How to Convert your Note 2 into Note 4! [DN4 ROM]


For those of you with a GT-N7100 Note 2, you are in luck because Team Electron is bringing you the DN4 (Ditto Note 4) ROM, ported straight from a real Note 4.

This ROM essentially turns your old Note 2 into a Note 4.  Even better, the Ditto Note 4 ROM ships with my favorite AgNi kernel, which allows you to overclock up to 2Ghz and undervolt! (but I recommend 1.9Ghz for overclocking)

The ROM itself lags a bit without overclocking as it’s obviously designed for the Note 4’s powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor BUT it runs just fine once overclocked to 1.9Ghz, and actually runs just as fast as my Note 4 (as shown in video).  Even with overclocking, you can get more battery life than a Note 4 (as Note 4’s quad-HD screen is a battery hog.).

Inside Ditto Note 4 ROM you will find all Note 4 features like Note 4 air command, multi-window, and many apps including S Note, S Finder, launcher, music/video player, S-Voice, browser, gallery, and much much more.  And yes, you also get Ultra Power Saving Mode so you can go for days when out of battery (I was able to get 20 days on Ultra Power Saving Mode, unbelievable!).

The only thing not working correctly include radio FM app (no sound), bluetooth audio, and Abstract Tile lockscreen effect.  Otherwise this ROM is good for daily driving so definitely check it out this week(end) and do let me know what you think!



To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install TouchWiz Themes, and reboot.  (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop or get force-closed keyboard error on boot, reboot into CWM recovery, go to Mounts & Storage->format /system.  For TWRP, go to Wipe->Advanced Wipe->Wipe /system.  Then re-install ROM!)

First time installing a custom ROM?  See our Custom ROM Install Guide first!

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

Extra MODs:


Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!! A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q: The ROM is not booting! A: Try formatting /system and re-install ROM, sometimes the system partition gets corrupt and you may have to try 2 or 3 times before the ROM boots.

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202 Responses

  1. David Namdvili says:

    I have already installed.

  2. Rohana says:

    Wow. What a good news to start the day. I have been running DN3 v5.5 for months and 100% satisfied with it. Gonna try this one definitely.

  3. Narendra says:

    Password protection not working.
    No fast or slow motion recording.
    Import option not showing in Contact Application.
    Touch Key Lights stay on whatever you select in setting.
    Google Search app crash need to be updated.

    That’s all found yet….

    • mark gior asurto says:

      I got all that bugs men but it’s okay for me because there’s no perfect customized rom unlike stocks.. but my note 2 had a 18k antutu score which is very annoying because the old score i had is 26k.

  4. Narendra says:

    Can we install Agni kernel on stock rom 4.4.2 on note 2 n7100 ………..
    Anyone …?

  5. kero says:

    keep showing keyguardtestactivity has stopped on the lock screen

  6. Cody says:

    Every time I try to install I lose my EFS data. Going from Slimkat to this. Should I try flashing back to a rooted stock rom then trying again?

  7. Gingi says:

    Does this ROT work with SCH-I605?

    • Mark says:

      Nope.. verizon isn’t supported and from what I’ve read on xda, they will be doing no more development on DN4 after this.. (anyone with better info feel free to correct me)..

  8. Bert says:

    Hi.. it seems that i’m not able to connect to any wifi after I installed this rom.. i changed from dn4 rom and it was working fine before.. what could be the problem?

  9. Ambarish says:

    The camera in my gtn7100 doesn’t work after I flashed DN4. What could be the issue.

  10. juan says:

    there was an error when installing the zip file, so i restored my backup, but now i am stuck in the samsung screen.

    is there any difference in i do the instalation from the external sd card?

    i did it from the external sd card

  11. jack says:

    Well awesome rom thanks max…but i am facing few problems like few peoples said above…password protection wifi not working ,email authentication fail everytime ..need help thanks

  12. Mr android says:

    Installed on my canadian note 2 no problems. Except for it not detecting my sim card. Keeps asking for usim.

