for SamSung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note2 Note ii 2 Grey + Tools

  27. gabriela says:

    Hello I just got a new screen with the lcd and digitizer attached for the note 2 , and when I went to put it all together I saw that 2 of the screws went through the. Lcd screen! So when I reassemble it all together my phone only vibrates and makes sounds but the screen. Is black, is that the reason why?

  28. Jarred says:

    Just got done taking my note 2 apart and putting it back together but now my power button isnt working… please!?!?!?

  29. Derek says:

    Here’s a VALUABLE money saving note for the corner “cutters” DIYers like myself.

    I’m one of those who likes to “speed up the process”, So I didn’t follow instructions exactly as you recommended. When it came time to separate the screen from the mother board/frame/whathaveyou, instead of heating the screen to loosen the glue, I used a box knife to cut all-the-way-around the phone. Little did I know that I was cutting some rather important “stuff” that allowed the screen to illuminate when it powers on.

    The phrase “Learn from other’s mistakes, not your own.” certainly applies here. It cost me $439 on ebay to get a new phone. I could’ve gotten a used one for $100 less, but was advised to be careful as there are some that are stolen or blocked by the major cell service providers, thereby rendering my new-to-me phone useless.

    Hope this helps!

    Feel free to share this post as you determine necessary.

  30. QL says:

    Do you know if the side power connectors on the motherboard on the Sprint Note 2 Version L900 is still live and capable of being used for charging? I would like to install a wireless charging plate on the L900 but it looks like the plastic backing has sealed it from access. Looking at the L900 raw motherboard, it looks like the leads are still there on the motherboard but no connector pins soldered on it. Not sure if it is capable of being used or if software has disabled it? If they are still live, I could solder some pins on it so I can use wireless charging plate. Do you know if this can be done.

  31. I want to say a big thank you. I was able to dissemble my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 very successfully. I got the broken glass and screen and fixed them myself. It was fun. My phone is back!!! Thank you.

  32. Thank u Max Lee. God bless u man!

  33. API says:


    I have a question. I dropped my note 2. the screen went blue and now it’s switched off. but the touch screen is working and I even can hear music. it’s second time the screen is booked, not glass and I don’t want to pay extra $200 for repairment again. is there any other way to repair it. thanks in advance

  34. nasim says:

    My Samsung galaxy note 2 screen has cracked and I want to know how much it will cost me to replace it with new one?

  35. rick martin says:

    hi max..
    i have cracked the screen of my samsung galaxy noteII .. though the screen is craked but the touch is still working.. if i have to change the front glass only how much will it cost?? will it be safe just to replace the front glass since the glass is hemetically attached to the super amoled display…??
    there are some other problems too…
    the front glass has also got a bit loose from few sides…
    what can i do?? please suggest..

  36. rick martin says:

    hi max..
    i have cracked the screen of my samsung galaxy noteII .. though the screen is craked but the touch is still working.. if i have to change the front glass only how much will it cost?? will it be safe just to replace the front glass since the glass is hemetically attached to the super amoled display…??
    there are some other problems too…
    the front glass has also got a bit loose from few sides…
    what can i do?? please suggest…
    as quick as possible..

  37. Ben Tangatakino (Ben) says:

    How much is a samsung note 2 GT-N7105T screen?

    • DataNutz says:

      just replaced my screen and it is beautiful. You have to buy an LCD assembly, not just the glass. The digitizer and lcd are glued together and require special tools and skill to separate. Go on ebay, search for Note 2 lcd assembly. I got mine from China (everything’s made in China) for $81.00. I also purchased a complete housing assembly for $12.00. Make sure you keep the old inner frame, for some reason, the one they sent was ever so slightly different and wouldn’t fit one of the components so I just used my old one and everything worked like a charm. You cannot get the lcd assembly for under $110 so I was happy to win the bid at $81. I replaced my note 2 with an LG G2 and there was no comparison.
      The Note 2 battery lasted a full day at full power after 2 years. My LG barely lasted 4 hours unless I shut everything off. Also, the buttons for power and volume are on the back and are a real pain to access all the time. You have no home button, so you have to tap the screen. This is very nice when you have it in your back pocket and autodial everyone in your contact list. I was glad to spend the $93 for essentially a brand new Note 2 again. FYI, the new Notes don’t have a removable battery or sd card slot, (Samsung trying to cut costs) so you may want to get yours working again and keep it for a while.

  38. Lant Rivers says:

    I want to replace my note 2 at&t lcd assembly with a spare from a sprint note 2, lcd assembly. Will that work or are the parts not compatible?

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