Galaxy Note 2 Stock Firmwares

If you need to unroot/unbrick your Galaxy Note 2, here’s official stock firmwares you can flash in ODIN.  See How to Unroot/Unbrick Galaxy Note 2 with Stock Firmware for instructions on how to install these stock firmwares.  Installing stock firmware will get your Note 2 back to 100% stock!

AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317 Stock Firmware

AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889 Stock Firmware

Download Android 4.3 MK7 T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889 Stock Firmware [Latest]

Download Android 4.1.2 MD1 T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889 Stock Firmware

Download Android 4.1.2 MB4 T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889 Stock Firmware

Download Android 4.1 UVALJ1 T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889 Stock Firmware

Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900 Stock Firmware

Download Android 4.4.2 NE2 Sprint SPH-L900 Stock Firmware [Latest]

Download Android 4.1.2 MC2 Sprint SPH-L900 Stock Firmware

Download Android 4.1 VPALJ1 Sprint SPH-L900 Stock Firmware

Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605 Stock Firmware

Download Android 4.4.2 ND7 SCH-i605 Stock Firmware [Latest]

Download Android 4.1.2 MC3 SCH-i605 Stock Firmware

Download Android 4.1 VRALJB SCH-i605 Stock Firmware

International Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 Stock Firmware

International Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

Also, there’s Recovery-flashable stock ROMs:

Sprint Galaxy Note 2

Canadian Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317M Stock Firmware

Canadian Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317M

South American Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317M Stock Firmware

Download Android 4.3 NA1 Stock Firmware for Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317M Mexico TelCel –  Link

140 Responses

  1. Raji says:

    Where’s AT&T stock firmware? SGH-I317?

  2. steve h says:

    hey man im in serious need of help my phone is stuck on the samsung logo and wont boot i can get into download mode but for some reason i get an error when clicking on your stock firmwares for the t889

    • a.b says:

      you should go back to recovery mode and wipe data cache and it should wrok

    • clover43 says:

      @ steve h: How is your device now? have thesame issue.. did everything under the sun with this device, it was rooted using my mac following Max’s method, also able use the AppstoSD mod, went as far as installing JEDI X for Att, did not like it very much so able to go back from my stock Rom but messed with titanium back up app rebooted my phone & just stuck on the logo after that…need help from max! tried installing from back to my back up rom still stuck at this point…now i’m back on usiong my iphone4 as my daily driver… it happened saturday it’s now monday 12/10/12 so frustrated!

  3. jeremy says:

    When are u getting the att galaxy note 2 stock rom

    • Brett says:

      We need AT&T stock firmware

      • Timothy says:

        You’ll find both stock recovery for att and canadian sgh-i317/m at just search for the model. Also you will need to register to download, it’s free. 🙂

        • terry says:

          good lookin out dude, i couldn’t figure out what i did wrong until i read this post. thanks a bunch, you saved a now ex-friend a major beatdown. again thanks, now i have a phone again.

  4. Dany says:

    What about the stock Bell rom. Unfortunatly it’s not even available on samsung’s website.

  5. jcho says:

    after install a rom in my at&t note 2, it stop reading sim cards, should I try with the international version?

  6. Rafeed says:

    Also looking for the stock AT&T firmware.

  7. jon lei says:

    Anyone know where I can find an att version?? Suarom messed up my fine. Multitask freezes and I get no more lte. Or maybe at least anyone know how to fix it?

  8. brian says:

    can u post the ATT galaxy note 2 Stock rom UCALJ2

  9. jeremy says:

    Do u know when u will be getting stock rom for the att i317

  10. jon lei says:

    Hey guys. Got an update. I got the stock ROM from ATT sgh-i137. Its on xda dev if you guys need it. I think I still have the link if you need just reply to me

  11. Teddy says:

    I need the link for ATT Note 2 SGH-i317 please.

  12. ayush says:

    i have a boot stuck and nothing goes forward after samsung galaxy note 2 logo ………will flashing my stock rom revive it ?
    my model is gt-n7100 international model and i live in india plzzz help

  13. luv_KLS says:

    I think I MAY have found AT&T original stock rom. Its has all the directions and downloads. I do not know if this resets your flash counter. Maybe ZedoMax can help!

  14. Preston says:

    Thank you so so much for your help in this site. You have helped me safely root my SGN2 and now restore it to stock after I decided to try and install chainfire 3d and destory all my hard work.
    Thanks for sites like this to help:)

    • jimmy says:

      My sprint sgn2 is stuck on logo screen please some one help … With detailed step by step directions… I tried restore my back up…. Factory reset…. Re root nothing works !!!

