Moon ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100! [Floating Multi-Window]

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For this week’s Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 ROM of the week, check out what I have been running as my daily driver on my Note 2.

The Moon ROM is a full-fledged Note 10.1 ROM in Note 2 form. Based on TouchWiz Android 4.1.2, the Moon ROM brings you the best of “floating” multi-window to your Note 2.

I’ve tried countless ROMs in the past with similar tablet format but none of them have been really usable as daily driver.

The Moon ROM does it great by giving you the option to switch easily between Phone or Tablet mode, meaning you can run Note 10.1 style floating multi-window OR you can also run regular Note 2 multi-window. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. With Xposed App Settings on-board, you can easily run your apps in full Phone or Tablet mode. (See our Xposed App Settings tutorial here.)

For kernel, the Moon ROM ships with Perseus kernel, my recommendation is to overclock your CPU to 1.704Ghz and GPU to 750Mhz (but you can play around to see which one gives you the smoothest/fastest performance).

Other notable features include all-language support, call recording, ink effects, camera shutter sound option, Sony Walkman app, Awesome Note, browser from Note 8.0, S4 S-Voice, and some more.

This is certainly an exciting ROM to play with as it gives your Note 2 ability to fully transform into a mini Note 10.1.

Pretty darn good ROM I would say and you can’t get this unless you have a Note 2 so give it a test drive this week(end) if you have a GT-N7100 and do let me know what you think!


Download Moon ROM

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer or hit "Thanks" button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

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69 Responses

  1. David Lopez says:


  2. Milroy says:

    Hey max is there any way to control the floatin apps bar n to remove unwanted apps or to sort apps on that bar…
    n again does this have the fm radio…
    thnx in advance

  3. Note 2 Fanatic says:

    Hey max will there be an international ver ? and does the s-pen function works ?

  4. QH says:

    May i know if this ROM works for the GT-N7105 model??

  5. Tony says:

    Love this ROM,but is there any way to get rid of the navigation icons on tbe bottom of the screen – Home, return ans Task Manager ones I mean…


  6. Sumit says:

    Awesome work.. thanks.. 🙂

  7. jesse ramos says:

    Hey Max, will there be a port of this rom to tmobile soon? Can I flash this on my tmobile note 2?

  8. Renz says:

    Do I still need to factory reset to flash this rom even if I came from alliance rom (touchwiz based rom too)? I also use perseus kernel. TIA

  9. Rocky D says:

    Hi Max, i have the same question as above, is their anyway to remove undwanted / unused apps from the multiwindow bar thing … as its a hassle to use the apps i do use with the floating multiwindow feature as all this list lists all the apps installed apps in alphebetical order which is a pain . Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  10. Nikky says:

    This ROM is cool, but my only problem is that it won’t display my contacts inside messaging…
    weird… even though I have my contacts saved and everything…

  11. Renz says:

    How to enable CRT am animation?

  12. Renz says:

    How to change background color of option menu? It’s transparent, and I’m having difficulty reading the other options. thank you 🙂

  13. ND says:

    Someone else having problem with this ROM?
    I flashed it couple times but the UI crashed and after reboot it is stuck at samsung logo.
    Then I flashed it couple more times and it just hangs at the samsung logo.
    When I go back to my old ROM everything is OK.

  14. he max,
    i don’t know if i’m the only one, but i install this rom yesterday i choose the adw launcher but i can’t find the SMS function!
    any idea what the problem is ?

  15. Idan says:

    My VPN seem to be connected but no traffic is being passed once it’s connected. I tried several combinations of the different kernels and modems but they all do the same. I didn’t try all combinations but I tried the stock kernel and the three modems on this moon rom and still having this issue… Any ideas anyone?

  16. Eder Gonzalez says:

    Hey max, i tried installing this ROM, but after it installs it reboots to the Samsung logo and then all i get is a black screen, any ideas why?

    • nick says:

      Ok..i had this problem also..Just Press the 3 keys n get it into CWM again n reboot from there..that should solve your problem

  17. Rocky G says:

    I installed this yesterday and i ts working just fine!
    Switching modes is an interesting challenge but for the earlier questioner it prompted me as to whether I wanted the nav bar at the bottom of the screen. Still playing, if anything noticeable happens I send another comment.

  18. ralph says:

    I installed it…. looks great but I couldnt get wifi to turn on with my gt-n7100

  19. dick says:

    What version of Android is it 4.1 4.2 or 4.22.

  20. dick says:

    see it is 4.1.2

  21. nick says:

    Hi max..I just flash this rom..and itssssss so darn cool man. I think i have flash so many rom by your web site i have lost count. I would say this is one of the most all rounded rom in the market. It has all kinds of stuff that you cant find on a stock rom or other for that matter.
    With this rom, all seems to be working well. Tested the voice call..and its works just fine..multi windows are working. My note dose not get hot even with dose app n things running at the same time..clock it at over 1704 n gpu at 773..and i don find it laggy too. So i will be sticking to this for some time unlest you find some thing that is batter than this..Thx .

  22. zenn says:

    After flashing rom message system ui stopped….solutions anyone?

  23. bill says:

    I would really appreciate it if you would let me know when you are going to release a at&t version
    I saw your review for the international, I can’t wait for your release for at&t, just what I’ve been looking for! !
    Thanks Max

  24. Chung Han says:

    Hey Max, which stock rom do you recommend? AOKP, Carbon, Rootbox?

  25. Attila says:

    Hey Max,
    you say this is ONLY for the international version of note2 …
    How do i know which version is mine?
    (sorry to be noob)
    Thank you

  26. Bebo says:

    I flashed the Rom but I can’t find the UI Switcher App ?!

