How to Root Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-N7100/GT-N7105]

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Here’s how to root your Galaxy Note 2.  (If you ended up on this page to root your Galaxy Note 3, see How To Root Galaxy Note 3 instead.)

Verified to work on the following Galaxy Note 2:

  • International Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100
  • International Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7105
  • T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889
  • AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-I317
  • Canadian Galaxy Note 2 with model number starting with SGH-I317 or SGH-T889 such as SGH-I317M or SGH-T889V

This root method works regardless of your OS version, so it will work on Android 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.2, 4.3, 4.4.2, 4.4.4

Note: For 4.3, 4.4.2, 4.4.4 please also flash latest version of SuperSU (see FAQ at bottom of this post) if having trouble!

For Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900, please see How to Root Sprint Galaxy Note 2 instead!

For Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-I605, please see How to Root Verizon Galaxy Note 2 instead!

This root method is for Windows computer, I will post another root method for Mac and Linux real soon.

To root using this method, you will need a Windows computer.

For Linux/Ubuntu, please see How to Root Galaxy Note 2 on Linux/Ubuntu!

For Mac OSX, please see How to Root Galaxy Note 2 on Mac/OSX!

Step 1. Put your Galaxy Note 2 into Download mode by turning off your phone first then holding down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together.

Step 2. Once you see the warning screen, hit Volume Up button to enter ODIN Download Mode then connect a micro-USB cable from your Note 2 to your computer.

Step 3. If you don’t have Samsung USB drivers installed, go ahead and download it below and run it to install.

Download Samsung USB Drivers

Step 4. Next, download


Step 5. Unzip the files. Next, open up the ODIN program by double-clicking on the .exe file.

Step 6. You should see a yellow-highlighted COM box with a random number. If you don’t see it, double-check your Windows drivers (the Samsung USB drivers you installed in Step 3) and unplug, plug your Note 2 back into your computer.

Step 7. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE and click on “PDA” button then find the file cwm6-root-note2.tar.

Step 8. Hit Start and let ODIN flash the custom CWM Recovery. When it’s done, your Galaxy Note 2 will reboot and you should have a fully rooted Galaxy Note 2.

Your phone will boot into newly installed CWM Recovery automatically once and install Superuser app and su binaries then reboot.

You should find a new Superuser app called “SuperSU”.

You can easily verify you have root by downloading Titanium Backup app (free on Play Store) and running it.  You should get a nice Superuser permission pop-up window like below:

Credits – XDA


Q: Does this root method increase binary count?
A: Yes but you should be able to reset it using Triangle Away app (soon).

Q: During ODIN flashing, it failed and now I see “Kies Firmware Error Encountered” on the screen! HELP!!!
A: No worries, you can run ODIN again in that mode. Also, try another USB port. Usually, that will fix those ODIN flashing errors. And if you have Samsung Kies installed, make sure it’s not running at the same time as it can interfere with the ODIN flashing process.

Q: After rooting, my USB connection/screen mirroring/etc doesn’t work!
A: It’s something else wrong with your phone, rooting does NOT AFFECT the performance/features on your phone other than give you ROOT.  It probably didn’t work before rooting if anything, that may be a defective phone/part.

Q: Does this method work on ALL Galaxy Note 2?
A: So long as your model number begins with GT-N7010, it will work yes.

Q: I am having trouble with SuperSU on Android 4.2.2 or Android 4.4.2!
A: Download the latest version of SuperSU here then install using CWM recovery to fix!

Don’t know how to install zip file using CWM recovery? Try Step 8 thru 14 here.

Q: How can I thank you for your tutorial?
A: I don’t take donations but if you could PLEASE subscribe to my Zedomax YouTube channel, that would help me greatly and thank you!

More questions? Leave them below and either Max or others will help you out.

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721 Responses

  1. ritesh says:

    that was fast bro….u just unboxed it and now its rooted….

  2. david says:

    this shows how excited Max is with Note 2. nice work Max.

    by the way, the model number is this page you put Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7010. this is GT-N7100 right?

    • Max Lee says:

      Exactly thx fixed! Excitttttted.

      • Kris says:


        I began ZedoMax’s tutorial to root the N7100 Note 2 in my openSuSE, not Ubuntu. It’s my first “root”.

        I pressed the 3 buttons at the same time.

        My SuSE’s package manager is broken; I have no way to download DEB’s (I have Kubuntu in another partition & forgot I was using my half-broken version of SuSE, not my Kubuntu).

        SO………. the phone now says “Odin Mode, Product=N7100, Custom Binary Download=Samsung Official, Sys Status: official….. DOWNLOADING, DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET”.

        Can I just press all 3 buttons again (or is there some other way to leave this dangerous mode), WITHOUT installing Heimdall.deb or doing all of the steps that follow the Heimdall.deb installation…etc? BiiiiiiiiiG Big Big “TIA”. 🙂

        If you hit “reply,” I have “notify me of followup comments via email” set. Thanks.

        /// P.S. for future, to help noobs like me, it could help if the tutorial says to install the Heimdall.deb, THEN enter rooting mode. 🙂 Again…thanks Max or anyone else if you can tell me how to back out of this…without installing Heimdall.) ///

        • Kris says:

          (If any other noobs like me get into the same situation, Max’s reply is below.)

          Thank you Max! My worst fears are gone now. I was beginning to think that (sort of like how you can _usually_ disconnect a FAT32 sd-card with no damage…unless it’s actively in the middle of a data transfer) ………….but was very very nervous when I got into something I didn’t understand… especially with a $700 phone. 😉

          Usually I do the smart thing, which is to read thru a _whole_ tutorial before starting Step #1, but I got this N7100 to take on holiday & am leaving in 36 hours. 🙂 [I was shocked to learn that the new Android has no “SUB mass storage mode” & really need to root it, to access the SD-card from my Linux laptop.]

          Thanks for the tutorial itself, and for your fast reply — to quell my worst fears. 🙂

      • Alfredo Junior says:

        Hello Friend, I need your help too, I’m from Brazil and just upgraded my Galaxy Note N7000 for N7000XXLS2 Room 4.1.1, and I wonder if there is already proceeding to ROOT this room. Remember that I downloaded from this site room. So what procedure should I follow to do or perform root this room? Thank you brother

      • Sketaful says:

        You missed it at the Q&A

        “A: So long as your model number begins with GT-N7010, it will work yes.”

        Should say N7100 there as well, right? 🙂

      • Liyo says:

        hi bro….
        can i install custom roms afetr rooted using this method…please help me..

      • jonathan says:

        hi there is any way i can flash the antenna like telus for the galaxy note 2 i have simple mobile service

      • Jared Smithers says:

        Thank you was weary of trying this on My AT&T i317 Galaxy note 2 with the 4.1.2 Jellybean Update worked great Thank Mate

      • Ashish says:

        Hi….I have GT-N7100 4.4.2 and already installed SU app from google app.I have followed your step by step process and finally got root but, Iam still unable to use SU to as its saying ‘ There is no SU binary installed and SuperSu cannot installed it. I copied your update SU file on internal memory so that I can flash it through CWM but, when I press Vol up + Power Button + Home Button then it does,nt allow me to go into CWM mode. My phone still works find once I start back. Please help as iam clue less what went wrong.


      • Alex says:

        Where’s the download link for downloading the root for Canadaian galaxy note 2?

  3. zenn says:

    Still waiting for mine!!!! I wil come out this week in the Netherlands, cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excited tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Thank you so much in advance Max!!!!

  4. joaquin says:

    hey max can Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100. get 4g on tmobile let me know please im tryna get it.

  5. jessica says:

    You got the international version and it was micro SIM. Will all versions use micro SIM from now on?

  6. hellmut says:

    How to flash back original recovery and from where to get it?

  7. javi says:

    Gud video bro…Thxs one question will note be able push out free tethering on Verizon

  8. zenn says:

    Rooted but no yellow triangle?????

  9. Brian says:

    Getting the Titan-gray: GT-N7100 tomorrow, see it soon on my YouTube reviewing channels 🙂

    P.S. Thanx to ZedoMax, hope Sixaxis Controller will then work. I’ll get the international version straight from Samsung only $104 / €80 cheaper then if one would buy from theire homepage^^

    Hope yall gonna love my vidz ;D

    Brian | CALMmobile

  10. zenn says:

    Max is there a way to restore or reinstall Splanner??? this is not working!!!!

  11. Ram says:

    Can I unroot back after rooting the note 2 in future when samsung release a new update?

  12. sami says:

    Hi Max,
    Is this method works on any kernel ?

  13. Brian says:

    Here you can see how to peer a PS3 controller with your rooted Samsung Galaxy Note II:

    enjoy gaming! 🙂

    CALMmobile | CALMlimited | CALMmobileGermany

  14. Wesley1985 says:

    Hi max thanx for the video I would just like to know is there a way to root with out a pc?

  15. Lassieee says:

    Thanks for this root. Btw, to use mobile odin you need root 😉

  16. HARISH says:

    does the method differ for different firmware ,,, my note 2 has benn updated twice and is now on the XXALJ1 version , can i root using the above method ?

  17. Kevin Tran says:

    hey max, will 3g and LTE be supported on N7100 future hacks for tmobile as well?

    • Max Lee says:

      Not sure, I don’t think so but not totally sure yet.

      • Kris says:


        I began ZedoMax’s tutorial to root the N7100 Note 2 in my openSuSE, not Ubuntu. It’s my first “root”.

        I pressed the 3 buttons at the same time.

        My SuSE’s package manager is broken; I have no way to download DEB’s (I have Kubuntu in another partition & forgot I was using my half-broken version of SuSE, not my Kubuntu).

        SO………. the phone now says “Odin Mode, Product=N7100, Custom Binary Download=Samsung Official, Sys Status: official….. DOWNLOADING, DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET”.

        Can I just press all 3 buttons again (or is there some other way to leave this dangerous mode), WITHOUT installing Heimdall.deb or doing all of the steps that follow the Heimdall.deb installation…etc? BiiiiiiiiiG Big Big “TIA”. 🙂

        If you hit “reply, I have “notify me of followup comments via email” set. Thanks.

        /// P.S. for future, to help noobs like me, it could help if the tutorial says to install the Heimdall.deb, THEN enter rooting mode. 🙂 Again…thanks Max or anyone else if you can tell me how to back out without installing Heimdall ) ///

        • Max Lee says:

          being in download mode itself isn’t dangerous at all, its once you start downloading. To get out simply hold down power button until your phone resets.

          • Kris says:

            Thank you Max! My worst fears are gone now. I was beginning to think that (sort of like how you can _usually_ disconnect a FAT32 sd-card with no damage…unless it’s actively in the middle of a data transfer) ………….but was very very nervous when I got into something I didn’t understand… especially with a $700 phone. 😉

            Usually I do the smart thing, which is to read thru a _whole_ tutorial before starting Step #1, but I got this N7100 to take on holiday & am leaving in 36 hours. 🙂 [I was shocked to learn that the new Android has no “SUB mass storage mode” & really need to root it, to access the SD-card from my Linux laptop.]

            Thanks for the tutorial itself, and for your fast reply — to quell my worst fears. 🙂

      • adriane ancheta says:

        how can i root my note 2 clone
        it says n7100 but n9300 🙁 help please

  18. sal says:

    how do i flash stock recovery so i can get OTA updates?

  19. timmy says:

    done this, have root – but how do you enter CWM? tried up+power and nothing. tried up/power and home – same.

    what am i missing?

    • timmy says:

      ok this is weird. rom manager also says i have no recovery and i need to install it – *but* i can reboot into recovery via rom manager? wth!?

      • Max Lee says:

        Thats fine then. Some GS2 have weird hiccups like that I am not sure why.

        • timmy says:

          i flashed it with the latest cwm off XDA and now i can get into recovery normally. got a custom rom now 🙂

          • Jojobizarre says:

            Haiii friends…
            Can u help me pls.
            I get a same problem here.
            After rooted, I have superuser but cannot reboot into recovery.
            I cannot flash any custom rom.
            Pls…pls…pls… help me

          • joel says:

            hi there…i just did what the tutorial told me too and got the root and all(installed titanium bckup) . But i cant boot into cwm recovery. how do i go about.

        • jojobizarre001 says:

          Haiii Max…
          It is ok or not,
          using rom manager to enter recovery mode
          to flashing custom rom.
          bcoz i cannot enter CWM?

  20. Jon says:

    If I root the phone, does it become unlocked, as it accept any sim?

    • timmy says:

      no. that’s separate. some phones have unlocking app on the market that can do that for you. no idea if it exists for hte note 2 yet. there was one for the galaxy s2 though (which i had before this).

  21. Stanley says:

    Legend Legend Legend! Max lee!

  22. Quinn says:

    Hi max. Will this work for Gt N7105 Galaxy note 2 LTE version ?

  23. robert says:

    Do you think i should get the note 2, i love my original note but with all these new phones coming out like the optimus g that are getting close to 8000 on quadrant, will the note 2 be future proof, thinking about the htc j butterfly when an international version comes out, cant go smaller than 5 inches.

    Thanks Max 😀

  24. Hamza says:

    Hi Max,

    Are there chances of my Glaxy Note 2 bricking by using this method?

  25. Jellycow says:

    Are there any compatible cifs library modules to get cifs working on a rooted stock ROM Galaxy Note 2 yet ?

    If so, can someone point me to them please.


  26. R-mac says:

    I used this method on the T-mobile T889, and it rooted properly, however I’m unable to use the sim unlock app i had downloaded. How do I go about un-rooting the phone?

    • R-mac says:

      I’ve unrooted my phone using the CWM, but I’m now trying to figure out how to uninstall CWM so I can install OTA updates

  27. steez12 says:

    will this method work for the T Mobile version. how do I un-root the Galaxy Note 2

  28. joaquin says:

    Hey max i use this method to root my t-mobile galaxy note 2 everything works fine on my note however my friends try it and his phone got mess up don’t get of the Samsung logo please max i knot ur busy doing a million stuff at once but can you clarified this for every one cuz my phone its working fine.

  29. EcKO says:

    After root successfully installed superuser. installed a font app that ask for grant from superuser. Reboot phone and now phone is stuck in boot. Try master reset throught CWM still stuck in same boot. TMOUS SGH-T889. HELP!!!! PLEASE!!

    • Max Lee says:

      That font app causes boot loops try doing a factory reset in cwm recovery.

      • Paolo says:

        PLEASE HELP MAX.. I have install rom toolbox in my rooted galaxy note 2 GT-N7100 and download theme from ROM Toolbox and install after rebooting it hangs up in samsung logo.
        i tried to reintsall cwm6 thru odin and its still not booting.i think the theme that i intsalled is the one making it hang.

        maybe this cwm recovery will work for me.but how to do that. please help…

        • Vreestyle says:

          There’s only one way if you’ve got a bootloop after Wiping & fixing permissions: First flash a stock rom from sammobile, then root it again!

          Got the note 2 (GT-N7100) for 7 days nows, rooted after one day. I rooted with CF-root, stock recovery, çant install from SD-card, but had root, restored with TB, all went fine rebooted, Excellent!
          Now my bootloop popped up, when I tried to set “Olney” as my font, bammmm bootloop….

  30. versionC says:

    Max…I just got Sprint version today… wondering if you’ll be doing some root tutorials on SPH-L900 Galaxy Note 2. Let me know, no rush buddy, thanks. As usual great videos… -Chris Carlo

  31. Asif says:

    Hi i hope any one can help. I have a galaxy note 2 but it was given to me as a demo stock so there is no imei or baseband version. So i think samsung jussed messed with firmware on it. Can someone tell me step by step how to root it and do something to make the phone features work.

    • John Sheppard says:

      Hello Asif, I am in the same situation as you, I have a Note 2 demo phone and I was wondering if you had had any luck with yours?

