Hawkish Premium ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100!

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out the Hawkish Premium ROM for your Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100.

The Hawkish Premium ROM comes with AROMA graphical installer with options for several themes (Hawkish Premium Theme, Sense Theme, Jelly Bean Theme, White Grey Theme, and Fusion Theme), and choice of 3 kernels (stock, Perseus, or Redpill; Use Perseus or Redpill if you want overclocking).

Based on the latest official MB6 firmware, the Hawkish Premium ROM brings you some interesting combos of themes and kernels. Of course, you do also get Multi-Window Control app to add any apps to your multi-view bar.

In Settings, you will find additional tweaks you can do with Pimp my rom, Quick Toggle settings, CPU settings, and some more.

Other notable features include AOSP lockscreen, call recording, call button in contact list, stock browser defaulted to Desktop, higher-bitrate camcorder, 720PHD YouTube for 3G/Wifi, and more.

If you are looking for an enhanced TouchWiz experience with good overclocking (I suggest 1.8Ghz unless battery life is concern to you) and good themes, check out the Hawkish Premium ROM this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Hawkish Premium ROM

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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46 Responses

  1. Stav Dor says:

    Awesome ROM recommand for all 🙂
    working great!
    so many options to customize,
    solid, awesome performence and stability

    Didn’t find any disadvantage and other problems 🙂
    Have a nice day!

  2. Sameer Chaturvedi says:

    I’m Currently on PACMAN ROM, but miss touchwhiz, i’m planning to switch to hawkish, but had one query before moving, does this ROM has snote or SPEN compatibality??

  3. jeff says:

    been using it for a day, it’s pretty stable so far.
    try it..highly recommend…neat.

    • Sameer Chaturvedi says:

      but what about Spen and Snotes, does it support?

      • Stav Dor says:

        yes support everything with full touch-wiz compatibality and so many great improvments

        • Sameer Chaturvedi says:

          Thanks for the response, I’m already on Hawkish!!! its just like having the original touchwiz unlocked and free to mod and improvs…

          secondly and most importantly, i just loved the interactive Installation for this ROM.

  4. Sunny says:

    Using it for a day now & its pretty amazing & stable, no issues so far. SPEN & SNOTES is working. Highly recommended. Great stuff Max.

    • Sameer Chaturvedi says:

      Couldn’t wait for response even I’m using since my last comment. .. With complete faith in Max I took the plunge and I couldn’t be happier after trying all the ROMs ever covered by him ….. This is no doubt the best. … quadrant benchmark score of 7050…. weekday more can you ask

  5. Nitish Bhandari says:

    Can any one please tell me how can we change the theme AFTER installing the rom

  6. saif says:

    اشتريت هاتف Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 من الصين يعمل فقط بلغه صينية وانجليزية واريد ان احوله الى عربي ماذا تنصحوني ان اعمل
    مشكورين على اجابتكم

    • Sameer Chaturvedi says:

      يمكنك تحميل حزم اللغات من أي متجر أو اللعب ضمن إعدادات واللغة والإدخال ثم اختر خيار اللغة العربية وتنزيل. … وهذا من شأنه

  7. nick says:

    Hi Max
    ok..flash this rom..and its working like a charm..its awesome this rom..theres so many options to pick from until now i have not really gone into it. Its working very well on my GT N 7100.. in fact the radio signal and wifi all seems to working stronger now..batter than my stock rom. So I would say, This is really the ROM of the week..

  8. Harrison juma says:

    Hi max,my note2 can not recieve any update.It says my device is modified,i cannt download any ROM until now.Pliz give me the procedures on how to handle the issue,thanks.

  9. george peter says:

    Hi i install this rom but i dont know why my phone hangup when i am playing video player etc any one know ehy please let me know the soloution thanks peter

  10. nick says:

    hi Max.
    Been on this rom now for a week now and i must say, this is a dam awesome rom . It has every thing..over clocking..Stweaks..MultiWindow..Tube Mate..PopBrowser..All the Touchwiz things..and it works. The only thing wich is not working is ZArchiver..i dont know what app is that..But from the Settings, Pimp up rom, Toggles, Cpu Setting n More..all working awesomely..I can truly say, this is the best rom NOW for me..and it will take some time before i ever change any other new rom..Tumbs up for the developer. Cheers

  11. kyle neypes (philippines) says:

    great rom.im using wanamlite before and this is a better one.where can i get the update of this app?before i go to wanamlite.com to update my room.thank you for your response!