  15. dhiro says:

    Do u have an eta for the stock firmware for the at&t i317? I bricked my note 2 and was not able to create a backup and since I have been able to unbricked it using odin and then re rooting it, however my phone has not been working the same. I cant unroot and when I am rooted titanium backup would install but the app does not show up in my app drawer

  16. g35boi says:


    Do you have an unroot version for a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605? Thank you in advance…

  17. Adrian says:

    LOL Where is samsung galaxy note 2 N7100 spanish stock firmware! …

  18. Joe w says:

    AT&T before the Apocalypse ???? I found one online that was incomplete on line, phone would boot but antenna would not work, but it unbricked enough to put HYBRID on it, lol

  19. Dee says:

    If you paid attention to his videos, all the ROMS he has on his computer show I went on the site and it shows that they uploaded the AT&T stock ROM on December 22nd. Merry Christmas

    • Dee says:

      sorry Plural

      • peter says:

        cwm rooted att sgh-i317: downloaded that rom .zip file and tried to flash it with the cwm console and it aborted every time i tried it. it did NOT brick my phone though. any ideas or do i have to buy odin pro and do it on my phone?

  20. I rooted my phone and I tried to install ATT’s update but when the phone restarted it is stuck on the “Samsung Galaxy Note II” logo. Is my phone toast? If not how can I fix this issue?

  21. sfk says:

    Hey Max! Thanks for all the tips…I am a new user and am learning quick!
    I have the ATT i317 and have rooted it. ATT just released the multiwindow interface (JZO54K.I317UCALK7, Android 4.1.2) and they will not let me download it. I have spent much time getting my phone to where it is. Is there another version that will work so I can get around ATT?


  22. Anthony Tay says:

    I buy a N7102 from china and is in Andriod 4.1.1 How can i download and install international apps?

  23. peter says:

    cwm rooted att sgh-i317: downloaded that rom .zip file that dee pointed us to a few posts ago, and tried to flash it with the cwm console and it aborted every time i tried it. it did NOT brick my phone though… restarts just fine. any ideas or do i have to buy odin pro and do it on my phone?

  24. Peter says:

    I bought mobile odin pro and flashed the rom dee linked no problem. Just a few minutes after my post above. Sorry I didn’t close out sooner.

  25. Jose dragon says:

    I need help. After flashing a new rom by mistake a n7100 rom on my sph sprint phone then I restored it back to my h20 rom but now my sprint service and data isnt working how can I fix this

  26. Phaledi says:

    Require stock firmware for South Africa. Any ideas………..

  27. JaVabz says:

    hi everyone , i need the original stock firmware for MEXICO TELCEL samsung galaxy note 2 ? what about this guys? thanks.. 🙂

  28. Dom neufer says:

    I have a sch-i605 its stuck on the download screen. I cant vol.up power home. it goes right back to the download screen. any help?

  29. anthony says:

    how can i use a tmobile sim on a att note 2 and use both services

  30. James says:

    What’s the best firmware to use for Note 2 N7100 in Australia ?

  31. Ron says:

    just because this was a expensive device, a waterproof casing for it should have on the market.

  32. sakvisal says:

    hello everybody i need help from you…. my galaxy note II N7100 is not working it alway show Samsung Galaxy note II logo only and how can i do? I hope you can help me

  33. Brendon Wadey says:

    Trying to download the correct stock firmware for my Note 2, got to this page.

    But which file is mine. It’s a rogers note 2.

  34. Fabian says:

    i buy a samsung galaxy note 2 from Spain, Spanish and no firmware, that firmware as I am? please help I need to guarantee my screen is broken. thanks again

  35. Fabian says:

    buy a samsung galaxy note 2 from Spain, Spanish and no firmware, that firmware as I am? please help I need to guarantee my screen is broken. thanks again

  36. amr mohsen says:

    i dont know which one i should download …
    my note 2 came from holland and i rooted it in egypt …
    which fireware i should download ?? Egypt or Netherlands ???

  37. erick says:

    Hi max. How do I know what´s the stock rom right for my gt-i7100?

  38. jhon says:

    Hi everybody, I have a problem with my galaxy note 2, it freezes many times even when install diferent roms.

    Can anyone tell me if the problem could be hardware.

  39. Jimmy says:

    I rooted my sprint note, I now get stuck on the Samsung logo screen,…

  40. Laurence Thomas says:

    Hey Max,

    I have a Sprint Note 2 that I odin back to stock because I’m giving it to a family member. I keep getting an update is available but the update fails every time. I’m trying to go from MA7 to MC2. What’s the easiest way as I am a NOOB.

