How to Root Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900!

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For those of you who want to root Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900, you can follow this root tutorial as it will show you how to install TWRP custom recovery and also root your Sprint Note 2.  (If you followed the original root guide, you can follow Steps 4-11 in this guide to re-install TWRP as the CWM Recovery you installed is not compatible with Sprint Galaxy Note 2.)

This root method is for Windows only but I will have another guide for Linux and Mac soon.

Step 1. Connect your Sprint Galaxy Note 2 to your computer via a micro-USB cable.

Step 2. Download and unzip, you will find 4 files.


Step 3. Copy the file to anywhere on your Sprint Galaxy Note 2. For Android 4.3/4.4.2, please download and copy latest version of SuperSU here.

Step 4. Turn off your Sprint Galaxy Note 2.

Step 5. Hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power button together for about 5 seconds until you see a warning screen.

Step 6. Hit Volume Up button to enter ODIN Download mode and connect a micro-USB cable to your computer.

Step 7. Double-click on odin3 v1.85.exe file to run ODIN program.

Step 8. You should see a yellow-highlighted box with a random COM number.  If you don’t see it, install Samsung USB drivers and unplug, plug your micro-USB cable.  Next, DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE but hit the “PDA” button.

Step 9. Browse to the folder you unzipped files earlier to and choose “openrecovery-twrp-”.  This is the TWRP recovery for Sprint Galaxy Note 2.

Step 10. Hit “Start” button and this will flash TWRP Recovery to your Sprint Galaxy Note 2.

Step 11. If you see “PASS!” and your phone reboot, congratulations!  If you get stuck for some reason, do not panic, just try another USB port first.  Also, make sure Samsung Kies is not running at the same time.   Repeat from Step 4 if you get stuck.

Step 12. Turn off your phone again and this time hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 5 seconds.  Then let go of the Power button but keep holding down the Volume Up and Center Home button.

Step 13. Once in TWRP Recovery, choose “Install”.

Step 14. Choose the file you copied over earlier, “”.

Step 15. Swipe to install the file, you should see the following message.  This roots your phone and also installs SuperSU superuser app.

Step 16. Reboot and you should find a new app called “SuperSU” app.

Step 17. You can verify you have root by running rooted apps like Wifi Tether app for Rooted users or Titanium Backup.

Congratulations!  Now you have a fully-rooted Sprint Galaxy Note 2 Android smartphone, ready to backup, restore, and install new custom ROMs.

Credits – TWRP and ChainFire!

Q: I cannot enter ClockworkMod Recovery, I get stock Android recovery instead! I’ve followed the root guide to the T and same thing is happening after doing it 100 TIMES!!!
A: Newer software updates on the Galaxy Note 2 sometimes may overwrite the ClockworkMod Recovery you just installed, you can get by this by simply reflashing ClockworkMod Recovery with ODIN, then hold down Volume Up and Center Home button together for 10 seconds as soon as you see “PASS!” in ODIN. Or also you can check off “auto-reboot” in ODIN. Then when you see “PASS!”, pull the battery out, then in, then use the buttons to enter recovery right away.

Q: I am getting errors while opening up SuperSU app OR I am not getting root!
A: You may be on newer Android 4.3, 4.4.2, or higher, then please flash the latest version of SuperSU in TWRP recovery and reboot.

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197 Responses

  1. Harry says:

    anybody get wifi tether working. after root i started tethering but my laptop doesnt find my phone. i tried a couple of profiles, all generics and the s3 as well still no luck. log has no errors either. any help would be appreciated. thanks

  2. bruno says:


  3. solomon says:

    Does it make sense to et the sprint version on note 2? WIll an unlocked international version work on sprint?

  4. Andrew says:

    Wifi teather does not work on sprint note 2 even if its rooted

    • Brooke says:

      You have to download an app called shortcut master. Then when u open the app click the menu button in the top right. Search apn. Your going to click on the one that says .apnsettings at the end of it. Click launch. Then click Internet. Scroll all the way down until u see apn type. Your gonna click that. It should say something like “default, mms” your going to change it to “default, mms, dun” push save. And restart your phone. And you be able to hotspot.

  5. kumo says:

    Odin ran, passed – but I am still getting old recovery, no TWRP to be found. I am holding VolUp+CenterKey+Power, then releasing the power button, but no TWRP. If it matters, I am trying to get root after installing the L900VPALJC multiwindow OTA update yesterday – wondering if that update prevented this from working?

  6. Danny O says:

    Hey , OK, I just tried out this root for sprint and also didnt work I tried and tried and got so frustrated but then I thought about and I remember that I updated my Note 2 last nite to L900VPLJC and I kinda thought that this might be the reason this is happening so this is what I did with out going crazy and i worked like a charm.
    First root your Sprint Note 2 with this file

    this will work just fine. After that you can go back to the Sprint Method and can follow Steps 4-11 in the guide to re-install TWRP as the CWM Recovery you installed is not compatible with Sprint Galaxy Note 2.)
    Thats it I did it and I thank all the people who put this thing together :))) now to look for an Awesome ROM !!
    I hope I was able to help someone.
    Thank you !!