  32. Tom says:

    Hi Max, I just rooted my galaxy note 2 using your method but it looks like wifi tether does not work. I am hearing that T mobile has blocked this. Is there any workaround this? Any help would be appreciated. Thank!

  33. Wouter says:

    Hi Max,

    I have rooted many phones. I was unable to do step 2. I can’t come up with the warning screen, hit Volume Up button to enter ODIN Download Mode with My T-mobile Note 2. Also read some other issues with T-mobile and this setup..

    Are you still belief it is a correct method. Can we get warning screen a different way?

    You are incredible — let’s see your response.


  34. Tony Cymmerman says:

    Hello everyone,,, My Galaxy Note 2 is on it’s way to my home. I just wanted to know if it’s better to keep the default Jelly bean that comes stock or root to this rom,, aokp_i9100_jb_build-5. Is this the correct rom for Galaxy Note 2? Oh and I am on T-mobile, thanks.

  35. George R says:

    Hi Max,
    I have done this method on my S2 before and it worked great. Now that I bought the Note2 I want to do the same. However I have also updated to Windows8 and Odin will not open. Let me know if you will have an update for W8.

  36. deugsun says:

    Hi Max, does this work with lte version

  37. Anna says:

    Hi Max, I rooted my note 2 (tmobile) but I want to unroot. Do I have to wait for the stock firmware to be available for US carrier or can I just choose from the firmware available?

    • Ike says:

      Why do you want to unroot your tmobile galaxy note 2 ? I’m just curious because I’m thinking to root my tmobile GN2.

      Please let me know

  38. capodecina says:

    Can some one please confirm if this up and running smooth for the sprint note 2 SPH-L900.. Thank you mine will be here shortly. Gonna miss HTC animated weather thou

  39. marni says:

    hey, have you figured a way to hack 4G t-mobile with the international version of galaxy note 2? (GT-N7100) ….i hate having only egde speeds

  40. Ike says:

    How Can I even download the files? Every time I click on the links to download the respected files, it takes me to a new window where there are at least 3 buttons that say download, which I know are ads, but I do not know where to click to start the download.

    Thanks for your help!

  41. Kevin says:

    aFTER rooting I Have a folder on my internal memory in clockworkmod/blobs its full of full of folders are they needed


  42. Kevin says:

    And I Just Made A Back Up and its only 17.2 Mb Wtf?

    • Kevin says:

      Supposedly blobs folder delete themselves as you make future back ups as long as the old backups have since been deleted. Was a shock to me to ha takes up some amount of memory but to help keep its usage down I just keep my most recent back up and delete all unused and old roms. You can flash a new rom and from what I’ve read then go ahead an delete the blobs folder and also back up folder but only after deleting all old back ups and basically starting fresh. I hav only read something to this effect so don’t take my word for it have a dig on Google regarding ‘blob folder android’

    • Kevin says:

      Oh yeah sorry meant ta say,your back up should be close to 1gb so somethings went there dude

  43. Kelvin says:

    Hi got a REAL problem.
    Flash went absolutely fine rebooted fine. went into CWM recovery, did a backup to external SD, system rebooted fine afterwards. Did an ‘ordinary’ backup, system now constantly cycling through reboot (getting as far as the lock screen (NO background showing?????) & then rebooting again & again etc. HELP
    I have tried restoring the backup from SD (says MD5 mismatch), then tried restoring from the ordinary backup, makes no difference to the problem. Last, I tried your reflash again (all went well) BUT still no solution (still cycling through reboot after reboot).
    Any thoghts? HELP!!!!!

  44. Normano says:

    Hi Max, are you going to do rom of the week review video for this site??

  45. Kelvin says:

    Sorted: I un-rooted it with stock ROM, re-rooted & all now seems OK.
    VERY strange?????

  46. Pete says:

    Hi can I use this method on firmware build XXALJ3?

  47. Swaroop Katargunde says:

    Thanks Bro….!!!!!!!

  48. Chicken says:

    Can I do a factory reset with compromising anything?

    A friend of mine said you could screw up you phone by doing it when you’re already root.

  49. Hi Max. awesomeness!!! I’m getting GN 2 on AT&T, can you verify if it’ll work with this method? ALSO, would I use Titanium Backup to delete tethering manager to get free wifi hotspot similar to GN 1 method? Many thx

  50. ming says:

    hey…i follow all ur instruction and i after i root..i cant go to cwm…i try many times with volume up power and home button…and i keep loop at “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100” me

    • Kelvin says:

      Had this problem (see above). Finally found out there seems to be a problem with the version of Clockworkmod included in the flash. Go look at the Clockwork mod site. says that there had been a problem with the cache size on recent versions & gives a link to new file that is sorted. I flashed this file & all works well now.

      • ming says:

        which mean u get another link from the CWM site? and you flash the new file and its work? can u gv me the link also?

        • Kevin says:

          You still have to boot into recovery in order to flash the working version. I had same problem but would boot in to recovery eventually. CWM site has all versions so just download correct zip file ,transfer to phone and keep trying to boot into recovery in order to flash it will work eventually

          • ming says:

            hey..tq for helping me..i found another tutorial and i tried work for i on a custom rom..tq….appreciate it

          • dragon says:

            hey kelvin!i have not yet rooted my device,please can u give me the link of the cwm6 file which has its cache size fixed please please please.

    • Gerald says:

      You have to enable debugging mode to get the CWM recovery working properly.

      Go to setting, developer options and tick the debbuging option.

      You should now be able to boot into CWM recovery.

      Without doing that, it will just keep looping back to the samgsung bootload.

  51. Tony says:

    Hello, everyone,, I am still kind of new to this stuff. I use to play around with my LG Optimus T P509 installing roms to see which I liked best. Anyway I read that some people that cannot reboot into recovery my try this simple method. Make sure your rooted, and flash clockwork, then when rebooting hold the correct buttons after a few seconds release the power button and recovery will reveal itself. Now I read this so give it a try and if it doesn’t work try a different Clockworkmod. Good luck 🙂

  52. angki. You ro says:

    Thank you. You really make my day!
    You are a very resourceful person. 😀

  53. steve h says:

    Hey max will this work for the canadian SGH T889V?

    • Max Lee says:

      Yup flawlessly.

      • Mathias says:

        Are you positive? I mean did you do any testing?

        • Steve H says:

          Im testing at the moment it worked flawless.

          • Derek says:

            Hi Steve:

            Are you on the Wind network?

            I’m really nervous about even trying this as I’ve heard that Wind uses some special frequencies… I was even told that to unlock this “wind” version, that I’d have to root and add some sort of Frequency emulator to have it work on other networks… not sure if true, but not surprised since our Koodo S2, if unlocked, apparently won’t work properly on Wind.

          • Julien says:

            Works great on my Wind Mobile Note 2 T889V. Looking forward to using my PS3 controller on it.

          • Ray says:

            Hi those of you own a Wind sgh-899v:

            Do you guys know how to do a stock recovery (Back to the factory rom) for Winds Note 2s ?


  54. arnab says:

    hello max!before rooting my n7100i have to back up mu all installed apps??

  55. samirshakya says:

    hi max
    When i hit the volume ,power & home button the warning screen appears but when i hit the volume up nothing happens ……. it doesn’t show the ODIN download mode …….. please help…………………

  56. Adam says:

    Hi if I have missed it sorry, but I have the i317m note 2…… I need to root! Any help would be appreciated. I used your Method on my s3. By far the best site for instruction.

    Thank you

  57. arnab says:

    if i root in this process the installed apps in my note 2 will be effected???

  58. jason says:

    After rooting . Can u still do the system update? Nexus I don’t want to get the message : device has been modified. Unable to update device.

  59. dragon says:

    can anybody tell me where can i find the cwm6 file which has its cache partition fixed??

  60. vikas says:

    pls help me. i rooted my note 2 but after rooting when i connect to pc as media device i cannot copy files to android data folder…… pls help pls pls

  61. dragon says:

    kevin!please can you give me the link cwm file which is sorted out and and can be used and i have not yet rooted my phone.

  62. Tommytky says:

    Hey Zedomax,

    How are we suppose to unroot the phone later on if we want to upgrade our stock firmware through Kies?
    Can you please show us the way to unroot it?

    Thanks a lot and your reply is very much appreciated 🙂

  63. dragon says:

    so kevin !please can you name the cwm file which you have used for rooting then that would be a great help for me.

    • Kevin says: just Google ‘cwm galaxy n7100’ an click on xda result and use download link you need from latest version posted 14 October

      • Kevin says:

        Use method posted by max for rooting this is just the correct cwm version I am advising you on and links are there for Odin method and flash method

  64. Viv says:

    Will this work on AT&T galaxy note 2 model SGH-I317? Please advise. Thanks!

  65. Moiz says:

    How do I unbrick my galaxy s3. It’s be hard bricked because I downloaded fox hound on my T-999V

  66. dragon says:

    hey kelvin!i have not yet rooted my device,please can u name the cwm6 file which has its cache size fixed please please please

  67. mdlutfi says:

    I have root my Note 2 successful by follow your guide. Really Thank for that.
    Then I root again because some problem. After that my supersu not work anymore it keep saying “need to upgade su binary” . when upgrade it will fail.

    I try reroot many time but still got same problem. Hope you have som suggestion for that. Thank you.

  68. mdlutfi says:

    Hi all,
    I have solve my problem with setup back official firmware and the root back as usual. Thank you.

  69. Fish says:

    Will this method wipe my the device or reset anything? thanks

  70. Raji says:

    Does anyone know how to unroot Note 2 I317?

  71. drgon says:

    hey kevin!i have downloaded cwm6-root-n7100-121015 file to root my international note 2 can you please tell me that i can use this file to root my note 2?please!!!

    • Kevin says:

      This file does NOT root your phone it is a custom recovery. In order to root your phone use the method max has shown you above and once you have rooted your phone then you can apply this version of cwm so you have a working recovery, hope this helps

  72. Abdullah says:

    Thanks so much just tried it on Rogers Galaxy note 2 and it worked like a charm. Now iam fully rooted cant wait for my sd card to arrive. thanks again.

  73. drgon says:

    then kevin please can you tell me,that the cwm6 file u used earlyer caused you a lot of problem and i think that was the cwm file which was uploaded by max then why are you telling me to download that file!!!

    • Kevin says:

      Once u have used Max’s method to root simply flash the most recent version of cwm (which you have) via Odin. Make sure you have the Odin .tar and not the zip

  74. drgon says:

    so kevin after root,can i use cwm6-root-n7100-121014 to flash via odin???
    and thanxxx for all above replies 🙂

  75. Ken says:

    Looking for the stock firmware for my AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-I317 .Any idea if you will have that ? Thank you

  76. drgon says:

    kevin after rooting from the above process my cache partition will be broken or not??

    • Kevin says:

      I used this process and everything is fine. I can only advise you on what I have used, for more technical advise ask max directly or use the forum at xda if you are unsure. I hope this helps

  77. Qais says:

    The Zip file is not downloading……when it reach at the stuck….i don’t know what to do………plz help with it….or give me other link.

  78. subro says:

    hey max can i use this cwm file cwm6-root-n7100-121015 to get root(in xda developers it is saying that it is a auto root file).i have not yet rooted my please reply mw max!!!

  79. anonumus? says:

    What rom manager do you use to download multi window for tmobile note2? Thanks!

  80. Iphone is for fabulous people says:

    hey max, How can i prevent to loose my imei while flashing…I had a nasty experience with my galaxy s3 and now im just scared about that happening to my note 2…what can i do to prevent this horrible issue????

  81. Brandon says:

    Any news on how to use wifi tethering on a tmobile Note 2?

  82. wally says:

    I rooted my phone the galaxy note 2 from T-Mobile. First, can you load a video how to unroot the phone in case they push otas. Second, I tried to tether using foxfi, when I turn it on, it turns the T-Mobile hot spot manager and that asks me to upgrade and added tethering to my plan which I don’t want to do. Any app works for free tethering after this root

  83. John says:

    …in odin, I get a get “pit for mapping” sign, and after 20 mins nothing happens…I end up restarting the phone and abandoning the root process… am I missing anything?
    thanks in advance to anyone ho can give me some guidance in this…

  84. Jonathan Chan says:

    I’m stuck on recovery.img, and it says CACHE in the white box. I followed the instructions exactly… I have the T-Mobile version, if that makes a difference.

    Was the problem that I forgot to unmount things?

    • Jonathan Chan says:

      So now I’m completely screwed – soft-brick, and I can’t figure out a way to ODIN back to stock ROM either.
      I just get a yellow warning triangle telling me to use Kies and use recovery mode, except I don’t know how to do that either.

      …Help! =[

    • Jonathan Chan says:

      Nevermind on the Stock ROM, I just changed USB ports and fixed it.

      Now could somebody advise me on rooting it? ^_^”” Do you think the problem was USB port, too?

  85. drgon says:

    hey kelvin! i think cwm6-root-n7100-121015 can also be used for,can you please check and reply me sooon please…
    and thanx for all of the above answers.

    • Kevin says:

      I can only tell you how I have rooted my own phone and like all my phones I use Max’s videos and methods to root so as I have already rooted my note 2 I couldn’t tell you for sure if what you say is the case. I used Max’s method to root,then because booting into recovery was intermittent I flashed the updated cwm through the normal procedure but as you wanted to make sure you could eliminate the possibility of the older cwm not working I advised to flash the updated .tar version through Odin. This is the best advise I can give you as it worked for me so as I said,use Max’s method to root then flash updated cwm .tar through Odin and job is done you will be rooted with custom recovery

  86. cool man says:

    how to get cwm 6.0.5

  87. vikas soni says:

    Thanks for root Instruction , i have done

    but i want to know how to unroot Instruction with Galaxy Note 2 OTA update.


  88. Jose says:

    hey waz up. i just upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. like everything you Dude keep up the Good work., just have one question, do you have a way of unbrick the Tmobile Galaxy note 2 (t889) yet? . thank you for your help.

  89. Sebastian Irawan says:

    Hi Max..i already watch your video tutorial how to root samsung galaxy note 2, i want to try, but i’m a lil’ bit scared..will root erase everything? data? installed app? contacts?
    many thanks Max.

  90. Benny Wah says:

    Watch your tutorial on how to root samsung galaxy note 2, sound great to me. My note 2 is GT-N7105, can it root using your method? Will root erase everythings; like contacts, installed applications & etc?

    Best regards,

  91. Lune Volcy says:

    Hi, i have a t-mobile note 2 that i wanna root to get super user access. Will this method works for me?

  92. Emmanuel says:

    Honestly this was the easiest phone I’ve ever rooted. I see a lot of the same questions being asked, if you guys read like the first 20 posts I bet at least 80% of your questions are already answered there. Take the minute or two to read a little bit.

    • lune says:

      Hey I read plenty, but as a noob I’m being extra careful.that’s a $700 phone. Don’t wanna brick it. Thnx for the advice though.

  93. MuhammadJamaal says:

    hey man. i had rooted my galaxy note 2 with success and then installed wanam lite rom with red pill kernel. then i decided to try the rr pitchblack rom and i get a status 7 error and cannot install any custom rom after that. but can restore back to the stock rom using the cwm backup. what is the prob guys. help me out. m new to this stuff. please

  94. Jacob says:

    Jonathan ! How did you manage to Odin back to stock while u was soft bricked ??

  95. MuhammadJamaal says:

    hey max i had rooted my phone with success and was able to install custom roms with cwm using internal sd. but now i am unable to do so and can only install using external. help me man! please!

  96. karkan says:

    Will I lose my lte service if I root my SGH-1317 NOTE 2. And will I lose everything (will it erase everything like it does on iphones) ? Thank you

  97. asunday says:

    HEY MAX! you said you would post the same EASY solution for mac-users soon.. Is it gonna come?