  13. Nilesh says:

    Hi, its cool rom….but spen is not working with keyboard, i can write but not converted in to text….
    one more thing cant use other language, when try to choose from keyboard setting its out from setting menu…
    u done very good job for real android useres….

  14. Shane says:

    those having wifi problems, might need to update your bootloader (I can only verify on AT&T sgh-i317). To check bootloader version download and open terminal app and type getprop ro.bootloader
    i317 ucam a4 bootloader — oldest
    i317ucub mj4 newest before lock
    also might want to update the modem as well..
    links here at Bajanman’s thread for the AT&T (sgh-i317):

    • James k says:

      Canadian Rogers note i317m everything works so far other than WiFi. Updated bootloader and corrected problem. Currently everything works but gestures stops from time to time. Any fixes?

  15. aakash says:

    my camera is not working plz help me

  16. Todd says:

    I installed per directions and get an error 7 issue and the install aborts and goes back to the cmv screen. Please Help

  17. maddy says:

    Very nice rom but many apps like studio, sound alive,
    Unlock effects and etc … are getting forced closed always.
    Please fix this…

  18. wozi says:

    Work Samsung note2 N7105?

  19. Maurice says:

    Hello i am Maurice from Italy
    i bought a Note3 SM-N9005 from store and when openned i saw it cannot use italian simcard.
    Samsung checking the IMEI has told me that Note3 is set for using in USA operators so it cant connect to italian networks.
    I have tried to install my simcard (thats works with no problems on my Note2) and i can see that it found the italian netwokts like Vodafone, TIM, WIND etc.. but once selected manually for connecting to it, at least…it does not wants to connect t it.

    Do you have some suggestions?

    thanks a lot

  20. swami says:

    I am big fan of this site. Thanks a ton for sharing DN4 availability.

    Today I have installed it. Can you please let me know how to do over clocking.

    • Paul says:

      There’s a video on his YouTube channel about overclocking something I’m new to too. The ROM comes with software called AGNi as an app. I set my cpu max to 1920mhz and cpu to -20mv. Works really well. Also if you want extra battery life you can change the GPU settings to performance. Only downside I’ve found with the rom is the gesture control fails when a new call comes in

  21. sajal says:

    Play store not responding gets stuck in mid way…pls fix

  22. Jack says:

    please fix wifi issue.. and gestures force stopped when i got incoming call.

  23. manish says:

    seems like too many issues … waiting to get a perfect dn4 rom

  24. virags says:

    I updated my N7100 to the Dn4 Rom.. everything works except that I am not able to get a phone singal on my AT&T network.

    I have tried setting APN from various sources and also tried restoring factory settings . When i search for the network manually , it does show AT&T as an option , but it does not work on selction. I have no signal strength.

  25. nayana says:

    After rooting can i use my device in developers mode??? No effects like camera quality degradation and battery loss issues ??? I am going to root my note2 for the first time…

  26. CalebBrooks says:

    WARNING: Camera failed.

    how to fix this?

  27. Chinguun says:

    Hey there +zedomax please reply me.Can I install it on SHV-E250s if I rooted my device if can how and if can’t can I install the liquid smooth rom 4.4.4?I real like your videos thanks

  28. Rasscalion says:


    1. Can’t seem to find the battery discharge chart feature any more.
    2. Battery seems to charge really quickly (like its on rapid charge) and it discharges pretty rapidly too.
    3. Many google apps can’t be downloaded.. So no more hangouts, waze, maps, youtube for me for now.
    4. SMS seems to be stuck yesterday when i tried..

    Have u experience any of the above issues too..?

    • didlight says:


      hi guys!

      i have the same problem on mine with french network.
      it seems we can’t send long SMS. in fact is possible to send about 2 lines and half.