    • HENRY says:

      DUDE! It worked perfectly. Thank you, I followed your advice and it worked 100%. Thank you.

    • Andor Kesselman says:

      After trying the numerous other methods provided (all of which led me to the stock recovery option) this one worked flawlessly! Thanks a lot for the help. Looking back, this seems like an obvious and clean workaround. Nice thinking.

  7. Todd Usnik says:

    PT found the solution and it worked for me:
    Run Odin, uncheck the autorestart, and flash TWRP. After complete, remove the battery and boot the phone back into recovery. Should work.

    • ninodito says:

      This method worked for me, uncheck the auto-reboot, flash and then remove the battery, plug it back and then you’ll notice that the boot takes longer than usual. That is a sign that is is done correctly. cheers

  8. Terry says:

    I’ve try following the sprint rooting method, everything works ok until you go into recovery and there’s no TWRP.
    Has anyone notice that when you look under device admin in setting under security. There are two boxes check which you can’t deactivate even when hitting the deactivate button. Could this be the problem. Please verify that your procedures are correct on rooting sprint phones. HELP HELP

  9. Terry says:

    Try removing battery and unchecking autorestart, doesn’t work. HELP

  10. Stealth25k says:

    Terry: didn’t work for me till I put sdcard in the phone 🙂 I’m also on Ota.

    • anthony wayne says:

      I downloaded super su and its saying that I am missing the su binary also whenever i try and do the part where it requires me to update the CWM it says failure to verify whole file signature
      please help I am fairly new to rooting…

      • Max Lee says:

        reflash recovery using odin, pull battery out as soon as you see PASS! then put battery in and use buttona to get into recovery.

      • Steve says:

        Get the Super Su apk (in zip format) and install it in the same manner that you would flash a rom.

  11. Stealth25k says:

    Terry: make sure you have sdcard in the phone. I’m on ota also 🙂

  12. Will says:

    unchecking auto restart and removing the battery helped me get the recovery menu using vol up plus home and power button. but the phone still isn’t rooted. anyone else have this issue…. please help.

  13. Will says:

    did you guys achieve root with this method? and does wifi tether work?

  14. shaun says:

    Followed all the steps correctly, but when I tried to get to the twrp screen it brought be to the screen where you scroll up and down with the volume buttons? Did I miss a step?

  15. Will says:

    I see twerp but no super user icon Tried to install wifi tether and imessage says phone is not rooted.. I didn’t know it wouldn’t work even if it was rooted.. Is there going
    To be a fix for this. How can we get rid of twerp if tether won’t work?

  16. Norvel Harris Jr. says:

    Can you root the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on Sprint, after the OTA.
    If so what are the steps, or should you NOT DO the OTA Now.

  17. will says:

    guys would someone please just tell if you guys are seeing the superuser icon after this process….please and thank you for answering to help us all. For the record i don’t see an icon for superuser.

    • L Riley says:

      Yes the superuser icon does appear after rooting. after rooting my phone i still could not get the wifi tether to work.

  18. will says:

    Are you guy seeing the supersuer icon after this process…….I didn’t……If you did then I guess I did something wrong thanks in advance.

  19. Doug says:

    I was able to do it today on my sprint note 2 finally after a couple of failed attempts.
    Here are the tips for newbies like me:
    1. do the steps as listed above except uncheck the auto-reboot on the odin program
    2. remove the battery and hold the up volume, center-home and power all at one time for about 5 seconds, then only release the power button. The other two buttons you will have to hold down for maybe 30 seconds until you see the proper screen. If you screw up at some point you will need to close the odin program and start over from that point. Good luck!

  20. sandjunky says:

    I am still stuck with at the up volume, home, power screen. I cant get it past the dead android?

  21. Ian Shives says:

    I updated my firmware and android system… after i am in odin3 v1.85, i try the volume up button center button power button and it boots into “android system recovery ….what do i do from here … it wont go into TWRP…im lost.. PLEASE assist 🙂

  22. Gavin says:

    I rooted my phone, then had to unroot for the firmware upgrade, then tried to root again and had similar problems as others have listed here. I did uncheck the re-boot, pull battery method, and was finally successful after two fails. Its just a little tricky given the size of the phone.

  23. martiar says:

    i cant get twrp recovery on my note 2. im rooting using a mac i followed the steps from the video. the video says its for the another version of the note 2

  24. abelincoln says:

    ive seen your video on youtube on rooting sprint version of note2,people are complaining about method after the multiscreen update.will the work after the multiscreen updat and if so can you post another video.looking to root but afraid after the multiscreen update complaints.

  25. Yam says:

    Worked Perfect!!! Thank you all!!

