How to Disassemble/Assemble Galaxy Note 2 for Screen Repair!

If for some reason you break your screen or other parts of your Galaxy Note 2 breaks such as USB port, microSD slot, etc, here’s how to disassemble and assemble your Galaxy Note 2.

Step 1. Take your back cover, SIM card, microSD card, battery, and S-Pen out.  Then unscrew all the screws you see.

Step 2. Next use plastic phone prying tool to get between your screen and the frame.

Step 3. Slowly work your way so you have a small gap (1-2mm) between the screen and the frame.

Step 4. Take a very small flat screw driver and pry the center part near top of the battery compartment.  Be gentle and it should pop out.

Step 5. You should be able to easily pull the frame out and screen should separate.

Step 6. If you are trying to replace the screen digitizer/glass, you can unplug all the connectors.  There’s one black screw that holds the motherboard in place and one silver screw that holds the USB compartment at bottom.

Step 7. Pull the USB compartment out first at bottom.  If you need to fix the USB port, you can order a new USB port part and replace the old one.

Step 8. Next, carefully pull the main motherboard out and you should have a completely disassembled Galaxy Note 2.  If you are going to replace the screen digitizer/glass, you can refer to the Galaxy S3 screen digitizer replacement tutorial I did couple months back.  It should be nearly identical for Galaxy Note 2.


Some more close-up shots of the parts:

Replacing the camera should also be easy.


Lastly but not least, I do highly recommend getting insurance for your Galaxy Note 2 in the first place so you don’t have to do repairs yourself.  But if you don’t have insurance and broke your Note 2, you can refer to this handy guide for doing DIY repairs and save a bunch of money on labor.

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