  98. artan says:

    Will this work on my at&t note 2

  99. fernando says:

    Max I can use this root for the NOTE 2 for Verizon?

  100. Herman Singh says:

    After i rooted and then i installed the Saurom custom rom i noticed that i lost the default “kies” app that comes with phone when u get it. There is a “kies air” app but its not the same. is there any way i can the default “kies” app back.
    -galaxy note 2(at&t)

  101. Eric says:

    Same Question as Fernando above, can I use this same root for Verizon?

    Also, once rooted, will I be able to delete all the bloatware on the phone or is their another way to do so? This would be my only reason for rooting the phone.

    Thanks for your help!

  102. Mohit says:

    I got root using your method 🙂 But I am unable to update my software ?? It says “Your Device has been modified. Software updates are not available.” What should i do now ?? any method?? or do i need to unroot my phone ?? How to unroot it ??

  103. Dave Camilleri says:

    Same question as above. Can we use this method for Verizon versions of the phone?

  104. tecneeq says:

    Hi Max or anyone else,

    How does one unroot?

    Thanks in advance.

  105. jon says:

    i tryed rootingmy sprint note2 like 5 times and its still not working

    • Michelle says:

      I had to try it like 8 times and I even became frustrated to the point of tears, but if you follow Max’s direction under the Q&A, you will get it. You have to hold the recovery buttons for quite a bit but it will definitely load twrp!!!

  106. user says:

    anyone ever encrypt the phone prior to rooting? how did it work out and if there is any issue encountered? thanks

  107. Daniel says:

    I got stuck here. It still downloads after 30 minutes. I totally knew this would happen….

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:6)..
    File analysis..

  108. stephen says:

    I have downloaded the root file but the odin is not opening also i cant get the .tar file. It still shows as a winzip file please help

    • Steve H (VerifiedSub) says:

      You need to unzip the file in winzip once you extract the file then run odin and it will see the .tar file.

  109. Chet Williams says:

    Where do I downloaded the correct Odin and root file?
    I have the SGH-i317M model.

  110. Hani says:

    Hi max ;
    first of all thanks so much for this website and give us this ways to root our phones
    you are the best bro and i want to say for all others here please read first before you ask any question .
    and thanks again .

  111. gotu says:

    hey is there a problem with file. I have completed 5 th step that is unzipped file and has installed odin but my laptop is not showing window containing yellow box with random number.i have checked installation of Samsung usb drivers also , it is properly installed!!! plzzzzzz help !!! pretty excited for rooting my note 2!!!!

  112. niwei says:

    HELP !! mine appear to be blue !!

  113. Ryan says:

    I successfuly rooted my At&t gn2. I’m trying to put a new ROM on but when I hold up, home, and power it takes me to Anroid system recovery and not CWM recovery. I have successfuly downloaded ROM manager and Titanium backup so I know its rooted. How can I get the new ROM on if I can’t get into CWM recovery?

    • zach says:

      go to play store type in clocworkmod, download rom manager (free), open app, click boot into recovery mode. you’re now in cwm.

  114. Sherwin says:

    Hi! I successfully rooted my Samsung Note 2 LTE and I also successfully swaped my phone memory to my SD card memory, but some reason, it will change my phone memory to my sd card memory making me both memory are from sd card ( phone memory just disappeared and making both memory from sd card)and some of my apps will not work properly, is there something I did wrong ? Is there anyway I can correct these changes? Thank you for your attention.

  115. zach says:

    AT&T NOTE 2 USERS!!!!! with samsung’s official 4.1.1 update the phone WILL NOT BOOT INTO CWM no matter how hard you try. ive tried every method to no avail. until its worked around here is the easiest method to run cwm

    YOU WILL GET AND CWM. do all the tutorial steps

    GET CWM ROM MANAGER from play store for free, in the app boot into recovery mode and do whatever you want. that easy.

  116. Hamza says:


    When i extract all the files then the file of ” cwm6-root-note2.tar” still appears as a WinRAR.
    When i extract the file of ” cwm6-root-note2.tar” i get two disc image files.
    Should i still proceed and place this file in PDA ” cwm6-root-note2.tar” or not?

  117. JR says:

    I need HELP. I followed the process to root and it went thru perfect, im rooted and everything, the problem is i cant connect to my mobile network for calls or anything like that. After i rooted it i figured it was a glitch or something so i did a factory reset to no prevail. when ever i try to make a call it says something like “mobile network not available”
    please help me or gimme a clue???

  118. Mike is confused says:

    So I tried using this exact guide for my Tmobile Note 2, and once I get to the odin part to click Start, the process halts at SetupConnection.. and won’t ever progress past that part. Any idea what I should do?

  119. Lil mamu says:

    Hi maxx,i tried your method and it didnt root my phone plus i dont have cellular signal,i have gn2 att…please help! Keep up the good work

  120. Lil mamu says:

    Hi,my phone has no imei,signal etc….

  121. rob says:

    hi can you do this root when your note 2 is encrypted and has a password on it to unlock it.
    cheers rob
    i just wont to root to solve the storage problem i am full and want to use the sd card more

  122. Matt says:

    Everything worked great for me. First time at rooting a phone and adding a custom rom. I read EVERYTHING you have before I did anything. It deffinitly helped knowing all the ins and outs before I attempted this. SGH-T889 with 4.1.1 and MyRom.

  123. Adam says:

    Hi Guys , Will this method work with 7100T ? i think it will but to scared to try , is somebody able to verify?

  124. Benni says:

    Hi max,

    If i flash the standard recovery back to note 2 and note 10.1 to receive ota updates, do i lose root rights than?

    Thx Benni

  125. copter says:

    Failed 2 times now. I reloaded stock rom, tried again, same effect. followed instructions exactly..was there a change?

  126. rajeev says:

    hey Mike i got a question i rooted my galaxy note 2 for the multi screen feature which att does not have the update as yet but i heard they got it and is realeasing it today how do i go about going back to factory rom to recieve updates from att thanks

  127. Arunava Nayak says:

    i have rooted my note 2 through your method. i am on stock rom. i have disabled few bloatwares in application manager. i am not concerned about re-rooting, bcoz we can do it any no of times. my question is whether in future i will be able to update through OTA? or i have to go through sammobile firmwares? i have ota rootkeeper.

  128. crnrao says:

    My SGN2 is not rooted but it has TWRP recovery installed. Will this method work for me? Thanks in advance

  129. Ramsen says:

    Dose this work for galaxy note 2 4G n7150

  130. Samir Shakya says:

    i tried to root my phone but it wont go pass the warning screen ……even i pressed the volume up button…….please help..

  131. Paul says:

    Does rooting void the warranty or make it non-returnable? If so, am I able to revert back to factory settings if I need to?

  132. rob00 says:

    Will I lose my unlock status if I root my AT&T Galaxy Note II SGH-I317? I called AT&T and got the unlock code from AT&T directly and unlocked my phone. If I root my Note 2, or if I install the different ROMS or reset the counter, or any other way that I might lose the unlocking on my phone? thanks for any info.

  133. seamaster says:

    Thank you Max for this awesome website, I just purchased an unlocked SGH-i317M from eBay.
    how can I update my phone other than rooting it, because I don’t wanna void my warranty, so I wanna wait up the year, plus I feel that it is risky to install custom ROMs, looking at all these comments regarding ROMs issues.
    I honestly just want to have the 7105 stock ROM, nothing more. do you know of a safer way to get that stock ROM into the 317M?

  134. Jeff says:

    So I know it have been verified that this method of rooting work with the t-mobile variant of the note 2,
    but will this still work after the ota update that was released around December 19th?
    It was the update that added the multi window feautre.

    I want to use this method to root mine, but I’m not sure if it will work because I did the ota update.

  135. Barend says:

    This does not work – I’ve tried it several times and it just hangs at “cache.img”. What could be the problem?

  136. PM says:

    Will I lose any of the apps,screens,roms and functions the galaxy note 2 comes with? Ty..

  137. PM says:

    Also, I am waiting for the Galaxy note 2 to arive any day now,I ordered it through Amazon and go thru Sprint. Will this routing method work on this late model phone. Not sure of model # yet. Its on amazon for 199.00$ ty again..

  138. PM says:

    Srry,just one more question..Can I route the Galaxy note 2 as soon as I get it b4 I call Sprint and activate it ir does it have to be activated first? Once again ty….

  139. RUSSELL VIERA says:

    how can i re-install clockworkmod recovery on my rooted galaxy note 2 after installing stock recovery?

  140. Denise says:

    Awesome! Rooted on first try. Clear and helpful directions and tools. Thank you!

  141. Barend says:

    What could be the issue with mine? It just does NOT want to root… Gets to cache.img and then there it stays… The app does not “hang” cause if I go to Windows Task Manager, it still says “Running”…

    Please help…

  142. RGo says:

    Hi, I’m planning to buy this phone but I’m afraid of the Sudden Death Bug (Siii).
    Is the phone prone to such bugs?

  143. PM says:

    Can anyone help me with my previous questions? TY

  144. RandomKing says:

    Can you make a tutorial for Canadian WindMobile Galaxy Note II SGH T889V

    I really want to root it so i can use the multi view feature. Need real help!

  145. Kyle says:

    There is no Mac method for the ATT variant yet, right?

  146. Nyjewell says:

    I’m trying to root my T-mobile galaxy note 2 and i followed all the instruction and downloaded the galaxynote2zip file but when i tried to open it, it will not open and it tells me that it is invalid. Is this Zip file no longer good?

  147. angel says:

    Hello, Max!

    Good job!

    I used this method to root my international note 2 n7100, its all ok, but i have a question – how to back to full stock form – stock recovery, stock rom (now i have custom rom), without root, etc….

    Please help!

    Thanks in advance!

  148. mike says:

    lookig for rooting instructions for canadian SGH-I317M with a mac

    • Michael says:

      Same here, except on Windows. Running the Bell Mobility SHG-I317M. I thought I saw it somewhere on this site but can’t seem to find any info/help for it.
      Will this method work with our variants ?

      • Michael says:

        Nevermind, I saw FAQ #3 and seen my model number is not right. Just wish I could find the page I found a while back LOL

  149. Matias Holsve says:


    I just got my screen changed trough samsung and when i got the screen back, i can only flash the cmw recovery, and nothing above. If i do, the screen flickers like there is some kind of driver failing. Have you heard of any thing about this? This also happens when i try to flash a CM 10 og CM 10.1 rom. The Galaxy Note II text flickering over the screen.

    Please help me 🙂

  150. greenastronauts says:


    Firstly, thank you for the video. appreciate it
    Secondly i did exactly what u advised. i have the SuperSU on my phone but i cannot download Titanium Backup

  151. captain says:

    hey i have rooted phone now , and status is modified , and i installed tirangle away , i recovered from that as well , my phone started after everything , and my status changed to normal , and when i tried to download genuine update by wifi after completion phone got restarted , then it went to bootloop , where is the prob ??? how should i do triangle away to my note 2 ?? please give me specific guide . thanks

  152. Shehzam says:

    Dear Max,

    I rooted my galaxy note II GT-N7100 by your method.

    Using odin and installing CWM.

    Now recently i tried to make a back up rom but i am not able to access CWM as yr method says “up,Center button and power button” . The screen shows the samsung sign and goes blank for a while and boots up in the normal mode. So is their anyway i can reinstall CWM???

    • ElpeePhablet says:

      Right after you see SS sign, release power button but still keep the other two. You can check the way people did at youtube.

  153. Shehzam says:

    Dear Max,

    I rooted my galaxy note II GT-N7100 by your method.

    Using odin and installing CWM.

    Now recently i tried to make a back up rom but i am not able to access CWM as yr method says “up,Center button and power button” . The screen shows the samsung sign and goes blank for a while and boots up in the normal mode. So is their anyway i can reinstall CWM?????

  154. Akhil Raj says:

    Thanks bro, really you helped me to root my new Samsung GT N-7100. now i’m able to use many rooted apps.
    Bro, max i have ques. i have downloaded the Complete Linux Installer(Ubuntu) and the Omega Files app from playstore will there be any problem for installing and running these in my GT-N7100 Operating System also can u pls help me with some good OS that i can install from XDA developers. thanking you…………………….

  155. S. Campos says:

    Good stuff bud!! …as always. Just sold my Samsung Galaxy SII as is (Rooted). Now, got that Samsung Galaxy Note II.

  156. Hiren patel says:

    Hi I rooted my note 2 with this method but can’t go in recovery mode screen just goes blank

  157. Damian says:

    Hi Max,

    First of all, thanks for your guides and your site, it has been very helpful.
    I would like to ask your advice about a problem I am encountering.
    I managed to succesfully root my Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7100 with your provided guide.
    Everything worked for a while. Then after a month or so, I suddenly lost network connection (no internet, cannot make phone calls, no sms, etc.). The only connection I get it through WIFI.
    I tried putting my micro SIM into a friend’s phone and that worked, which excludes a damanged micro SIM.
    Then I decided to unroot my phone (again with your provided guide).
    Unrooting was succesful as well and to my surprise, I regained network connections.
    A few weeks has passed and all of sudden, today after I rebooted my phone (because for some reason my lower bar menu was gone). After rebooting my device I lost network connection again, same as before, only WIFI.
    No I have tried rooting it and unrooting it, but it didn’t help. I have no network connection.
    Do you know how I can solve this problem?
    Please help, since I don’t want to send my phone for repair (losing for at least several weeks) and I am afraid I mess up using the Triangle Away app to clear the binary count (erasing my root actions).
    Thanks in advance!

    • Damian says:

      Never mind this post. I found out it has nothing to do with rooting or unrooting. It was Go Launcher who made my device not recognizing my micro SIM. Once deleted and rebooted, everything worked again.

  158. Jet Lee says:

    Rooting this way will block you from samsung from getting update. It will be detected that your phone is rooted. Are there any other way to root my Note2 4.1.2 without being detected?

  159. Timycan says:

    i have rooted my note 2 and installed busybox, i know flashing stock roms will remove root but the question i want to ask is does it also happen with the busybox ? i’ve tried factory reset but it still remains in the /system folder so i think flashing stocks rom could solve it ??

  160. Charles says:

    Hi, i just root on 4.1.1 then i used factory reset then upgrade to 4.1.2 (OTA)
    no my root is gone but SuperSU still exist
    how to delete application SuperSU ?

  161. jamalmallak says:

    hi, I think I jist rooted my note 2 t889 model, it installed supersu app but a root checker app said I dont have root access. what am I missing?

  162. Mario says:

    heey 😀 .. what happened with my W-Lan .. it doesnt work anymore .. sum1 can help me ?

  163. nick pan says:

    My name is nicholas. I have just rooted my note 2 using ur step by step instruction. All when well no I have a rooted n7100 running on ori firmware. XXDLL7 Jelly bean.
    What i want to know is, how do I go back to original? In case there is updates from sumsung. Or will there be some kind of up dates from you..
    Next thing do I use a custome miui..

    Last but not least, thx u for sharing ur knowlegde on rooting..

  164. bennie starr says:

    Hello max i just bought a galaxy note LTE and the dealer failed to tell me it was an international! I got the 4g no contract sim card from tmobile but its only moving at “G” SPEED. I need help.

  165. Okscool says:

    Just rooted note 2 gt n7100 it was a success. But cant get into CWM. any idea?

  166. sparky says:

    hey i got a note 2 from Wind mobile in canada, the model number is SGH-T889V is it the same as SGH-T889 from T-mobile? cuz i want to root my phone and idk if the root for SGH-T889 will work on my phone as well

  167. KazM3 says:

    Hi Max
    i just got galaxy note 2 model SGH-I31 from telus, would you mind telling me what file to download in order to root my phone and if i rooted and install custom room would i lose my unlock ?


  168. KazM3 says:

    Model SGH-I317 sorry forgot to put 7

  169. Chuen says:

    Nice tutorial!It is worked…thanks!