    • Max Lee says:

      easiest way is to unroot first, did you flash a stock firmware using ODIN?

      • Laurence Thomas says:

        I mobile odin back to stock. I am no longer rooted. For some reason the phone won’t take an update. I just noticed that you have a more updated stock rom then the one I used (followed the link on Could I just re-odin to the one that you have listed?

        Thanks for the quick response.

  41. Rodney Lungu says:

    how do i know the country to choose? i have a GT -N7100.

  42. W.H. PC Repair says:

    Hey i have a note 2 I317 by at&t but carrier unlocked and rooted but have a Tmobile sim in it will a stock unrooted(untouched) T mobile rom work in it.

  43. Tim Chevis says:

    i need to install stock firmware but it does not show up in Odin. I downloaded the Odexed firmware for Sprint but i cant access it through odin can someone help me?

  44. Moe says:

    Hey Max, I need to get my GT-N7100 back to full stock (right now it’s has the alliance rom and allshare isnt working.)
    can you send me a link on the do’s and dont’s.

  45. Yvette Cara Hansen says:

    will this work for GT-N7105 ??

  46. Rockerz says:

    can we install Perseus Kernel in this rom????

  47. fahad khan jadoon says:

    hi max,
    the download link is broken,i have been trying to download this rom for like a week now and it wouldnt download cause it says “the link is broken” could u please help me fixing the issue cause i really like this rom.

  48. fahad khan jadoon says:

    i’m currently using bobcat rom and i am starting to thiunk its to heavy for me cause its kinda slow..


  49. marcelo says:

    I have a T-mobile Galaxy Note 2 that I would like to use as a mobile broadband device (tablet) bit T-mobile blocks the ability to use a tablet only sim on a smartphone. Would rooting or a customer rom off set that block at all? Is there any way to do it? I just want to use it as a data device.

  50. pradeep says:

    i cannot download your firmware it always stuck on 99.99 percent? any solution if u could make torrent file then it will be help full.

    thanks for all your work

  51. shashanka says:

    Which one I have to use for flashing it? Odin or CWM?
    When I open the zip it shows .tar.md5 . If I am using Odin Whether I have to remove md5 for flashing ?

  52. craig says:

    I have a problem. my cell has dead android. it goes to update and the he dies. help

  53. Ray says:

    After flashing stock rom for sprint galaxy note 2 , my sprint service is terminated, I’ve tryed going to settings and changeing it from lte/cdma to cdma, but nothing still, I’ve tryied updating prl and profile, it just gives me error 1500, I’ve even tryed calling sprint and they said there’s nothing they could do, any suggestions ?

  54. DAVE LEE says:

    I was wondering if anybody tried to install a korean stock version rom on the US versions. I am trying to use t889 in korea and wondering if I could use the LTE with T889 by flashing korean carrier modem. Have any one tried this?

  55. Dean Lind says:

    Hope you can help.
    I like many AOSP Rom’s (like carbon that you’re recommending this week.) I just replaced carbon (Verizon Note 2) with J Bean (TouchWiz) for one reason. Although I had exported all my phone contacts to a csv file I couldn’t find a step-by-step guide anywhere that would show how to import that file back into the contacts on the AOSP Rom (i.e. Carbon in this instance.)
    Can you help with this? I really like carbon except that I need all my contacts!


  56. pradeep says:

    create a torrent file for

  57. yi says:

    for GT-n7105T where can i download it, plzzz help Max

    • Yvette Cara Hansen says:

      Just google Samfirmware register and thenyou can just follow the prompts that will enable you to download the correct firmware for your region. Its very easy you can check out xda forum for more info on your device too, however this site has everything you need right here.
      Good Luck…Yvette

  58. pradeep says:

    i cannot download 1gb of file please create torrent

    • Chaitanya says:

      you can do it like this:

      get download accelerator like DAP and then download it through that, I did it the same way as i was facing the same problem.
      I used Firefox instead of Google chrome though

  59. Johan says:

    first time rooting and i’m trying to get at rom on my Galaxy note 2 N7100, but my country is not on the list under International Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 – So if someone got a clue? then you’re welcome to help me ! 😛
    i live in Denmark.

  60. Zeshan says:

    hi everyone.

    I am still a beginner in the whole android experiments area so i’m sorry if this is a very stupid question.