  27. ND says:

    All of you having UI force closure or boot loop,
    just select Nova Launcher in the Aroma installation process.
    I also had same problems because I was not selecting any launcher, wanted to stay on touchwiz.

    If you go to the developer’s XDA site there is a newer version 6.0 with some improvements and TW louncher working but I still recommend Nova or something else because TW is having problems with some widgets.

    • Attila says:

      Could you give the utl of the developers site, please? thanks

      • ND says:

        …the link comment to the ROM still awaits moderation.
        You have the link under the download link on this site labeled as XDA.

        p.s. if installing ver 6 I recommend choosing TW launcher and after that go ahead and install Nova launcher from play store.
        When I choose Nova launcher in Aroma, when I connect to the internet, Nova launcher updates itself and I end up in a boot loop again.
        Or install some other launcher that is handling different DPI well.

  28. gary murray says:

    I dont like this rom,to many problems.

  29. Chris says:

    hey max could you make a rom that is same with the iphone ?

  30. acai berry says:

    you awesome dude….boooommmmm!!!

  31. Attila says:

    How i know if my phone is international or other?
    what is AT&T/T-Mobile ?
    How do i know whetwer my kernel is stock or custom?

    … i know, i am a noob, but need to know this …

    • Max Lee says:

      Take the cover and battery out, it should tell you the model number.

      • Attila says:

        Thank you very much

      • Attila says:

        well, i did not found any mention of “international”, nor AT/T, and not even “Orange” (the carrier that originally sold that phone). There is only EMEI and some other nimbers but cant identify whether its “International” or other … any sugestion?
        Thank You

  32. Abdelrahman says:

    Max..I can’t find the UI switcher ..please help me 🙁

  33. Attila says:

    They announced android 4.2.2 for note 2 for end of May … but since no news … anyone knows something about this?

  34. Henning70 says:

    Has anyone tried Moon ROM 6.5 yet? I can’t get my Note 2 to boot after flashing 6.5 🙁

  35. Fernando says:

    Im using this Rom for a week now. It is really cool. Few issues though: huge lags when listing open apps, notifications too loud even on the lowest volume level, few minor issues to answer calls with lock screen. Anyway one of the best roms tested so far.

  36. Tony says:

    Can someone please comment on why theb Dialer and Contacts stop working after installing this ROM. Renders the phone uselss….and the ROM!

  37. Tony says:

    See…whats the use of offering a ROM that either doesn’t allow phone use and now with the update won’t go past the boot logo…waste of time AVOID ! ! ! !

  38. SKM says:

    While flashing the ROM I am getting error message E:Signature verification failed.
    I am flashing the rom from external sdcard as internal sdcard not visible in recovery mode.

  39. Jason metcalfe says:

    After some initial problems with Contacts freezing/crashing snd some apps not displaying right found sll work ok once I changed dpi to 200 using the ui switcher. Performance is really good and best keyboard out of all Roms I’ve tried. Only thing not fixed so far is polaris office 4.0 crashes, but the 4.1 veiwer works. Also can’t get Usb otg to work. The stock browser seems quicker and clearer than most other Roms but might just be the dpi setting? Over all really like this rom so far.

  40. KJ says:

    Max this rom looks really awesome, I am wondering if you know how to get the floating multi-window working on other roms? I was reading xda it seems to be possible but not very straight forward how to actually get it. It looks amazing and useful though I really want that mod.

  41. nobby says:

    Hi Max
    Been using this room as my daily driver since version 5. The development of this rom is quite quick and I am currently using version 7. I have tried many roms for my note 2 and this is highly recommended due to the features it includes.

    To all newbies to this rom I suggest you go to xda developers and look at all the info, and installation instructions If you are having problems installing the rom. The developer is very helpful when not asked silly questions like “where’s the ui switcher”. God gave you all eyes for a reason, use them. Anyway go to xda for full info regarding this rom, It does not disappoint at all.

  42. Omi says:

    how to change email background color from black to white, font text from gray to black? and on my S Planner when i try to sync, create and edit it keeps showing two Timezone (One is the original timezone and the other one is Pacific Time Zone). please help……

    Thank you very much.

  43. Omi says:

    Unit is Samsung SNote 2 model: GT-N7100

  44. leonard says:

    hi, i installed moon rom v9 on my t889 and now i now longer get any service… and dont have a phone.. tried installing plenty after this happend and nothing helped… ive did a lil research and im thinking its the kernal or something.. someone plz help..

  45. Fernando says:

    Hi, I’m not an advanced android user but as far as I know service depends on the modem you installed. During room installation you can try different modems.

    I also suggest you to consult moon thread on xda forum..

    There you can ask moon developer directly.

  46. Josh says:

    do you know of any t mobile based roms that have the Floating window mod

  47. Amanda says:

    Please make for t889! I want this ROM so badly it hurts. ….thanks! Id even buy you unlimited drinks at my bar 😉

  48. yehuda says:

    I install this twice but every time after rebooting the icon bar disappeared and if i touch the icon on the battom of the screen or the house button the whole system stopped for a few minutes.
    Sorry about my English.

  49. Daman Waraich says:

    Guys have you tryed this. This also has floating multi windows.

  50. mar ng says:

    i like this room.only my problem is the background notification image not working.i try many time using XBackground but only holo background working..sorry about my english.

  51. stuzzi says:

    i have this working on my canadian rogers lte note 2, it works great until i click the lockscreen button, seems to lag and my phone freezes up and wont turn back on. i have to take the battery out and boot up again, and my s pen does not work. any way to fix this???

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