How to Enable All Apps for Multi-Window on Sprint Galaxy Note 2! [MOD]

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For those of you who want to turn your Sprint Galaxy Note 2 into a full multi-window/multi-tasking device, here’s how to enable all apps for multi-window!

Step 1. You will need a Deodexed ROM based on L900VPALJC firmware. You can flash a deodexed stock ROM here using TWRP recovery.

Step 2. Download and flash this in TWRP recovery.

Download All Apps Mod for Multi-Window

That’s it!

You should now see all apps enabled for multi-window. Enjoy!

Credits – XDA

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19 Responses

  1. rickey says:

    zedomax need help …after i flashed to ljc i lost root…i tried over and over to reflash trwp the way i rooted it as did u manage to keep root…what can i do to get root back thanks…

  2. rickey says:

    :// i found out how maybe you can help others with this having the same problem….with odin i reflashed this file made by chainfire..called cf-auto-root…then reflashed the root method you had..with odin again…power up…home button power button…let go power as normal..twrp showed up

  3. harry says:

    I was having the same issue. What I did was uncheck auto restart on odin when flashing trwp. After odin was done I pulled the battery and then tried starting into recovery and it worked..

  4. Quenten says:

    Hey Max, I know this might be the wrong thread to post this in, but I have seen everything about carriers except U.S.Cellular. Can you tell me what im missing ?

  5. Mazlum says:

    I have this problem, when I flash the zipped file and reboot my phone.
    After a while he crashes.

  6. Gerard Gallegos says:

    I have a n00b question… How can I have the multi Window mod on the Jelly Bomb rom?
    Thanks in advanced ^_^

  7. Jacob says:

    I can’t get this to work in macks rom I had multiwindow before (not all apps) but I can’t find it on macks rom or it isn’t there.

  8. Rico says:

    For some reason it will not allow me to view all my apps in multitasking mode.

  9. J says:

    How do I know if I am odex or deodex? All I have done is root my sprint galaxy note 2.
    Have not flashed anything, all I have is root access.

    Thanks in advanced


  10. Chi says:

    how long does it take the phone to reboot after flashing multi window mod its been 15 min and it hasn’t stoppped booting sprint/samsung logo

  11. Ben says:

    Works perfectly on Macks Rom 4.0

  12. S johnson says:

    already have ljc with rootbox custom rom
    after i flash the file it reboots to a black screen.

  13. Rahsaan says:

    I’m currently running Android version 4.1.2 with baseband version L900VPAama7 and build number is JZ05k.L900VPaMA7. I already have multitasking but I would like to have all the apps on the multitasking feature. Is there a patch that will work or will this patch work on it as well?

  14. Shaun says:

    Should I wipe the cache and dalvik for this deodexed version?

  15. Darren says:

    i stuck at the samsung logo how do i fix it? help me please 🙁

  16. Bill Meeks says:

    Max, its there anything like this for AT&T?

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