    I have a Canadian note 2 i317M. It is running stock 4.1.2 firmware. i want to downgrade to the stock 4.1.1 . But i was wondering if i can install a T mobile stock firmware on it or not? or even an ATT i317 frimware? My AWS enabling didn’t work on the 4.1.2 so i’m trying different things to see if it would help.


  61. simoun says:

    can i flash international stock firmware on Canadian SGH i317M variant?

  62. I have note 2 working with android 4.3 and I want to downgrade it to 4.1.2 by this firmware

  63. Can I do it with this firmware

  64. David says:

    Please help! My note 2 is stuck on the reboot logo and i have tries everything and still cant fix it.

  65. faiz fathi says:

    hello.i want to to fix emergency call only on galaxy note 2 after flashing stock firmware android 4.1.1. and how to fix bad imei?0499……

  66. yasir says:

    Hello sir I am yasir from pakistan.I love your website because i learn so many things from here.But at this point i need your help.Actually I have note2 gtn7100 made in koria.I want to install stock rom and i done by odin.but after installing stock rom i lost my IMEI number and mobile network.I fix that problem after installing zip from xda forem.but i want to install my stock rom.Also i download stock rom from sam mobile according to my country zip,But setting show United Arab Emirates,but i m in pakistan.So please help me

    • amir says:

      a.o.a yasir bhai am amir from pakistan I have same issue I have flashed sungsonic rom and I have lost network and wht should I do to fixx it plzzz help me

  67. paul says:

    Hi does anyone know if the servers are down I am trying like crazy to download a stock rom to go back, because I need to send my phone in for repair.. but I get the error that I connet connecto to the website..
    nor does sammobile work..

    help me please!

  68. Frank says:

    I went to unroot my phone through odin. I followed the how to and when I went through it said that the flash PASSED. However when it rebooted it went into a quick boot loop where it flashes Galaxy Note 2 and then reboots really quick. I tried to do the volume up, center and power and it just keeps flashing. Now when I try to reload the stock rom it keeps failing. I have the Note 2 on Verizon. Any ideas?

  69. paul says:

    you could try volume down – home – power combination. -> if you get in do a factory reset..

    or get or make a download jig usb connector

    hope this helps

  70. Jay S says:


    Thanks for the wonderful guides.

    I am a bit confused as to what stock firmware I should be using. My phone’s baseband version is N7100XXDMF1 but its build number is JZ054K.N7100XXDME6. Searching gives me stock firmware for XXDMF1 and XXDME6.

    In restoring to stock firmware, should I be using what is mentioned in the baseband version or the build number?


  71. feliz says:

    for your infomation… the international stock firmware is fully working and also locked… need to unlock again to use your country network or any free unlocking site here??? 🙂

  72. SAM PUNIA says:

    after update N7100 INU (4.1.2 to 4.3 ) i have a problem with proximity sensor while call screen goes to black could not get back (i have to press menu or power button to back alive screen) and some time i play audio in whatsapp its sound come from earpiece could not come from loudspeaker ……………..give me solution …………….is there any way or i have to revert it to 4.1.2

  73. songoro says:

    I just tried the open recovery with the CWM-SuperSU-0.96….It error out complaining about the certificate…I then tried the CF-Auto tar and no I’m am getting on my Samsung Note II Sprint …”Unfortunately, SuperSU has stopped. Please help.

    Thank you kindly,

  74. Hello, all is going perfectly here and ofcourse every one is sharing information, that’s truly
    good, keep up writing.

  75. Christian says:

    Hi, how can I update my rom to 4.3. After I rooted my rom, I decided to put back on stock rom. But now Samsung Kies wont let me update my phone. Please help. Thanks

  76. Laura says:

    Can’t get the zip onto my desktop. Where is it for free? So many scams, and no answers!

  77. Roy Shorter says:

    Hi Max,H
    Having down loaded from T-Mobile their last upgrade to Android 4.3 regrettably I discovered a Samsung pre-installed Knox Security programme is blocking and preventing chainfire SU from doing its normally stellar job.
    Following instructions found on your excellent site
    Namely I used Odin and cwm6-root-note2.tar. which tripped Knox.
    As an already current Super SU customer and following forums post I downloaded a SU upgrade 1.99r4 although the version I had is numbered 3.0.5
    That fix for Knox also failed.
    As I am also an existing ROM manager premium Version customer I followed further posts suggesting entering recovery set up using TWRP which also failed to block this “bloody” annoying Knox security block ON MY PHONE!
    Please can you help.?
    Thank You.
    Roy Shorter

  78. Nit Blogger says:

    Installing stock rom for GT-N7100 (India) caused GSM services not to work. The phone was showing invalid IMEI (0049….). This got sorted out after I installed modem bin file. The phone picked up correct IMEI & I was able to use GSM services.