  26. Dane says:

    Ok really stupid question but just want to ask to make sure I have rooted several phones that werent on carriers so I have never rooted the phone I actually use my question is after rooting the phone does it mess with your phone or make it unusable such as normal use phone calls text etc. etc. I do apologize in advance if my question is amature or noob I just dont want to root my phone and then have to go out and get a new one. Thank you in advance for any answers.

  27. Jason says:

    So I was able to get TWRP recovery flashed but I dont have root access…how could that be?

    • Todd Usnik says:

      After you flash the recovery you still have to flash the file from within the recovery. Did you do that. I had the same issue after going back to the stock recovery to apply the OTA update.

      • Jason says:

        Thanks….That’s exactly what it was. I guess I got distracted by the problem where it wouldn’t autorestart and forgot to go back and flash the zip. Thank you

      • Jordan says:

        That’s the only problem I’m having. I copied to my phone memory but cant find it when I go to install in TWRP

  28. iceman says:

    is TWRP compatible with the international version or i should just use CWM?

  29. Harry says:

    Does anyone else have an issue with not being able to find there note2 as a drive. i was able to root but i had to transfer the file to my micro sd card with a reader. i tried on 2 pc’s first installing the samsung drivers and then with kies. one pc has xp and the other windows 7. i checked on the phone itself maybe something on the settings but couldnt find anything. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advanced..

  30. Black Llama says:

    Awesome. Worked like a charm. If you’re getting the ‘dead android’ screen make sure that you turn ‘auto reboot’ off in Odin. Once the update finishes, pop the battery and THEN do the volume up/home/power button trick. This took me less than 5 minutes, after dealing with HTC and their lock down bullshit this was awesome.

  31. Albert De La Cruz says:

    Ok i did all the steps Samsung Note 2 Tmobile. I have download the Wifi Tether 3.3 and i still can get it to work. Any ideas. I made it work via usb but, i want it to work via wifi. Please help. thank you

  32. Bob says:

    I rooted my Sprint using your technique for the newer phones and removing the battery. Everything seemed to work fine but I am unable to log into Samsung Media Hub and it appears to have happened after the root. I thought perhaps I forgot my password but I reset it and am able to log in from my PC.
    Anybody else have this happen/any advice how to get around it?

  33. Bob says:

    forgot to check Notify me of followup comments via e-mail

  34. luis says:

    I keep trying to download the files but when I click the link it just loads a blank page :/ help please

  35. Max Lee,
    I just bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for Sprint and the Baseband Version is at L900VPALJ1 but it’s asking me that there is a System Update Available. If I take this download, will I still be able to root this phone? Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.. Thank you.

  36. jeff says:

    where are the download for sprint. supposed to be a zip and unzip 4 files they are not obvious to locate.

  37. PM says:

    I wanted to know, can I root my galaxy note2 right out of the box or does it have to be activated by Sprint first? TY..

  38. RT says:

    Thanks! Great instructions! You’re the best!

  39. Thanks again. I was having some problems with my wifi tether my Show log failed on 4 things Activating WiFi interface , Setting ad-hoc mode , setting essid , and setting channel If you can help thanks. and if not its okay we dont have 4g LTE yet. I still use my gs2 fo i can get 4g on the go for now but it would be nice to have this work. thanks man

  40. rusty says:

    Iv tried about 3 methods to root my sprint note 2 with no success. Fore some reason I cant get the custom recovery to come up. Anyone have any ideas

  41. Dusty says:

    This worked perfect! I did have to pull the battery to boot in to twrp, thanks for the info. Do you have a root for the U.S Cellular Note 2?

  42. Todd says:

    I am running MacksRom and rooted per you guidelines for the Sprint variant. I am now being prompted to install an Android System Update. The size of file is 278 MB. Is this safe to install or will it cause me to lose root?

  43. brett biegler says:

    I am rooted and running jellybomb domination. I am now receiving the ota update. How should I proceed? Thx in advance.

  44. Jose Vasquez says:

    I just updated my note 2 too 4.1.2 will this process still work?

  45. Phil says:

    Just tried to root the phone with no luck. Running 4.1.2 any ideas on what would cause it to come up with errors during the TWRP: E: Filed to identify whole-file signature and Signature verification failed. Thanks!!!

  46. patrick neelan says:

    i cannot get TWRP to work i just get the stock recovery when i do vol up home and center buttons.???

  47. john says:

    i did your apply apps to sd card instead of the internal..

    my ? is this :::i have a 16 external but now i want to switch to a 32 gb can i turn off the phone and do that and it still do its thing?

    and if i want to remove it do i have to flash the stock rom with odin again to get rid of the script?

