Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100! [Multi-User/Android 4.2.1]

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For those of you who want to experience the latest Android 4.2.1 on bleeding edge of Android, you might want to check out Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100. (or also for Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 or Galaxy S2 GT-i9100)

Built off Android sources, the Resurrection Remix ROM is also an AOKP ROM, bringing you the best of Android open source and custom enhancements like lockscreen widgets with all widgets enabled plus unlimited widgets.

Unlike standard Android 4.2/4.2.1, the Resurrection Remix AOKP ROM brings you all of your favorite widgets to your lockscreen (standard Android 4.2 does not support this yet). Also note that lockscreen widgets were first pioneered by the AOKP team before Google developers incorporated the idea into Android 4.2. Yet again, AOKP team has done it by pioneering the widgets they literally invented.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there, Resurrection Remix ROM also brings multi-user to your smartphone (normally only available on Nexus tablet devices) so you can easily hand off your phone to your kids without worrying about them erasing your important e-mails and whatnot.

Unfortunately, you will lose multi-window, S-Note app, or any TouchWiz-based features with this ROM but you do gain some cool features also.

Other than that, Resurrection Remix ROM comes loaded with other nifty features you will appreciate the more you use.

If you haven’t tried Android 4.2.1 or want to simply try out why everyone is so high on Android, definitely give Resurrection Remix ROM a try and you will be clobbering through the masses who are still stuck with OEM software.


Download Resurrection Remix ROM

Credits – XDA

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13 Responses

  1. Mark Conroy says:

    Disappointed that it cannot see MicroSDHC card. Sadly having to remove again as I can’t use play music or anything Google does not support a lot of its apps in Ireland.

  2. Freddy says:

    good rom but you cannot edit the number of pages in the launcher

  3. kev says:

    phone app does not work..cannot make phone calls. removed, wiped and reinstall, still not working. thumbs down unfortunately.

  4. alvmarques83 says:

    I’ve been using since jan 1st.
    No problems so far.
    Fantastic ROM!
    Had never seen something so smooth..
    Didnt figure how to enable the led yet, but thats it!
    Thanks for the job u do, max!

  5. SABA says:

    is there different between n700 and n7100 galaxy note 2 roms to install
    can i install the same rom for both.
    sorry for ban languace

    • Rocky D says:

      Yes there is a difference lol. You should NEVER install a ROM on your phone unless it is made for it, or the developer states they support it. Look on XDA-Forums. Find the section for your EXACT phone.

  6. Jose says:

    can you made a review of the newer version of resurrection?

  7. Helga says:

    After successful installation and reboot I am asked for my password, but that does not work. Please, who can help me, that I can use my Note2 again!

  8. Sunny says:

    It’s a good rom ! Looks stable so far the battery life is awesome (better than that of a stock rom) , however there was a minor bug which I found on my device , that I wasn’t able to open the Play Store , it keeps on crashing when I do so. Please help me on that .
    A big thanks to the DEV. team ! Keep rocking !

  9. roberto says:

    I’ve just installed this rom, but when I reboot I keeps showing the message “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped.” If I press OK, it continues showing that same window and I can’t proceed.

  10. roberto says:

    where is the Play Store????!!!!!

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