  79. ilagger says:

    How come at&t note 2 i317 Does have the latest Firmware?
    i can’t update over the air for some odd reason.
    I need to manually updated with odin.

    I just need a back up stock rom for 4.4.2

  80. edward says:

    i tried to reroot my note 2 because i kept getting a pop up on my screen about the phone model the serial in yellow letters. i tried to re root my phone to stop that problem but i dont know how i deleted the whole phone data. it takes me to team win recovery menu thats all. i need help how can i get it to regular mode or rooted i just want it to work again please help

  81. Riyaz Khalifa says:

    I have Australian Optus galaxy note 2 n7105 and it’s still stuck Android 4.3 can I update to latest version 4.4.2 KitKat

  82. David D says:

    My gf wants her note 2 sch-1605 verizon phone rooted running on 4.4.2, is it possible to root this phone, I tried ghettoroot and autoroot, still both don’t work.

  83. abhi says:

    Hi Max. I have note 2 GT-N7105. When I was rooting it, it was passed but when the phone rebooted it says that rooting was an error. So my root does not work. I wanted to root again but after doing a stock recovery. Could you be so kind to provide me with the stock rom or stock recovery for note 2 GT-N7105.

  84. andy lim says:

    I tried to resotre I317 to stock firmwares with odin but failed on odin
    what can i do now ?

  85. Mark says:

    I have a note 2 sgh-i317m and I’m using it in the UK on EE.
    Do I need to flash a sgh-i317m rom or can I flash an n7105 international rom?

  86. Hasmukh Khatri says:


  87. Adesanya Bolaji says:

    I have at&t galaxy note 2, that as been bricked. But only go into download mode. And i don’t know what to do. Please how can i go about it.

  88. Manan says:

    Can I install note 2 sgh t 889 stock ROM in recovery mode.

  89. Manan says:

    Can I install note 2 sgh t 889 stock ROM in recovery mode.Fast answer needed.

  90. Scott Farrell says:

    can someone please guide me into turning my T mobile note 5 into a note 2 ?

  91. L.S. says:

    Your pages are very hard to find help on something simple like where to I go to get all the ROMS and Information on my NOTE 2 SGH-I717 seem like you cater to this johnny come lately SHIT 7100’s not the SGH-I717 which has thousands of copies and still see some at Walmart for sale unlocked for Tmoble AT&T and a few other compatible I have an unlocked AT&T I use on Cricket and Tmobile at times! my O/S could really use a good stable update and upgrade Please Please at the very least tell me what to Google or a web address I have spent hours for over a year or more trying to find something like you use to have back when I had my first NOTE Samsung then I upgraded to SGH-I717 not a damn thing I can find but I am not a Techie!

  92. RJ Rickey says:

    how to download the firmware of samsung galaxy note2 N7100 . i want to find the solution .

  93. raghav says:

    Hey can anyone tell me how can I know which one of this is the stock rom for my samsung galaxy note 2

  94. ;-; says:

    sch-i605 download link isn’t working. Please fix, my phone is broken ;-;

  95. alhasib says:

    can someone help me my phone samsung note 2 gt-n7100 was rooted and i wipe all the data
    how can i restore or install ROM?

  96. Roman says:

    T-Mobile still has not provided an update to Android 4.4? I can’t even install Pokemon Go on this piece of crap.

  97. Roman says:

    I can’t even install Pokemon Go on this piece of crap T-Mobile Note2 because we are still on Android 4.3

  98. Bonehead says:

    SCH-I605 odin went well drivers, everything.. passed, but odin 1.85 and root66_VZW_stock_system.tar.md5…all ok..but rebooted and BLACK screen and nothing else… removed battery and tried to restore everything, nope black screen.

    Verizon Note 2 Sch-i605 had kitkat4.4.2 and tried, but not working. Going to try to restore original firmware

    • Bonehead says:

      Thank heavens for stock firmware. Maybe I didn’t do it right, but have control of phone again. I thought I was doing it right but I guess I was wrong

  99. legend says:

    After looking over a handful of the articles on your site, I seriously like your way of writing a blog. I book marked it to my bookmark website list and will be checking back in the near future. Please check out my website too and let me know how you feel.

  100. Brayden says:

    What’s up to every one, the contents present at this website are really amazing for people knowledge, well, keep up the
    nice work fellows.

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