  170. Taufik says:

    Hello Max,

    Can I request Stock Rom for my Galaxy Note II?

    here is the detail.
    Kernel : 3.031-310959
    se.infra@SEP-96 #1
    SMP PREEMPT Wed Oct 10 21:08:07 KST 2012
    Baseband version : N7100DXALJ1
    Builld Number : JR003C.N7100XXALJ3

  171. Delayne says:

    I hate the AT&T bloatware but the 5 or 6 times I hit the internet for instructions to root, my concerns and fears kept me from proceeding. From a relatively non-tech guy, this instruction was easy and very understandable. Everything took place exactly as described. My first root and I walk away excited that I finally have control of my phone and eager to dump all the proprietary garbage, much the way I pillage a new pre-loaded computer. Max, thank you for making my day!

  172. stephen says:

    Just now I have rooted my GT N7100. Can I upgrade to 4.2.1?? And I cant see super user app in the application screen but found on search.

    Please suggest and thanks


  173. Pandamonium says:

    thank you very much… really helps a lot for noobies like me… =)

  174. Dan says:

    Hi, If I want to use this method to root but I want to install TWRP as my custom backup instead of CWM can I use your method and then install TWRP afterward? If not, can I replace the recovery.img file in cwm6-root-note2.rar with the TWRP img file and still have cwm6-root-note2.rar run correctly?

    • Sean says:

      Good question….

      • Dan says:

        OK, I rooted using hte method described in the article and the same files. Then I installed TWRP afterward and it worked fine. I wasn’t daring enough to try and substitue the twrp image inside of the other file though so still no idea if it works that way or now. Anyway, it just takes an extra minute to do it this way.

  175. JGJ says:

    Can you make a video about rooting a galaxy tab 8.9 i957 for at&t, also how to get 4g on it with t mobile?!

  176. Asim says:

    Hi, I able to root my new galaxy note 2.
    but once i press all three button (volume+home+power) together
    it show black screen and doesnt show any screen
    then i restarted however phone is working with superuser is installed.

    my question, i am getting black screen when i press now all 3 buttons, why?
    the screen flickrs and then black! 🙁 any suggestion why?


  177. parsag72 says:

    hi I’m a noob to android devices and n7100 is my first android phone.
    well actually this might be a silly question but:
    i noticed that after i rooted the phone i cant update the phone using OTA Update method.
    is there a way keep OTA updating functionality while I’m rooting my device?

    • parsag72 says:

      sry for the trouble!
      it was because of a sd card of my friend who also rooted his device !
      just removed the sd card and every thing is fine ! my n7100 updates with ota again 😀

  178. hyhyhhy says:

    Hi, wanna ask if it can really work on GTN7105. Does it affect anything to the phone?

  179. Really no matter if someone doesn’t know after that its up to other viewers that they will help, so here it occurs.

  180. gaurav says:

    i wana remove the root plzz help

  181. Jose Rios says:

    Can anyone help me everytime im in the terminal and try to put sudo it says to enter the password but when i try my keys dont respond on the terminal? Anyone else get that?

  182. Ganesh Jadhav says:

    Trying to root note2 .7100.on 4.1.2 but does not found (port)in odin what should I do now?

  183. John Chung says:

    Hi max , i am having problem with my phone all of a sudden my phone turn to No network after calling a friend and i found out that i key hash tag my keypad my IMEI is gone

  184. StevenUrban says:

    Does this work on i317UCALK7 (Android 4.1.2)? It’s a simple reply of Yes or No Max.
    Just as simple as that. I have been at awe with your work but a simple Yes or No answer you cannot deal with?
    If it doesn’t work is there another method?
    As always thanks Max for all your hard work.

  185. Hanafi says:

    Hey Max! Can you do a video tutorial on how to root Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7105? Because I don’t see any description on GT-N7105 files for rooting. Thanks!

  186. madijonee says:

    can someone please upload the file to another site cause this site doesn’t work

  187. Farhan says:

    Didn’t work on my N7100 .. XXALJ2.. why wouldn’t it?

  188. Osokthedevil says:

    Has anyone rooted the Telus note 2? Same model as at&t one.

  189. steven wright says:

    hey max,

    I used this method on my new note 2 ATT sgh-i317 4.1.2 from stock..
    have encountered a problem while in CWM version
    when trying to load a Rom from the external sd card it says (can’t mount /external_sd)
    have never had this issue before, so I tried to use another Micro sd and still get the same error
    please help with this anybody willing to try anything other than going back to stock were it worked last

  190. mike says:

    please, help me sir i just download the file and i unzipped it but the problem is the cwm6 file wont unzip! i am using winrar atm please help and when i choose to unzip the cwm6 file too i get 2 img files

  191. wilson says:

    hello master Max,
    i just buy a new note 2 N-7100 with DXDLK5 4.1.2 , can i root my device as u teach?

  192. Justin says:

    Hey Max, I’ve rooted a couple of phones before so i figured this one would be simple and it was following your TUT. So, once I rooted my AT&T Note II, I tried flashing Diaphanes ROM to it and once the phone rebooted, it was constant errors of android process stopping. So i unrooted the phone and flashed the stock AT&T 4.1.1 back onto it. Then proceeded to root it once again. it was a success! Now the only problems I am having are : MMS not working, cant get the update to 4.1.2 for multi-window (tells me memory is full) and when in recovery I can’t mount extSD.

    Thanks for your help ahead of time!

  193. jay says:

    the links on your site arent working to download on any web browser please fix

  194. Dorank says:

    An up to date (4.1.2) GT-N7100 (jzo54k.n7100xxdma6) here, got it rooted with these instructions but can’t use recovery mode. Screen flickers, just like the CRT times when hsync/vsync were unsupported by monitor, and then goes black. I suspect cwm is running but nothing can be seen.

  195. RODION says:

    Hi i rooted my note 2 but when i try to go to the root menu my screen just fucks up an then i restart and evrythigs works on the OS but i cant get into the root menu

  196. Arty says:

    Hey guys,

    Will this root method work on the wind network? its the SGH-T889V?

    thank you!!

  197. Michael Merten says:

    Hi Max,

    Can I use this tutorial to root the N7105. LTE model. Thanks.

  198. almulder says:

    Just updated OTA with my T-Mobile SGH-T889 and can Root. keeps erroring out.

    ” Added!!
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Any thoughts?

    Worked on my friends phone just fine!

  199. Shabeer says:

    hi is this possible to unroot the galaxy note2 to default OS….
    and tell me the drawbacks of rooting phone

  200. Tgusnik says:

    I am running MacksRom and rooted per you guidelines for the Sprint variant. I am now being prompted to install an Android System Update. The size of file is 278 MB. Is this safe to install or will it cause me to lose root?

  201. says:

    This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger.

    I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post.
    Also, I have shared your site in my social networks!

  202. Alonzo Madonna says:

    Hey Max you think youappreciateppreciatecan help me out i tried this root which made boot screen wiappreciate itg out and went black when i tried to install cm10

    I researched on the web a found no help except for downgrading from 4.1.2 to 4.1.1 and then flash root with cwm auto root method

    I couldnt find the right firmware to downgrade

    Phone Spec


    Baseband: N7100UBDMA1
    Build Number: JZO54K.N7100UBDMA3
    Its an factory unlocked unbranded international i think

    If there is a way to flash cwm on note 2 or just downgrade
    Link would be great
    Thank You Max Great reviews By the wsy

  203. Dian says:

    Odin doesnt recognize my phone in download mode. It doesnt turn yellow. But its okay with MTP and Kies. Its only not working in download mode. Read everything on the internet for troubleshoot, reinstall samsung usb driver, everything! and still doesnt work. What did I do wrong? Please help :((
    *PS: sorry for bad english

  204. dgd says:

    I do not recommend you run the windows version on a small screen… it is very difficult to see. The UI does NOT fit on small screens! It did work though. Thank you!

  205. mofojones says:

    Awesome tutorial! Didn’t take 3 mins to do so simple!

    Thanks so much! It was completely idiot proof.I dont know how anyones having any promlems. Att SGH-1317

  206. Rohit Priyan says:

    Hi Max,
    i tried this(i am using windows 8 pro),but odin shows the following error
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  207. Yew-Shuen says:

    Hi, tried the steps below on a UK stock ROM, unrooted device since im on hang on the main screen

    Get PIT for mapping..

    There is no PIT partition.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)
    Any tips on what this means and if there is anyway around this at all?

    Let me know when you can thanks again for the help

  208. POKERPHIL247 says:


  209. Greg says:

    Hey Max since this recovery is way outdated, I’ve tried unzip and rezipping with a file converter back to tar file but it’s not working for some reason. I tried replacing the img file with updated AT&T img file also tried the touch img and it just won’t work. I’m guessing the cache file is different. Is there anyway you can update the tar file for AT&T version touch preferably or create a zip file to flash over outdated one. Thanks!

  210. Greg says:

    He Max so I managed to push new .img via terminal emulator, but new version of cwm recovery and cwm recovery touch do not support extSdCard support you’re unable to save to external sdcard only internal sdcard which sucks if you ask me.

  211. PaceyPimps says:

    Is this still the most updated version to root your Note T988 on the latest update?

  212. Galaxy Note || says:

    I need your help !

    I backup my data in CWM & I install TWRP . So now my recovery turn to TWRP .. I can’t restore my phone back !

  213. man says:

    Thanks man…I come to you for every note 2 issues. You are the best.
    From Russia I say thanks!

  214. AB NET says:

    First time a root a device so quick… Thanks Bro 🙂

  215. Parsa-N7100 says:

    This will work on the latest 4.1.2 Update for my country too right ?!

  216. krypticprime says:

    after you root the phone how do you install custom roms?

  217. kgosi says:

    I HAVE ROOTED MY N7105 and everything is working fine!!! Big up to u guys 🙂

  218. bones says:

    my city now has tmobile LTE OTA update rolling out as we speak. I am rooted on stock tmobile rom . what options do i have to get this ota update? i tried using voodoo ota root keeper, it does not work. how do i get back to “unmodified status” while keeping root?

    • R.S says:

      I want to know this as well. I plan to root my phone but I want yo update LTE. Does anybody know if you will keep your phone rooted aftr the ota update

  219. SSH says:

    I un-rooted, updated T-Mobile Note 2 on OVA and re-rooted to use Wifi-Tether TrevE Mod. I confirm you guys, it works. Rooting works flawlessly. One tip for un-rooting part is, make sure you download original stock rom that you feel comfortable to work with. Again, I confirm this method works on Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on T-Mobile.

  220. Kevin says:

    I rooted my phone and installed JediMaster Rom on it, but now my mobile data doesnt work…can anyone help me please

  221. gary says:

    Haiii friends…
    Can u help me pls.
    I get a same problem here.
    After rooted, I have superuser but cannot reboot into recovery.
    I cannot flash any custom rom.
    Pls…pls…pls… help me

  222. Rahi says:

    I have superuser but cannot reboot into recovery!
    (when I try up+home+power Its flashing the screen then boot as normal)

  223. gary says:

    i have superuser,(when I try up+home+power Its flashing the screen then boot as normal)can you help?

  224. AWasay says:

    Hi Max !!
    I rooted my Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100) using this procedure. Everything works fine SuperUser and Apps that required root access, but I am not able to boot in to CWM recovery. Whenever I try to the screen flickers and I have to reboot my phone. Suggestions and help on this issue will be very helpful.
    Thanks 🙂

  225. Matiu says:

    From where to download the ?

  226. gary says:

    hello, being rooting my galaxy note 2 for 2 days now,it wont boot in to recovery all i keep getting when I try up+home+power Its flashing the screen then boot as normal,i done the battery take it out and back in,done everything so i unrooted my phone,so everybody this root does not work on all samsung galaxy notes 2, i done on windows xp,vista,and mac,so can any one help.

  227. Ken says:

    Woo Hoo It works.

    Tried it on my Mac and it didn’t work. So I tried it on my XP running in VMware and it worked perfectly.

    Really fast too.

    Thank you.

  228. spence says:

    Worked fine for a hour or so then i went to the Play Store, to buy something and before the transaction was complete i got “System UI has stopped”, I have tried reinstalling twice just to get the same problems.

  229. gary says:

    hello, being rooting my galaxy note 2 for 2 days now,it wont boot in to recovery all i keep getting when I try up+home+power Its flashing the screen then boot as normal,i done the battery take it out and back in,done everything so i unrooted my phone,so everybody this root does not work on all samsung galaxy notes 2, i done on windows xp,vista,and mac,so can any one help.

  230. George says:

    Hey Max, thanks for the help. I have a problem. I did everything you said and everything went the way it was suppose to but when I open titanium back up it just says “sorry I could not acquire root privileges. This application will not work. Please ensure that your Rom is rooted. Does my phone have to be unlocked from my phone carrier also? Thanks.

  231. ali says:

    in advance thanks for this great website
    I’ve rooted my note 2 successfully and it has android 4.1.2 but I can’t restart it in CWM recovery mode and enable multi window for all programs..:(
    would you help me?
    sincerely yours

  232. bob says:

    does it whip my memory?

  233. mostafa says:

    Where the hell is cwm6-root-note2.tar????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  234. idris westbrook says:

    im having tthe same problem as mostafa. i cant find cwm6-root-note2.tar . rather, cwm6-root-note2 (a winzip file) is there in place of cwm6-root-note2.tar. help please

  235. Kevin says:

    Great tutorial…. worked seamlessly on the i317. Do you have one for the Tablet 10.1 i497 too???


  236. Ken says:

    I have successfully rooted my GT-N7100 using the above tutorial.

    So far, I have not made a backup because my backup card has not arrived.It should be here next day or two.

    Is there anything I need to know about putting in the card? It is a 64 gig card.

    Do I just insert the card and then do a back up to it the way you described above?

    Thanks in advance for your help. This method rocks.

  237. LD says:

    Will rooting my note delete all my apps and settings?

  238. AWasay says:

    For all those who are having a flickering screen problem when booting into CWM. I have got a solution.
    1.Flash CF-Root using Odin. (After this step, when you try to boot in to recovery you should get into stock recovery).
    2.Install ROM Manager from GooglePlay.
    3.Install CWM recovery from ROM Manager.
    4.Boot in recovery to verify.

    Make sure you download the correct CF-Root meant for your model. Hope its useful for someone.

  239. Misha Blount says:

    Ok i got my galaxy note 2 from a friend. the phone was under contract now its locked because they turned off the service. I have tmobile service now and i just want to switch phones. How can i get this phone to work?

  240. James says:

    Master Max,
    Rooted i317M, flashed Omega v15, Phone now doesn’t recognize SIM, restored backup of original Factory rom w/ cwm, SIM still not recognized.

    Should I factory reset?
    Should I flash stock rom?
    Should I unroot?

    Thanks in advance

    • James says:

      Master Max.
      I followed your tutorial for Unroot/Unbrick. Worked flawlessly. Now that I know what happens when you flash roms for wrong models won’t be doing that again. Do you know of any i317M roms that are available?

  241. General says:

    Thanks man.It is fast and safe rooting.

  242. Ken says:

    Rooted my phone per the tutorial.

    Just bought this memory card. SanDisk Ultra 64 GB MicroSDXC Class 10 UHS-1.

    It is designed to be used in ex-fat mode.

    Will this work with CWM?

    Anything I need to be aware of when using this card?


  243. joel says:

    hey so i rooted some phones before and a buddy of mines wants me to root his note 2 but hes afraid of lossing all his internal memory stuff (pics, songs, videos) does this root affect that?

  244. gabriel felix says:

    i followed every step but when i pressed start it rebooted without going to the recovery processs and now my signal is not working

  245. Roy says:

    Thanks Max still the most helpful and succinct “how too” instructions published.l

  246. Yan BusaKing says:

    Thanks… Took me less then 5mins to unroot my GT-N7105!

