Tiagra ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100! [Note 3 Air Command/Galaxy Gear]

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For this week’s Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 ROM of the week, please check out Tiagra ROM!

Based on the leaked TouchWiz Android 4.3 firmware, Tiagra ROM brings you the best of Note 3 features along with latest Android 4.3 to your GT-N7100 Note 2.

First, you will get a ton of Note 3 apps, just like how it is on a Note 3 along with awesome stuff like Note 3 air command, that allows you to make floating windows.  And don’t forget, with any Android 4.3 TouchWiz ROM such as this one, you can use Galaxy Gear smartwatch with it. (I’ve verified working fine with this ROM.)

Other notable features include Note 3 launcher with My Magazine, My Files app, Polaris Office app, S Note from Note 3, Action Memo app, and some more.

You will also find Wanam Xposed app for tweaking your UI and system. (See How to Install Wanam Xposed App for more on this.)

Overall, I am very impressed with Tiagra ROM as it’s going to get your Note 2 converted into a Note 3 as much as possible. And the good news is that all Note 3 apps run without any lag, in fact they run very smooth and fast.

There should be more interesting Note 3 features coming but in the meanwhile, Tiagra ROM is going to get you almost everything you wished for so definitely give this ROM a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


*Link Fixed – Download Tiagra ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 (DO NOT INSTALL UNLESS YOU HAVE A GT-N7100 MODEL!!!)

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

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374 Responses

  1. Gonzalo says:


    This rom installs from cwm??


  2. nancy says:

    What about ATT variant.? Will this rom work att. If not when will that be available?

  3. Angel says:

    Do you know if they are any plans for the others note 2 have the same features or maybe be able of install this rom any soon?

  4. nancy says:

    Can you use TWRP to install?

  5. gaslaws says:

    Hi mike
    Is there any bug what so ever in this ROM and how about the battery life? Thanks

    • Mike says:

      Hi there

      we cant tell if there is bugs or not coz the zip file seems to be corrupted and it cant be flashed we are waiting max reply about this situation but i think its a stable rom at least as i read comments about it in different sites but for me i always download from this site so waiting max reply

    • Shahrukh Swati says:

      Hey, I am using this rom before this post of “Max Lee”. It is working so Perfect, No hang, No Bug, No error. Even Here and Now feature in My Magzine was creating problem in original NOTE 3 but is this rom they deleted it, So NO BUGS AT ALL.
      Only one thing i wanna mention:
      Single handed operation for the whole mobile (Note 3 feature) Stucks, but there is no need to active that.
      The Next update will contain,
      Note 3’s Camera
      Which Will be real awesome…………………..!!
      XDA <3

  6. Glen Buckner says:

    Awesome! Ready for some i605 (Verizon) love!

  7. Singels says:

    Does it have build in call recording ? That would make it perfect ?

  8. Jesus says:

    What about sprint variant? Would be available or a similar rom would come out!

  9. Stav Dor says:

    What about Knox my friend??

  10. iem jes says:


    this ROM stable or not, how about battery life ?


  11. Philip Van Cleven says:

    Hello, thanks for the review.
    After flashingis the phone still rooted?

  12. Attila says:

    it is not tiAgra rom, its TIGRA … you are eating too much viAgra, Max 😀

  13. Mike says:

    hey max the zip file seems to be corrupted it cant be flashed cant be opened (bad) why ????

  14. vince says:

    i got same problem as mike. I start the procedure i got verification problems for all the three files while the md5 verification was ok.

  15. Salis says:

    Same issue as Mike & Vince….Zip corrupt

  16. bon says:

    sometime i copy the file name and search on google

  17. pratik says:

    the zip file seems corrupted, whats the solution. im really looking forward to install this rom. PLZ HELP!

  18. duy anh says:

    I can NOT install that rom into my phone, cant flash it

  19. Ameen says:

    Hi Bro is this ROM includes the Note 3 Camera UI and all Note 3 camera features or NOT ???

  20. iem jes says:

    Same issue as Mike & Vince….Zip corrupt

  21. Ricardo says:

    Max after installing this rom my device is warming up, someone with this problem too? Was with Wanamlite and have not had any problems. Any tips?

  22. axel says:

    hey max how to install this rom??

  23. pratik says:

    iv tried downloading around 6 to 7 times now. Still the same issue , corrupted zip file.

    • Max Lee says:

      Sorry fixing now, please try the Mega link.

      • Philip Van Cleven says:

        I had to download the file through a pc (it went to the mega download site) and copy the file to the root of the external SD card … then it worked … before it was giving me problems : cannot install rom…


        trying the rom out now and it seems OK:-) but the indexer took a very unhealthy part of my battery while indexing for a couple of hours … I hope it is a one-time event

  24. Jakub says:

    ZIP file corrupted. Downloaded it 3 times.

  25. Milroy says:

    Thanks for the review max…happy to see a great review from you once again

  26. Bokeh says:

    MEGA is like.. 4KB slow.. 🙁

  27. Haeshit says:

    Hello Sir
    I wanted to ask that are the features ported?

  28. Ameen says:

    Max plz do reply tell me doest this rom have a Note 3 Camera UI and features or NOT ???

    • Matt says:

      Although I’m not max this rom doesn’t yet have the note 3 camera included but it may do shortly as there is a collection of people on xda that have ported all of the note 3 features that we have so far and they’re working on porting the camera from what I can tell and this is the place where the developer of this rom has got the mods from so once it has been successfully ported the Dev of this rom will likely include it

  29. Sam says:

    I flashed it on my GTN7100. It crashes quite regularly…are there any known bugs? Also, Papen gestures don’t work. I flashed the new 2.4 file.

