Galaxy Note 2 S-Note App Alternatives for S-Pen!

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For those of you looking to run your favorite AOSP ROMs such as AOKP, CM10.1, or even ParanoidAndroid ROM, you might want to learn that there are S-Note app alternatives to keep your S-Pen touch-sensitivity and note feature working.

Now, this will not replace the whole S-Note app with “all” of the S-Pen features like calculating math equations or adding new videos but will give you the ability to use your S-Pen for note-taking, drawing pictures along with S-Pen touch sensitivity.

Memo app by Nathan Garside – This is probably my favorite of them all.  It’s a simple, lightweight note app that allows you to take notes with the same pens/brushes you use on the original S-Note app.

Papyrus app – This is another note taking app that detects your S-Pen to take notes.

G Note app – This is another app similar to the Memo app.

Personally, I don’t use S-Note app other than jotting down my ideas or letting the kids to draw stuff.  And if you don’t need all the bells and whistles of S Note app, you can still take notes fine using these apps on AOSP ROMs.

Of course, you will lose multi-window and other TouchWiz features (Smart-stay/rotation) but there will be some sacrifices when running AOSP ROMs.

At the least, app developers are developing more apps that makes use of the S-Pen, it shouldn’t be too long before more apps are developed for the S-Pen.  At the worst, you can always go back to your TouchWiz-based ROMs.

Have other great S-Pen apps you’ve used on your AOSP ROMs? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments line!

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20 Responses

  1. milroy says:

    actually max what’s the point of using aosp roms.
    i mean they are a lot feature-less n unstable.
    so any explanation…?

    btw great work done by you through this site man.
    (but i don’t know what i still want to try out aosp roms)

    • ESJ says:

      Not true. I’m using CWM 10.1 and it is working flawlessly except a little hiccup on the audio. Using it as my daily. The battery life is better than the stock.

      • Milroy says:

        thnx for the reply ESJ…
        maybe…but no multi window…no S pen…no all the motion control
        so all the iconic features of note 2 gone n replaced with just a rom to have more batery…

        • Jay says:

          Faster, cleaner, and you get the latest firmware. I was very apprehensive about losing Multiwindow, but there are pop up browsers and video players that replace what I was using the Multiwindow function to do. I do miss S-Note launching immediately when I pulled the pen out though. I never used Smart Stay and that other stuff. It’s all relative to what’s important to the user.

    • @KP1877 says:

      I rock custom ROMs on all my phones EXCEPT the note. The note is one of those rare devices that (In my opinion) is best left stock with a custom launcher to Kill the touchwiz look. All other phones get custom ROMS lol.

      • JKL says:

        I completely agree. All of my other phones I installed custom ROMs but the Note is feature packed on its own without any sort of lag. If I do end up installing a custom ROM on it, it’ll probably be because of my flashing addiction lol #highonandroidmuch

        • solomon says:

          I use the Hawkish Rom which is the touchwiz rom and it is very stable, ridiculous battery life and is a better version of the stock rom plus it is packed with tons of features

  2. hein says:

    I am no expert but Can’t we just repack S-note into apk or flashable zip or something???
    I mean like the jb4.2 camera app available for lower android versions. It comes in a zip.

  3. Aloi says:

    Hi Max…

    in the video it seems that you are found an Alternatives for the hovering function for the S-Pen. im using the same ROM as you but i cant use this function ( the hovering or the Air View ). I noticed the arrow as you hover the S-Pen on the Screen. Can you please tell me how can I get this Function Back.

  4. Trevor says:

    I’m using the latest Paranoid Android and S-pen hover is working like a champ. I never was one for using the stock S-pen apps, but I do miss Smart Stay.

  5. Nyteravyn says:

    Ravyn here, still jumping around with rooms but s pen on my gn2 with tmo has no calc, script to type etc features… Did tmo cut us to the bone or am I missing something? I am willing to swap if I can get the camera and a multi Window work around, . Any ideas about the missing features?

  6. Macabre5150 says:

    In response to some of the things we are missing from the galaxy note 2 factory firmware vs flashed. Its about the same expect with jelly am that’s the ROM I’m using. It looks and operates a lot smoother. The only thing I miss is my multi windows other than that there is alternative apps to some of the factory functions. I’m sure someone is working on a spen apk or a multi window a pk but the funny thing is we will all unroot our phablet when jellybean 4.3 arrives then will all find something else to complain about. True spit.

  7. Larry M says:

    The only feature I use with the smart pen is the scree capture. Is there any way to use this feature on a AOSP ROM?

    • Mike Mounier says:

      There are lots of ways, but what I like is when the firmware lets you put the screenshot function in the Power Menu (i.e the pop-up that appears when you long-press the device’s power button). I’m using Carbon ROM right now, which incidentally is great if you’re customization happy like I am, and I have the power button showing me this (in accordance with my preferences):

      [ Power off ]
      [ Reboot ]
      [ Screenshot ]
      [ Torch ]
      [ “Muter” ]

      – first one is obvious
      – “reboot” then gives me the choice of a normal reboot, a recovery mode reboot, or a download mode reboot

      – third one is what you want… get your screen looking exactly like you want then long-press power button and hit “Screenshot”… I personally like it because it minimizes the chances of screwing up the image during the image taking process itself

      – “Torch” turns the camera’s flash on bright
      – by “muter” I mean “turn off all ringers, notification sounds, and vibration

      I love this shit 🙂

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    Wonderful read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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  10. Yolanda says:

    On remarque direct que vous maîtrisez bien ce que vous

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