  247. Gurkan Deveci says:

    Thanks a million 🙂

  248. Broken Sword says:

    Can we do unroot if we need it?

  249. Majestic says:

    Dude please consider using a site other than That site is garbage. I have like a 5% success rate getting files from there. It’s awful. Otherwise thanks for the good work and awesome info!

  250. GunPowder says:

    can you port the latest cwm recovery build?

  251. Scorilo says:

    Was to fast. I think was 5 seconds to root the phone.
    I have a SSD Kingston HyperX 3K on my computer. Maybe that ?

    Thank you for your help to root the Note 2.


  252. Alex says:

    Heya. i have successfully rooted my GT-N7100 . Cheers
    but i`m having a problem when trying to call .. it says Not registered on network… any ideas ?

  253. Cerys says:

    An interesting discussion is definitely worth comment. I believe that
    you need to write more on this subject matter, it may not be a taboo subject but
    usually folks don’t talk about these subjects. To the next! Many thanks!!

  254. cthulhu1329 says:

    For everyone who is wondering if you can perform this root procedure while you have full disk encryption turned on: you can! I have a SGH-T889 Note 2, that had full disk encryption and an encrypted SD card and ran this tutorial. The phone rooted just fine (you’re just affecting the boot partition of the phone and not the actual data partition). HOWEVER! There are a lot of comments out there that indicate you may want to unencrypt your phone if you ever want to UNROOT to get OTA updates, or you will probably have problems.

  255. rishard says:

    My note is now saying
    Encryption failed
    unable to complete encryption due to iterruption…bla bla bla but i never interuppted the process any ideas what to do everytime i reboot goes to the same screen

    i have a t-mobile galaxy note 2

  256. alex wittmann says:

    heloo all i tried this root metod but when the phone should reboot in to recovery the screen make sam gparhics glithc at the gt n7100 logo and then black for a few sec then it’s boot normal i have root and super su but no recovery when i trie to enter recovery it’s showing the gt n 7100 logo then the logo shows in two places at same time then nothing the screen goes black
    what should i do ? soryy for bad english and please answer me pls
    Have a nice day
    ps: i tried the root metod 2 times same result

  257. Maysa says:

    Hi Max,

    I have the international version of Note 2 and rooted it exactly according to your steps. But now my phone won’t stay on for more than 15 seconds!

    Please help!!

  258. jeff says:

    i cannot find the tar file in the download please help!!!!

  259. Maysa says:

    I figured out that the privacy app ‘LBE Privacy Guard’ which I had given root priviliges to was the reason my phone was switching off.. I uninstalled it and my phone is okay 🙂

    @Jeff: Just select the zip file while browsing in PDA, and it detects the tar. You must already have figured this out by now 🙂

  260. eva says:

    Stupid question I used this root method on my galaxy note 2 but how do I get cwm or the twrp on my phone or did it install when I rooted it with this method im wanting to install the s4 translator all I did was root with this method did install anything or modify please help thanks

  261. eva says:

    Didnt install or modify anything and I have the galaxy note 2 for tmobile

  262. Prinze says:

    hei max… i’ve run the stock rom of the galaxy note 2 international n7100… what is the difference between chainfire and yours root installation…?

  263. Tim says:

    Hi I tried to flash using this method it didnt work please help. I got root but no recovery for some reason. maybe the file is corrupt can someone check for me? please help im using ATT note 2

  264. Tim says:

    Hey, Im using the latest build from ATT the 4.1.2, what can I do to get into recovery, I did this method but only got root. i even tried rom manager but cant get into recovery. Please post a link or help me.

  265. Tim says:

    Can someone please help me i have no clue what to do.

  266. Kanwal says:

    hey…it works like charm…thanks a lot…:D

  267. Roger says:

    Q: why the couldn’t be downloaded?
    by the way im using a windows computer.

  268. walid says:

    ur the best dude i now have a rooted device !!!

  269. Luke says:

    Excellent worked perfectly on my AT&T Note 2. Thanks for the guide!

  270. Roger E. says:

    thanks I finally Root it. million thanks

  271. bjorn says:

    hi i did everything you said i get a notification that says pass but then my phone just restarts and its not rooted what can i do?

  272. David says:

    K let me just start off by saying I probably the dumbest android user in the world and undeserving of my Note 2 but I have a very big problem and wanted to know if anyone here could help me.
    Last week I wanted to unroot my note 2 and go back to being unrooted so thats exactly what I did. I also wanted to restore my phone in complete factory, like i got it with nothing on it and for some reason factory reset was not doing that so I formatted my data using TWRP. Here is the dumb part, I didn’t back up to external SD card before format so all information was lost including os. I have been trying to flash the stock rom for a couple hours now an realized I am no longer rooted and cannot do anything besides look at my TWRP screen or Samsung Logo( boot loop). I was wondering that if i could get a back up of someone else’s stock ROM and just recover that instead would it work. I have tried everything else plugging it into a computer and trying to use odin but my phone isn’t registered in odin and therefore can’t re-root. I have tried installing stock rom using TWRP through the micro SD card( no luck) and this is my last try. I so want for this phone to stay alive. BTW I am using Mobilicity Note 2 SGH-T889V.
    If anyone can help please send me a personal email at
    Any help is appreciated.

  273. Alan says:

    Can i root my Note2 version 4.1.2 with the lastest Baseband version N7100ZCDMB3 china version?

  274. rob says:

    hi i would like to know if this methord is ok on uk note 2 vodafone and i have a password set on the phone so it is encrpyted. can i still root or not cheers rob

  275. Sree says:

    Can I Unroot my Note 2 again????

  276. Mike says:


    I rooted my GT-N7100 using this method but somewhere along the way the EFS corrupted and now I have no IMEI!

    I’ve been searching for a solution for 3 days now but not found one that actually works on the GT-N7100. As it was not rooted, I did not have a chance to take an EFS Backup before hand and it looks like somewhere along the line it killed it 🙁

    Any ideas how I can get my IMEI back, short of resetting the flash count, flashing back to stock and taking it to my local CPW store to play dumb?


  277. Steven tingate says:

    i rooted my International Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7105 and when i try boot into recovery mode it displays the smasung logo then the logo flashes all over the screen,

    • Spiv says:

      I am having the same problem. Cannot get to the recovery mode.
      I have a backup on my external SD card, but I cannot get Titanium to back up from it either…..
      Can someone please help?

      • Max Lee says:

        Try the buttons again to get into recovery if you use the correct buttons it should work.

        • Spiv says:

          Holding: (Vol+) + Middle button + Power
          Hold until White “Samsung Galaxy GT-N7105” appears, then it all flickers, the writing gets bigger and on two sides, then it all gets black and nothing happens.

          It stays off. I can then re-power the phone.
          I managed to re-install Apps with Titanium, but it was a very slow process as it asked for verification for each app (290).

          However, I now do not have my original settings (walpaper etc) I will have to re-set it all

  278. jeremy69 says:

    sa ne sert a rien de root son samsug puisque moi je vais sur apk mania pour les jeux et app est c’est gratuit meme les jeux payant sur playstore c’est gratuit sur apk mania est pas besoin de root pour que les jeux sur apk mania fonctionne

  279. minkal says:

    Is there any without computor rooting method to root gt n7100 note 2

  280. bilalkhan4141 says:


  281. chuck says:

    I am a NOOB. I rooted using this method. Triangle away didn’t work. Also, my phone showed as a using a modified rom not allowing me to update. Even after flashing stock firmware and doing a clear cache/ total wipe, I still have a binary count. Noobs beware, this is not an easily reversed, non detectable process. Just saying.

  282. simin says:

    i cant the find the download link for the cwm in this page……..where is it?????

  283. samrags says:

    hey max..
    i hav rooted may of my galaxy device succesfuly bt tryng to root my note 2 ..

    i hav dwnloded the galaxynote2rootfile from yr link n fllowd the usual procedure bt after the odin
    pross is done my note2 isnt starting

  284. doug shiv says:

    I rooted my note 2 n7100 n installed paranoidandroid v4.2.2 but I lost my sim toolkit app. How can I get that sim toolkit back? Urgently assist

  285. Juan says:

    I just used this methof on my t889 t-mobile phone.
    It appears to be rooted however CWM seems to be screwed up.
    I get a buch of garbled video and then darkness. Have to pull battery to get phone working again.

    Is there a way to fix this? Can I just Odin it again as if it was never rooted before?

    Please Help

  286. Garth says:

    Hi there i watched your video and downloaded files to root my note 2.
    All went well but when i tried to go into the cmw6 my screen just flickers a few times
    and then reboots as normal.
    i am trying to install the samsung drivers and then do the process again but i am using windows 8
    and i am struggling to install them.
    any suggestions
    i have a N7100


  287. Jason says:

    I just followed the instructions with Windows everything was great but after the reboot it sits on the screen that says SAMSUNG any suggestions?

    • Max Lee says:

      What did you exactly do? Normally nothing on this page will end you up in a bootloop so I am not sure what you did.

  288. Sachin says:

    Dear Max your site is wonderful. I have successfully rooted my GT-N7100 and have tried verious ROM’s. but for last few days I’m facing problem that my Note 2’s touchscreen suddenly freezes and I’m unable to do anything on touchscreen. although I can operate home butten but for 4 to 5 minutes my screen freezes . otherwise i have to restart the phone by removing batterry or by pressing power butten continuesly.
    Please help

    • Max Lee says:

      First time I’ve heard it, seems like a faulty digitizer than anything else, have you tried loading stock firmware and not install any apps?

  289. Sachin says:

    Dear Max I tried using Hawkish premium but after installing the camera app doesnt work and when trying Aliance ROM i could not get mobile signal as whenever tried making calles message was coming that not register on network.
    Right now I’m using OMEGA ROM which is running flawless with persious Kernel. please help me with Hawkish Premium ROM & Alliance ROM

  290. gabriel felix says:

    look man i just tried rooting my SECOND gn2 using this same website and i followed these instructions perfectly, ive done it before with my og gn and it worked, but now ive ran into the same problem i did with my other gn2 and thats that when i press start eveything goes normal but my phone reboots and i have NO WAY OF GETTING SIGNAL. i commented last time expecting you to help me out but you either didnt give the time and effort to scroll through the comments and help your fans or you saw and had no solution, if thats the case please just let me know instead of having me worry sick waiting for you to reply.

  291. Fattah Agahi says:

    i rooted my phone using this article
    it is rooted alright (the superuser icon is in my apps)
    the problem is :

    i cant load recovery mode anymore though i cant use custom roms
    when i press volume up + home + power , the samsung logo appears then the display acts like old TV’s : starts to flash and the logo scrambles and then nothing … the phone shuts down.

    please help
    i tried cf-root but i cant seem to find the true file for my phone and i had to root flash again using your method to be able to use my phone again.

    • Fattah Agahi says:


      i used “CF-Auto-Root-t03g-t03gxx-gtn7100.tar.md5” and Odin v3.07 and i am now able to enter recovery mode (Vol up + home + power)


      for some reason which a noob like me dont know : the CWM is not installed and i dont know what to do
      usually i installs with cf root things

      please help

      • Mikey says:

        As Chainfire explained in xda, CF-Auto-Root does not install any custom recovery. You can install Rom Manager app from Play Store, then use that to install CWM. Or install Goomanager app and use that to install TWRP recovery.

  292. Monier says:

    hi, so i was on costume rom and i saw your video on how to unroot Galaxy Note 2 it worked very well but when i tried to re root my phone again using your method it worked but when i enter recovery it is just black screen pleas help

    • Max Lee says:

      try reflashing with odin, pull battery out when u see PASS! then put it back in and do the buttons to get into cwm recovery.

      • big train says:

        Hey Max,

        Any idea how to restore the IMEI and essentially the entire contents of the “Status” page in settings when you root in accordance in directions here and they all get blown away?

        This is awful….

  293. Julio says:

    I bricked my phone when i tried to reset it to stock, then, I unbricked my phone,then i bricked my phone when i flashed this because i lost my root after i flashed the stock firmware. i unbricked it again, Should i try to flash this again?

  294. Jesus Qui Nieto says:

    Is this method good for mexican carrier telcel SGH-I317M?

  295. oz santoro says:

    I rooted my note 2 at@t now when I try to get in to recovery it spazzes out I did the steps on the web site could I just flash a new rc

  296. Anson says:


    I have a GT N-7100 china version. I followed the instructions to root my phone. Odin successfully installed the root. zip file. However, what I noticed after wards is that when i press the Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button ( attempting to install a custom rom – rom already downloaded to the phone), nothing happens other than the samsung logo shaking and being out of place.

    Please help. Did I do anything wrong?

  297. Rom Hak says:

    Will this root method work for n7105t aanyone please?

  298. Sayve says:

    So after every Custom Rom the binary count goes up? Or does it just go up once? Or how does that work? Should I not use a custom rom until I get the triangle away app?? I will not add a single thing to my phone until I get answers lol

  299. lakshya sinha says:

    hey when i was rooting gt n7100 odin program said passed .my phone started rebooting .after the model is flashed cm recovery doesnt come but instead loop screen come .then the screen goes blank.after some time it reboots again and start up .though the phone is rooted but it doesnt come into cmw recovery …plz help me
    as fast as possible..plzzzz

  300. Dr.Rao says:

    I have the exact same problem as Lakshya Sinha. Once odin showed passed, the phone went to a continuous loop with the logo and the name of the handset all over the screen, sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes to the extreme right or to the left. Then, i had to power it off and turn it on again. The binary count is up and i do not see the superuser app. Moreover, the triangle away does not work, neither do the super user apps by CM and CF. Titanium backup does not get root access.

    What is the problem here and how can we solve it. the only thing probably common with me and Lakshya Sinha is probably we are both from India. The phone was not locked prior to rooting. It runs on 4.1.2 original firmware.

    Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you!

  301. Mike says:

    I rooted and now my screen is very unresponsive and laggy. I have to tap on an icon several times for it to respond and sometimes it won’t scroll at all. Any fix for that?

    • Mike says:

      I’ve reflashed the stock ROM and even tried several others so it’s not the ROMs. It’s like something in the phone got deleted or changed with the root that is now gone and even flashing the stock ROM won’t fix it.

      The screen works normally with eh SPen but with my finger, it sometimes won’t move at all for about 30 seconds then it will scroll okay for awhile then totally stop again.

  302. Ricardo mares says:

    Hello good day and I hope to respond to my questions . I followed the steps to the letter but when I go to the recovery screen is flashing and I can not enter the recovery as for installation ago Well besides my vercion the telcel the i317m sgh supports the Canadian numbering almost equal its like to install Roms thank you very much

  303. giam says:

    I have a Note 2 LTE n7105XXDMC3 carrier-locked. Can I use this method to root it? thanks.

  304. kensithole says:

    i just rooted my GT N7100 but while i was doing it the screen was flashing. After it rooted and PASSED it rebooted and everything seemed ok. i then tried to back up rom by using the cwm way but when i switch it off and press the volume up, home and power buttons the flashing occurs again and my phone switches off completely. I have no idea what is happening please help.

  305. Jim says:

    It only took me two days to root my N-7100 with this method. LOL!
    Five minutes to root, but two days to download the Winblows drivers for Boot Camp. (Take it up with Apple).
    Worked flawlessly, and now I’m looking forward to installing Illusion.

  306. Ken says:

    how can i update my software via OTA? thanks!

  307. Lorena says:

    Hi I am having an issue with rooting my gn2. I have a model# sgh-I317, when I click the exe file an error pops up in another language, and the com box pops up really quick but disappears. HELP

  308. Ricardo E says:

    Hi. Already read most of the post, but cant´n find an answer to my issue (and some others). I´ve Note II SGH-i317M with no CWM after root and instalation. Ii´s there any solution to this issue. If not, how can i unroot my device. Thnks so much in advanced.