  48. Steve Rogers says:

    Don’t try to download WiFi Tether from the Play Store. Please proceed this way if you are rooted. Download the TrevE Mod version of WiFi Tether here:

    It’s an APK, so make sure you have ‘Settings>Security>Unknown Sources’ checked. Download and install the file and the error logs you had with the regular (Non TrevE Mod) version will be corrected and you will be good to go. I had error logs and couldn’t connect with the Play Store version, so I un-installed that before installing the TrevE Mod version. I was able to tether right off with the default settings. If you still need further assistance, post here with a detailed description of any errors and we’ll work through them if possible.

    • mike says:

      looks like I see data moving through the app after installing, but I dont see it as a wireless option on my laptop to connect to. Any ideas ?

  49. Tim says:

    Will this root give me all the language supported files or just the ones in the US region that I already have (English, Spanish, Korean)? Specifically looking for Japanese….

  50. nick says:

    Have you done a guide to root this version on mac yet?

  51. HarryChimp says:

    Easy to follow instructions.

    I have been looking to replace the clunky Clockwork Mod recovery.

  52. Shaun says:

    Hey Max, thanks for the videos and tutorials! I got a replacement GN2 from Sprint. I rooted it and tried restoring a backup I had from the old phone since I still have the micro SD and TWRP doesn’t see the file. How can I fix this? My previous GN2 was tweaked just the way I liked it. It will stink if I can’t do this. I see the backups when I browse the SD but not when I hit restore.

    Please help…

    Thx in advance!

  53. heathab says:

    so when i extract the files the TWRP comes up as blank sheet, it does not look like the one in the video. when i did the odin it passed but the TWRP did not work. what am i doing wrong?

  54. Drew says:

    Just wanted to re-affirm what the others are saying… if you’re having issues with TWRP appearing (i.e., you do vol up + power + home and you get to a weird screen with just blue writing), uncheck the “auto reboot” in Odin and pull the battery out when it says pass. You’ll then be able to boot into TWRP.

  55. Dora says:

    okay so ive rooted my note 2 and i have super user but i cant get my wifi tethering to work. ive unistalled it a couple times and i also installed the apk file but had to so through my laptop because the link was unavailable through my mobile but nothing seems to work. any suggestions?

  56. Rob Chanock says:

    You will need to install “Wi-Fi tether but make sure that it’s the ” trev-e-mod” version. It must be that version to work. Please post back here if you are still having issues after trying this step.

  57. Sean Beauhaire says:

    Hello Max:
    I want to first thank you for your videos on rooting a Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900, the instructions are clear and accurate. I Have 3 of the above phones two of them I purchased NEW 3 weeks ago and the 3rd I purchased NEW last week. The first two phones I had no problems rooting and accessing TWRP Recovery with (Baseband Version) L900VPAMA7 and (Build number) JZ054KL900VPAMA7
    . The third phone the first time I turned it on it had an update which updated the (Baseband Version) L900VPAMC2 and (Build number) JZ054KL900VPAMC2 Now I didn’t seem to have problems running odin3 v1.85.exe but I can no longer access TWRP Recovery. Please email me back if you come up with a fix, I like TWRP Recovery as it is easy to understand and unroot your phone.

    Kindest Regards

    Sean Beauhaire

  58. Dedline says:

    Hey guys,

    I have been staring at my phone for 4 days now having fun with my first root experience, several great roms, and just trying to become as well rounded and skilled in the root world of cell phones. I will try and make this short, and any advice is appreciated.

    Current phone – Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900
    Android 4.1.2
    Baseband Version – L900VPALJ1
    Kernal Version – 3.0.36 Perseus-alpha35
    Build number (ROM) – Lab Rats 2.2 MA7

    Since I have become pretty comfortable with the root process, I use TWRP recovery, and used ODIN 1.85. I want to become familiar and successful with completely UNROOTING, going back to PURE warranty returnable stock. I spent the last 3 days of my waking life researching forums on XDA Developers with little help or any at all on the posts for help and the information I got was varied with many different methods to accomplish this stock pursuit of unrooting. The only thing that has got me close to perfect unroot was the following:

    Started off and bought and installed Triangle Away from the Google Market. Ran the process through the app to reset my binary count. Rebooted through program, showed I had a 0 binary count after resetting which was great, but still had custom indicators in the download screen on boot. Through guides on youtube from I did the following. Rebooted into TWRP recovery, wiped my cache, dalv, system 3x to be safe, and hit reformat 3x, and rebooted back to a stock looking rom. Went through the setup process and realized after another reboot into download mode, I still showed a custom version or something in the screen but still had the 0 binary count. I rebooted and went through my apps and saw I had the SuperSU app still. I ran Root checker and found I was still rooted. I went into the SUper SU program like I saw in the video and hit UNROOT and let the app do its thing. I ran Rootchecker and wala, said I was no longer rooted. I rebooted into download mode, I now had everything back to normal it seemed. No custom showing, just official and 0 binary. I then rebooted into recovery mode and got stock android recover this time, not TWRP. I wiped everything doing a full data format. I then downloaded several different combination versions of a stock recovery from which did not work in ODIN. As soon as I hit PDA in ODIN and hit start, when it hit recovery, it fails in the red box. I did this with version SPH-900VPALJC and L900VPALJ1 as far as stock roms. Both fail in ODIN. So I gave it a shot and in ODIN loaded recovery-stock-alj1-SPHL900 from the recovery folder in the Samsung Galaxy Note toolkit version 4.1 from xda developers site and it worked saying passed. I rebooted and got a stock looking startup process. Everything synced with my google and samsung accounts and I was at the stock looking home page of my GN2. I checked the kernal/rom version in system info and it was from some date in October 2012. So I tried for a day to get updates to newest through system updates and no luck. Never updated firmware or samsung software.

