Criskelo ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7100!

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One of my favorite ROMs for the GT-N7100 Galaxy Note 2 is Criskelo ROM. The latest version is more stable/faster than ever.

With the latest Criskel ROM’s AROMA graphical installer, you will be able to choose between between 3 kernels (my favorite is Perseus with 1.8Ghz overclocking), 4×5 TouchWiz launcher with auto rotation for landscape view, modems, recoveries, CRT animations for screen off/on, and lastly but not least, some really awesome battery styles.

I normally skip the battery styles but I really love the brick style battery style that the latest Criskelo ROM provides (and this is the first time I’ve seen such a battery mod).

Also, Criskelo does provide three different themes, stock, Criskelo AOSP, or my new favorite 3D Blue Style (as shown in video).

Some other neat feature include RoleTube app (download YouTube videos), call recording, flash player, and multi-window enabled for all apps.

Battery life seems to be also seem very long even with 1.8Ghz overclocking on the latest version. If you are looking for a good stable TouchWiz-based ROM with overclocking on your Note 2 GT-N7100, definitely give the Criskelo ROM a try this week(end) and let me know what you think!


Download Criskelo ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 (Please DO NOT FLASH on any other Note 2s!)

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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25 Responses

  1. ND says:

    Been using the previous Criskelo v4 ROM and was very satisfied with it so updating to this Criskelo v13 was a must for me. It is stable and runs great but it has lower score on quadrant then v4. With version 4 I got 8600 on quadrant which is insane! With this ROM with CPU and GPU overclocked at max I get 7300. I hope Max or someone else have some explanation about this.
    I highly recommend both versions, quadrant differences have no meaning in practical usage.
    Thank you Max for all your work!

    • Rocky D says:

      I dont understand why some people are obsessed with quadrant scores ….. rather than just enjoying the phone they stress over these small issues.

      • ND says:

        I don’t understand why you think I am obsessed :). I am just posting the benchmark results ran on same phone under different operating systems and that tells you how the hardware is utilized. For normal users this has no meaning but for the ultimate users it has.

        Btw, this ROM is not that good in the end, Criskelo v4 is better and faster, this one shows some lag from time to time and I think it drains the battery a bit faster then the older version.
        Going back to v4 or maybe I will try Hawkish ROM.

  2. Anthony Fambry says:

    I’m assuming no T – Mobile wifi calling?

  3. eslam says:

    is it ics or jelly bean ????

  4. Ambarish says:

    screenshots please!

  5. Sameer Chaturvedi says:

    Which one is better Criskelo or Hawkish, Both have almost(very close) same features other than the battery and CRT effect MOD and cosmetic themes.

    Max plz provide few points for comparison, to which is better than the other.

    • Stav Dor says:

      Hawkish is much better
      i’ve Hawkish and it’s awesome
      I very recommend 🙂

      • Stav Dor says:

        i used Criskelo in past, it was my first custom ROM on my Galaxy Note 2
        and i must to say his sucks

        • Rocky D says:

          Ive used almost all of the custom roms available for the Note 2 N7100, and a few for the AT&T Varient. My personal favourite in the past has always been Omega Rom, and I have also enjoyed AllianceROM, but i have to admit, this rom is my new personal favourite. The battery life, performance, and stability i am getting is beyond anything i achieved with any other rom. So to pass judgement and saying it sucks i dont think thats fair. As all Android phones are made different maybe you have had a shitty experience with it.

    • jow sleiman says:

      well my friend i have the same question bcz i want a custom rom that its touchwiz based and im confused between hawkish and criskelo

      • Rocky D says:

        If you have the N7100 i would highly recommend Omega ROM, as it has all stock features and adds a TON of customization, mods, upgrades and a the Android 4.2 Photo-Sphere camera. Rock stable as well!

  6. jann_ali says:

    ihave download problam i try 2 many times when i download any roms after 50% like this stop downloads what pro and any sug

  7. jeff says:

    been using Hawkish for a week now, it seems NO PROBLEM at All. Flawless…
    ill try now criskelo…ill keep in touch.

  8. Rocky D says:

    Hey Max, Awesome review! I installed the rom and everything is working amazing. I just have one issue, previously i was using Omega ROM (My Favourite) and based on your recommendation AllianceRom. Both these roms had a feature i loved where it automatically recorded incoming & outgoing calls. I LOVE this CrikeloRom and i know it has the call recording feature as well, but is their anyway i can set it so it automatically records incoming/outgoing calls? Ive been through all the settings and have found nothing that will let me do this. HELP!

  9. linu says:

    Can someone suggest a totally customizable rock solid (performance and battery) ROM for Note 2……on the lines of Venom Rom for HTC ONE X. I want to use ONE stable ROM for my note 2.I am confused with the many ROMs.Thank you.

    • Rocky D says:

      A totally customizable and rock solid rom IMO is the AllianceROM. One of my personal favourites as well. The developer just updated it to V2.0 which adds more customization options.

  10. salvador says:

    man i make a mess I install a custom room but its mivi I flash the mivi room man I cant do a recovery please some one help how to go back to the stuck room or change to different room I trying I really cant please some how cant explained

  11. kevin says:

    Hey can someone help me how to root and install this rom….am running Android 4.1.2 jelly bean on my n7100 without root…Please somebody help me..thanks

  12. harrymac says:

    Why not look under the rooting section here, the tutorial is great, or try Google for other tutorials and software links. Only takes 10 mins to root. Much quicker than waiting for a reply from here. Another good sorce for info is xda developers.

  13. chahal says:

    i am unable to install brick battery mod

  14. Emad says:

    shouldnt i download gapps ?!
    or just if i installed this one file it will be enough !
    coz my current andriod is 4.2.2

  15. Phil Cunningham says:

    Hi there
    I have the note 2 n7100 and live in the uk. Firstly I like your site its been helpful. I rooted my phone and flashed dozens of custom roms until finally I must of corrupt the efs folder and my imei and serial number got corrupted. I finally got a guy in a shop to restore the imei but couldnt restore the corruptted s/n. So phone works fine now but had to flash 4.1.1 firmware so he could fix the imei …. now due to the corrupt s/n the OTA uodater doesnt work so if I want to update the firmware I need to manually do it. Now I have been advised that if I want to flash other roms I need to unzip the file and remove the modem.bin file so the baseband wont be tpuched to avoid further corruption. …
    I wonder if u have any advise about this? Are there any custom roms for the n710 that dont change the modem/baseband or even touch it? I noticed some of the roms give options during the install to flash different modems but do any give the option to not flash a new modem at all?
    Thanks for your time.
    Kind regards

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