  30. solomon says:

    Rom is working great, very fast and testing battery life now, the air gestures are awesome and the new S-note and apps are clean. The wanam app is also very useful as I like to modify my note 2 to my liking, I am coming from the Hawk rom so this is a huge upgrade,

    Waiting for the note 3 camera, will probaby install the lenovo camera in the meantime

  31. Erik Carlo says:

    Hey, does this ROM work on the N7105??

  32. mike says:

    Hey max I flashed the rim it seems stable but the root is gone I must re root the device why any custom rim must have root right ??

  33. Bokeh says:

    This ROM is a huge huge improvement for my Note 2. I am one happy owner. No bugs. Looks really great. Functions flawlessly. What more can I ask for? Big hugs to the team who ported this!

  34. janesha says:

    Hey Max,
    I tried several times now but cannot download from given link. Always halt between 20% – 22%.

  35. Mike says:

    Flashed from external and internal storage both cause boot loops. Any ideas ?

  36. JohnD says:

    Max or others:

    Does this ROM have support for 64GB SDCards?

  37. Sunil Panda says:

    Hi,..Could you please upload this file on a different sharing site, as not able to download from Mega

  38. Bob C says:

    Great rom. Only thing I’ve found that doesn’t is S-Voice can’t find contacts. Works once, then says cannot find ‘blank’ in contacts, but oddly can open contacts.

  39. Jakub says:

    Can I use Perseus kernel with this rom? Need some undervoltage, the rom is killing my battery

  40. Suresh Madhavan says:

    Hi, There is OTA updates available like 2.4.3. Even after downloading it does not install successfully. Is it possible to install update manually? where the updates are downloading to (in which folder)?

  41. Suresh Madhavan says:

    It would be better if AOKP, CM10.2, and ParanoidAndroid etc. features added in this Tiagra Rom.
    Any possibilities?

  42. JohnD says:

    Running Adfree but generate a ‘Java.io.eofexception’ error trying to install….

    Any ideas?

    • Suresh Madhavan says:

      ADfree has been removed from Play Google store by google. so don’t use it.

      • JohnD says:

        It might have been removed from the Play Store for unknown reasons but, there is a vibrant community over on XDA Developers …..

    • JohnD says:

      I replaced AdFree with another unavailable app (on the Play Store) with AdAway – no Java errors – works fine on this ROM and, no ad’s to bloat my download / air time allowances!

  43. mike says:

    ok guys really need some advice here, downloaded this rom 5/6 times via my N7100 and my PC, when i flash via my SD Card it boot loops and just stays on the N7100 screen, when i flash on my internal storage it just sticks up on the flash install screen….. i have done a Full wipe data, the cache and Dalvik cache, all other roms work and flash fine its just this one ? any ideas please this is driving me mental im useing Philz touch 3 Clockwork mod recovery to flash.

    • Suresh Madhavan says:

      this Tiagra rom has worked perfectly fine for my GT-N7100. Only weakness I found was that of the features of Pac-man features. (See my above post).
      Did you wipe cache & delvik cache after installing the rom and before re-starting your phone?

      • Suresh Madhavan says:

        Tiagro Rom would have been superior if AOKP, CM10.2, and ParanoidAndroid etc. features added in this Rom

      • Mike says:

        Yeah just causes boot loop still 🙁 no idea why it doesn’t work.

      • Mike says:

        What CmW version are you using ?

        • Matt says:

          You should use twrp for n7100, I’d send you the link but you’d be waiting forever for the mod to approve it ay max! Make sure you get the latest version from the bottom of the list then do all 3 wipes once it’s installed, it did happen to me and I had to flash stock firmware via odin then re root then flash a rom

          • mike says:

            yeah my comment with my email address needs approval lol ive always used CMW as it was what came when i rooted the phone. what is the latest verson of twrp so i can try to find it.

    • mike says:

      be carefull when u begin flashing it take a while so wait and the progress while flashing is not accurate but this doesnt mean that its not working so wait till it is finished and make sure to make a full wipe

      • matt says:

        i googled twrp n7100 and it is the top result, down to download zip method, hit the goo.im link and scroll to the bottom of the page and the latest version number is and you want the zip file not the tar unless you’re going to flash via odin, good luck! if that fails then the only advice i have left for you is to go back to stock (you can use the official 4.3 leaked note 2 firmware) and flash via odin or you can get the official 4.1.2 from sam mobile, i had a similar situation last week where a rom would flash, boot and be working fine until i restarted then it would loop on the n7100 screen and going back to stock was all that worked for me, all other rom flashes have been fine since then

  44. Vince says:

    hello this is a really great rom.
    I’m only getting two problems:
    1) the service SNS (relate to the syncronizations of Facebook is bloking sometimes;
    2) sometimes the Contact list is not updated. i noted that the google account that i use for stoking that data disappear, or if is there is not syncronizing

  45. Vratesh Virkar says:

    HI max

    Thanks a lot for Tiagra ROM however after updating to this rom from my earlier Wanamlite rom. I feel like my note 2 is laging. And its running on 1600 MHZ could you tell me what shall I do to overclock it to 1800 Mhz. Also my battery is very slowly charging.

    PLease Help

  46. Suresh Madhavan says:

    I haven’t tried all the Roms. Earlier tried Pacman and now Tiagra. Among the Roms AOKP rom MR, Beanstalk, Jelly Bomb domination, Wanam Lite, Carbon, Pacman, Tiagra which is the best Rom to use?

