How to Enable T-Mobile 3G/4G AWS Bands on AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317!

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For months, many people have been asking me if there’s a way to run T-Mobile 3G/4G AWS bands on the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317.  Well, I’ve always told them the AT&T Note 2 does not have the hardware required for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ bands but I feel really stupid now as it is possible with a bit of hacking.  (Actually takes like 5 minutes, very easy to do and no root is required.)

So, yes, it IS possible to enable T-Mobile HSPA+ 42Mbps bands on your AT&T Galaxy Note 2, it’s running just fine on mine.

Step 1. You will need to put your AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317 into a special modem mode so dial “*#7284#” on your phone.

Step 2. Choose “Qualcomm USB settings”.

Step 3. Choose “RNDIS + DM + MODEM” then connect a micro USB cable from your AT&T Note 2 to your computer.

Step 4. Make sure you have Samsung USB drivers installed, if you don’t download and install Samsung USB drivers first.

Next, open up Device Manager on your computer and find “Samsung Mobile USB Serial Port” under Ports.  Make a note of the COM number, in my case is “27”.

Step 5. Download and install QPST and start the QPST Configuration program.


Download QPST

Next, hit the “Ports” tab and click on “Add New Port”.

Step 6. Uncheck “Show Serial and USB/QC Diagnostic ports only”, choose the COM port with the number you noted earlier then hit “OK”.

Step 7. Choose “Start Clients” and choose “SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD”.

Step 8. Choose the “Backup” tab, hit “Browse” for Port and choose your COM number, hit “Browse” for QCN File and make a new file name for the QCN file you will be making a backup of.  We will be backing up the NV Memory on your phone just in case you mess up something.  Then hit Start.

Step 9. This will restore NV Memory with T-Mobile 3G/4G bands enabled.

Hit the “Restore” tab, set Port to your COM number.

Next, choose the QCN File as “ATT_I317_AWSMOD_dumimei.qcn”.  (Download below)

Then hit “Start” button.  If you get a warning just hit “OK”.

Download ATT_I317_AWSMOD_dumimei.qcn

Step 10. Once that’s done restoring, your phone will reboot.  Just give it about a minute as it will reboot.  Once rebooted, you can insert your T-Mobile SIM card and start enjoying T-Mobile 3G/4G HSPA+!

I know for sure there’s some shortage of T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2s out there or at least T-Mobile will not sell them without contracts but AT&T Galaxy Note 2s are much easier to be had off contract.  Now, you have another Note 2 option to run your T-Mobile SIM card.

Note that this mod works flawless, I didn’t notice any speed differences between my T-Mobile Note 2 and my AT&T Note 2 running with this mod.  Enjoy!

Credits – XDA <— All credits goto XDA user sjravi, if this has helped you, don’t forget to donate to him, thx!


Q: Not working on my Android 4.1.2!
A: You can try re-flashing an Android 4.1.1 TouchWiz ROM or Download and install phoneutil.apk and you should be able to see Qualcomm settings even on 4.1.2.

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163 Responses

  1. Rickync says:

    Hi looks great, Thanks
    Have you got an Idea to make the same mod from sgh-i317 AT&T to international carrier?
    I’m living overseas so…


  2. Rickync says:

    Hi Thanks for that post
    Have you go an idea to make the same mod from i317 AT&T to international modem, as I’m living overseas and connected to different carrier.
    Thanks by advance

  3. Lasi says:

    Hi MAX,
    Do you know if this method work on Galaxy Note i717?

  4. Mo says:

    I would also like to ask the same question as rick, Can this method also be applied to the international version gt-n7100? can you try doing this on the international version and please let us know max =)

    • adny says:

      no do not try that that will hard brick your device
      this is qnc file made for the i317 and also
      people get the wind or the tmobile QNC file for the s3 and put it on the Rogers/At&t s3
      what happens is that the phone goes under s75 error that is what we a hard brick

  5. shaqi says:

    when ever i try to back up or download it tells me to connect my phone….ani have check everything and it still tells me to connect my phone…
    any help?

