CM10.1 ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100! [Android 4.2.1]

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Can’t wait for Android 4.2.1? Well, you don’t have to wait. Thanks to XDA developer Monx, you can now get CM10.1 ROM for your Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100. I’ve been running this ROM for over a day now and I have to say, it’s a really, really, really nice ROM.

You can expect all the goodness from the latest Android 4.2.1 and CyanogenMod features including Photo Sphere camera, lockscreen widgets, and more.

Performance certainly is one of the best out there as the ROM itself is barely 246MB, fraction of a TouchWiz-based ROM. Of course, you will lose many Sammy features like Multi-window and S-Pen native apps but this is one of those ROMs you HAVE to try it you haven’t yet.

This CM10.1 ROM also comes “kanged”, which means extra features like 280DPI (larger screen real estate), Play Store with multi-DPI support, Worldwide Navigation support with Google Maps (although will not work unless Google Maps supports your country), and some more.

I do like the fact that my Note 2 looks a ton different from other Note 2s running TouchWiz-based ROMs. If you are looking to really soup up your Note 2 and get with the custom ROM program, try out CM10.1 and I think you will like it.

Also, I haven’t found any bugs, SMS and voice calls are working flawless.


Download CM10.1 (the version on video)

*Note – Google apps is included in this ROM, no need to flash it separately.

Credits – XDA (check XDA for latest nightlies)

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26 Responses

  1. Sdor4Ever says:

    Lose Multi-window and S-Pen native apps??
    no way

    i prefer to wait for more better roms 🙂

  2. Peter says:

    I really want it but cannot afford to lose the multi Window and the other features can’t a developer create a flash able file or something for note 2 users to get these back????? Thanks for your effort 😀

  3. Edward Halim says:

    I have Galaxy Note 2 rooted , how can I upgrade to Android 4.2.1?

  4. Michael Clark says:

    Hey Max Lee,

    Love your page use it lots for my S2, only problem im finding with roms on my Note 2 is the following,

    1. The camera is a bit hit or miss on first use it trys to take a photo then flashes 2 second later then says that the galery has stopped working.

    2. I havent found an audio player that i love as much as the Sammy music player. The Apollo and Winamp are good but i just dont get volume out of it. The volume seems to stop increasing after it hits half way.

    Any advise would be appreciated.


  5. Kieron Prosser says:

    First of all great job! Your guides helped me root and put a ROM on my Android phone.

    Only problem I have is Apollo will not work at all. It did once.
    Also the video player app does not appear and is not as good as the one on 4.1.

    Any suggestions?

  6. Devan Freemantle says:

    Hi, Max

    As above, brilliant site, without your tutorials I would have been absolutely lost. Just a quick one, ive picked up a few bugs related to Google chrome and wanted to know where I can get the latest version of this ROM. I checked CM’s site but their downloads are quite a lot smaller than the one you linked, just a bit worried its not the same. I absolutely love this ROM as I wanted a stock looking android from the beginning for my Note 2, touch wiz wasn’t my style.


  7. Michael Clark says:

    Another thing i’ve noticed and its annoying is the keyboard notice when you type that the pop op keys look as though there is the wrong image coming up, its not a pretty sight it looks like letters cut from MS Paint. Hope this is just on my device.

    Saddly once its been seen it can never be unseen. I guess i could install another keyboard but i like the Vanilla experience.

  8. John says:

    Hey everyone. A little help. After I installed, some apps (Chrome, Youtube among them) are not compatible in the play store anymore. After some searching about i discovered that there is a bug in the store and if you change the dpi some apps dont match anymore. Anyone know anything? How do I fix this?

  9. Sean says:

    Hey, i just installed this Version onto my Gnote2 and i don’t have a signal, i was wondering if maybe theres something i missed or a reason this could be happening

  10. Mark says:

    Sean:….you’ll need to restore back to stock ROM to get the radio fixed. Not sure how to resolve getting radio to work with a ROM after flashing if it doesn’t…..sorry.

  11. sean says:

    No I figured out the issue…they need cm10 for the other model…I didn’t realise I was using a different model…

  12. Edward Halim says:

    I backed up my Galaxy note 2 before rooting it using samsung kies, after rooting and installing 10.1 rom, but when I wanted to resotre my back up using kies it didn’t recognize my phone , how to resotre my contacts and messages using kies after rooting and installing rom?

  13. jason Metcalfe says:

    Gave the CM10.1 ROM a try for the past couple of days and found it to be very stable and lite on battery drain. Picks up my vodafone carrier fine and signal is spot on. SMS and phone calls all work without hitch so can only congratulate the CM guys for producing a top rate Rom especially since its a Nightlies version.
    The only issue I have found which seems to be a problem with alot of Roms is my 64gb sd card will not mount and throws an error if I try to. It’s not the card as restoring my stock Rom shows the card and all data to be fine. I will be testing regulary different Roms to see if this problem gets resolved as updates arrive.

    This site is best out there for New Galaxy Note 2 owners. Keep upo the good work

  14. roberto says:

    Sorry I don’t know how to enable widgets on the lockscreen, I would like very much to be able to do it, in the article is written that lockscreen widgets are present…

  15. hey guys….i just instaled the cm 10.1 on my galaxy note 2 and i have som problems….like : the camera crashes,apolo…dosen work..and i get everey time meny errors… camera stops working, gallery stops working…. help? please …?help…or where i can get android 4.2.1 not cm10, cm10.1? anyone?

    • nick pan says:

      Hi…is ur build gt n7100? Because if its not..u have a problem. Just check that out first. And after u flash, make sure u wiped chach partition.. Mine is working awesome far..haha

  16. Anthony Fambry says:

    my question is, do you lose wi-fi calling with t-mobile?

  17. nick pan says:

    Hi..just flash this awesome ROM in my note2 gt n 7100. I must say, this is an awesome ROM max. Its working smoothly and no what so ever lagging. I like the settings ware u can really make so many custome settings. On top of this..u have ota updates I think I will be on this fornawail..n you can actually check for other ROMs too..really cool man..thx man..

  18. Daniel B Cezar says:

    Não instalem essa rom, esperem a oficial, é uma porcaria…bugs em várias coisas básicas como chamadas a mensagens… ESPEREM A OFICIAL…!!!

  19. wojtek milewski says:

    After instaling this nice rom my 64gb sd card is not visible, any issue for this problem ? please help i would like to stay on this rom but with card ofcourseofcourse.

  20. Taher Lilywala says:

    There are 2 files and both updated on the same date so which 1 I have to download or do I need both of them

  21. Robin says:

    Hi. To those who flashed this, is there this option in this rom?

    Settings > Security > SMS message limit


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