Hawkish Premium ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [GT-N7100/AT&T SGH-i317]

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A GT-N7100 ROM, Hawkish Premium ROM is now available as a ported version for the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317.

For the GT-N7100 original ROM, Hawkish Premium has been upgrade since last time with some new options in settings like Pimp My Rom, Xposed App Settings (See tutorial here), Noozxoide EIZO, Faster Fix GPS, Fast Dormancy, CSC Select, and some more. (The AT&T ported version does not have this yet.)

For kernel, you do have choice of stock, Perseus, or Redpill kernel. (See Perseus kernel tutorial here)

Features from older version are included such as AOSP lockscreen, call recording, call button in contact list, stock browser defaulted to Desktop, higher-bitrate camcorder, 720PHD YouTube for 3G/Wifi, and multi-window enabled for all apps.

The highlight of this ROM is really the 6 premium themes it comes with including Hawkish Premium theme, HTC Sense theme, Jelly Bean theme, White Grey theme, Fusion theme, and Galaxy S4 theme. If you want to switch themes, simply re-install ROM without wipe using AROMA graphical installer.

Certainly, one of the most stable ROMs out there with great themes and features so check it out for this week(end) and do let me know how it goes!


Download Hawkish Premium ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

Download Hawkish Premium ROM for Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317 (AT&T)

Credits – GT-N7100, SGH-i317 <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks on XDA if you like it!

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31 Responses

  1. Scott Watson says:

    Downloading now but going slow 🙁

  2. Scott Watson says:

    Max! Did you get a camera failure when starting the app?

    Tried restarting and clearing cache but still comes up with a black screen, error msg saying Camera Failure and then closes. 🙁

  3. Shifty says:

    Would this work on the SGH-i317m from Canada? Is there an option to keep the current modem?

  4. Nick says:

    After installing this ROM on my att i317 note 2.. i cant seem to have the battery notification.. how do i enable this notification….. meaning the Animation.. i have looked in all the menus the only thing I can do is the percentage.. i would like to get the battery stock notification..

    any help is appreciated.


  5. karkan says:

    this is the best ROM out there, but my only problem with it is whenever i have it on my phone, my signal so crappy and sometimes is no signal at all. hopefully they will fix this issue in the next update. and also the little amount of themes they have on this ROM. other than that, this ROM is AMAZING!!!!!

    • ernie says:

      Please don’t say it’s Amazing. If the phone signal is crappy and you think it’s because of this Rom then the ROM is crappy because it defeats the purpose of your phone.

      • karkan says:

        🙂 having one issue doesn’t mean the whole thing is bad. It IS the best and most beautiful ROM out there(in my humble opinion), but it has this fixable issue just like any other ROM. 95% of ROMs have minor issues like that, brother.

  6. karkan says:

    please please reply if you know how to fix this issue (the signal).

    • lifesaver says:

      simply go to setting-> more setting-> Mobile network- choose GSM!! you signal will be good, if possible, select the network operators to your carrier name.
      if that still not work, you may need to consider flash another radio if there any for your carrier.

  7. Paul says:

    Hi max! Just wondering if there is a ROM that is capable of multiple users. But still has s pen features. I miss my s note. Memo. My slow motion camera. But still like having the user’s.

  8. Sachin says:

    Dear Max I tried using Hawkish premium but after installing the camera app doesnt work
    Right now I’m using OMEGA ROM which is running flawless with persious Kernel. please help me with Hawkish Premium ROM

  9. nicholas says:

    hey max after i flash this rom it tells me not registered to network when trying to make calls… plz help. this rom works really good an will love to use it as my daily driver.

    • Saif says:

      Hey nicholas.. check if your imei number is still intact.. when I flashed this rom.. my imei changed to all zeroes.. fortunately I had previously made a backup of the imei that is the efs partition in your android phone by a tool called efs backup restore.. n then i restored the imei n was able to register to a network n make calls.. this seems the reason why u arent abke ro connect to a network.

      • nicholas says:

        Hey what i did i went directly to the developer’s XDA page and downloaded the most recent version of this Rom and it worked great from the moment i flashed it. i flashed it i think about 2 weeks now and so far its worked flawless…

        • andre says:

          hola nicholas el problema lo solucionaste cambiando de rom? yo instale esta rom y no me cambio el imei pero si me quedo en solo llamada de emergencias. tenia guardara mi carpeta efs y al restaurarla no me dio señal!! que puedo hacer??

  10. Rodney says:

    I also have the same problem, i flash this rom it tells me not registered to network when trying to make calls… other wise this should be the best so far. am using N7100. please help!

  11. J-P Kaukua says:

    Hey! Will this ROM work with my nordic, factory unlocked Gt-N7105? This looks so nice.

  12. solomon says:

    Great rom unfortunately there is a network registration problem

  13. Kanwal says:

    Hi max,
    I have installed this and it’s a great one, the only problem m facing is that I am not able to create a hotspot.
    I have n7100. Can you help me make it work.

  14. nicholas says:

    Hey guys this version working flawless on my GT-N7100…
    No network problems, (yeaaaa!!) or any other problems as a matter of fact

  15. afrian says:

    When u use camera or video player and then turn the phone off and then turn it on again it will hang/stuck.u cantbdo anything except to reboot it.apart from that its good

  16. rehan says:

    Downloading stops after sometime .. and i want to dowload its latest version .. so how can i download it ?

  17. abhiram says:

    please max can you flash this new v4 hawkish rom v4 on 4 3 and tell us how to flash it because it says we need to root it after flashing please do this max

  18. Craig says:

    I downgrade to get this from the slimkat because the instagram video wasnt working in the 4.4 and 4.3 update but it does for this 4.1. I just want to say I LOVE THIS ROM and the battery life is sick .

  19. Craig B says:

    I downgrade to get this from the slimkat because the instagram video wasnt working in the 4.4 and 4.3 update but it does for this 4.1. I just want to say I LOVE THIS ROM and the battery life is sick .

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