  6. Spaceman540 says:

    I got this to wok no problem. I am now using my phone that was bought from Rogers on Wind here in Toronto.Thanks a lot.

    • nawkwan says:

      This actually didn’t work for me I too have the Rogers version of the Note II (SGH-i317M).

      What Baseband version are you using? (You can find this info under “About device”)

    • Rustic says:

      I just bought a Wind Mobile sim card and used this post to add the bands and BOOM! Wind Mobile Home
      network on my old Telus Note 2 sgh-1317m. Upgrading to the $15 a month unlimited data, voice and text plan in the US right now!


  7. Muhammad Soroya says:

    Hey spaceman
    Is your phobe the i317 or n7100?

  8. eddie says:

    hey max do you know if this will work for the international note 2 if not is there a method for it

  9. YUn says:

    Hi, would this also work with the tmobile month to month plan?

  10. Raul Moreno says:

    Hey max, Im on sprint 3g network and i know there is T-Mobile 4g network here as well. I tried to Chang my prl to see if i could put my phone in roaming to get on T-Mobiles .I Found some files in xda developers and flashed them or tried to write them but i haven’t had any luck. I did the ##3282# and clicked on prl write with the corporate file on the internal SD card. Any suggestions?

  11. fil says:

    Hello do I have to do this again after flashing the jedi rom

  12. Xopher says:

    After installing the samsung drivers software I can’t get it to show up under ports? Do I need to enable something else, debug mode or? Oddly it shows up when I reinstall the drivers, but after installation poof it’s gone again… Trying it on my laptop with XP to see if I have any better luck.

  13. Xopher says:

    Mines COM4 but it says No Phone… Is there something wrong?

    I had to cable unlock it (I believe) cause there was no “NW Lock NV Data Initiallize” option for me, I guess cause I’m on 4.1.2

    • zube says:

      I know this was a while back but im having the same issue. ive looked thru youtube and this website and everyone that asked the same question never got a response, was hoping you had any luck with the issue and could help

  14. Xopher says:

    Oddly enough, before and after this mod my speeds were the same…

    • DW says:

      You won’t notice if you are in an area where Tmo has updated their towers to be more compatible with ATT phones. Your benefit will be once you get out of range of the updated towers and you connect to the older style towers. I went from getting Edge data with signal strength from -85 db to -105 db with 5 to 7 aus before the mod to mid -50s and 30+ aus. Tested along side an official Tmo Note 2 under a signal amplifier for the older AWS Tmo setup (at the local Tmo store) and got the EXACT same readings as the Tmo one after I finished. Super happy! Big props to the OP!

  15. Luc says:

    Hi there
    Is it possible to turn on other LTE bands such as 850, 2600 mhz on note 2 korean version running only 2100 and 1800 bands?

  16. Louie says:

    i tried everything, your step by step instructions but i still get edge data..

  17. John says:

    will this file work on the i747 at&t galaxy s3?

    • Max Lee says:

      will probably not work worse you may brick but I will look into the same thing for ATT S3, check back at

      • John says:

        can you also check the n7100

      • kajan says:

        I need BIG help. i lost IMEI nd having UNKNOWN baseband. i think i lost them when i tried to make AWS band working on my phone. its SGH I317m rogers. so i tried to install so many other roms and modems but no work. i tried the rogers baseband, also flashed back stock but never work. could u guys help me pls. by the way thanks for the rooting guid it was awesome.

  18. Jake K says:

    Hey just logged in to post and say thank you Max for this excellent tutorial. Got mine to work like a charm.

  19. Jeremy T says:

    This worked fine for me but I noticed that after I make a call it takes a long time to re-establish a data connection and sometimes it won’t at all forcing me to go into airplane mode to reset the antennas. Is there a fix for this?