  29. arman says:

    gesture stopped when incomming call !
    google search stopped !
    just this 2 bugs

  30. Link17 says:

    Thank you so much man for this awsome rom. Im waiting for the new update to fix some issues like google crash. Thank you

  31. Shacktec says:

    This ROM works great on my Note 2 GT-N7100 (Mexico – TELCEL) the only app that always stop working is shealth. Congratulations and thank you for this great ROM.

  32. Good Bunter says:

    Updates 1 2 3 and 4 as I understand it should solve a lot of these issues

  33. shiva says:

    My camera not working after installing dn4 on my note 2.
    Please help me!!

  34. Abdullah says:

    What about the camera man haven’t you figure it out …….!
    cuz its not working.

  35. Abdullah says:

    Fix GroupPlay
    Fix Camera
    Fix Audio Bluetooth
    Fix Dictionary

    SOURCE :

  36. izzet says:

    Can it support gear manager ?

  37. AreeF says:

    yo MAX,,,,my DN4 phone signal is not working….no signal at all…help me please..

  38. ali says:

    Great!!! but My camera not working after installing dn4 on my note 2.
    Please help me!!

    • Abdullah says:

      go to the DN4 main site and you will found an update zip file download it and flash it , it’s gonna work .

      • ali says:

        Give me the link!! Please

        • Abdullah says:

          • ali says:

            Thank you it worked 🙂 ,, but can you help me please i have another problem while playing a game suddenly the phone stopped working and restart by it self then the phone is not working Samsung logo appears only i tried to install the Rom again but in recovery menu there is a message “E:can’t mount /sdcard” please help me what should i do?…

            • Baloch Khan says:

              Well i will try to go to as detail as i can
              first flash latest cwm den root ur device properly wid odin. Flash the dn4 rom properly by cmw.
              install all 5 updates rightaway from dn4 website given earlier.
              remember before u root the device wipe all data and as well as cache after u flash the rom wipe the cache again.
              hope it helped.

  39. Dinesh says:

    That is a degrade.
    Air command not working.
    Keyguard stop working, won’t let me do a thing untill reinstalled and without any security. Private mode not working.
    Camera is so poor.
    Snote is real degrade. Won’t record drawings.
    I don’t know what to say… waiting for patch.

  40. Harsimran Singh says:

    Can anybody provide me the link to download the DN4 rom as i am not able to download it from
    Kindly upload the file to dropbox and provide me the link so that i can download it.


  41. KS says:

    I have try many, best is Phantom 2 and Tiagra.

    DN4 is just problem – NO THANKS

  42. gelgel says:

    hi all , the room is very awesome and stable , but i have a problem !
    the speaker mic not work !! , when i make a call on Skype or line etc….. , it’s work properly , but when i open speaker sound mic stop work and the person who i speak with him cant hear me !!
    otherwise .. i think the speaker mic damage , so i tried to make a normal call with speaker , it’s work !!
    i can’t understand what happened ? speaker mic work on normal calls and not work on social apps like skype or line !!

    can anyone help ?!

  43. Brian says:

    Tried installing it, it installed just fine, booted up but did not recognize my sim card. I’m on Bell in Canada and was really hoping for a nice smooth transition…Any thoughts?

    • Brian says:

      Tried installing the update file mentioned above in the comments…no luck. I will chalk this up to a stoopid Bell phone 😉 Gotta say though the OnePlus One Rom looks awesome…

  44. Dionis says:

    Hello galaxynote2room. I have a problem i have inserted a sim card but it says no sim card and limited service. Any solution for this problem. Thanks

  45. Prashant shrestha says:

    Guys! I’m rooting for the first time. So can anyone answer what to type in “type the text” for authorize download??

  46. Oscar says:

    Except the sim card is not working, everything is fine. is this mod works N7105?
    I like this mods very much. Can someone help? anyhow, this is a phone, so I need to make phone calls

  47. Prashant shrestha says:

    Plz help me. I rooted the device before taking backup of my files in knox. After root, i cannot connect to knox. How do i get my files back from knox??