    Only thing I can think of from forums is I was at around 34% battery life while doing all this stuff cause I was on it all day. Other than that I tried everything I could gather from online forums and youtube to get phone back to factory stock condition. So atm, I am running rooted with Labrats rom until someone can help me. Please try, I would greatly appreciate it. I am going out of my mind doing research but just do not have the knowledge a lot of you already have. Thank you and I look forward to your help.

  59. raj says:

    hey whts twrp
    i cant get it

  60. Norm says:

    You’re the god damn man! This is hands down the easiest and most professional write up out there. Thanks a million!!

  61. TeeJay says:

    Hey Max as always great job with all your sites and your youtube channel my question is I am interested in getting a note 2 I currently live in PR and wanted to know is it worth getting an international unlocked carrier version that works on LTE appreciate any advice or recommendations thanks….


  62. Javier says:

    couldnt get to twrp at all

  63. David Kirby says:

    Does anyone know how to root sprint note 2 on ubuntu

    • Aaron says:

      I used :
      # heimdall flash –recovery recovery. img –no-reboot
      Get the tarball that Max recommends, but you must unpack it.
      There will be a recovery.img inside.
      If this post is unclear you may be in over your head. You may want to wait till he posts the tut. .
      I almost drown and I have run into complications.
      All my carrier info is gone so my phone will not connect to the network.

      MAX, I need some help with this.
      Thanks AARON

  64. tee kay says:

    your method worked like a charm

  65. Gary says:

    I am having trouble rooting, it says fail, the error says “Complete(write) operation failed.” how can i fix this? need help please!

  66. Lisa says:

    First, I have read through all of the comments so I am not one of the ones repeatedly asking questions that have already been answered previously. As a noob I really appreciate everyone’s time!

    I am able to get to the Flash step under TWRP. I get a FAILED. I see Phil on Feb 28th had a similar problem, but there was never a response. Any alternate solutions or suggestions direction if I went wrong?
    Mine Says:
    Error flashing zip (location)
    Updating partition details…
    Installing (location)
    Checking for md5 file…
    skipping md5 file check: no md5 file found
    error flashing zip (location)
    updating partition detials…
    repeated 3 times

    • Dedline says:

      Well first off to be able to help you we need to know what rom you are trying to flash. Please include the steps you took from the start and I will try to help

      • Lisa says:

        I took all of the steps above. On step 15 I received a ‘failed’ instead of a ‘successful’ with an portion of the process report being: ‘error flashing zip ‘/sdcard/data/lisa/’

        Remember, novice. I think this is more than what you are asking for. I can’t find anything that specifically says ROM. (but I do know what it stands for 😉
        Model: sph-l900
        android version: 4.1.2
        Baseband: l900vpamc2
        Kernal:3.0.31-1090526 se.infra@SEP-112#1 SMPPREEMPT Wed Mar 27 16:11:17 kst 2013
        Build Number: jz054k.L900vpamc2
        Hardware version: L900.09

        Now, since my post above I went to the TWRP web IRC and chatted with some folk. I was directed to the TWRP 2.5 version which offers a root option under Reboot, System. Supposedly TWRP would tell me if it didn’t root. Seemed fine, no reported failure. I did that, SuperSU icon showed up. Then I used TWRP to finish the install of SuperSU. It is operational. I have installed the rooted app Multi Window Manager which does come up, but I don’t understand how to use it, so can’t confirm that I am rooted. Is there another way a novice can tell? A link maybe since most url’s to the download are long to type.

        OR feel free to tell me I am way off-base!

        • harry says:

          Download titanium backup and run it. It will let you know if your rooted or not..

          • Lisa says:

            Did it. Root access says OK. So I should be good? Is here an acceptable place to ask for guidance, or be pointed to a source, on how to rip out all of the Sprint stuff at startup? It is also confusing for a novice since my main screen still shows sprint. Last I need to try and set it up to my verizon account. Thanks for feedback.

            I’m excited that something I found (by asking a lot of questions) might help other folks here. 🙂

            • john says:

              hi lisa,

              i have teh same build as you so i am wondering the details on the twrp steps you took. I have rooted other phones so i am not a noob but from reading all this here, it seems if i follow max’s procedure that wont work correctly. So just wanted to get clarification on the additional steps.