  20. Che d'Leis says:

    I followed the instructions step-by-step and it STARTED working fine. Yesterday my connection changed to the “E” instead of 4G which forced me to restart this process. Everything was fine until this morning. Now I only have the “E” again (and I am at work so I can’t fix it right now) . Is there any way I can make this permanent, so I won’t have to continue going through this process? Or fix it from my mobile phone ? Or will I have to go through the qualcomm steps every time my 4G leaves?

  21. Hobo says:

    There should be multiple mirrors for your DL’s.
    Got to last step of DLing ‘ATT_I317_AWSMOD_dumimei.qcn’, and the server is down.
    Now I’m screwed and stuck waiting. There are no other mirrors or hosts on the web.

    • Hobo says:

      If anyone is having troubles connecting to ‘’, XDA is hosting the file at ‘’

  22. Robert says:

    I would like to know if you can change the Korea Note II bands as well. Very interested!!!

  23. Hobo says:

    After doing this mod.
    Is anyone else not able to pull up their device directly via USB to access it as a mass storage device?

  24. billie says:

    is this for 4.1.1 only? I unlocked to t-mobile on 4.1.1 did 4g hack. upgraded to 4.1.2 still have t-mobile, but on edge. I go in with *#7284# selections are both still the same as the tutorial. Connect my phone open up device manager no port selection. I can only find the phone under portable devices as Samsung SGH – I317. Is there way I can still access T-mobile 4g? Thanks.

    • Taha says:

      I am pretty much going through the same thing right now, did you figure out a solution?

      • billie says:

        if i recall correctly I think the 4g just started working again randomly. as far as synching goes, i use kies air over wifi or if your phone is an att phone that you unlocked to tmobile. pop in an att sim card before connecting to the computer and the option to open up phone as a camera magically reappears.

  25. Dong says:

    Perfect working on my SGH-i317 note 2 from AT&T ,used on T-mobile get 4G most of the time ( before just sometime get 4G ).Thanks Max Lee for great working and help community samsung .

  26. Meedo says:

    You sir are awesome ! This worked perfectly on my ATT note 2 I just flashed it with a T-Mobile ROM and did this afterwards, I now get 4G instead of edge in the same spots, it works flawlessly ! Thank you again for this write up !

  27. musanch says:

    tried this mo d but still will not work….had posted earlier about busting my screen. replacing and loosing simple mobile connectivity, will accept only AT&T sim card.
    Please help

  28. Isaac Geek says:

    Zedomax Fan!! =)

    Hi..Greetings from mexico…i need help to configure mi note 2 Verizon SCH-I605 in Mexico…i need to configure APN on a carrier named Iusacell Mexico…but i dont know exactly how to do this…=S….Pleasssee.. Heeelpp …thanks…

  29. Isaac Geek says:

    i forgot this… Iusacell Mexico 3G it just work with cdma phones…mi note 2 SCH-I605 suport CDMA and GSM ?? both?? or just one of this….i dont know…im lost.. :S

  30. Matheus says:

    Hi there, was wondering if i can use the “ATT_I317_AWSMOD_dumimei.qcn” on the i317M model

    • Max Lee says:

      Yup you can.

      • Fabrizio says:

        dHey Max do you know if the S3/i747M can be enable to work on Wind?im looking to find the ATT_i747M_AWSMOD_dumimei.qcn , but no luck ..please if you know any let me know..i have a Rogers S3 and need to use it with Wind.


  31. Dirk says:

    can you do the reverse on a T-mobile note 2 ??(a t-mobile note 2 with Att sim) or does it already support at&t 4g??

  32. Taha says:

    So everything works fine, it gets flashed, it works for a few hours, and then it goes back and stops working. Anyone else experiencing this? I’m using the latest version stock firmware, 4.1.2 on the I317M

    • Taha says:

      just reflashed again for the 3rd time, 10 minutes ago, worked for 10 minutes and now stops working again

  33. Hi there, always i used to check web site posts here in the early hours in the daylight,
    as i like to find out more and more.

