How to Get Out Of Factory Mode on Galaxy Note 2! [Phone CSC PDA]

The other day my T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 ended up in a “Factory Mode” with Phone, CSC, PDA, and various other things displaying over the home screen in yellow characters with a box. Well, it was really annoying but there’s a quick fix for it.

You will first need a rooted phone and edit the file using ES File Explorer or Root Explorer.

Open the file “factorymode” in /efs/FactoryApp directory, it probably says OFF. Change it to ON then reboot your phone.

Also, you can use adb shell to do this too:

adb shell
echo -n ON > /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode

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28 Responses

  1. SABA says:



  2. Alex says:

    Hi. I am writing because this happened to me after
    I tried to restore my efs folder. I had to do this because installing the Omega rom screwed up my Eimi and sim recognition. I tried flashing back to a stock, rooted rom from xda to no avail. I eventually just reflashed the original clockwork recovery mod and flashed notorious prime back, which was the original rom I was using. (Excellent by the way) To make a long, I’m sure well repeated story short, I followed your steps and when I went to the factorymode folder it was already switched to ON and there is a .bak file just below it that is also ON. I tried turning both to off and rebooting, after doing just the regular file. This is with the AT&T Note II, but I understand they’re similar and I couldn’t find anything on thr AT&T version. Thanks for the help in advance. Good work, friend.

  3. SABA says:

    hi max,
    can you install 2 or 3 rom and toggle between on note 2 n7100
    if its possible can make a video.

  4. Milky says:

    Im curious if the software/firmware for the n7100 model works with the SGH-I317 models?

  5. skoOby says:

    Hey i also had this problem with omega did u get ur imei efs back?

    • preet233 says:

      hi skooby …
      i hav this prob w the changed imei no and no network . i got it ystrday . .. i hav googled alot n found no solution to it..
      is there a solution to my problem ..

  6. Antman says:

    Thanks for the fix Max. I’ve noticed this problem comes back everytime after unrooting. Do you think I can I return this phone to Verizon if I ever need to, with this Factory Mode box in the middle of the screen?

  7. Nitish Bhandari says:

    Sorry I am unable to understand this..
    Like with what software I can turn it ‘on’
    Plz help

  8. preet233 says:

    i am in big trouble here guys . i dnt hava a back up of the efs folder .. i hv searched the whole phone momory n the sd card .. i hv a40000 imei no n no network . my phone is more lik a nexus 7 now w no functioning sim . i still hav the network signal running fine . but it show emergency calls only.
    i dnt kn wht to do . m unrootin my note2 back to stock n tryyin to reset the binnary count to zero so tht i can get into samsung store as m still under warranty. . hvin my fingers crossed

    if some1 from u comes out w a solution do reply . m abroad now n i hav 2 weeks before i get back to the place of purchase..

  9. Cally kou says:

    Thank you, this method has been repaired. Allow me a question, is that also can brush the other party ROM after?And not repair telecommunications networks, is there any way? Have tried some!

  10. chinitz says:

    this is my problem…how can i turn it off?? 🙁

  11. chinitz says:

    this is my to turn it off? 🙁 help pls…

    • Ronnie says:

      Use rom toolbox, use the root explorer, and when you get to the file, use RB editor to change it. 🙂

      • jalil says:

        i did the seps above on note 2 gt n7100 i turned factory mode on and restart and still stuck in factory mode there should be a solution for this

        • sid says:

          Go to settings> app manager> all> search factory test and clear catch and data
          U are done

          • Tania Howes says:

            Omg after all i have read on downloading stuff to fix this problem.this simple technique worked andnonly took 5 seconds .thankyou so much

  12. phill says:

    have a galaxy note 2 witch has a display of phone data and can not get it off how do I
    I think that it is factory mode please help before I smash this phone

  13. maria suarez says:

    tengo un galaxy note 2 y no se quiere escuchar si yo llamo nadie me escucha ni yo escucho solo las llamadas todo lo demas funciona bien si llamo por una aplicacion se escucha

  14. wayne hammond says:

    Hi, Installed the dn3 V5 last nite and very impressed how smooth its running and sone of the feature are awsome. Great work in getting such a great rom together.

  15. -=AsakurA=- says:

    Can some one help me where can find the facory App deretory in the ES file explorer? when i opened it i can’t find it, plz need some help.. i have same issue in factory mode on.. thnx in advance

  16. monk says:

    hey guys i was on Omega rom and i have lost my IMEI and no more sim recognition.. have someone fixed this?? i am still in factory mode and can’t find how to turn it on

  17. Sudhakar says:

    My Samsung Galaxy note II N7105 now in factory mode how to change

  18. Mr Val says:

    my Note 2 shows Samsung logo only and never boot. can help please

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