  67. Dedline says:

    Well first off to be able to help you we need to know what rom you are trying to flash. Please include the steps you took from the start and I will try to help

  68. Dedline says:

    Sounds like you are rooted. Now you can start exploring different ROMS as you will see in videos on this website. Go to your carrier roms at top of page and watch his video reviews. Each rom will have different features. There is AOSP roms which do not feature touchwiz and is more of a cleaned up, debloated setup with out a lot of the carrier crap. AOSP is usually about a clean smooth fast interface without samsung apps and features most the time. You can watch some videos on AOSP vs Touchwiz based roms. The touchwiz roms will feel like a more stock experience with added features for your liking. Pick a rom, download, transfer to sd card, flash in twrp and gtg. Good luck

  69. Niagara says:

    Wont let me paste the flies

  70. koolitz10 says:

    i hope i can do this to my upcoming note2.. im so excited..

  71. Ms Thang says:


    I am pretty tech savy and have jailbroken every Iphone I have owned since the 3g. I just switched over to a Note 2 and thought the process to root was simple. I read blog after blog, article after article, and made 2 attempts to root my device….no avail. However, I came across the article and I needed to let everyone know I have successfully rooted my Note 2. This article was clear, concise, and to the point. It even gave a Q and A which was helpful to me because I was running newer software. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  72. rob says:

    Hi max thanks for everything my problem is this I went through the process with no problems till I open twrp to flash the file it had me put in there the file is there but when I click on it it just opens it without giving me the option to run it please help thanks rob

  73. Dave says:

    I have a Samsung SPH-L900 running 4.1.2 which is slightly different than your video. On the youtube page there were comments that all I need to do was remove the battery after it passed and reboot.

    I did that and when I reboot holding the Power UP button I dont get the same menu as your video. I get “Android system recover ” with the option to:

    Reboot system now
    apply update from ADB
    Apply update from External Storage

    Tried it several times and keep getting the same screen.


    • gary chanc says:

      Rob, in odin, uncheck the auto restart. after the green pass is showing and the file is uploaded, pull the bat and hold the volume up, home and power while installing the bat. this will fix the problem.

  74. rob says:

    Problem fixed had to reinstall file to computer and re copy super su file to phone and that worked and thank you to everyone who posted how to fix the twrp as well

  75. galaga says:

    thank you this is best guide all have ideas this work to a t much appreciated

  76. IronMyke says:

    Hi everyone, newbi here. I recently jaibroke my sprint Samsung note 2 successfully. I had another rom installed where everything work except the radio for the phone and mobile networks. I flashed yet another rom this time its the goodness rom. I am still having the same problem with a different rom. I have tried many things I found on the web nothing works. Also when I look in the phone settings there is no prl, it says phone status out of service. No mobile network. No phone number. Thanks in advance for your help. Samsung note 2 sprint edition. N7105 LTE.

  77. wonderful publish, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector do not understand
    this. You should proceed your writing. I’m sure, you’ve a
    huge readers’ base already!

  78. bejai says:

    Will this work in Sprint note 2 that has 4.3 version?

  79. Peter g says:

    Any idea how to root note 2 on 4.3 ?? I read online knox its blocking any root method. .

  80. Sean says:

    I’m at the TWRP screen, but cannot find the zip file anywhere. I copied it to the root of both the phone and the external sd card.

    • Sean says:

      Nvrmnd…found it.

    • Sean says:

      Well, after I reboot, SU is getting stopped and a message is getting displayed: “An attempt to access a secured area on your phone without authorization has been blocked.”

      • spicy818 says:

        Hello Sean I just rooted my phone last night and I also have the same SU attempted to access a secure area and it blocks situation, Although it works like its rooted because I was able to install titanium back up I would also like it to have a clean root and be able to wifi teather where you able to fix it? any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  81. Henry says:

    The security Notice software on my phone blocks super user, do you have any Idea how to bypass the security?

  82. Biggie says:

    Has any one had any luck rooting recently? Ive tried the method listed as well as pulling the battery instead of the auto reboot. Nothing works. Any thoughts?

    • Other Henry says:

      After trying to root I couldn’t get the su app to open but I (or find it). I used es file explore and found the .apk and opened it manually. It said I did not have the binary file.

      • Peter G says:

        try installing it from play store, that will update binary! then reboot your device!

        • Doug says:

          I am getting this binary issue also, I have tried installing via the play store and flashing it. I have also unrooted and re rooted and that has not worked. Any suggestions?

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  85. De'Angelo says:

    It will not let me copy cwm file to my fone it keeps sayin protected

  86. Hunter says:

    I recently followed the steps to root my sprint galaxy not 2 but after I open SuperSU it says “There is no binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. this is a problem! Does anybody know how to get around KNOX or another solution to this problem?

  87. Blake says:

    ok so i followed all the instructions and unchecked the autorestart and it worked but now when i try to open SuperSU it says unfortunately SuperSU has stopped is that normal also how do i go about downloading root apps like tethering?