  34. Esteban says:

    Works like a charm , I moved from illinois to puertorico and works like a charm over here thanks for the info and for posting these

  35. JJ says:

    I’d like to try this because I can only see Edge for a few seconds sometimes and occasional 4G attempts n my unlocked, stock 4.1.2 ATT Note 2. Everything works well except for that (Wif-fi, messaging, email, photos, etc. fine). The T-mobile sim card is the newest one available.

    I’m reading the instructions, however, after “Step 5. Download and install QPST and start the QPST Configuration program”, you tell us to “Download:” ……..?????? Then, “Next, hit the “Ports” tab and click on “Add New Port”.
    OK, download what? Will it mess it up? How many MB is the download? I’m just trying to use T-mobile on this ATT phone. Please explain so I don’t undo the functions that do work! Thank you very much!

  36. JJ says:

    RE: I’m reading the instructions, however, after “Step 5. Download and install QPST and start the QPST Configuration program”, you tell us to “Download:” ……..?????? Then, “Next, hit the “Ports” tab and click on “Add New Port”.
    OK, download what?

    Meaning, where is the QPST download link located, please? Thanks.

  37. TK says:

    Hey can anyone help me out, I have a rogers note 2 (I317M) that I would like to work on wind mobile. I have done this before and this is the second time i am trying this. I followed all the steps and after the phone picks up the wind signal but it fluctuates from full bars to one bar and so on. No data and I cannot call or text either. would appreciate it if someone would help me out. thanks

    • stanley says:

      I have the same problem.. it picks up the signal but bars fluctuate and unable to call and no data either. Did you manage to fix it?

      • TK says:

        No I was hoping someone could help me out with this. I did try updating to 4.1.2 but no luck. I then restored with the backup made and reflashed 4.1.1 and tried enabling aws once more. It started to work after a couple minutes but after factory resetting, it stopped working again. Not sure what happened. I will try updating and trying again to see if it works. I’ll post my outcome

  38. I’m looking to do the same for the Note II Australian LTE version. I’m in the US and I can’t get the N7105t to go 4G. Any help would be appreciated. Do I have to update the modem firmware? If so which one?

  39. Chris N. says:

    Can anyone tell me if my 4g LTE AT&T sim card will still works if I do this procedure to use my t mobile sim card? Or would I have to flash the note 2 everytime I want to switch between my t-mobile or my at&t sim card?

  40. Gennadiy says:

    Hi I have problem with drivers. In PDA mode they work as supposed to, but when I switch into Modem mode, I have “drivers can not be installed for the device”. In device manager I see in”Other devices” 2 Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM devices with yellow signs on them and no ports installed. I am using Windows 7 64bit OS. Tried on two computers and got the same result.What settings have to be changed on the phone or in computer to get it working in Modem mode? What drivers have be instakked for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM ?My phone is unlocked I317M

  41. Jaywhiz says:

    Is there any method at all to get a similar outcome on Note 2 N7100 (international version)? It would be MUCH appreciated as I roll to edge whenever I am not in a refarmed area which is incredibly annoying. Thanks in advance so much!

  42. robert kropinski says:

    Hi max,
    i have an unlocked, rooted att note 2. I meticulously followed the directions u listed above however i still am stuck with edge and at best it contantly fluctuates pretty radically. i called tmobile, i live 3 blocks from both an att and tmb towers. tmobile, the sim card i am using, gave me a new apn that is called tmobile fast, it got slightly better.
    Two questions, how can i resolve this so i can acccess Tmobiles modem and bandwidths? and also, will my phone accept a tmob rom like the Jedi one that is tweaked to allow wifi calling over tmob?
    short of this i guess ill next try straight talks sim card and see if that makes any difference. This is so frustrating, im wasting my days trying to sort thru info that i dont fully understand. On xda i did see a post about changing NV settings or something. no idea what thats about. THis is the xda thread.
    otherwise, your videos and your comprehension of all this stuff is quite stunning and your videos are clear, concise and easy for me to follow. Just wish i got the same result as you on this one.
    thanks for your help

    • Max Lee says:

      This will enable Tmo AWS bands. If you are still stuck with edge, it could just be your location did you try testing outdoors?