    • vratesh virkar says:

      Mr Madjavan

      out of all the rooms you have listed i feel wanam lite is very stable. It won’t give u a feeling of duplicate rom. It is throughly a feel of Samsung genuine rom. Good battery life as well and best thing is wanam exposed. You can make various changes in the looks.

      Tiagra rom is good as well it has all the features of Note 3 and the best part is u can connect the Samsung gear to note 2 N7100 if u have this rom. Mind it the gear actually can connect with note 3 only.

      Tiagra also feels to be good stable rom but can’t comment much as I have just flashed it yesterday.
      Be rooted !!

      • Zapps says:

        I have downloaded the Tiagra files.
        Please do i install via recovery or with Odin.
        What are the steps to install.


  47. Anondo Goldar says:

    Is There any kernel for it, I flashed redpill my phone didnt boot and started vibrating.

  48. vratesh virkar says:

    Max in Tiagra we have got OTA updater. Once i hit it the rom gets updated and while installing it i get two options to select from.
    Wipe cache
    wipe user data
    shud i do both the wipes from that menu or do i have to flash the entire rom again from CWM.
    Installing all the apps from titanium backup is pain in the a**.
    I have around 119 apps to be installed every time I change a rom.


    • Matt says:

      Just wipe cache when updating it will keep all your apps and for future use have a look at titanium backup and maybe invest in the pro version so that every time you flash a different rom is just a few clicks and all your apps and settings are back like they were before you flashed = no more pain in the a**

  49. FaNote says:

    I already flashed a 4.3 ROM with KNOX,
    will it be dangerous to install this ROM?

    • Suresh Madhavan says:

      I believe there is no harm in installing this Tiagra Rom. Its a TouchWiz, Note 3, with wanam xposed rom. working great on my GT-N7100. Screen display is great, Samsung Apps & Samsung Accounts built it, missing Halo, better battery usage.

  50. Kchan Bonet says:

    Does persus alpha works on this rom

  51. George says:

    I apply the Rom 4.3 to my note 2 n7100 every thing seem ok except I lose the internet connection via 3G any help please.

  52. Matt says:

    Have you checked in settings, more networks, mobile networks, access point names to make sure your apn is right for your carrier and that mobile data is not toggled off?

  53. Pete says:

    Hi great rom but touchwiz crashes sometimes but my main problem is that I lose widgets at restart, is this a problem with the kernel and if so how can I fix?

    • Matt says:

      I had that issue and I worked out that it was because I had restored touchwiz layout from titanium backup so just had to clear touchwiz data and set it up from scratch

      • Pete says:

        Hi Matt, sorry mate can you explain?

        • Matt says:

          Did you restore from titanium backup or any other backup after you flashed this rom? If so that is probably what is causing you to lose widgets when you restart, you should try going to settings, applications, all and find touchwiz and clear data then once you’ve done that add a widget and restart your phone to see if it is still where you placed it, if it is then unfortunately you’ll have to setup your home screens again but you shouldn’t get the problem again after that

  54. Kaj S says:

    I use a media doc, conected to a big screen and I use bluetooth keyboard with mouse track ball and bluetooth do not work so good anymore ,,, it lagging a lot ,, the mouse pointer moves like a dieing mouse and also very slow – before I had perfect bluetooth ,,, so if anyone have a solution this this problem???

  55. bokeh says:

    2.4.4 update has glitches. Doesnt permit a lot of widgets.

  56. Kchan Bonet says:

    Does persus alpha kernel works on this rom

  57. Sunny Khokhar says:

    I have been using this rom for couple of days now and its been running flawless. no crashes, installed on first go..
    though i had a small issue about the developer options but google search solved it…might help some of you.

    developer option is hidden by default on 4.3
    to enable go to settings–>About Phone–>tap “Build number” 7 times

  58. blake says:

    After starting up it keeps vibrating and saying system ui closed

  59. Roy Jalbout says:

    Hey guys, it’s a great rom but please i really need your help everytime i turn off my phone or make a restart he got stuck on galaxy note 2 logo and i cant resolve it all i have to do is a factory reset so please help me what is the problem

    • Matt says:

      Factory reset or reflashing the rom, won’t help, I had the exact problem and tried everything, the only thing that will fix it is to flash official firmware via odin and then re – rooting and then you’ll be free to flash this rom or others

  60. Akhtar Shaikh says:

    Hi ,Max …… I have installed Tigra rom on ma note 2 everything is fine , but in contacts we cant export or import any contact…. as well during calls it displays only 3 option i.e speaker, keypad,end call ……

    please rectify & do let me know asap

    …… Awesome Creativity ….. Hats off ……

    • vratesh virkar says:

      Akhtar bhai

      please try to re flash the rom because I can see add call speaker end call headset all options on my phone and am running on the same rom

  61. solomon says:

    I was wondering if anybody is available to use the swap internal/external memory mod to use external sdcard as your internal memory?

  62. Zapps says:

    I have downloaded the files.
    Please do i install via recovery or with Odin.
    What are the steps to install.

  63. Zapps says:

    When i try to install the Tiagra Rom, i get the following information:
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:signature verification failed (written in red)

    • Zapps says:

      What are not doing right?
      Please help me.
      Thank you.

      • Suresh Madhavan says:

        You have to wipe factory data, Wipe cache, Wipe delvik Cache then install the Tigra rom. After installation complete again wipe cache, wipe delvik cache, then re-boot. This is the procedure. Signarure verfification failed means I believe you have to dwonload the tigra file again as the file might have corrupted.