  48. mahmoud makeyah says:

    this DN4 work with Note II SHV-e250K (Olleh) ?!!! plz help

  49. mohamed says:

    thank you very much ,, it is very nice

  50. marc says:

    It’s been over a month lool I can’t wait, any estimation on when it will be available for canadian (sgh -t899v)

  51. Kunj says:

    Hey my touchwiz is not working buddy can u do something for it??

  52. Kunj says:

    My touchwiz has started working but my camera doesn’t work now…..can u plz help me??

  53. Arsh says:

    I really liked using this ROM but unfortunately its not very stable I have to switch back to stock rom cause of massive instability, but good work though keep it up
    suggestion for any best roms for n7100, which has all note 4 apps n features?

  54. RJM says:

    I’d bet any amount of money that the problems listed here are due to people trying to install this rom on a device it wasn’t intended for, or people not being familiar with the flashing process. I just can’t see Max posting a rom with this many issues.

  55. Kunj says:

    My touchwiz has started working but my camera is not working now….can u please do something for me

  56. Kunj says:

    I hav n7100 den 2 my camera is not working plz rply

    • Arsh says:

      after installing the ROM install all the updates as well given in DN4 website search for ” updates of DN4″ and u will get the website install all 5 updates. it will work…

  57. Prashant shrestha says:

    My mobile data doesn’t work. What could be the issue?? Can make phone calls bt cannot connect through mobile data.

  58. jose says:

    Hello I have a note 2 im new to all this but I would like to install the rom to make my note to to a note for please help my carrier is tmobile in illinois

  59. Santhosh says:

    Thanks to Electron Team for giving this ROM. Till now I have used many ROM’s and this one is best among them. 🙂

  60. ali says:

    Have Turkish language support?

  61. MOHSIN says:


  62. MOHSIN says:

    Also the weather widget ,digital clock widget,google search widget, all keeps crashing and force closed every time

  63. sahil says:

    i hv installed ur rom
    with all 5 updates…
    but on lock screen when i get get missed call
    its shows only ” missed call ” istead of caller’s name also
    in msg it show ” message ” instead of senders name….
    plz telll me how to fix….

  64. darshan says:

    Canera app not working.

  65. sahil says:

    can i install TouchWizThemes rom…..

  66. Khasan says:

    I have installed it but Gestureservice has stopped, and gear update not working.

  67. SRoy says:

    Will this work on N7100 running with NL1 baseband(4.4.2 kitkat) ? Do i need to flash in a new bootloader before i root my device?

  68. Prashant Shrestha says:

    Plz Fix “PIN code protection” as soon as possible. My mobile is stuck on the lock screen and even after entering Correct PIN, I can’t get access.

  69. Ant says:

    Will this work on an AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-1317 that has been rooted

  70. Erik says:

    Have installed all updates but still cant access Private mode on my N7100.. (“Failed to enable” message). Also have problems with Line crashing. Does anyone have the same problem or solution? Thx

  71. Anil Bhavani says:

    I got an error while i try to open my PIN LOCK screen ” unfortunately keyguardtestactivity has stopped” and it will automatically lock my screen again

  72. Randy says:

    This is really nice!!!
    Thank you Max!!! I have learned a lots from your site.
    I was just a normal user about smartphone two months ago, but since I found the site now I can install any kinds of custom roms if I want !! Android is more charming than I had thought before.
    By the way, I always follow your latest video on your channel ” Zedomax” on Youtube.

  73. Arsh says:

    Good news for all of those who were having problem using dn4 rom
    team electron ( the owner of dn4 rom) released a second version of dn4 rom
    check the team electron website and get dn4 v2 it has all the updates and latest bugs fixes
    hope it

  74. HappyBunter says:

    Yes the newest DN4 V2 is great along with some of the Mods out there. Took me a couple of flashes but its all good here.. thanks for the tip Max

  75. Samer-M says:

    The Camera not working and the massages not working

  76. cherry says:

    few things are not working.
    i am not able to install dn4 v2 on n7105.
    i am stuck with only dn4

    onscreen buttons do not work any more using “qemu.hw.mainkeys=0” command due to side panel.
    if i use that command in build prop just like in dn3, i am getting system UI crashed pop up continuously.