      • robert kropinski says:

        Hi max, thanks for your quick reply, yes i have also tried outdoors. i ran speed tests and the best i got was .14 mbps which was momentary and thats when i get a signal at all. Interesting thing tho, i have another phone, HTC Vivid, also ATT, on simple mobile, today i was traveling around Austin area and on my vivid i was occasionally getting 4g , while on the ATT note 2, even tho i did get as many as 5 bars of reception i was stuck on edge no matter where i went.
        Are signal repeaters any good at all, i was thinking putting one in my house although i almost live in the shadow of a tmob and att cell tower. both within half mile.
        i am going to try to rerun this approach to enable aws bandwidth again. ill keep you posted. what about the info in the xda thread
        i mentioned above?
        will flashing a tmob rom help at all?

        • Max Lee says:

          That sounds like your network. I would actually switch to a network that gets you better signals where you live, that would be the best option.

  43. robert kropinski says:
    sorry, i forgot to give u xda thread

  44. robert kropinski says:

    hi max, an update, i stopped using the apn provided by the tmob cust care called tmobile fast and reverted to the one which automatically appears when i put the chip in, i saw a 4g for the first time and 4 bars while standing near windows in my home. less when i walk inside my home. then reverted back to edge2 but def appears to be faster. tmobile also said i can use wifi calling but theres no button to turn it on, unless i apply a tmob rom, can i use the tweaked jedi rom or can u suggest one to enable wifi calling. also if i enable wifi calling will i lose the ability to make calls over the tmob data plan? in your video on wifi calling it appears there are only 3 choices, wifi only, wifi prefered etc.

  45. julio says:

    I have been trying this procedure all day and can’t seem to get it to work. It seems everything goes well until phone reboots after restoring dummie qnc file, does register signal bars but does not recognize the carrier and can’t access the network. I’m running rooted and stock everything on at&t note 2. Anxiously waiting for a reply!

  46. robert kropinski says:

    hi max, i considered your suggestion about changing the network to solve my slow/edge only tmobile data connection on my unlocked rooted att note 2 sgh i317. However, first i went to a tmobile store. i had another phone with me, an unlocked att htc vivid with a simple mobile chip inside. I immediately noted that the Simple mobile Vivid phone was receiving a 4g signal. The att note 2 the usual Edge only signal. The sales person gave me a simm adaptor and we took out the tmobile simm from the att note 2 and inserted it into the att htc vivid. The TMobile simm which never got out of Edge mode immediately went to 4g lte. So it is definitely not the provider Tmobile, its the ATT galaxy note 2. Something is blocking the data connection from achieving 4g speeds. Any ideas now???
    From my reading on the web this seems to be a common complaint with phones like mine.

    • Max Lee says:

      It’s probably your APN, AT&T uses TWO APNS, one with cingular and the other with PTA. You probably have it set to cingular, which will not get you 4G LTE. What’s the APN say on your note 2?

  47. robert kropinski says:

    my ATT note 2 has a tmobile simm in it.
    the settings are the standard tmob apn settings
    Name T-mobile US

    • Max Lee says:

      You are talking about HSPA+ 4G right now 4G LTE?

      Then it should work, if you are still dropping to edge, somehow the AWS bands were not activated, you need to re-do this hack until they are activated.

  48. Anji says:

    I have Note 2 I317M Android 4.1.2 it tried to follow above instructions in the given video to enable t-mobile band and it shows in the device manager ports but in QPST configuration it show as no phone i tried both the ports. Earlier i did success fully in 4.1.1 version . will it work with 4.1.2 or not if any one can help.

  49. Derrick E says:

    I have the ATT I317(not rooted) and I was able to successfully enable T-mobile bands for HSPA+ it works great for HSPA+ areas but im in niagara falls/buffalo NY and we have LTE here and where other phones get T-mobile 4g LTE signal my phone drops down to edge. Does this work for the T-mobile LTE signal or is this strictly for HSPA+? and is it possible to unlock the LTE signal.


    i have also tried the

  50. beame2 says:

    peace will this work on custom rom say the jedi roms?