  64. burhan says:

    the most beautiful rom that can be used for note2.. thank you very much Max : ) I am very satisfied

  65. oscar says:

    fix for “corupt””bad” file for zip
    pull batery and restart into recovery this will fix error


  66. oscar says:

    fix for “corupt””bad” file for zip
    format all caches then
    pull batery and restart into recovery then install rom zip this will fix error if you still cant get it right
    you shouldnt be flashing roms


  67. Suresh Madhavan says:

    Yesterday installed a few Modules for the first time. Everything working flawlessly except Xhalofloating window 1.24 & Xposed Default App picker. There is no user interface for the later one.

    What is to be done to work these two modules?

  68. Shae says:

    Hi Max,

    I’ve just downloaded the rom and i gotta say it’s superb! It’s faster and smoother than the wanamlite rom but theres one thing bothering me is that i can’t restore my apps from titanium backups..it says to verify that my device i rooted while it actually is..plus my supersu says that it didn’t have su binary or something like that..hope to get a reply on how to fix this. Other than that this rom is definitely a great rom. Thank you

    • Matt says:

      you will need to manually update supersu, google exactly this “update-supersu-v1.51.zip” without the ” and it is the 3rd result down (dev host update) once downloaded flash it in recovery and supersu should work, let us know how you get on!

      • Shae says:

        My Man! It works fluid now..everything is back to normal..i can restore my apps bac from titanium and all of the supersu problems are solve..thank for helping out bruh..really appreciate it!

      • bokeh says:

        Thumbs up. Thanks.

        • john says:

          Hey mat… tanks for your guidance… I find the same problem… but am unable to manually update su… I download the file. But when I get to come I can’t find it in the device… any ideas?

          • matt says:

            It will be in your download folder either on your device or your external memory card. Just flash it in recovery. the only thing I can say is that if you downloaded it it will be there somewhere. Before you go into recovery see if you can locate it using myfiles first and move it somewhere easily accessible to you in recovery

        • john says:

          Thank you matt… finally got it to work.but now I face a different problem. After instalation, rom takes up to 6 gh in internal memory. That’s normal I suppose. But the misselaneous folder takes up to 5 gb as well, and when opened, there’s nothing in it. This leaves me with useless 4 gb for instaling apps… any idea as to why is this apparently empty folder taking up so much space? Thanks bro…

          • Matt says:

            Have you come from a rom like cyanogenmod and only did a factory restore from with recovery? That happened to me where it duplicated everything that was on my internal storage because it places it in 0 directory, I just went to settings, storage, miscellaneous and deleted the duplicated directory, you could always find the directory using myfiles and see what is in there and then see if it’s in a different directory, also check the properties of the large folder that you have and see the last date that it was modified, or if you feel brave just delete the entire folder from within settings, data, miscellaneous

        • john says:

          Wee mat… if that is the case… how can I find that duplicated directory? It is nowhere to be found! I erased everything from my misselaneous file in my storage and still it apppears to be taking 5.45 gb? Where or how can I find the duplicated file so I can erase it? Would you help me please?

          • Matt says:

            System memory for me takes up 5.45gb which can’t be accessed as it’s being used by the rom itself is that what is showing for you? Under miscellaneous have you gone through and deleted the large folders then rebooted afterwards? Only other thing that’s taken up a massive amount of space for me is Dropbox syncing where the thumbnails appear in the gallery but never 5gb though, I’ve moved from this rom to ditto rom (Google ditto rom n7100) it’s rock solid with not a single fc in the time that I’ve been using it and as well as all of the note 3 features it also includes some s4 features like air gestures and smart pause/smart rotation, view 4 apps at a time and open apps in a pen window without using the pen just by selecting them from the side bar. tigra rom has been discontinued according to the devs xda page anyway, I would recommend ditto and it’s made by the devs that ported the note 3 features too

  69. Very good room no hangs but while updating it is showing errors. Please tell me how to fix it.

    • Stefan says:

      You have to update manually as long as the function doesn’t work.
      Reboot to Recovery, then choose “Install zip from /sdcard”.
      If you downloaded it yet, the update is located in “0/OTA-Updater/download”.
      Hope this helps. For me it did.

  70. Suresh Madhavan says:

    When I double Tap / Swipe up / Swipe down on the screen a particular program should launch. It was possible with Pacman rom. Is this facility available with Tigra rom? thanks for any replies.

  71. sunil gavade says:

    Please download rom to PC first.dont download on mobile directly.when downloaded on mobile it is not flashing properly.when downloaded to PC and then Traffer to mobile it is flashing properly.it is a great rom .Thanks to developer.ota updater is showing upda

  72. jyoti deb says:

    air command option is not coming
    but why what should i do

  73. Juan Bobby says:

    Love the ROM, but touch wiz keeps crashing, and the phone keeps rebooting. Please help.


  74. Anant says:

    Hey Max,

    The mega.co.nz website is not working. Any alternative?? plz suggest.


  75. le phong says:

    Dear all
    I don’t up date rom tigra 2.4.5 at OTA up date
    please help my
    thank so much

  76. crashbrn says:

    This rom ate my whole memory . Only 1 of 16GB left with me. Is it normal or there is some problem.

  77. nicholas says:

    gr8 rom, i loved it… however my battery is taking forever 2 charge.
    i tried reflashing several times and it stills takes long to charge.
    any suggestions or hacks….