  88. Blake says:

    its also giving me a security notice saying An attempt to access a secure area on your phone without authorization has been blocked. its telling me to update my securitypolicy. what should i do?

  89. jeff says:

    Last year I rooted my sprint note 2 with odin, running version 4.1.2

    My questions are there please:

    1) in superuser there is an option called unroot if i do this will i be back to the factory stock rom since all I did was root originally without installing a custom rom. Will I then be able to receive the OTA that is being pushed?

    2) I have a wi fi tether app, after I receive an OTA will I be able to regain that access?

    3) lastly, if i choose to do nothing but get back to it’s original state, will the volume boost hacks be erased and how do i reset the binary counter back to zero?


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  92. john says:

    why dont any of the download links work? All it downloads is sponsered things or 7zip? i can get any of the galaxy note 2 files

    • Max Lee says:

      Sorry our server was having trouble here, it should be working fine now and don’t click on the ads, click on the download link at bottom!

  93. Doug says:

    I am getting an issue saying the binary could not be updated. After a few attempts at re rooting and such I get “Unfortunately SuperSU has stopped.” So each time I try unrooting and rerooting I get one of those 2 errors. I updated SuperSU from the play store after rerooting and that didn’t work. I also flashed 1.96 and that didn’t work. Any suggestions?

  94. Jay says:

    Hey is there an update for the new Android 4.4.2 firmware? Or does the old process still apply?

  95. Robert Hall says:

    Note 2 running 4.42 tried the procedure for root flashed twrp did back up no root access. Tried SuperSu-v1.99r4. phone acted buggy, apps crashing etc. I booted to recovery mode and restored with twrp now stuck at samsung screen after the sprint screen. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


    • Max Lee says:

      After rooting, make sure you open up SuperSU app, it will ask you to remove KNOX, say “OK” and it will remove KNOX, which is why your phone got buggy as KNOX is an unnecessary security feature that interferes with root.

      • Robert Hall says:

        could not open SuperSu binary not installed, Now phone will not boot past the samsung splash screen. What should I try now?

        • Robert Hall says:

          I bricked it, watched your video on unrooting (bricked) and got it back to stock and after several attempts finally got it rooted. Installed Titanium back up SuperSu Pro and maybe next weekend will try custom ROM. Reading all the posts really helped and the videos were a lifesaver.

          Many Thanks to all

  96. Mark says:

    Im running stock ne2 and followed this guide like i have for many other phones. I get a pass on Odin, everything saying successful and after I boot down and try to boot into recovery, it takes me to the stock recovery as if i did nothing. I went into dl mode again and see i tripped knox and followed the guide again with odin saying Pass but still no twrp. Any ideas?

  97. Mark says:

    Gotta love the lack of help on here.

  98. Mike says:

    “Disabling Knox…” is taking forever, should this be taking longer than 5 minutes?

  99. Anthony says:

    just finished the root process. i see the supersu icon in my apps, but i keep getting the unfortunately supersu has stopped message. also i tried titanium backup and wifi tethering and they don’t seem to be working. please someone help, as i am afraid and don’t know else to do. i dont want to brick the phone by doing something i shouldn’t.

  100. Hal says:

    i tried using but im still getting the “unfortunately, SuperSU has stopped” error when i try to launch it =( anyone manage to get this fixed?

    • Hal says:

      Shortly after posting the above.. I went to the playstore and went to SuperSU.. it all of a sudden said it needs to be udpated.. i updated it and now it “appears” to be working. =)

      I did the steps below to fix my issue. (I was on stock 4.4.2)
      1) used Odin to flash the latest TWRP for Sprint Note 2
      2) booted to TWRP to install the
      3) still got the error that SuperSU unfortunately stopped. I went to the play store and saw that it needed to be udpated
      4) updated the app and it asked if i wanted to do a normal or TWRP / CWM udpate.. I selected normal

      Now I got the alert that KNOX should be disabled (which is the desired outcome from launching SuperSU)

      Hope this helps others out there

  101. Steve R says:

    I was getting the “super su can’t be installed from binary.” you can solve this by using ES file Explorer. Go to settings and select root explorer. Use the pull down at the top to choose “device” and then use the search at the bottom and enter “super.” Select the super su apk and choose install. It will give you the option to disable Knox, so choose yes. Open Super Su and go to ‘settings’ and choose option to load at phone boot time. You should be good to go at this point. Try to open one of your root programs or use
    Root Checker to make sure you are rooted.

  102. Alex says:

    I used this to successfully root my Note2 on Android 4.4.2. Once I loaded the udpated Super SU ( as instructed, everything worked fine!

    Thanks so much!!!

  103. Joey says:

    Everything worked great but, i keep getting a popup saying unfortunately superSU has stopped??? Am i missing something?? How can i fix this??? It’s making me crazy =(

  104. Spencer says:

    I followed the steps to root my phone and everything worked out tell I got the error message “Unfortunately, SuperSU has stopped” did I do something wrong and how can I fix this?