  309. diego says:

    just rooted… works perfect.. i have a note 2 gt-n7100 version..

  310. Barkın Bulutbeyaz says:

    hey max i have a problem with my note 2, when i flash recovery to phone it splashes screen and flashes couple of times and go black and power off phone is working with root access but i cant get in to clockwork recovery every time i try it flashes and power off again should i try to re flash recovery again?

    • Peter Tran says:

      I have the same problem as you are. Did you solve your problem yet. If you do, please help me because i want to install new ROM

      Thank you

  311. Kalpesh Kawa says:

    hi there…

    I got a t-mobile and am unable to connect it to my any of the computers via USB.

    I have rooted the phone and the rooting was a success. unfortunately the usb still does not work.

    kindly advice.

  312. Cris says:

    Hello, PLEASE HELP! I’ve downloaded a lot of ODIN from different sites, and every time I try to install it it pop ups a message “ [here Korean characters]” and cannot go further steps of the tutorials. PLEAAAAASE!! I’m in other country than where I bought my cellphone and my company cannot help me! SOO SAAAD. I trust (almost only) in your BLOG!!! Just I have this issue with ODIN.
    Have a nice day.

  313. jon b says:

    ok i have followed all the steps. when i pust start it says All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)
    what am i doing wrong?

  314. mohamed assi says:

    I rooted my note 2 with framroot program then unrooted it >>> can I use this method to rooted it again

  315. Ripon Mahmud says:

    Can’t update SU binary, Please help

  316. Frankieesp says:

    Sprint note 2 works great but GPS is int working any ideal thanks Max for all your hard work and time you put into your videos to show your fans whats new in the rom world

  317. bear says:

    HI! i have tried your method for root and it passed! however the part where it auto reboots starts to flicker when the samsung sign comes out, when i reboot the device, it is not rooted. Help please!

  318. Codeman says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!! Worked like a charm on my SGH-I317M!!!!!

  319. Shubham says:

    I updated my note 2 to official 4.3 update do I still use the above mentioned method for rooting my phone.

  320. Cool says:

    Does this method work on SHV – E250L Galaxy note 2?

  321. mohamed assi says:

    the link of galaxynote2root does not have the form ( .tar.md5 )

  322. rachit sachdev says:

    Sir can you please tell us a way to root samsung galaxy note 2 running the official android 4.3

  323. VICKY says:

    Hello frenz, follow my guide if u want to root note2 n7100/n7105 running on 4.3…..

  324. Tim says:

    Hey Max thanks for the website instructions and files.
    i’ve followed your instructions but my phone says it is not rooted even though it followed everyhing… I tried to run titanium backup app after rooting but the app told me that the phone is not rooted.. and the SuperSU app crashes “Unfortunately, SuperSU has stopped.” keeps popping up… help plz…

    I use canadian Rogers SGH-I317M

  325. JIM says:

    Hey, Tim… same here, but I think that I have a little different problem.
    I previously rooted my N7100 with Heimdall when I was running 4.1.2, but since the upgrade to 4.3 I come up with the same problem as you.
    Everything says “pass” but when I try to go into recovery mode, all I get is a scrolling N7100 screen but no recovery mode.
    I think that it has something to do with the “SE” kernel and/or Knox.
    Just to clarify, I was running the stock Rom when I was rooted with 4.1.2.
    I tried numerous times to root with 4.3 and like I said, everything came out fine… even the Binary Counter says “5” but none of the rooted apps will work now.
    Anyway, I’m still Doing all the research that I can on rooting the N7100 with 4.3, but now that the Note 3 is out, I don’t think that anyone has much interest in rooting the N7100 that is running 4.3 with the SELinux kernel and Knox.
    Not giving up yet tho.

  326. azwan says:

    hallo max…..does android version do the same thing for that?

  327. Joe says:

    After download from odin the phone did not load cwm recovery like your picture. It showed gt n7100 on the screen then started to flicker real fast. After couple flickers it stops with a black screen. From there I can turn the phone on like normal. I have super user on the phone. I tried to install twrp through goo app but it won’t install. I also rooted three times with the same results.

  328. solomon316 says:

    Max, I rooted my sgh-i317 that was on 4.3……. I factory reset it and it hung up on boot loop…. I was able to get into recovery once, now nothing…. the phone will not boot past the “Samsung Galaxy Note 2″ screen. I cannot get into recovery at all…. The only thing I can do is get into download mode…. So, I get into download mode and use odin and stock rom…. still nothing….. no boot past samsung screen and no recovery mode…… Any ideas? Thanks

  329. koriem says:

    hello, thanks for helping us for free but i already tried too root my Note 2 gt-n7108 but after root not opened any more its stop on the first screen with samsung logo and not working, what can i do ?
    thanks in advance

  330. BK says:

    I tried this method on Android 4.3 but it is not work, a security message saying:
    “An attempt to access a secure area on your device without authorization has been blocked”, and the SuperSU stopped.

    Is there any other firmware for rooting Android 4.3?

    Thank you very much!

    • Naing says:

      I had fixed “Unfortunately, SuperSU has stopped.” issue for Note 2 – N7015

      1. Installed ES File explorer/ ES file manager and open it.
      2.Search and search for super and you should see superuser.apk.
      3 Hold your finger on that apk icon until a little sqaure show up that you can mark it
      4. Choose that and than select ALL install it.

      Have a try and good luck

  331. hadi says:

    I tried to open super SU but then the security notice pop out and said “An attempt to access a secure area on your device without authorisation has been blocked.

    My device is GT-N7100
    android ver 4.3

    • Jason says:

      Me too, same problem!

      • Naing says:

        had fixed “Unfortunately, SuperSU has stopped.” issue for Note 2 – N7015

        1. Installed ES File explorer/ ES file manager and open it.
        2.Search and search for super and you should see superuser.apk.
        3 Hold your finger on that apk icon until a little sqaure show up that you can mark it
        4. Choose that and than select ALL install it.

        Have a try and good luck

  332. Alan Kam says:

    My Note2 is currently Rooted and running Custom ROM.
    what will happen to my phone if i odin my note2 with official firmware from SamMobile?
    will it goes to normal with official rom or phone will be still rooted?

  333. Ken says:

    Hi,, I’ve follow your instruction step by step but when I click start (step 8) its failed. show this

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..

    There is no PIT partition.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1

  334. Arijit says:

    Thanks. works perfectly.

  335. Subaron says:

    Will this method work to root a Windmobile Note 2 (T889v) running on Android 4.3?? Or do I need to odin back to 4.2.2 first and then use the root and finally install any custom roms?

  336. Chris says:

    Just got a Note 2 sgh-i317 with CleanROM ACE 4.9.0 on it but I have done a few different checks to see if it is rooted but there is no proof of it on there right now. I have checked Terminal Emulator. Tried Root checker, and even tried downloading TWRP manager, which both told me I do not have proper root access. In Root Checker Pro, it did say that BusyBox was installed properly though, which shows it was previously rooted. I am thinking the person who had it before me rooted the device, flashed with CleanROM, and then unrooted it. I need help on figuring out what is going on. I am new to the root and custom rom thing. I am wanting to go back to stock rom so I can do the update it or reroot it to download more up to date rom. Can someone give me some advice on where to go from here? All help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

  337. MV says:

    I can follow everything up to the point after I click “Start” then I get a FAIL error after the first block. Complete (write) operation failed. I cant restart the phone except in the ODIN download mode. HELP!

  338. MV says:

    Follow up:

    No matter which USB I tried, nor how many times I re-loaded the drivers, this method did not work. Part of the message displayed mentioned “NAND,” so I checked some forums. According to a knowledgeable poster at one site, “failure at nand write start is a dead emmc chip”

    Great – after one attempt at rooting, the hardware is fucked. I can’t even get Kies to connect and attempt an emergency recovery – it’s dead, Jim.

    This was not my first root of a phone, I am not a total noob. I did EVERYTHING according to the process EXACTLY as outlined by the author and still wound up bricking my phone. Fortunately it’s under warranty and I did not attempt to take it apart so I’m saved. Maybe something changed in a recent download for the Note2 that prevents rooting, but either way be warned – the method outlined above will brick your Note2!

  339. Mohamad says:

    When i run SuperSU it say ” Unfortunately, SuperSU has stopped. ”
    Help pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  340. Mohamad says:

    When i run SuperSU it say ” Unfortunately, SuperSU has stopped. ”
    Help pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase

    • Fabrice says:

      I had the same problem. My AT&T phone had been upgraded to 4.3 prior my trying to root. I had noticed that the rooting of the phone was completed but kept on getting ” Unfortunately, SuperSU has stopped. ”. After searching the web I found out that the 4.3 upgrade Knox on the phone which prevents SuperSU to get root access. Some post suggested to go to the play store and select upgrade for the SuperSU application and give SuperSU root access when prompted, but this did not work for me. I did not have the option to upgrade SuperSU.
      What worked for me was to disable Knox manually (google “Disable Knox”). After Knox was disable I was able to give SuperSU root access.

  341. Davy Wolfe says:

    I rooted my note 2 (sprint) and flashed macks rom to enable my hotspot and it’s crazy slow even w a 4g lte connection. ..any way to remedy this?

  342. Davy Wolfe says:

    Its macks 5.o as well the latest version. ..I am very happy with the results otherwise but the hotspot is terrible. ..8 megs takes 20 minutes to download on my samsung tab 3….and netflix is nigh impossible to watch

  343. Davy Wolfe says:

    Please help I am frustrated and cannot find answers after much research and troubleshooting. ..ya’ll are my go 5o guys…

  344. Stephanie says:

    Not related but you guys seem really smart. I have a samsung galaxy note 2 GT-N7100 and it is encrypted and i do not have to code to unlock it. i have tried to do a factory reset and that hasnt worked. can i do anything else to take that encryption off? thanks if yall can help.

  345. Warren says:

    Hi Max, you are the Note 2 Meister, if anyone has a solution to this problem, you will have it.
    I have a HK GT-N7105 running the stock 4.3 rom which has previously been rooted via chainfire’s rooting method, and everything worked fine. I just updated to the latest stock ROM (Baseband version/build # N7105ZHEML1/JSS15J.N7105ZHUENA1) and all of a sudden after re-rooting the KNOX security is denying me permission to run SU. I had previously “disabled” KNOX as sysadmin. Is there any way to kill KNOX? Have tried some of the solutions on the net without success.
    Thanks a million in advance.

  346. Dude says:

    I did an update of SUPERSU after the room but now I’m getting from it that there is no SU binary installed and super SU can not install it.
    What do I do?

  347. cardinal35 says:

    Phone: T-Mobile SGH-T889

    Issue: Unable to boot into CWM Recovery. Used Rom-Manager to boot to recovery after flashing root+Recovery using Odin. Flashed Clockworkmod 11 nightly. Forgot to install GAPPS. Restarted phone and I cannot get into Recovery because I am unable to install Rom-Manager without GAPPS. I tried all the key combinations, but no luck getting into recovery to install the GAPPS zip file.

    Tried: Flashed the cwm6-root-note2.tar a second time using Odin on Windows PC. When holding Vol (Up) + Power + Home, Samsung logo flashes and scrolls up the screen twice, then boots into CWM 11 Rom.

    Unsure if I should try to return to original phone setup. The steps suggest I might have to boot into Recovery if phone hangs…but I am not certain I would be able to get to Recovery.

    Any suggestions?

  348. Maruthu Suresh says:

    Hi max I have rooted my note 2 by above method.when I try to open superuser it days it is force closed and when I update the super su in google play and then it says some binary missing and thisay solved when reroot the phone.i don’t know what to do olease help me.

  349. Maruthu Suresh says:

    Hi max sorry to ask there any job in your concern because at present im job in india and have val8d passport.b.a. degree in distance very poor.this is not a willing to work in us.please notify me if there is any job vacancies. Please.

  350. cross80 says:

    this method dont work if you have stock 4.3 T889, he should make that clear, is anyone here on 4.3 stock and knows how to root it? if you have a link can you please paste it, thanks ahead of time

  351. Adi says:

    I have note 2 n7108 but I can not put google play on it .. what can I do to have google play? Thanks

  352. Tino says:

    Tried to root i371M Odin says yes passed, phone says no not rooted!!

    • cross80 says:

      Use philz touch root method, I used it and if you follow the instructions youll be rooted in no time, just google philz touch root method youll find it

  353. DrRabias says:

    hey max! i need your help!
    i have a note 2 lte sgh-i317m canadian model, but i can´t root my note 2 because i updated to android 4.3 and this Stock rom has Knox. I try another method but no works 🙁 also the counter Knox warranty void indicate one and no zero. i understand a little this reason, because failure Kingo Android ROOT.

    how i can rooted my note 2 sgh-i317m canadian?

    excuse my bad English. greetings.

  354. Tino says:

    CMW & TWRP both say phone not supported! I’ve already bricked a couple of phones, and I’m sure I’m already on Telcel’s shit list, so I can’t do it again!!

    • Max Lee says:

      Where do u see that message? Which model number do u have?

      • Tino says:

        those answers show up on the cmw & twrp, I have model # sgh-i317m

        now I have another problem, I downloaded and installed celltick start, forgot pin number, how can I unlock my phone?

  355. Bobby Cayman says:

    Hi max I have a rooted N7100 and it is stuck in a boot loop. I tried flashing it with the Original firmware and now it is stuck on the Samsung logo. Itried rooting it again and its still stuck on the Samsung logo. Can you offer some help/advice?

  356. Jitu says:

    Hello friends
    My Galaxy note 2 with the 4.4.2. and I Root my note 2 Successfully. But I Click The “SuperSU” Icon “Unfortunately, SuperSU Has Stopped.” error, Please Help?

  357. kish says:

    Hi Max,

    I have tried rooting my note2 GT N7100 following all the mentioned steps,but somehow my phone is not getting rooted. I can see the yellow & then green ( pass ) in ODIN and finally I can even see the super SU icon in my phone,, but still my phone is not getting rooted.. could you please help me

    • kish says:

      I also get the same error “Unfortunately, SuperSU Has Stopped.” and later when I tried installing titanium backup I couldn’t get root access. Please help.

  358. Joni says:

    Hi i just did everything right but when it started rebooting (to the rooting mode) my battery fell off. But i just tried it again and it works well but it is not rooting it? When i go to download mode it says on my ”yellow field” (in odin) 0:[COM4] is there something wrong? cause everytime i try to root it it just flips and only reboots.what should i do?

  359. Casey says:

    Hey bro,
    I have been having horrible problems with my AT&T note 3. After the last kitkat update using any of the four browsers including the stock browser has become completely aggravating. Every time I load a page I have to force close the browser APP in order to load another. I have to force stop and clear all data or the browser wont load another page, whether it’s a link from the current page or if I closed the browser and try to start a new search or enter a web address. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and if rooting would be the answer. I have seen several methods for rooting the SM-N900A on YouTube and other forums but Iv’e only ever used your methods in the past and I am paranoid and don’t like experimenting. I’ve done searches online and on your high on android and forums but haven’t been able to find a tutorial from you on how to root the SM-N900A. So long story long… Do you have a method posted that I haven’t been able to find or is there a particular reason that you haven’t…

    Thanks bro,


  360. Ken says:

    Please help, I rooted my SGH-I317M on 4.3 and everything works fine. But when after I updated 4.4.2 and updated SuperSU with 1.99r4, the rooting still doesn’t work. Any ideas? Oh and I have tried to use the method to root 4.4.2 but no luck. Please help!

  361. Rover45 says:

    How to root Samsung note 2 N7108???? PLS HELP ME!!!

  362. labradors says:

    I just couldn’t depart your web site prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed
    the standard info an individual provide in your visitors?

