How to Fix Faulty USB Port on Galaxy Note 2! [Disassembly]


One of the easiest things to break on a Note 2 or any other smartphone is the USB port. Whether you yanked your USB charger accidentally or spilled milk onto it, did you know it’s fairly an easy process to fix a faulty USB port?

I’ve had some bad luck on my Verizon Note 2 and although I didn’t break it myself, my USB has been acting up since the day I got the phone. Since I hate even making trip to the store and worried Verizon might have to hold my phone for couple days, I decided to fix it myself.

You can buy part “Note 2 USB Flex Cable” from eBay. Now, make sure you get the correct version for your model of Galaxy Note 2. E.g. If you are fixing a Verizon Note 2, search for “SCH-i605 USB Flex Cable”. This should cost you around $15.

Once you do have a brand, new USB flex cable for your Note 2, installation is rather easy. You will have to disassemble your Note 2 first. Then the USB flex cable should come off fairly easy. Replace it and assemble your Note 2.

One of the coolest features on the Note 2 is that it’s very easy to disassemble and replace parts. The next time you need to fix USB port on your Note 2, don’t forget, it takes around 20-30 minutes and can actually be a fun experience.

Also see Full Note 2 Disassembly/Assembly.

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6 Responses

  1. Oleg says:

    Does disassembly void warranty?
    On a side note, do non OEM parts inside void warranty?

    • Max Lee says:

      If they can tell probably yes. But there’s no stickers or anything like that, if you don’t leave a mark they won’t know. But non OEM parts will void warranty if they are not identical to stock. The USB part I replaced is identical to stock so…

  2. April Prehn says:

    Hi I hope you can answer a question for me. I purchased a used note 2 t889 from ebay. I purchased it know wifi wasnt working. When I received phone it had other issues also. Loud speaker sounds horrible past 5. Usb not always charging. Sim card loose, not that bad tho. I decided to open phone to see if it would be an easy fux being loudspeaker and usb are right near each other. Upon opening I can see this phone has been worked on. Sim card holder is loose because one of the pins is broken that it would have snapped in to, no biggie. Heres my question I found out that the usb is not a tmobile one it is an at&t you wrote to make sure you buy the correct model for your phone. Being the antenna get connected here could that also solve the wifi not working? Im ordering the part anyway was just hoping to find out the answer while waiting for the part to come. Thank you

  3. Faizal says:

    I have the N7105 model of Samsung Note 2 from Singapore. But only the N7100 is sold in India, where i am now. Do you think i could use the USB port of the N7100 as a replacement on my N7105?

  4. nasar says:

    Hi I have. a praplem my note 2 usb not regonized how can I fix this

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