  105. trey says:

    Im stuck i got to the twrp did the install and now when my phone starts it says unfortunately superSU has stopped. and says that everytime i click on it. can someone help
    Galaxy Note2 SPH L900vpucne2 on 4.4.2

  106. Steve R says:

    **Resolved** “”Unfortunately, SuperSU has stopped”*******You can solve this by using ES file Explorer. Go to settings and select root explorer. Use the pull down at the top to choose “device” and then use the search at the bottom and enter “super.” Select the super su apk and choose install. It will give you the option to disable Knox, so choose yes. Open Super Su and go to ‘settings’ and choose option to load at phone boot time. You should be good to go at this point. Try to open one of your root programs or use
    Root Checker to make sure you are rooted.
    Also, see Max Lee’s post above and try that as well. Please post back here with your results so we can close this topic……or……try to work on getting this fixed for you. Thanks!

  107. Simham says:

    I had problems with SuperSU and tried installing it from Android Store. Now SuperSU is working fine and Titanium back is reporting that haave super user permission. But still I am not able to use it on GSM net wrok in India. says that invalid sim card and does’nt recognize memory card. says blank card.

  108. freddy says:

    cant root sph -l900
    my friend unroot using superuser and disable it then he enabled it and he can’t reroot it any more (4.3 android) i try to root it did not work i download 4.4.2 update and can’t root it using cf root or the instruction that you list superuser don’t work and can’t go to TWRP. install 4.4.2 update stock recovery works

  109. Rob says:

    So, my phone won’t get on LTE after I rooted it. I’m still on the stock rom.
    Any idea why that’s happening? Could flashing the bootloader screw with the APN’s?
    Thanks in advance.

  110. Greg says:

    Hey Max Lee,
    Thanks a million for your hard work.
    Question: I’m having an issue with odin3 v1.85. I can’t get a connection. Tried 2 different note 2’s and 2 different PCs.
    No yellow ID:Com connection while phone in download mode. I’ve updated with the provided samsung USB drivers (windows 7).
    Tried unplugging/re-plugging using multiple USB port like instructed (on both PC’s). Can you provide any further troubleshooting instruction? Phones are both stock note 2’s with 4.4.2 and Kernels Ver 3.0.31-1561791 build date Wed May 7th.
    Thanks much sir!

  111. Julio says:

    Quick question I’ve downloaded the newest SuperSu 2.4 however my phone still wants binary updated. I am running 4.4.2 note 2 sprint any answers?

  112. fernando says:

    Hello. I tried your method and when i boot into recovery mode. Twrp doesnt come up. Is there an updated method of rooting?

  113. andrew says:

    I tried this method yesterday, it doesn’t load the TWRP recovery, it only loads the stock recovery and now has begun rebooting at random intervals.

  114. cristian says:

    hey when i try the vol up middle button n power it says no comand. what should i do. i also down load the other zip file but it keeps saying the same what to do??

  115. Mario says:

    Hey guys. Awesome thread. Very helpful. Once I boot the phone, I’m getting a message “Unfortunately, SuperSU has stopped”. Anyone know how to fix this?

  116. Duke says:

    Hi, can you provide the zip files for me to root my galaxy note 2 phone. Can anyone provide the 4 files need to root my galaxy note 2 phone? Much appreciate, thanks!

  117. Zuvair ahmad says:

    I have note sph l900 4.4.2, and i have completed root follow step by step after reboot when i open superSu showung an error ” Unfortunately ,SuperSu has stopped .
    Please help me to solve this error

  118. 减肥药 says:

    I am learning greater English by reading though English web sites, tis helped me to considerably, thank you so much

  119. Mark Huessy says:

    hi, found your you tube video GalaxyNote2Root fun, but I have run into my own stupidity in navigating a file/folder list.
    How can I navigate to the phone’s root folder using Team Win Recovery Project’s “Install” list ?
    In your video, the Team Win Recovery Project, / “Install” file list shows the phone’s root folders & the *.zip file. But not on my phone.

    When using Team Win Recovery Project, I can’t get the “Install” file list to show the phone’s root. Instead I get a folder list like:

    (Using Windows 7 Explorer I copied the file to the phone’s root directory. Explorer shows as a zip file at the end of the list of main folders off the root. That alphabetical list of all Folders off the phone’s root ends: … Playlists, Podcasts, Ringtones, S Note and finally comes the file

    My phone: (Freedompop/Sprint) Galaxy Note 2, Model Sph-L900, Android 4.4.2, Baseband L900VPUCOH3, Build #

  1. June 24, 2014

    […] Once I completed the activation on Ting, I was able to get it rooted by following the instructions here. Once I complete installing apps & customizing, I'm going to use the Galaxy Note2 Tookit […]

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