    Is gonna be back regularly to check up on new posts

  363. jarrod says:

    if you are running T889UVUCMK7 4.3 Jelly Bean Firmware, this root method bricks your phone and knox locks your phone

  364. snowy says:

    I have a TCE (mexico) branded SGH-I317M with updated firmware JSS15J.1317MUMUCNA1 running 4.3 Would this method work? I am having huge problems trying to find a Telcel rom 4.1.1 rom so I can unlock it for free. Any tips? Will this Method give me root access?

    • Tino says:

      If you go 3 comments up you’ll see I rooted my phone (Tino) I also have a Telcel SGH i317M.

      Current firmware ver: PDA:ND1 / PHONE:ND1 / CSC:ND1 (TCE)
      This is
      from Kies 3

  365. AKASH SINGH says:

    My model no. Is N 7100 . I followed ur steps n my device status is CUSTOM . It’s on android 4.4.2 . So the superuser isn’t working . It stops as soon as I touch the icon .
    So u said to install a new version of it using cwm .
    my question is , how do I upgrade it using cwm . A lil detailed explanation plzz.
    thnks for ny help in advance ….

  366. AKASH SINGH says:

    Hey guys one more thing . I updated the supersu n it says Their is no Su binary installed n this is a problem . U need to re-root ur device manually or consult ur forum . Help guys plzzzz .

  367. nuXNub says:

    Thanks Max, it worked like a charm!
    Rooted my second device following your easy to follow guide. My first was a Galaxy S2, also rooted following your tutorial, elsewhere.
    Appreciate all your work.

  368. Quinn L. says:

    Hello! I need some serious help. I just bought a refurbished SGH-T889 and I am having trouble getting the root to work. Here’s the laundry list of things I’ve encountered:

    My phone notifies me that there was a Samsung security block for something that tried to gain unauthorized access to my phone. That security asked for an update. I tried both update and non-update and the root still won’t work.

    Supersu won’t start up. I’ve granted permission to upload unkown sources. I tried to upload the SuperSu update through ES file explorer with the Root option turned ON. Every time I tried to load the updated Super Su, it will say install not completed, or something like that.

    Titanium backup won’t work either by asking for root access. I will get a notification on the bottom screen, saying that there’s an error.

    The cwm root from this site won’t work on my phone either. I tried to go into recovery and the screen will go black. I’ve tried another file from another site: CF-auto-root… I can go into recovery with that file. I can’t do much else though. I still have all of the same problems that I’ve mention earlier.

    I’m basically stuck from here, wondering if I should unroot the phone. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    • Max Lee says:

      try using one of the latest versions of SuperSU, flash this with CWM:

      • Quinn L. says:

        Thank you. Turns out, I had to disable KNOX by installing a different version of SuperSU. I know this is similar to your tip. For some reason, I couldn’t download other versions of SuperSU. There was a site that I found that showed how to disable KNOX and had the right version of SuperSU to disable KNOX. Everything thing from there was smooth sailing. I’m now running the Custom Liquid smooth 4.4.4. ROM. So far, so good! Thanks again!

        • Chou says:

          Would you please give the link to that particular Supersu, for the many ‘rest of us’? It would be most appreciated!!

          • Quinn L. says:

            I did. The comment is awaiting moderation. In the meantime: Google how to disable KNOX on t-mobile sgh-t889. It’s on the droidveiws website.

            • Chou says:

              Thank you for the effort. It keeps saying, ‘There is no Supersu binary installed and this is a problem.’ while I’m thinking, ‘Ya think!?’ I tried it twice. I appreciate the Google search term anyway. I’m just having no luck with this.

              • Quinn L. says:

                Did you get SuperSU to update the binaries? That would be the next step after disabling KNOX with Super SU. If I remember correctly, I used Root Checker to make sure the phone has root access after disabling KNOX. Then, I had to reboot the phone, open up SUPER SU again. SUPER SU asked me if I wanted to update the binaries. I hit yes and then everything pretty much took off from there.

  369. faysal says:

    hi, thanks for your instructions. I followed all your instructions as outlined. Unfortunately, super su does not show up in the apps drawer nor on any of the home screens. I used another app from the app store to check root, and it said the device did not have proper root access. I then used cwm to install the updated super su that you posted above, and the installation did not report any problems. But the end result was the same – no root access. Not sure what to do now… any ideas?

    • Max Lee says:

      you flashed SuperSU in CWM? Open up SuperSU app right after that.

      • faysal says:

        thanks max, unfortunately that didn’t work. But what did work (after some searching and experimentation) was (in case it helps someone):
        * installed the latest twrp using odin
        * used twrp to flash supersu ver. 1.94
        * update supersu via app store
        * reboot, then started supersu, and followed prompts – to get root!

  370. afzal says:

    i followed every step of your article but i still cant get my note 2 kitkat rooted. i did a repeat of the entire procedure but to no avail. i even did the update of my supersu.. but still root checker shows that this device has no proper root access. and everytime i open supersu, it says the app has stopped. my knox = 1. what should i do next?

    Pls advice.. Thanks.

  371. kent says:

    i follow the step but i cannot get my note 2 root every time i hit start i got message said fail pls advice

    • Max Lee says:

      Try using a different USB port, turn off KIES, and try a different USB cable. If all fails, try using another computer, your Windows drivers may be at fault.

  372. Chou says:

    Hey Zedomax,

    I’ve tried this several times with both CWM and TWRP tar’s. I just can’t seem to get it to work. I have the T-mo T889, with that darn Knox. Several times I read that Supersu would ask if Knox should be disabled, but I never get that request. Also, it says there is no Supersu binary and that I have to reroot manually. WTH, does that mean, please?!? Tried ROM Manager’s update for both CWN and TWRP, but they won’t work either. Keeps saying that ‘Unauthorized access’ line. Help! I’m at my wits end!

    One more question, will I be able to tether my device once I (or probably you) get this working? You said in a video before that it’d be free, but when I rooted before, I tried PDANet, and FoxFi, neither of which worked. Suggestions for that one? Thank you in advance!

  373. James E says:

    Dear Max,

    A repeat of earlier query, as did not seem to be answered:

    I have a problem on a NT-7100, running 4.3, I followed the root steps fine, but it came up with error saying “Unfortunately SuperSU has stopped”

    Then tried downloading Titanium Backup, it does not have root access and a security notice from Samsung comes up saying it attempted to access secure area and do I want to update policy – I clicked “cancel” not sure what to do here?

    Please explain how to update version of SuperSU using CWM – I do not even know what CWM is. I have downloaded the file, but now what?

    (now – three weeks later, and I have been ignoring the security notices that keep coming up, if I try to open SU it says “There is no binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it….”)

    So obviously I am a newbie, and would appreciate steps forward, as currently stuck in limbo (is the phone halkf rooted, or not at all? e.g. I can’t update or even check for upgrade from 4.3 as it says “your device has been modified. Software updates not available” So I need to do something, either to fully root it, or suggestions if you think I should give up and un-do what I’ve done so far and go back to pre-attempting to root it.

    Many thanks in advance

  374. Bob says:

    I have gone thru these steps three time now without success
    I ave tmo note 2 with android 4.3
    when ising Titanium or Rootchecker basic it states i could not acquire root priveledges This application will not work Root access failed

  375. Vishal pipara says:

    I root my note 2 then when I open supersu it says unfortunately supersu has stopped.

  376. Chou says:

    I tried this, too, but no joy. (I have comment above and got some suggestions from DroidViews). This didn’t work for me. Says I don’t have binary.

  377. richard says:

    hi!im getting a note 2 4.3! how do i root it? and the knox is a pain in the ass. how do i remove it?

  378. BJ says:

    Will i be able to get 4g or 4g lte with this after install one of the custom roms on gt-7100. That is the reason i want to do this. Thanks

  379. Salman says:


    thanks for the tutorial

    i’m not sure if you missed this step or maybe i was the only one with this problem

    even after installing the drivers, rebooting in download mode, and running the Odin program the “ID:COM” box was not turning yellow until i removed the battery (while leaving the phone plugged in via USB cable);
    only then did the box turn yellow

    and after that the root happened in SECONDS!!!


    • Max Lee says:

      Interesting. Not sure why but that’s definitely good you got it rooted!

      • Greg says:

        Hey Max,
        I’m having the same issue without a fix yet.
        I have tied to connect with Odin/USB/Note 2 with 2 different phones and 2 different PC’s without success. I’ve installed the Samsung USB drivers successfully and followed your instructions, tried different USB ports, no success getting the yellow “ID:COM” with random number. Please help, I’m continuing to try different methods, but nothing.

    • Jaideep says:

      Thanks !!! This worked for me …

  380. Hello Max,
    Do you know how to fix water damaged Galaxy Note 2?
    Mine’s responding to the stylus pen, but not to the finger touch.

  381. Ashish Ranjan says:

    Hey Max.
    I have got 4.4.2 and as it mentioned earlier that i will have to update the super su separately.
    I know how to process it by cwm, however it not going in that mode and all it do is flash with gt n7100 blinking two or three times all over the screen and then ph shut down.
    if i switch it on, then checked that root is not completed because of that
    so will request you if you can assist me in that and tell me how to do it , how to flash supersu
    feel free to drop me an email
    thanks in advance

    • Max Lee says:

      So you flash CWM recovery but you cannot boot into it?

      • Ashish says:

        Hi Max ….How you doin ? I know you got thousand of question and its not easier to revert to all of them But, I appreciate if you get some valuable time from your busy schedule to revert to this comment !

        Yes Max I also have exact issue like Mr. Ranjan and followed your instruction…. Odin say Pass but not able to boot into CWM to update SU !!!!

        Have a nice day…Thanks !!!

      • Lio says:

        Hello Max,

        I have faced the same problem here, Yes we are not able to boot into CWM recovery

        “all it do is flash with gt n7100 blinking two or three times all over the screen and then ph shut down.”

        Please help us 🙂

      • Myke says:

        Hey Max, thanks for all your awesome guides and Youtube movies.

        I’d like to get HIGH on Android too and am trying rooting for the first time, but I’m having the same issue as mr. Ranjan above. I have a N7105 Note 2 on 4.4.2. Odin says Pass but then I can’t boot into CWM. The Note II logo just flashes three times and then the phone goes black. Please help!


  382. James says:

    I followed the directions, got a pass on Odin, and keep running into errors with supersu. it keeps stopping, and I get the warning message about unauthorized access. I can’t use any rooted apps because of this, and all I want to do is get my phone unrooted. I’m stuck in root limbo at this point. Help!!!

  383. Joe says:

    I followed your instruction, and I had no isssues. But when I opened the SuperSu app, I got this Security notice message that says: “Unauthorized access to a secured area has been blocked.”
    I have a Tmobile Note 2, JB 4.3.
    Can you help me how I should proceed?

    • Max Lee says:

      Try downloading this updated version of SuperSU then install again with CWM recovery. That should give you full root without errors.

      If my answer helps, please subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here. thx!

      • Michael Dick says:

        I have done all these things although i cannot get my T-Mobile SGH-T899 into recovery mode .. the start up screen flashes and goes black. I get a different message when I try to start up SuperSU.
        There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!
        If you just upgraded to Android 4.3, you need to manually Re-root – consult the relevant forums for your device!
        I also keep getting the Security Notice from KNOX i am assuming, but I cannot enter KNOX mode on my phone either .. it appears that I am stuck in the middle of rooting. Any suggestions would be great.

        • Michael Dick says:

          Also when going into Downloading mode, I checked a few things .. Custom Bianary Downloaded :Yes (6 counts)
          KNOX Warrenty VOid: 1
          Current Bianary: Custom
          No root access also cannot run TriangleAway app

          I only ran as instructed on the youtube Video and didnot get the screen on the phone where it was downloading the bianaries .. it just reset back to main screen

        • Max Lee says:

          Re-flash SuperSU zip file, then after booting, let your phone sit for about 10 minutes, THEN open up SuperSU app (should be in your drawer) and if it asks you to DISABLE KNOX, say YES. That’s it.

          • Michael Dick says:

            Thanks Max .. I don’t know what happened, but I tried to boot into CWM this morning and it magically worked, I have root access now. Whatever magic words you spoke it worked .. Root access success

  384. Louie says:

    My Odin wont open it will flash up for a second and then go down please help

  385. Maru says:

    Hi! so i rooted mine using Odin 3.09 and installed SuperSu 2.01 later on due to earlier versions having problems. but after restart pc wont recognize my phone so i tried changing cables, removing battery while in download mode and etc yet to more failure 😀 please help! thanks!

  386. Sagar says:

    Hi I have rooted note 2 and then installed SuperSU but still it fails when system boots it says “unfortunately SuperSU” stopped and even if I try to run SuperSU I get same error.
    I have downloaded and installed

    Also can you tell us how to unroot note 2 I mean install device original rom

    • Maru says:

      Hi Sagar, you need to go into recovery mode (im a newbie so i used an app) in order to install SuperSU zip file. Assuming you have CWM installed, once in recovery mode click install zip file from SDcard then locate said file. From there wait till it says done/complete. Thats the most i can help, cheers!

  387. Rain says:

    After root, the screen mirroring function cannot works.
    Any related?

  388. bruce says:

    I have a N7105m. I upgraded to DN3 v5 very nice but after I loaded viper4 it went into a boot loop. I recovered by flashing a stock 4.4. Now I cannot root the phone and recover my data with titanium. From what I’ve read it is imposible to root 4.4 because the boot loader is locked. I’ve tried three different methods including your and none work. I found one that seemed promising Ghettoroot. but it is not adapted for the n7105. I have info from root checker pro I could send you. also Super user says “no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install” Thank you

  389. cashh says:

    Hey thanks yu ! Ive been trying to root my note 2 for a long time.. it was quick and easy. im gonna definitely reccomend your root to friends

  390. Mo says:


    This method no longer roots the latest version of 4.4.2 on T889V (T889VVLUDNH2). Any suggestions?

  391. Mo says:


    This method no longer roots the latest version of 4.4.2 on T889V (T889VVLUDNH2). Any suggestions?

  392. Wei Jie Lee says:

    hi max,can i know why my note 2 after root but super user still can’t used?can I root again?3q

  393. carl says:

    hi max
    i tried to root using odin (i want to flash to get the s5 note3 mod) when i click on super su i get a message saying “there is no binary installed and supersu can not install it” my device is gt n7100 and im running 4.4.2 i have already downloaded N7100_NH2_DrKetan_Custom_ROM_V11 and the TouchWizThemes so i just need help to get it routed.
    many thanks

  394. Iulian C says:

    Can you please give me an advice, i have a N7100 with 4.4.2 and i want to go back to 4.3
    If i root the phone using CF auto root i can put 4.3 on it after ?

    Thanks in advance

  395. Petrus says:

    please help me to root my note 2
    7100 model
    running android 4.3
    I did everything in the tutorial but my fone is still not rooted.
    everything was done as per the instuctions. But when I used a program to see if my fone was rooted it still says locked. Could there be newer software that will help me?

  396. Amanda says:

    Every time I download the galaxynote2root file it downloads a plethora of other thing I don’t want but no zip file. Can you email me the zip file

  397. kuna says:


    DN3 is no longer king for me.

  398. Ziyad Qazi says:

    I have a 4.4.2 and I have just rooted the device, but when I try to get into recovery mode, the screen starts flickering at the start up screen!!! Please help, I’m trying to install the s5/note3 ROM.

  399. This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I have found something that helped me.

  400. ShaQ says:

    My first time rooting and facing issues.
    I followed the steps exactly. Once flashed, the device reboots. However on reboot the screen flickers and the initial white text “galaxy note 2” screen moves around wierdly, then screen goes blank. After a while restarts into my android. SuperSU stops working.