  77. jacksparrow201056 says:

    My Bluetooth keeps crashing wen I switch it on, this wasn’t happening before I installed the ROM!

  78. rohit says:

    download link for dn4 rom please i cant find frnds

  79. rohit says:

    Max please tell
    Now i am unable to access my cwm recovery by press volume up center home button and power button together how to fix it
    Just trying to root my device in odin when i click on pda and find tar file all goes well it pass for recovery but when phone boot it comes to it home screen and root process have not take place as in video now phone have super su app but it doesnt open always show unfortunately stop error my android version of gt-n7100 is 4.4.2 in faq you told to flash latest version of super su i download its zip file but what to do with it i dont have any idea please help me out max or any one who can please dying to install dn4

    • Bunter says:

      Mate you are almost there. If it boots up you can use Kingo to root now or at any time you lose root access. After you have a rooted phone place the files downloaded on the sd card then do a factory reset and for good measure clear Dalvik and the cache and flash the DN4 V2 and Mod5. I am sure you will enjoy the rom.
      I just changed from CWM RECOVERY to TWRP 2.8 from memory and it was flashed using Odin as every time I needed CWM restore it failed.
      Good luck…

  80. HUgo12317 says:

    Update 2 fixed gesture bug and other thing now in my language (Czech) before only ENG 50% miss:) great ROM Ever.
    All Updates 1-5 is here

  81. rich says:

    Can someone help me and tell me how to install on t-mobile T889. Pleases. Any help would definitely be preciated.

  82. Rich8969 says:

    Please max! I have cm 12 right now. I just want to try dn4 if anyone can tell were to find the right files. I have a T-Mobile T889.any help would differently would be most appreciated.thanks in advance. Rich

  83. Rajaprakash says:

    bugs problem solved
    * just update your Google search
    * goto settings open application manager-all-find gesture service -disable

    that’s all 🙂

  84. marjuksarik says:

    Abdullah@ Assalamu alaikum jazakallah kheir now my note2 mobile is fix camera…!!

  85. marjuksarik says:

    Abdullah @ you gave link is very very very usefull my mobile note2 after install dn4 rom is camera fix now really i am soooooooooooooo happy once again thank you soooooooooo much….

  86. Riyaz Khalifa says:

    hi Maxlee
    this rom available on Note2 N7105 LTE Model…

  87. King james says:

    Is there any way i can flash this on my t-mobile note 2?

    • cherry says:

      you can install the n7105 rom on tmobile.
      before you do that, get the tmobile modem, you will need to install that after you install
      the rom, so you can get the APN for tmobile.

  88. Antony says:

    often got hang in sleep mode.
    Device cannot wake up even though I press power button, or home button.
    So I need to remove battery and plug in again. Getting so desperate

    Please give me some advise.
    is there some setting that I miss ?

  89. gee says:

    I read a few comments n most of them are saying that the cam isnt working but the rom itself if great..
    HAN im facing the same issue mate.. please reply to all the comments so we can continue following ur blog… the rom is great… but the camera doesnt work get a fix for the same.. thanks

  90. MS says:

    Hi, its very good indeed looking old version/UI. Thanks a lot for that. I have only one issue…
    The encryption is not working. When i start the device encryption… it will ask password and start rebooting in order to encrypt. However it boots without encryption. And no error messages shown.

    I need encryption in order to configure the corporate mails.
    Thanks for your help.