  51. stephane says:

    Hi I have a sgh-t889v with an empty esf folder. I kind of fixed my phone with the qnc file on your post. The only probleme is that I can only use t-mo modems on a north american GN2. is there a dummy emei file for the galaxy note 2 889v

  52. imporandi says:

    Awesome thanks for sharing your knowledge My note is flying over 4G

  53. nate says:

    I was able to do this and then I rooted my phone and can no longer get the T-mobile bands. Can you please help, thanks in advance.

  54. Reece Vellios says:

    I have a Hong Kong Note 2 N7105 (N7105XXDLL5). I purchased this phone to use in Australia which i did successfully for over 5 months. I went to USA for 6 weeks on holiday which i just returned from and whilst i was there i completed this fix to try and get my Hong Kong model n7105 to use the 3g and 4g AT&T network. I was unsuccessful, i did make a backup of my stock QCN on my laptop which was great but my HDD failed in my laptop 2 days later. I lost all of my data including the stock QCN for my phone.

    I’m back in australia now and i am unable to see 3g and 4g networks. I have rebuilt the phone with the latest standard android OS and put all the settings back to factory default. But this still didn’t work and my phone still wont see 3/4g.

    A mate of mine suggested using a custom Rom that matches my phone. So installed the Illusion t0lte with the guide on your website. I got it all working and had my phone running on 3 and 4g for less than 3 minutes and now it will only run on edge 2.5g. It has been stuck on this frequency for 2-3 hours now and i have checked all APN’s and preferred network mode set to LTE etc.

    Can someone please help. I have worked on this for over 10 hours collectively and i still cant get it working.

    • Max Lee says:

      ive seen similar problem happen when traveling overseas. usually doing a factory reset and installing custom rom fixes issue. not sure exactly why but if apn isnt working try factory reset. and of course u will have to backup everything beforehand.

      • Reece Vellios says:

        Hi Max,

        Thank you for your reply.

        I have already completed a factory reset with standard Jellybean Operating System.
        I also completed a factory reset with a custom ROM.
        Then called my Service Provider and got the correct APN settings and inputted them into my phone.

        Still not working…

        • Rocky D says:

          HI Reece, i am in the same boat as you. I was wondering if you managed to fix this problem or find the the stock QCN file and flash and fix the problem like this? I purchased a N7105 yesterday. The guy who previously owned it wanted to use it with Wind Mobile and he took it to someone who did this procedure. When you put in a sim card it just says no service. I found the proper modem and flashed it via CWM, that seemed to have fixed the problem temporarily. But now the phone will get full signal and work and than a few mins later it will revert back to “No Service” and this keeps happening. I flashed the stock android 4.3 and it didn’t fix the problem. Its still doing it. Im download JediX20 rom now and going to try and flash it. But if you can get back to me with a solution i would really appreciate it.

  55. joe says:

    thanks for sharing, but I still get edge on my note 2.
    here is what I have done so far.
    1,use my att unlocked stock 4.1.2 android note 2 to do the hack. everything went as expected. include the Qualcomm settings part. result edge connection.
    2,restore stock qcn file.
    3,rooted and flashed with jedi x16 rom, and chose tmobile as carrier. and repeat the process again. no error and such, but still edge connection.
    Could any1 share some insight how they encounter similar problem and fixed it?

  56. ryan says:

    works perfectly! thank you! can i do these same steps on my s3 att i747? let me know guys.. just switching from ios to android =)

  57. Eugene says:


    I think you should update this post with this necessary information. I’ve noticed that a lot of the times the Note 2 will automatically revert back to using AT&T bands. This can be fixed by dialing *#2263# and selecting GSM and picking the 1700 option. This FORCES your phone to use T-Mobile bands instead of AT&T and you will never have the problem of reverting back to Edge. Of course, this is counterproductive in places where the new 1800 radio has strong signal. You will lose LTE capabilities as well, but I think this is the better option seeing that you will have stable data connection throughout.