    I switch off, and start by Volume Up + Home + Power. Screen flickers yet again and goes blank. If i press power after a while, it does not start the phone (which means CWM has launched, but i can’t see it!). I press power again and phone starts.

    There is a shortcut named eu.chainfire.supersu.MainActivity. When launched it says “SuperSU stopped working.”.

  401. dave says:

    Hi….I have GT-N7100 4.4.2 and already installed SU app from google app.I have followed your step by step process and finally got root but, Iam still unable to use SU to as its saying ‘ There is no SU binary installed and SuperSu cannot installed it. I copied your update SU file on internal memory so that I can flash it through CWM but, when I press Vol up + Power Button + Home Button then it does,nt allow me to go into CWM mode. My phone still works find once I start back. Please help as iam clue less what went wrong.

  402. Harry says:

    Just tried rooting my GT-N7105 (android 4.4.2), after following all the steps to the T I haven’t been able to load into CWM recovery and am just getting the android recovery. It says “No Command” then has the dead android figure with error written on him. From the android recovery i tried loading SuperSU and rebooted still not rooted.The phone boots fine and still seems to function as it did prior to the attempted root. Odin gave me no error messages and ran as it does in the video. Could someone help please. I am a complete novice and this is my first root. Also I’m from the UK so if that makes a difference to my model of phone could you let me know.

    Your help would be much appreciated.


    P.S. posted this by mistake in the ubuntu tutorial so am reposting here.

  403. Allan Hanson says:

    My SGH-T889 was already running android 4.3, I followed all your steps and my phone will not go into recovery mode. I keep getting a notice from Super SU that the binary is not installed and SuperSU cannot install it? Any remedies?

  404. nyinyitun says:

    samsung N7100 android 4.4.4 Root?

  405. Stephen says:

    How do you get rid of KNOX if you have 4.3 on SGH-T889 Note 2 from T-Mobile. I am chasing my tail trying different ways to kill KNOX off the phone.
    Please help!

  406. frank says:

    please there is a password on the folder when i try to unzip it. please can i get the password? thank you

  407. Antonio says:

    I’ve tried rooting my n7100 but i get supersu error and my phone is not rooted. I cannot get into cwm recovery because when i try to samsung logo just flickers.I can boot up and use my phone normally tho.
    What should i do to root it ?

    • Antonio says:

      I just want to say i have finally rooted my note 2. I flashed the latest cwm and then flashed supersu update from recovery.

    • jordan says:

      i have a note 2 smg-1317m from canada and i did this root and the same thing is happening to me it wont let me go into recovery mode it just flickers? how did you fix it and still have it rooted?????

  408. Superx says:

    odin3 v1.85 keeps saying added and then removed for SGH-i317 AT&T.

  409. malath says:

    hi bro i am asking that i have note 2 international version its on 4.4.2 kitkat version and i want to rooted it should i install the cwm first then install the update-supersu-v2.14 … and thank you

  410. umar says:

    hey i am downloading note 2 root but there is no file cwn6 plz help i want to root my note 2

  411. umar says:


  412. Seb M says:

    I know this probs waaaay too late but, I am trying to root my SGH-T889 and I am having a lot of trouble. So, I do everything correct, I get a “PASS” highlighted box when fiinished downloading the cmd. My phone reboots, but when I go to SuperSU, it says that “SuperSU Binary Not Found”. I have not a clue of what to do. Any helping hands?

  413. Sean says:

    Hey man
    I tried this for 4.4.2 SGH-I317M and everything goes smooth but when device restarts and I want to access SuperU the application crashes and it ways “it has stopped working” could u help me out please

  414. Raphl10 says:

    Can someone help me ? I have a weird fail I got a T-Mobile Note2 (T-Mobile Austria) but my version number is still N7100 so I am not able to upgrade to any T-Mobile Roms but when i try International Roms i get a signal strength of -1 (just emergency call) pretty anoying also my 3g works only in 4.3 or higher … I blame T-mobile.

  415. Prashant shrestha says:

    How can i get my files from knox after rooting??? I forgot to take backup before rooting.

  416. Adrien says:

    i have just rooted my my galaxy ote 2 and try to open a certain app and it says “could not get root permissions. error -1

  417. Ryan R says:

    Let me save people who own the T-Mobile version a lot of time.
    If you UPGRADED TO 4.3 OTA with the T-Mobile variant (SGH-T889), this will not work as KNOX is installed and will block it. Knox WILL give repeating message on there being a threat they are blocking and will not go away until you flash stock 4.3 using Odin 3.07 or 3.09.

  418. Theforce says:

    btw… (I’m not responsible for anything)

  419. Kel says:

    I am quite new to this root thing. I have followed all your steps. However when I try to open the SuperSU app and it says that I don’t have SU binary installed and I have no idea what that means. Can anyone help me?

    Product Name: GT-N7100
    Custom Binary Download: Yes (2 counts)
    Current Binary: Custom
    System Status: Custom
    KNOX Warranty Void: 1
    AP Swrev: A2

    And the phone is running on version 4.3

    • Ryan R says:

      You will need to re flash 4.3. KNOX blocks all rooting processes. If you downgrade go 4.2.1, you might be able to root. I have the T889 and had the same problem.

  420. Adib says:

    I dont know why, but this is not working for android 4.4, Having problem with supersu And phone is not rooted.

  421. Nikhil says:

    While rooting the phone (I have Samsung Note 2), will be there any data loss? do I need to take backup of all the data of the phone?
    Also what I have seen the information here for Custom ROM installed, I have found below steps,
    1) Root the phone
    2) Take ROM backup
    3) Install new ROM (planning for D N3)

    Please let me know, if I need to add any precaution step to avoid any issues.
    ALso can you please share the link for the D N3 ROM.


  422. Emperors says:

    Hello everyone
    I’m new to these rooting stuff.
    I downloaded the GalaxyNote2Root and followed all your steps.
    But after receiving a PASS message and rebooting my phone I got a message “Unfortunately SuperSU has stopped”.
    I installed Titanium Backup to verify my Root and it says that root access is not found.
    Plz help me regarding the same .
    My OS version is Android 4.4.2

  423. Phil Freedman says:

    2/13/15 Please – I need some help. Tried rooting my T-mobile Note II using method above. All seemed to go well, but at the end of the installation of the .tar file via Odin 3.07 instead of “PASS” it said “RESET” and the original OS was reinstalled. Disconnected phone after reboot (Odin now said “PASS”) but phone rebooted and I now get a security warning “unauthorized access to a secured area has been blocked”. I see the superuser icon in my appdrawer with a red # sign over it. Also a message that “unfortunately, SuperuserSU has stopped.” Is there a way around this? My phone is SGH-T889 android 4.3 Baseband version T889UVUCMK7. The phone works fine but I can’t get rid of the security message or superuserSU or get root. Can you advise? Thanks

    • lee says:

      this link helped me out big time I had the same issues as you following the steps and then did my own homework and found this link try this link you’re guaranteed to get root access with no hassle

  424. kevin says:

    Please help when i try to go into cwm recovery mode some lights flash like some lines are scrolling up and down but else its working and superuser is also installed and working, my model is GT-N7100 im positive that i followed the steps correctly. please reply asap. i have selected the option of notification of followup messages via e-mail

  425. Dominik says:

    As Phil Freedman and kevin I have the same problem with my note 2 lte, please, could you help us?

  426. ali says:

    Hello can you help, i did all the same thing as you in the video but when i go into supersu it says supersu there is no su binary installed, what did i do wrong ?

  427. ZubirZai says:

    Hi I’ve watched one of your old videos (root galaxy note 2) and i followed your instructions correctly but my phone got bricked. Theres two things that might cause my phone to brick. I just want your confirmation with this.
    1)if flashing the same rom many times in my phone causing it to brick.
    2)corrupted roms causes the phone to brick.
    My phonejust got repaired from bricked but i still want to root my phone. Any tips to avoid/precautions that can help me root my phone safely. Thanks

  428. leo says:

    i need to know what is pda and need to download it

  429. Roy says:

    Hey Max, excellent videos, i have a note 2 SGH-I317M from telcel in mexico and i cand use any of the metods that you use, to root or install roms, when i try to root, nothing happens, my phone is detected, it goes thru the process and it still has no root, and i was able to root thru another metod and when i tried to isntall the rom it told me that the file did not have the files need for my phone version, thanks love the videos keep them up

  430. Wong lee seng says:

    After I root , I use the app name gamekiller….. It’s says root privilege needed ….pls help me

  431. Tarang says:

    i got version 5.0.2 , does this root method helps even though ?

  432. Pedro says:

    Hi first of all I apprecciate your great job, thanks.
    I have installed the CM12 rom 5.0.2 and I would like to know if I can root it.

  433. Rooted it. Then tried recovery to flash custom ROM, Jedi MasterX2. Recovery only flashed the Galaxy screen like the horizontal and vert hold were screwy which led to a black screen. Phone still boots normally, but I can’t get into recovery to flash the ROM. Any Idea? Is this a dead post?

  434. Rafik says:

    My phone was failed to start because the TAR file was broken… it keep flashing on boot…. So, I start to flashing new ROM via ODIN… this TAR files was probs at my N7100

  435. ramesh singhania says:

    hey after rooting the phone i am not able to open the su super file whenever i am trying to open the file it is saying unfortunately supersu has stopped. and while opening the titanium backup it is saying sorry i could not accquire root privileges this app will not work please verify that your rom is rooted and try again.
    please help me

  436. Jonathan Avila says:

    no pude descargr los programas en zip pararoot mi celular no me da la obcion de descargar me los podrian enviar a mi correo porfavor

  437. fayaz says:

    I tried your all of your steps and the ODIN displayed PASS, but on auto reboot i saw the splash screen flickering and display went off. I was able to power on and boot to the main firmware though, but i supersu crashes on every launch. Moreover, when I tried to enter the recovery mode, I get the same splash screen flicker. Please help!!! TIA

  438. Cloud says:

    Does this rooting method erase my phones data/factory reset? Sorry had to ask, it wasn’t listed in the FAQ.

  439. sid says:

    hey i’m having problem with rooting after updating to kit-kat (4.4.2)
    previously i did successfully root my gt n7100 running jelly bean(4.3)with the above file u provided.
    but after i updated to kit-kat (4.4.2) manually with odin.
    the problem is it successfully patches but after the it reboots it shows up with pirated android(red android pic) pic in background and deletes the recovery and unroots the phone.

  440. Nagesh says:


    After I used ODIN the process got successed but the “SUPRESU” Error: “There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!”.

    When i used “Root Checker Basic” shows the messsage”Soory! Root access is not properly installed on this device”.

    Plz help….

  441. yoel says:

    Hi there. i have note 2 gt was rooted when i bought with dn3 rom…i then tried flashing resurrection rom and got status 7 error then i switched to twrp recovery but forget to do the nandroid backup later i was stuck with no os error then i flashed stock rom now i cannot root it again i want to flas it with new roms but am not able since rooting is not happening …need help also i cant root with odin it gets stucked when i hit the start buton to the line on setup connection or something

  442. Filipe Lopes says:

    Hi there, I’ve done this root once and that worked perfectly then, but I’ve removed the root and uploaded the android for kitkat 4.4.4 version. I’ve been using this ROM for a year that was pretty good. The thing is I tried to root it again to change the ROM for Ditto Note 4 and the root didn’t work. Could you give me a hand? My Note 2 is a GT-N7100 international version. It states my phone hasn’t got a binary counter. =P

  443. raj says:

    hey….. maxx
    help me i m stuck after i rooted my phone after rooted its cant restart and unable to respond i cant start my phone plz help

  444. saleh samy says:

    the rooting operation finished successfully , but i still not able to use applications that needs the device to be rooted , and supersu give me error message “unfortunately ,SuperSU has stoped”
    help please

  445. richie says:

    hey max ….am just done with rooting it but it cant restart and it can respond am lost plzz help me…thank you

  446. nomi says:

    i root the samsung galaxy note2 gt n7100 but after roting show error on my mobile that is
    (Unfortunately,SuperSU has stopped) and SuperSU not open in mobile. Please help me what can i do???????

  447. shay says:

    I tried the 197238640# BUT THERE WAS NO umts.. how to flash t mobile galaxy note 3 without umts for an option please help ASAP

  448. Genie says:

    Project Temporality wears its influences on its agleam metal amplitude sleeves.

  449. Hector says:

    I have MAC can you help me because the ODIN is for Windows but if you have ODIN for MAC?

  450. William says:

    Hi Max, When I have tried to installed root access and my phone boots, the screen flashes but no root access. SuperSU is on my devise but not working. The flickering/flashing screen appears instead of the regular android opp system type that regularly scrolls when installing root access.. Any Idea’s. AT&T SGH-I317 Thank you for all you do for us broham..!

  451. Gurkanwal chauhan says:

    I rooted my phone successfully and i can easily take advantage of root.. But i have one problem.. My cwm recovery is not working.. When i press the 3 buttons, the screen flashes for a sec and the phone goes off again..i cant access it..plz help me as i have to download a custom rom for it.. And also i have to back up my phone..By the way im using note2 gt n7100.. jelly bean 4.3

  452. Anil says:

    I tried to root my Note 2 GT-N7100 (Kitkat 4.4.2) today.While proceeding with Step8 though the ODIN showed no error, during the CWM installation my device gets a flickering screen and no codes is appearing. Post reboot though the SuperSU is installed its not getting started.
    Also when I try to reboot to CWM recovery the same flickering screen appears. The Current Binary & System Status shows “Custom”.
    Tried redoing the process but it repeated the same issue.
    Please advice how to resolve this…

  453. GS says:

    My Note II has been “dead” for some time now (it only shows the introductory screen with Samsung’s name and device model, nothing else).
    I tried to follow your instructions(repeatedly) and always get the message below on my device’s screen.

    Can you please help me?

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Thank you very much in advance.

  454. mohd zain says:

    i cannot access supersu app evenif updated to latest version
    plzz hlppp

  455. Mr.Sim says:

    Hi I am lost on your web site. I try to Download the drivers you talk about. I see your link. when I click on it I get to several choice of other product to dowload but not the one you talk about. I got a unwanted instalation of ”searching” searchengine (`_*). any tips please to download your drivers please

  456. Mr.Sim says:

    Ok I got it,if other newbs like me get this problem. you click on the his first green link about usb drives or the rootzipfiles than scroll completely down answer some survey question then click on the download write in simple bold letter. if unwanted software click again repeat until the wanted software download. If nothing happen go back this his first link on his step by step and redo same process until it work had to do it several time untill it work.

  457. Mr Vala says:

    Hi, I have rooted my note 2 successfully but then it re-stared and now shows the samsung logo only. now cannot use. How to install back the Stock ROM and where to download. Thanks in advance.

  458. Chrisc says:

    Where is the zip file??

  459. Seymour Lobasso says:

    This site is completely gret. I’ve looked these info a great deal and I view it that is good written, easy to
    understand. I congratulate you because of this research that
    I am going to recommend to the people friends. I ask you to
    go to the site where each scholar or pupil can find ratings grade point average levels.
    Thank you!

  460. Toan Phuong says:

    My Note II has been “dead” for some time now (it only shows the introductory screen with Samsung’s name and device model, nothing else).
    I tried to follow your instructions(repeatedly) and always get the message below on my device’s screen.

    Can you please help me?

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Thank you very much in advance.

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  8. March 2, 2015

    […] How to Root Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-N7100/GT-N7105]… – Galaxy Note 2 Cases. P.S. Thanx to ZedoMax, hope Sixaxis Controller will then work. I’ll get the international version straight from Samsung only $104 / €80 cheaper then if one would buy from theire homepage^^. […]

  9. May 25, 2016

    […] just as easily be reversed, so have no fear, ok? All the files you need to root the Note 2 are here, and to root the S3, they are all here. It takes literally 2 minutes guys. Once you have done […]

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