  12. fisher says:

    Best Rom so far.. I’m completely removing ma stock rom.. As this rom is a battery saver

  13. Mfabrega says:

    Does everyone knows if there its a 4.2 version of this rom?

  14. Chris says:

    Is there any Rom with Touchwizz launcher only and full android system (sms, notification center, contatc..) i mean i want something like an Android ROM (jellybam, Omega..) BUT with Touchwizz and all the Note 2 applications work. Sorry my english, im french lol


    • nick says:

      Do try Hawkish Rom. It has all the touchwiz and more…I have been using this rom for 2 weeks now. No problem at all..You can do many things with this rom..I would say, this is one of the best roms out there that use touchwiz …hope you go ahead and flash this…cheers

  15. Victor says:

    Hi! Thanks for the Rom.But I’ve looking for a tutorial for installing this Rom but i can’t find it.I really need some help for flash this ROM…Thanks in advanced

    • lorez1 says:

      make sure ur rooted with clockworkmod
      Put ROM.zip on your SD Card.
      Enter Recovery.
      Install Zip from SD Card
      Choose zip from sdcard (wipe data for best performance)
      Select Hawkish.zip and instal

  16. Amy says:

    Why the urdu and Arabic languages are not clear and well fonted

  17. eslam says:

    hey i downloaded this rom i have the galaxy note 2 gt n7100 but the snote is not working !!!!
    any help please

  18. lorez1 says:

    Very nice and stable, everything works, great ROM thx 🙂

  19. Harrymac says:

    Looking forward to getting hold of my Note 2 on Wednesday. This is the first time looking round your site which has been incredibly helpful to me with the software and procedure for rooting the handset. After reading and watching your reviews for a couple of hours now, I have come to the conclusion that this will be the baby for me and have already downloaded everything that I need to get the most out of the GN2 when it gets here. Keep up the great work that you do.

  20. muffadal says:

    i rooted my note 2 for the first time ever and first rom installed is hawkish.,and i have found my battery life to be much better after that.,kernel and android system earlier which used to eat up atlest 35 percent after a days use now take up min 10 percent.,so far so good.,stable

  21. Harrymac says:

    I have tried three roms already, all been stock as i want to keep touchwiz and software and i just had to come back to Hawkish, with all the tweaks in there this is the one for me so far. My GN2 was quick before but now its lightening without any overclocking. Great review. Glad I came across your site.

    Thanks, Paul.

  22. Jayson says:

    Wifi tether is not working. How can i fix it?

  23. Nadav says:

    What’s the diffrence between version one and version 2?

  24. faNote says:

    I downloaded the rom, transferred it to my phone but it didn’t let me install it, I couldn’t see it in recovery.

  25. faNote says:

    I flashed the rom, finished the installation pressed next, and nothing happens, what do i do?

  26. guy says:

    Do this work in the note 4g version?

  27. John says:

    Anybody know if there is a version of this rom that runs on the Verizon Note 2 or if not if there is a way to make it run on the Verizon Note 2. This looks awesome especially after looking at the XDA thread.

  28. ali says:

    طریقه نصب رام را توضیح دهید

  29. Sachin says:

    Hi max I have installed this rom & I must say its working flawlessly. i was using omega early.
    my question is how to remove record button and restore original butten. I do lots of call conference and due to record button iam unable to merge calls. pls help

  30. Hi,

    Please have a look into new Hawkish extreme 4.3 ROM (7100XXUEM16_HAWKISH_EXTREME_SERIEv4) . Though i’m not able to flash it on Galaxy note 2 GT-N7100 ….

    Error ” not able to open zip file”. downloaded and tried to flash several times NO LUCk. MD5SUM is perfect.

    And please a link of contact you.


    • Skawarz says:

      Dear Vikram.. i also check the file. you receive error because Zohawkish didn’t finish upload the files. please try download again.. it awesome..


      • Vikram Dwivedi says:


        XDA forum has a MEGA link of Hawkish 4.3 ROM weighing around 1.27 Gigs and GOO.im has 1.17 Gigs…..

        Which one should i download.

        Any other alternative for the complete download..?
        (Mega doesn’t support Download manager as it works on API’s)


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