  58. Patricia Steadman says:

    Hi Max,

    I am trying to get my Telus Samsung i317m to work on the WIND network. I have unlocked my phone and loaded your QCN file. I see the WIND networks but cannot connect. When I try to make a call, it says that I am not registered on the network. Any ideas?


  59. Charles says:

    Can this procedure be performed on the Galaxy S3 AT&T model? I have recently gone to T-mobile and am stuck on their “Edge” network.

  60. Incognegro says:

    Hey Max,

    I seem to be having a problem with the QPST download….first, there is no application for the program in the folder, and second, there is a HTML document which indicates that the program is obsolete…

    Any thought?


  61. Brandan C says:

    Lost my 4G Bands After ATT Released An OTA Update To The Phone Today. What can I do to reverse this?

  62. Incognegro says:

    Getting the “No Phone” error in the QPST, when it says to add the port my Note 2 is connected to…anyone solve this?

  63. cxwallace says:

    I just ported my unlocked GNote 2 i317 to T-Mobile but cannot get phone service in my basement. Will the hack help with that or allow me to use wifi calling once I flash a T-Mobile rom that has that function?

  64. Noe says:

    Need help. I’ve done everything on the tutorial a few times but right before rebooting it shows an error screen and I cant test to find out if it worked. I do get LTE and 4G but as always it drops to E on a few places where I’m suppose to have full LTE. Anybody getting this error and has a work around??????? Thank you.

  65. Ebony says:

    is this for 4.1.1 only? I unlocked to t-mobile on 4.1.2 on a AT&T phone I still have t-mobile, but on edge. I go in with *#7284# selections are both still the same as the tutorial. Connect my phone open up device manager no port selection. I can only find the phone under portable devices as Samsung SGH – I317. Where do I go from there if there is no port selection tab….Please help me

  66. john says:

    Can someone please help me out I have a question. I have tmobile note 2 amd I want to unlock my phone for at&t. Does anyone know if I do this will I be able to catch 4g lte on my tmobile phone with at&t sevice?

  67. Robert says:

    I can’t get Qualicom to load, it installs to 98% then fails, any help would be appreciated.

  68. Zeshan says:

    Hello everyone,

    I have AWS enabled my samsung galaxy Note 2 1317M successfully to work with WIND. But when i tried doing the same to my friend’s phone, it comes as WIND AWAY and the bars fluctuate. It does not allow me to make any calls as it says “network is not registered”.

    I restored the back up file and tried again, still no luck. I tried it on jellybean version 4.1.1 and 4.1.2. the phone is not rooted. It has stock rom that is running touch wiz.

    I am stuck here. Does anyone know why this would happen? the phone is unlocked so that’s not the issue. Any ideas? Also, if i factory reset it, will it remove the QCN files i flashed onto it?


  69. nelson says:

    after doing this, the download speed is aroudn 4mb and upload is a little be less than 1mb, it’s about 3g speed, how can i use the tmobile 4g LTE on my i317?

  70. Doug says:

    …We need this for the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 i527. Any help on this?

  71. Tony Leonard says:

    Hey Max, on an AT&T I317 rooted and unlocked for T-Mobile, could I install a custom rom for T-Mobile instead of At&t roms?

  72. Doug says:

    The qcn file in this post only works on some of my Note II’s. Some of them go to edge and stay there. Any one else with this issue?

  73. Dong says:

    Hi Max, can you help me out ?.I did follow everythings like in the posts : my Samsung Note 2 GT-N7105T from Autralia belong Vodafone and now on Firmware 4.1.2 (was unlocked by dialpad on Firmware 4.1.1).After done this ,my phone still get 2G (Edge) only and saw my GPS signal like not stable like before .

  74. Juan Carlos says:

    Excelente tutorial, de 100, convirtió lo que era una tablet de 800dlls en un celular de nueva cuenta.


  75. