How to Enable All Apps for Multiview on Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100!

For those of you who want to enable Multiview/Multi-window for “any” of your apps on the international Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100, you now can by flashing a file in CWM Recovery.

Before we begin, you will need:

  • De-Odexed Custom ROM (I am using WanamLite ROM in the video, which is LJ7)
  • Software Build version ending in LJ1, LJ3, or LJ7 (Check in Settings->About Phone)

Download the appropriate zip file for your software build and install in CWM Recovery.  That’s it!

Before you do this, PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP ROM!!!


Download for LJ1

Download for LJ3

Download for LJ7

Credits – XDA

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39 Responses

  1. phil says:

    hi all

    i can confirm that i have this working on a wanamlite rom for the note 2 7100 and the new 4.2 gmail app.
    i had no errors with the wanamlite rom install and all the restore from backups, really very stable.

    cheers max

  2. phil says:

    max with init d now alson installed what script would be needed to do the apps 2 sd like the gs3 and note 10.1

    cheers phil

  3. Yam says:

    This works for Sprint’s Note2??

  4. arnab says:

    after i root my phone the multiwindow or multiview will be disabled??

  5. kevin says:

    Does it work yet with tmobile custom rom?

  6. Kim Jun Hong says:

    Hello. Does this works for the GT-N7105 model?

  7. Nakul Gupta says:

    hey max, ive installed LJ3 and my device is LJ2. now it keeps rebooting on its own. please tell me how can i uninstall the same.

  8. geegee says:

    will does work with LJ2 (with androidrevolution) in the future?

  9. Nica says:

    Hi! I am new to android, so i have a few questions. What is de odexed custom rom? I followed the steps on how to enable all apps for multi window in GT-N7100. My build version is LJ1. I already installed it on my fone but didnt see any changes. Still the same old apps in my multi apps window. Do i need to install the wanamlite rom to to see the changes? But i cannot find the right link to download for wanamlite rom LJ1. The onlyavailable link is for LJ7. Please help. Thanks.

  10. Alan da Silva Gonzaga says:

    I did install, but nothing happes, nothing change…

  11. George says:

    Installed it and it worked. However when I rearranged the icons on my multiwindow side bar, the icons re-sorted themselves into some random order after every reboot.

  12. Milo says:

    Will rooting the phone and not installing any type of rom mess with any of the apps? (s artist, pop note, pic. in pic,) Thanks!

  13. qarma says:

    My build version is LJ3…I have install it but nothing happen…???its just look the same..can’t enable all apps on multiview…y?

  14. iceman says:

    have the LJ3… download the LJ3 but nothing happen =( apps on the side are still the same.

  15. iceman says:

    Odex/Deodex… can you explain for a newbie like me, whats the diffrence? thanks

  16. gotu says:

    Hey max I am using wanamlite 2.1and I have flashed LJ7 zip file but phone is trapped in boot loop!!!! Thanks to your advice of backing up stock rom!!!! But I really want all apps for multi window !!! Plzzzzz help!!!!! From my GT-N7100

  17. Steve says:

    Hi , when can I Root on my Galaxy Note2 ModelGT-N7105 for enable multiwindow or multiview? Thanks

  18. Shayne says:

    You are a cock. Sell your phone and buy an iphone.

  19. Tim says:

    When will LJ2 work? Thanks Max

  20. alex says:

    hi! this worked great for my international note 2, THX for the info! P.S: Would you know a way to put any app i want on the side bar ????????????? or atleast a few 😀 THAAANx!

  21. steven says:

    i have the rom to allow all apps in multiview, but once i donwload certain apps they odnt show up, but some do like facebook, twitter, etc. will all apps i download work, or some and do you know which ones.

  22. Bruno Oliveira says:

    Hi! Can i do it on Galaxy S3? Or is there any thing coming related to that? Thanks!

  23. Hattori_Hanso says:

    Max Lee, this is work on stock LJ3?

  24. AK SWAGGA says:

    i downloaded this on my pc then copid the rar file to my phone booted in recovery and installed ,, didnt work any ideas ? LJ3 Stock ROM [ GTN 7100 international ]

  25. AK SWAGGA says:

    its okay if you dont know how or why it isnt working ,,, just tell me where did the files get stored to so i can delete them,,,,Lol ( im low on storage ) haha
    ill be waiting for your reply

  26. Owie says:


    I’m using stock rom build number lj3 odex. and the multi window works. but my LIST is only the stock ones. is there a way i can add more apps on my multi window list?


  27. Digvijay says:

    Hi, can I de-odex my stock rom and then use this method?

  28. tom says:

    Hi Max is there any rom out there for galaxy note 2 t mobile that can wi fi tether without t mobile detecting? I have tried all your roms and when I tether I always get the t mobile message and they block it. Is there something else i need to do? It’s really the main reason I rooted my phone. Also I tried installing the pacman rom but got an error….

  29. beastlyfatman says:

    will this work on the U.S. cellular note 2?

  30. Leigh says:


    I’m was looking at your tutorial on unlimited apps in multi-window for the note 2. Everywhere I look you say it’s for versions like LJ7. Do you have another download for. L900VPAMC2? I’m not sure if those versions will work or not. Wanted to check with you first.

    Thanks for everything.

  31. Taher says:

    Will it work with the new tiagra rom for note 2

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