How to Fix Faulty USB Port on Galaxy Note 2! [Disassembly]


One of the easiest things to break on a Note 2 or any other smartphone is the USB port. Whether you yanked your USB charger accidentally or spilled milk onto it, did you know it’s fairly an easy process to fix a faulty USB port?

I’ve had some bad luck on my Verizon Note 2 and although I didn’t break it myself, my USB has been acting up since the day I got the phone. Since I hate even making trip to the store and worried Verizon might have to hold my phone for couple days, I decided to fix it myself.

You can buy part “Note 2 USB Flex Cable” from eBay. Now, make sure you get the correct version for your model of Galaxy Note 2. E.g. If you are fixing a Verizon Note 2, search for “SCH-i605 USB Flex Cable”. This should cost you around $15.

Once you do have a brand, new USB flex cable for your Note 2, installation is rather easy. You will have to disassemble your Note 2 first. Then the USB flex cable should come off fairly easy. Replace it and assemble your Note 2.

One of the coolest features on the Note 2 is that it’s very easy to disassemble and replace parts. The next time you need to fix USB port on your Note 2, don’t forget, it takes around 20-30 minutes and can actually be a fun experience.

Also see Full Note 2 Disassembly/Assembly.

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