  91. hemanth says:

    hi any help me please,
    im installed DN4 rom in my note 2 lte n7105 and its running nice after that i installed ADDON for DN4 note2 lte from xda website and i struk on samsung logo, i used odin to install CWM but its not working help me fast

  92. Aman says:

    Private mode is not working. It through failed to enable private mode.. try agian.

    Any Solution Plz Reply

  93. Aman says:

    Private mode is not working. It throw message failed to enable private mode.. try agian.

    Any Solution Plz Reply

  94. Arhur says:

    I am using a n7105 (Singapore network). After I rooted, the phone cannot detect the sim. I flashed the rom and everything seems to be working except the sim portion. Did I miss something?

  95. shinna says:

    I installed Dn4 succsfully but private mode not working and plz fix fm radio sound

  96. Mark Kang says:

    will this work on my SHV-E250S Galaxy Note 2 that is rooted and has custom rom build N7100?

  97. Mark Kang2- notification purpose says:

    will this work on my SHV-E250S Galaxy Note 2 that is rooted and has custom rom build N7100?

  98. miguel says:

    I have problems with google search tells me that google has stopped not google chrome and Tapoco can open the playstore 🙁

  99. miguel says:

    I have problems with google search tells me that google has stopped not google chrome and I can not open the playstore 🙁

  100. mohammad raza says:

    I have installed dn4 for my note2 my question is, is it necesary to instal all five updates or the last one is enough that is 5 update

  101. faruk Khan says:

    Hi guy’s I have install cm12 lollipop on note 2 7100 Tell me friends that I can install dn4 on this version so please tell me

  102. Ibrahim says:

    Please I want to know if installing g the touchwiz theme is essential to installing this rom. Or I can just install the rom alone without the touchwiz themes

  103. murtaza beguwala says:

    Its good..but my camera is not working proprly..act not getting start only..what should i do..

  104. jay says:

    Hi guys,I’ve running this Rom since installing a few weeks ago and so far everything seems to be running ok even the camera, the only thing ive noticed is the hand gesture motion dosen’t work when u get a incoming call,But isnt a big problem as swipping still works fine.

  105. anoop says:

    I not able 2 send long messages story
    I have called Vodafone(INDIA)
    They said there is a problem wid ur gone
    same issue is coming wid my cousins phone

  106. Peter says:


    I have updated my Note 2 with the DN4 ROM.
    The install went without a problem. Unfortunately my camera is no longer working.
    I keep getting message “Camera Failed”.
    Would you have a fix, please?



  107. shashank says:

    Hi, i hv installed dn4 rom on my note 2, it installed well bt sim card is not detecting, emei null/null , can anyone help me to fix it?? Can adb fix it??

    • cherry316316 says:

      oh man, looks like u have bricked your phone, unless you have back up of your IMEI folder and you can restore it using the recovery tool you have. otherwise, download the kiss and do the emergency firmware recovery, that will restore everything with the latest samsung software, after that you will have to root your phone again, install recovery and install dn4

  108. hamdi ali says:

    I have installed and running DN4 since February 19.

    The first two month, DN4 is running very smooth and steady,
    However, lately, my N7100 is lagging tremendously.

    Don’t know what is the cause though…
    LMT Pie Control or Viper4audio causing to much trouble?
    AgNi kernel not functioning right?

    Nevertheless, am searching for another custom rom.
    Might go for Resurrection Remix rom.

  109. lokesh says:

    my phone lost signal after using this rom for about 3 months….today morning it started continuosly restarting, i am even getting lockscreen. Now it is not even restarting. please help with the solution.

  110. CZ says:

    I have SGN2 LTE (GT-N7105), my unit never been rooted. currently using version 4.1.2 original Samsung ROM.
    Baseband N7105DXDLL1 ,Kernel 3.0.31-679347, Build JZO54K.N7105XXDMB3

    Can I use this DN4 ROM for my unit?
    Can guide me how to start, I’m just new on this thing?
    Any best ROM that using Touchwiz for GT-N7105?
    If I use this ROM but my unit has this message everytime “Unfortunately the Has Stopped” and keep restarting will it solve the problem? or can it give me another problem?

  111. mclain says:

    i installed but the google and sim not working help me plsss

  112. Anil says:

    Can you please help to solve unfortunately google search stopped working…

  113. taiwo says:

    Please, I need help. This is the first time trying custom rom, rooting and related stuffs. I have the GT-7105. The last OTA upgrade I did got my phone to 4.4.2 then I rooted as discussed in most thread. Got my phone rooted and all. Then I downloaded the note 2 lte dn4 v2.2 from electron site. I did all as demanded. Love the new look of my phone but my wifi won’t come ON. Pls help me

  114. fomba says:

    Hi Max, you said to install touchwiz themes with to ROM but the link

  115. squal23 says:

    I converted my note 2 to note 4 already, my issue is my AT&T sim is working but can’t get data. My phone model no. is SM-N910c. Can you please assist me thanks!

  116. Arumuga Perumal says:

    Hi, Thanks for the info and links. But I didn’t find the link for TouchWiz theme. Can you please provide me the same?

  117. Steven Corbo says:

    wanted to get information on the DN4 ROM for the Sprint variant L900 Galaxy note 2

  118. raghu says:

    If I root it to DN4 , and after some days I want to unroot this DN4 to my Samsung Android OS 4.4.2 !!.
    Is it possible.?
    If yes then wht should I do.?
    Please reply.
    Thank u

    • raghu says:

      If I root it to DN4 to my Note 2 GT N7100 and after some days I want to unroot this DN4 to my Samsung Android OS 4.4.2 !!.
      Is it possible.?
      If yes then wht should I do.?
      Please reply.
      Thank u

  119. Bunter221 says:

    Yes you can, make a backup of the phone in recovery and you can return to that configuration at any time.

    Further down the track you could also download the latest stock for your device from Sammobile and flash with Odin.

  120. Aarif says:

    I am trying to install DN4 ROM on my Note 2.
    But Whenever I select .’zip’ file through recovery and try to install, it shows an error as
    footer is wrong.
    footer is wrong.
    Signature verification failed

    Plzzz Help me..

  121. Yash Savla says:

    Best way to convert note 2 into note 4 is by selling note 2 and buying note 4…:P

  122. moka says:

    hi after i installed dn4 into my glaxy note 2 gt-n7100 i lost data connection i tryed to get back my efs fron an old backup i did before flashing, nothing work as well i tryed to restore the whole rom from an backup make it by recovery mod still the same plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help i cant get message ni whatsapp and i cant make or recive callls its says not registred on network ????????????????////////

  123. Bunter says:

    Flash stock rom from Sammobile with Odin

  124. Peter says:


    I get error (status 7) while installing with CWM v6.0.1.4. Already tried Mounts & Storage->format /system.

    Help 🙁

  125. moi says:

    Hi i m new to this stuff.. i just installed ditto note 4 for note 2 mine is at&t i317 n my cell phone is not picking up my sim card it says invalid usim / invalid sim card please help me how can i troubleshoot this problem i cant use my sim on this pho e 🙁 help me out plz

  126. Johnbharath says:

    Congrats and wishes for great work by electron team..

  127. Subham says:

    hey! does it work in Samsung Note 2 E250S

  128. Nabeel Khan says:

    hi team
    i am having galaxy note 2 and i am not getting the link to download the rom.
    can anybody please share the direct link.


  129. Ted says:

    Don’t do this, very bad idea..

  130. note2 says:

    any body have a link to fix invalid mobile network isnt working

  131. ibrahim says:

    Hi i nèed help i wabt convert my note to note 4 please reply my massage

  132. cheayden says:

    May i install it and update on my note2 shv-e250s??

  133. Timothy John Castañeda says:

    This worked on SHV-E250S Note 2 Korean Varriant?

  134. Siddharth says:

    does it support sim card

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