Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100! [Android 4.2.2/AOSP]

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For this week’s Note 2 GT-N7100 ROM of the week, check out latest version of Resurrection Remix ROM!

Based on Android 4.2.2, Resurrection Remix ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) that is a “remix” of many cool features from other AOSP ROMs like AOKP, ParanoidAndroid ROMs.

What I like most about Resurrection Remix ROM is that these builds are built and optimized specifically for the GT-N7100, giving you the user the best AOSP experience you could ever have.  You won’t see low-volume sound problems or weird phone problems you may see on some of the other AOSP ROMs.  In other words, these builds are very stable and also very fast.

And as for the ROM itself, Resurrection Remix comes with some awesome transition animations, full AOKP ROM Control, full ParanoidAndroid Hybrid Settings, and many more features.

If you are looking for just one AOSP ROM to try for the next couple months or looking for one of the best AOSP ROMs on the aftermarket scene right now, definitely give the Resurrection Remix ROM try this week(end), I think you will definitely like it.


Download Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7100 (PLEASE DO NOT FLASH ON OTHER NOTE 2 MODELS YOU WILL HARD BRICK IF YOU DO!!!)

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, make a backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from previous ver. of Resurrection Remix ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

You can fix broken Google Now search by updating “Google Search” app on Play Store.

You can get the latest Android 4.3 Photosphere camera here.  You can also get Focal camera here.

For camera still shots, use the Focal app instead of the camera app (as the regular camera is broken).  But video recording, PhotoSphere works fine.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit the Thanks button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

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23 Responses

  1. toqi786 says:


    This ROM looks really good, however I use Multi Window alot, is there a way to get Multiwindow on this ROM?


  2. aziz alshami says:

    when u make a call or receive a call the other end of your phone will hear there voice echo

    thats the only problem i found

  3. Mark Conroy says:

    Does this ROM support 64GByte Micro SD Card?

  4. Jeroen says:

    Still the Best ROM!!

    @Zedomax: you’ve forgot to mention that the transition animations are active when you switch to Pitch Black.;
    List view animation are Excellent as well!

    and here:



  5. Redeye Dog says:

    I’m hesitant to rty this after watching your video Max. This looks so much like the Illusion ROM and now that the fix is out for that, everything works on my N7100. That said, I’ll be listening in to hear if anyone has made any comparisons between the latest Illusion and this one..

  6. Michael says:

    My N7100 can not go to recovery mode. Seems crash and black screen every time I do the recovery mode.
    I tried to re root, and use the goo manager to re-install twrp recovery mode. But still can not go to recovery mode.
    What should i do?
    Thanks bro.

  7. Renz says:

    Left my phone charging overnight, and battery still not full when I wake up. Help please

    • anton says:

      Please try to use different charger. Having same issue before, i used the common charger for galaxy Y and works perfectly.

  8. Salomon says:

    How to remove the pop up message,
    even when you’re using the hello you get it there…

  9. Mistrim says:

    I have installed this ROM.. , but after reboot I’m stuck on the boot logo
    Waited for about 20 minutes and nothing else happend so far

    • Alan says:

      re-download the file and reinstall it. make sure u follow the instruction How to install Custom ROM by max.

  10. Juan K says:

    Hi Everyone.

    This is a great rom I personally love the customizations and the transitions are awesome, I’ve also used the RR roms for GT-9100 and they rock, the only issue is that the battery life decreases a little bit compared to stock rom, but you can play around with the CPU governors, maybe changing the voltage or even trying a different Kernel. BTW Max can you change the Kernel with this rom maybe to SiyahKernel?

    ps: Give it a go people! you wont regret it!

    • AlwyN says:

      Best rOM but drains MOre JuiCe and some times when try to unlock screen lock,got slow reSpOnce Then AlSO i pRomOte tO Get ThiS rOm

  11. Alan says:

    Using for 3 days and there are 2 problems found for this ROM:-
    1. Losing carrier Network sometime, restore after reboot.
    2. Auto reboot when i m on skype call
    the rest is so far so good.

  12. Piotr says:

    This is my first ROM ever. I have just flashed the stock 4.1.1 Note 2 ROM. I do have one issue with the ROM. The phone status information displays 0dBM 99asu whereas my friend with an S3 has -73dBm and another with an S3 Mini has -71dBm. The signal indicator shows 0 signal bars. I am still able to send and receive calls and my download speeds are alright. I would simply like to fix the indicator.

  13. nick says:

    This rom is working as You said, OUT OF THE BOX. I have not encounter any problems with it. Its works realy good. The battery life is the best even without any over clocking.

  14. wunterslaush says:

    I dont get it: if this is custom made for the N7100, then why the hell does it come with soft buttons by default? I know you can turn that off, just seems strange.

  15. Sirblackatron says:

    Where’d you get that Case

  16. Halit Ayarcı says:

    Crashed N7100 with 4.1.2 TouchWiz… Any suggestions? I’m trying to restore the NANDROID (CRW) backup with toolkit but that doesn’t work either…

  17. nick says:

    Ok..there is an up date for this rom NOW..Have downloaded it..but when go to CWM to flash, it say..NO FILES..Y…anyone having this problem???

  18. noufal says:

    Hie.. M using this ROM.. And m in love with it.. I would like to swap the external SD with internal.. Is there a way to do it..
    And the other thing is can I flash persus or redpill kernel on this ROM??
    Help appreciated.. Thanks in advance

  19. AlwyN says:

    Best rOM but drains MOre JuiCe and some times when try to unlock screen lock,got slow reSpOnce Then AlSO i pRomOte tO Get ThiS rOm

  20. sumit says:

    installed……everything is good accept the media volume is low ..anyone facing this problem??????

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