  78. kalash says:

    Dear Mr Mike
    I downloaded 4times. First time that will say bad ZIP second time when I try to install not work
    I’m very sorry about this I like to see haw it work please have you another site to download this ROM?
    I have Rom manager and Rom tool box
    Im sorry for my language

  79. hiperbarico says:

    hello, does it work on GT-N 7105?. where can I get the instructions to install it?. Thank you!

  80. Hüseyin says:

    hello mates,
    my android version is 4.1.2 and kernel is 3.0.31-1071214
    can i install this rom without installing any kernel or android version upgrade? Will it upgrade my andorid version to 4.3?

  81. Chad Tew says:

    Hi i have a question im thinking about rooting my galaxy note 2 verison model to aokp 4.3 and i saw that samsung release the image for the new 4.3 os can i exports those apks and use them on aokp 4.3 the us version

  82. Philip says:

    Hi Max… just got custom rom 4.3, do you have any idea or a tutorial to install persus kernel? i would like to overclock my cpu to 1.8ghz… thanks for you time
    Pls reply 🙂 Godbless

  83. liviuflorin says:

    Hi Max, Why not work on GT-N7105 ?? How can I make it work ?

  84. pratik says:

    i love this rom, had it 4 almost a week now, updated are good too, best by far stock custom rom. i was madly in love with the note 3 and its features, but this rom just got me over the expensive note 3 the great. note 2 is still powerful with this rom. great battery life. adding wanam xposed made it even better. THE BEST NOTE 2 ROM
    Thank You

  85. vince says:

    Update doesnt work for an md5 error on Tigra 3 file.
    I got an error every time I open browser pop up.
    all the rest seems great. Thank you

  86. Mal says:

    Hi, need help, so after trying to flash it, it says ROM may flash stock recovery on boot.
    I then chose no, it rebooted and now its stuck on the samsung loading screen, what do i do?
    Please help!

  87. all2enjoy says:

    Can somebody suggest me if this can be used for Galaxy note 2 LTE N7105 ??

  88. Mal says:

    hello so i flashed it and when using a root only app it says root required, when trying to flash to go to recovery and flash another rom it doesn’t allow me go to recovery and when try to use supersu it says am using 4.3 need to reroot manually.
    Do i have to reroot? How do i do it manually, is it the same way on this site?
    Please help

  89. ali says:

    Hey…i rooted my note 2…nd flashed tigra rom v2.4…I am trying to update it to the latest version that is 3.0 via OTA. ..but it is showing an ‘md5 error-downladed file invalid’. ..what should I do to update it to latest version… I also wiped all the data l, cache files nd dalvik cache…Please help!!

  90. Vince says:

    i see that i loose the google account each time i change my sim card. is that normal ? thank you

  91. Benson says:

    Can i use STweakes to swap my sdcard and internal memory?
    I have tried it but program crash

  92. JohnD says:

    Check sum or MD5 error when trying to update the phone using OTA ?

    Over the Air (OTA) did not work properly anyway so, I have sourced the Tigra v3 ROM for GTN7100 from Mega Downloads site. A bit hit and miss downloading but, I persevered….

    Please, I have seen many post asking can this ROM can be used on other Samsung variant? The answer is: NO! As far as I am aware the developer has produce only ROMs that work only for the GTN7100 ! Sorry, that’s the facts!

    • Suresh Madhavan says:

      Could you provide here the mega upload url to download version 3? Many people including me failed to download the version 3 through OTA.

  93. David Burch says:


    When i try to download the ROM it gets stuck at 1%. Anyone got any ideas why?

  94. Ripon Mahmud says:

    Can anyone please help me? I’ve installed this ROM and everything working great except ROOT. When I open SuperSU It shows an error message: “There is no SU binary installed and SuperSU cannot install it This is a problem! If you just upgrade to android 4.3, you need to manually re-root consult the relevant forums for your device!. And I’ve rooted it once again using same method I used to root the stock 4.1.2 ROM. Please help me. Thanks!

    • Matt says:

      That question has already been answered in a previous comment so you should look for it above and apply the solution and you’ll be on your way

      • Benson says:

        You just need to install android 4.1.2, then install this Tiagra.zip with CWM.
        You will get Android 4.3 with root

        • Matt says:

          You just need to download supersu update and flash it, no need to go back to 4.1.2, just look for a previous comment of mine around the 100 mark and it’s there

  95. Chris says:

    The touchwiz home will keep stopped , please fix it

  96. Pete says:

    As others v3 OTA download gives MD5 error anyone got by this yet no answers on here yet

  97. kalash says:

    Hi max the zip file seems to be corrupted it can’t be working when I was installed the ROM. Can you help me please
    I have Android 4.1.2/N7100 XXEMI6
    Kernel 3.0.36-Perseus-alpha 36 af@mintvm))
    #1285 SMP PreeMRT Fri Apr 26 17:57:35 CEST 2013

  98. altaf khan says:

    An OTA updater is available , is that safe to update current Rom. If file download which way to proceed recovery mode or standard install

  99. Suresh Madhavan says:

    Anyone here succeeded in downloading rom Version 3 via OTA? I am getting error MD5 checksum errror.

  100. Benson says:

    Anyone know if it will crash if i use Xpose for multi window ?

  101. gabriele says:

    tigra vs ditto vs drketan ? Which do you prefer?

  102. kalash says:

    Mr mike
    Root doesn’t work

  103. tavi says:

    Hello Max,
    Thank you for all of your great work and reviews.
    I wanted the 4.3 and Note 3 features on my phone ever since it was released and this ROM did it! Thank you Petros!
    The only problem that I have (and it’s a big one for me because I need it for sketching) is the lack of pressure sensitivity on the S Pen. It doesn’t work on S Note or Sketchbook for Note. It only kind of works in the handwriting input panel and in the Papyrus app. Any thoughts?

  104. Suresh Madhavan says:

    I have successfully installed the version 3 rom. Full wipe is required before installation.

    • Pete says:

      I also managed to install the update to v3 Suresh. I am on holiday and the place has wifi but not the best. At first I was getting the MD5 error then it went to 70% and crash in the end it would get to 95% then crash. Yesterday I went out and got it on network data but it did take well over two hours but I now have v3.

  105. Eugene says:

    hey i know that’s ma fold, but i need someone’s help, i tried to install this rom on my at&t note 2 and my sim card is stop working, i tried my sister’s sim card and it’s not working 2, can anyone help me, i reinstall the rom, tried few different roms, fully wipe my phone, data, system, everything, and sim card still not working!((( PPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE

  106. Metanoi says:

    I tried to download the rom from mega.. But it keeps on crushing midway.. Can you upload it to another site… Thanks

  107. D.Sutton says:

    When can we expect to see a port for this to sgh-i317/m?

  108. Benson says:

    Version 3 is available now !!!

  109. Benson says:

    I have install Version 3 successfully, but what is the new feature ???

  110. Benson says:

    Is it possible to use Xposed ?

  111. JAYANT JOSHI says:

    hi 2 all,

    tigra_rom_v4 is out, go for that instead of older versions.

    full wipe is required.

  112. Pete says:

    Got a v4 update but guess what try to download and get MD5 error again.

  113. Matt says:

    The rom has been discontinued now according to the developers site on xda, I recommend flashing ditto rom which is exactly the same but has the support of the Eteam that ported all of the note 3 mods

  114. Matt says:

    Unfortunately if I provide a link it will take some time for the moderator to approve it but Google ditto rom n7100 xda and it’ll be the top result, I flashed it straight over the top of tigra rom without wiping anything with no issues

    • JAYANT JOSHI says:

      HI MATT,


      • Jay Muhazar says:

        try to look for mj5 bootloader or search for dr Ketan’s 4.3 wifi fix in xda forum. Should be resolving wifi issue

        • JAYANT JOSHI says:


  115. gowtham says:

    few problems which i face is after installation of every app touch wiz stopped working appears….when i try to update my rom error appears….otherwise it is a solid rom 🙂

  116. Vinil Vasani says:

    is this rom based on the m16 leak or the mj5 leak?
    and i am going to flash it over an aosp rom.
    is it necessary that i flash it over the stock firmware or do i need to update the bootloader?

  117. Suresh K Madhavan says:

    Is it safe to install Tigra rom version 4? thanks for any replies.

  118. hanafi says:

    Hi Mike,
    I am loving the rom, works great on my gt7100. However I lost my notification when I unattached the spen. This happened later when I play with some settings. can you help me get it back?

  119. dan says:

    hi someone can tell me how to install this one , and what i need?

  120. dan says:

    guys i done installing this one, but on the setting i cant find the application option to eneable debug mode!!! i did something wrong or its normal?

  121. Jacob says:

    When we can expect Tiagra on N7100XXUEMK4

  122. Kirk says:

    Hi there! Just wanna ask.. Im a noob and had never flashed any ROM on my GTN7100. been rooted for almost 7months.

    Im running on JB 4.1.1 OS.. Can i directly flash this 4.3 rom on my GT-N7100?? And if by chance i would want to revert back to stock rom, how can i restore it? Is there an option in CWM? Tnx

    • Dan says:

      Ok do u have a custom recovery? If u have then do a nandroid backup from recovery or install ROM MANAGER n from there do a backup. After u done it u can always revert. Then to flash a new rom just follow the step to install the, do always 1st wipe factory, wipe cache partition, wipe dalvik cache. I suggest u to have all necessary things on ur sdcard.

      • Kirk says:

        i do have it. it is automatically installed when i rooted my phone.. it’s CWM..

        so can i directly flash from JB 4.1.1 to this Tigra 4.3??
        i’ll just follow the steps.. is it that way? thanks

    • Suresh K Madhavan says:

      You can backup your rom before installing Tigra rom.
      Use Titanium backup to backup applications.
      Intall Rom manager from play store google to get the latest Clockworkmode and to backup your current rom. Go through the procedures mentioned on this site especially the FAQ.

  123. shamatuu says:

    How do i install this rom using the CWM mod recovery instead of using the Philz Touch Recovery using ODIN 3 9 on N7100: Please i need this rom so bad.

  124. Kirk says:

    got a problem… there is no Air Command in S Pen options in this V4?

    • Jacob says:

      you have to find “air view” option in setting and click on it (not on O/I – on the label) and then you will see air command

    • Dr.Gohany says:

      To activate air command in tigra rom v4
      Go to settings choose Input and control
      Then hit Air view it will show some options
      Select air command and turn it on

  125. Kalpesh says:

    hi there guys, after looking at all the comments, im very well interested in installing this mode. my only question is that the multi-window feature, can I use the xposed multi window for this tomolo to get multi window on all Apps? or is there another similar kind of xposed module for this rom? pls help as this is impt to me. thanks in advance guys..


  126. Kalpesh says:

    Hi Guys, just another question. Currently, i’m using the appd2sdnote2 script whereby my sdcard acts like the internal storage. Does this ROM has somethin similar? or in this ROM, u can actually have the option on where to install (either sd card or internal storage)? Please someone try this and post a reply on this. Thanks.

    • Suresh K Madhavan says:

      I believe this rom doesn’t prompt you where to install your application.

      • Suresh K Madhavan says:

        I have moved all my videos & pics to External memory card. This way you could save space in Internal memory.

        • Kalpesh says:

          hi Suresh, thanks for the reply. the reason y im asking is coz I download many games which require 1-2gb per game. so when I install, there’s not enuf space. that’s y I’ve the script for app2sd. thanks anyway for this. I’ll. then wait for developers to create the script or app.


          • Suresh K Madhavan says:

            With the installation of “All-in-one tool box” you could move softwares to external memory card. I have tried and it worked.

  127. shamatuu says:

    My wifi is not working. i need a solution. Thanks.

  128. gowtham says:

    i am getting this new problem with your rom… a pop up message is shown offen “an error has occured while downloading the voice message.please try again.”

  129. focusteck says:

    Is there anything similar to this for sph-l900

  130. Sir Bishop says:

    Hi Max. I must thank u for your great works. I installed the rom but i got one problem. I can’t use exposed installer and my wanamlite module. I really need to do some tweaking and would so appreciate it if u can help me…

  131. Gab09 says:

    Hi, can anybody tell me if it´s some version for a SGH-I317M??

  132. Aarif says:

    I flashed tigra rom 4…on my note 2 n7100..then i complete unrooted using super su…again flashed root su and busy box .zip via cwm[philz touch 5] and sucessed…now while opning super su it says no su binary inastalled…sm one plz help…i want to root again…

  133. Victor james says:

    hi Lee. ..pls could you put the file on a different sharing site preferably a torrent site. ..plsssssssssssssss

  134. simon says:

    is there any update for tigra rom with android 4.4

  135. simon says:

    is there any update for tigra rom with android 4.4 for gt-n7100

  136. Louie says:

    Hi, Max
    I am currently using Alliance ROM (Android 4.1.2) for my GT-N7100, can I directly install Tigra ROM via TWIM ? or I have to upgrade my Note 2 to Android 4.3 Toutchwiz first ?

  137. nikhil says:

    i saw the link
    poor guy thank you bro
    u saved my galaxy i was abt to flash it

  138. abhiram says:

    app2sd not working and im having 64gb memory card
    Max please modify the app2sd script or find a new method for swapping sdcards.
    please max do it.

  139. Tony R says:

    When are you porting it to Verizon and Sprint?! The rom has been out since mid october!

  140. sia says:

    this rom install from oddin

  141. florin says:

    After instaled this rom tiagra v4 can not on wi-fi not work

  142. Louie says:

    Did anyone know how to install Note3 camara on Tiagra ROM?

  143. Fadi Sarsak says:

    guys any one have the rom as torrent file or as file where i can download it normally not using this website?
    any one can upload it to dropbox maybe?

  144. Victor james says:

    pls anyone with a torrent file of tiagra rom. ..pls help

  145. Nazmul says:

    I have installed latest rom but my wifi is not working. Can anyone help me on this?

  146. ivan says:

    When can we have Tiagra ROM for N7105? PLEEEEEAAASSEE -___-

  147. Nazmul says:

    v4 wifi is not working. can anyone guide me how to fix wifi problem>

  148. Louie Molina says:

    Hi, Would this work for Korean Galaxy Note 2?

  149. MT says:

    I would like to ask how can I update the tigra rom 2.4 to tigra rom v4? Do I need to wipe everything down or just simple install it without format my phone. Thanks a lot.

  150. Murat says:

    It works fine but there is a ota update but not work do you know why

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  152. Suresh K Madhavan says:

    After installing Tigra Rom Version 4Wifi could not turn on. What is the solution for it? Many people having the same issue here but nobody is answering.

  153. Matt says:

    There is an xda link at the bottom of max’s tutorial above the comments section next to credits, hit that and the solution is on there

  154. Juan K Aviles says:

    Hello Max.

    I’ve been using this rom as a daily driver for a while and yesterday my phone ran out of battery, so I charged it and…well long story short. im bricked. Phone does not pass Samsung logo, it seems that the EFS folder is not working or its currupted. Unfortunately I do not have a back up IMG file of the EFS folder. I already flashed and re-flashed Stock and custom, roms and recoveries but I am not able to fix it. do you know any tricks that I could use?

    Thanks .

  155. GodOfSun says:

    The HDMI and SmartDock work in this ROM?

  156. mj says:

    I install this Rom few weeks back and everything works fine but some time when I switch on my screen I get error in notification that my sd card is unsupportable/blank sd card/format card. … same sd card work with out any problem in original Rom.

    Anyone having same problem or have solution for this problem.

  157. Basil Odeh says:

    I have the GT-N7100 model
    and yet havent received the 4.3 update although everyone i know with a note 2 got their update
    anyone got a clue why i havent got the update and will this ROM work on my device knowing that im still on 4.1.2 ?

    • Matt says:

      Are you rooted? If so you won’t get the ota for 4.3 as root breaks that function (about the only downside of rooting in my opinion) your best bet would be to download and flash a custom rom such as this one or Google n7100 rom repository and there’s plenty to choose from there, i recommend miui for something completely different from the norm although for n7100 it is still on 4.1.2 but with that rom it doesn’t really matter as you get ota updates every Friday (except this Friday because of Chinese new year) and they’re constantly adding new functions to it, some are hidden but you’ll have to Google miui hints and tips, if you want touchwiz Base then I recommend ditto Note 3 that is similar to tigra but is created and maintained by the team that ported the note3 features to the note 2 and that also has an ota installer included in the rom, if you’re not rooted then my answer would have to be I don’t know why you are yet to receive 4.3 via ota and the only things I can recommend are going to settings, about phone and hit software update to manually check or to connect to the pc and kies and restore your phone

      • Matt says:

        P. S if you flash this rom it will automatically update you to 4.3 or for example if you flashed a kitkat rom it would update you to 4.4, I’ve had no issues flashing from 1 rom to the other up to kitkat and back to jellybean, just make sure you read all the info Especially the wifi fix (hit xda in the credits) if you encounter that problem, I only had to flash the fix once when this rom was first released and since then everything has been fine and just last week I flashed 4 different roms

  158. Eric liu says:

    how do you install custom roms without losing all your data?

    • matt says:

      Get an app called titanium backup from the play store and it’s also worth buying the pro version you won’t regret it

  159. aymar says:

    Hi. I have use this rom since last month. It worked great. But Gallery start up a bit lag. Is this normal? And since yesterday the Gallery wont open. The error message pop up. Camera also wont open. How can I fix this? Please help

    • aymar says:

      I found that when I enable Swipe Back module in xpose installer this problem happen. When I disable it all back to normal. Is that mean I cannot use xpose installer?

  160. Salvador Garcia says:

    Hi max went tigra come for sprint note 2 L900

  161. addii says:

    can i install this rom via n7100 and then place it on external sd card and then install it from recovery…it will work or not..plz help me

  162. matt says:

    Works perfectly fine but if you leave it on your internal card in downloads and do a factory reset in cwm before you install a new rom it will still be there along with your other downloads, WhatsApp and Facebook pictures etc

  163. addii says:

    I installed tiagra ROM in n7100 it properly downloaded and I move it into my external SD card and I installed it from twrp recovery it flashes there and done. Then in the boot Samsung logo appears then it just such there not start the I many time flash it it not opening the ROM just Samsung logo appears that sit…what should I do plz help me matt…and also tell me which recovery should I use?…help me matt plz

    • matt says:

      You can try going back into recovery and doing a factory reset and see if that works. If not then you will have to flash the official rom using kies on your pc (the rom you can get from Sammobile) and reroot following max’s tutorial then Flash tigra again. I had a similar problem which I explained further up in the comments. Good luck

  164. addii says:

    thank you so much…matt I love this rom…and I excess it with your help thank you so much it is very good rom.
    thank you sooooooo much matt!!!!!

  165. Louie says:

    Hi, Mat,
    I am using Tiagra ROM V4, can I flash Perseus Kernel to speed up my N7100 ?
    If not, what’s your suggestion ?

  166. Filip says:

    Is there version for i605 (Verizon Note 2) ? Or something simillar – with Air Command and TOuchWiz, but no Verizon stuff.

  167. Sergio says:

    Dear All, I’d like to download this rom for my N7100 but I think download link is broken, is any one give me working download url of this rom.
    Many thanks

  168. addii says:

    matt…I installed tiagra rom v2.4 first..its good and perfecroy working then I install tiagra rom v4 from xda it perfectlty working bout is working when on wi fi it not on…and air geature air view and other air functions are also not working …help me maat what to do!

  169. gaurav says:

    my internal memory is 16 gb when i install new tiagra rom ……only 1 gb left …. that is normal or some thing it wrong…..plz help matt …..

  170. Jena says:

    Hi, I’m very new at this! But I followed your guide for rooting and backup of the ROM and they have worked perfectly! I was looking at different new roms to put on my Note 2 and I have seen this one and I would like to try it. Do I just use your guide for flashing a rom and use this zip file instead or does it work differently?


  171. Rain says:

    After installing Tigra Rom ver 4.3, bluetooth doesn’t work, and when it goes on screen time out, and tries to use my note 2 again by swiping the screen, pressing the home, on/off, and volume button it wont turn on so i have to force shutdown my phone by long pressing the on/off button. It happens everytime. PLease tell me how to fix it. Thank you.

  172. rhanz05 says:

    Plz.. can somebody help me?? i installed this rom in N7100 Galxy Note2.. i really love this rom but i cant adjust the Volume in Settings!! Everytime i open Settings and then open Volume, Settings will Stop… force close or whatever… plz Hellp me how to fix this… i cant post in the xda website.. i am not a member in that site…. plz plz plz plz….. Help!!! TIA…

  173. ennyfang says:

    the link not working..
    can u reupload please.. THANKS!!!

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  175. Nasir says:

    Hi, I hv successfully installed the rom it works absolutely fine. The only problem I am facing is with the air command. It activates only when the pen is removed but not when the pen button is pressed. Kindly help me with the solution.

  176. Somebody necessarily help to make severely posts I’d state.
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  179. Kaj S says:

    I have now tested both Phantom and SOKP roms, but Tiagra is far better because everything just works as you want.

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  184. Gucci Bags says:

    I’m not sure exactly why but this blog is loading extremely slow for me.
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    I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still

    • matt says:

      Loaded really quick for me but I suppose it would depend on your connection because as far as I can see this is the most commented on ROM thread on this website and there’s an awful lot of replies to load! Maybe max could paginate the replies to get around the problem?

  185. jorge ibarrola says:

    amigo lo quise instalar en un n7100 y me decia algo de que falta md5 y no continuo la instalacion! queria saber cual era el inconveniente

  186. Shiela says:

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