Sungsonic HD ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100!

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For this week’s GT-N7100 Note 2 ROM of the week, check out Sungsonic HD ROM.

Based on TouchWiz Android 4.1.2, Sungsonic HD ROM brings you performance boost and great battery life while offering you a LOAD of features to customize your Note 2.

The Sungsonic HD ROM comes with TouchWiz and Xperia Z launcher, UI Switcher to run your phone in Tablet mode, and a bunch of Xperia apps along with Note 2 apps.

One thing I like about this ROM over other Xperia ROMs is that you get best of both worlds. Instead of just having the option for Xperia stuff, this ROM allows you to run TouchWiz or Xperia launcher, run TouchWiz music player or Walkman app, giving you the power to choose or even enjoy as needed.

For audio you get ClearAudio+ for tweaking earbuds/headphones, Dolby Mobile, and Audio FX for equalizer. The ROM also ships with long-press Menu button as kill app button so you can kill apps with ease without waiting. Multi-window is also enabled for all apps so when you install new apps, it will automatically show up on your flashbar.

Sungsonic HD ROM comes with Xposed App Installer and a bunch of modules like Xposed App Settings (for running apps in tablet/hybrid mode), enable camera on lockscreen, NFC enabled with screen off, no increasing ringtone, Xposed Tweakbox, and some more. With Xposed Tweakbox you can easily tweak some of the colors on your status bar, enable call recording, and some more.

Overall, I do really like how fast this ROM is, you can only feel it by installing it. And the clean UI with Roboto condensed font is pretty cool with slight theming.

If you are looking for a really fast ROM with some great features, definitely check out Sungsonic HD ROM this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Sungsonic HD ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 (Please do not install on other models!!!)

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

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47 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    Could not mount the extermal sdcard – 64GB.

  2. StavDor says:

    Why i dont have Samsung Apps in this ROM?

  3. wai says:

    help plsssss…….

    after flashed this rom it changed my imei to 0049…. and no longer connect to network 🙁 i dont have a backup of the /efs

    what can i do to restore my imei

  4. robinson says:

    heeeeeeelp please!

    why after do this room i dont have play store??

  5. Zenn says:

    Hi max

    Love this rom but one problem….why is is it automaticly turned on after its fully charged? Drives me mad…..please help me? Greetz from the Netherlands

  6. nick says:

    Hi Max
    This is a very very stable rom..every thing is working as far I know. The most interesting thing I notice bout this rom is, How FAST it goes ( No over clocking Needed ) fact much much faster than other roms with over clocking..the transition is so fast..its like an Iphone. I also like the fact that I can change my least i can my emails n stuffs..haha..
    And there is a tone of Custom things I can play with that works..not like some others. I will stick with this for awail until the next super Rom comes along..Have a great day Max and thank you for your work here..Cheers.

  7. karan raj says:

    If i am installing a custom rom for the first time… how should i start??

  8. Exotica says:

    Good to have this ROM, especially enhanced music/video player performance, I am getting perfect music from Klipch ear buds, thanks a lot.

    I want to know how to get my old paid apps[like flip case control] installed in base ROM

  9. andreas says:

    After i root it it not go inn to the os its stands on galaxy note 2 logo, put whit pacman it work put i dont like pacman rom

  10. fahad says:

    hi max..
    the download link for sungsonic hd rom is broken…i tried it like a million times but downloading stops at 4% and says “could not be downloaded,link is broken”
    help me please..i really like this rom

  11. fahad khan jadoon says:

    haloooo..please help me with the link,can u chek it for me please….waiting for your responce man

  12. fahad khan jadoon says:

    what is the point in administrating the site if u dont respond to the queries.

    • Max Lee says:

      i try my best but its physically impossible to get back to everyone i hope u understand that, thx.

      • fahad khan jadoon says:

        can u please double chek the download link of this ROM for me or atleast guide me to an alternative link…i have tried a hundred times but counldnt download..a little help would be appreciated..thank you

  13. I can’t mount my 64gb SD card. What am I to do?

  14. Owie Uychiat says:

    Awesome rom!! Fast!! Love the font. Love the clean look 🙂 jumped from omega to this without wiping data. But had to install google apps since they are erased during installation. Thanks Max!! #1 best rom for n7100

  15. aka2000 says:

    Can i move my apps to sd in this rom without changing external card to internal like sh*t?

  16. Ikhlaq says:

    Hi Max
    Can i install this rom using CMW recovery ? or do i have to use philz?

  17. arpit gupta says:

    I have flashed this rom yesterday
    It is awesome
    Never tried such powerful nd fast rom before.
    But one major problem is arising want help
    After flashing it in my gt n 7100 my inbuilt internet explorer is not working
    Every time I open internet browser my phone got stuck all the contols buttons touch nothing works only reboot by deattaching battery bring back it to normal

  18. Tele says:

    Hi Max,
    This rom is awesome – one problem I have is no audio recorded with video. Any ideas?

  19. iulian says:

    hy mate.problem when try to download the rom.
    the downloaded link is not working.its keep teling me :
    page not found or removed
    .link broken.

  20. boogaboy says:

    I’m really impressed with the rom until I experienced that call using Kakao Talk doesn’t work. Hope someone could help. Thanks

  21. armin says:

    cant download.stuck at 95% with plz

  22. armin says:

    Good rom fast and stable.but the only problem I see is it doesnt have alarm or clock app.a phone should have a alarm.otherwise its great rom I will stick with it

  23. armin says:

    Daaamn I changed my doesnt record vioce when using camera.this rom sucks many bugs

  24. akhil says:

    hey max,, bro this ram is continuous displaying system UI stopped unfortunately… what to do.

  25. Julian says:

    Why do people not research before flashing? “Help me phone work after flashing” just makes my blood boil. You got issues? Reflash to stock or other rom. If you follow the yellow brick road be sure to take a map as gapps map wont work.

  26. rico ermado says:

    Hi max…

    Interesting rom!! But I have a problem.
    After i flash this rom, i can’t restart or access the recovery mode (stack on “samsung galaxy note GTN7100” logo) so I “hard restart” my phone by remove the battery. When i restart again, it still stack on “samsung galaxy note GTN7100” logo and still can’t access the recovery mode. I don’t know what to do, Can you help me max?


  27. surendra says:

    Hi max. . I have installed this rom last week.. it works great.. speedy stuff… but with only one problem.. I cannot send the files via wifi ditect to other phones but I can recieve files from other phones… please reply me with perfect solving method.. with lots of expected reply.. Thank u very much for this wonderful rom

  28. amir says:

    I have an issue I have flashed sunsonic hd rom to glaxy gt-n7100 but sim is not wprking plzz help..

  29. amir says:

    sungsonic hd rom sorry

  30. amir says:

    it shows the msg no service or sim not detected plzz help am waiting..

  31. amir says:

    is their anyone to ans
    my n7100 have problem
    sim is not detected flashing it with sungsonic rom plzz help me wht to do…

  32. johnny says:

    turns out, the gallery must be forced closed when video recording or else you won’t have sound

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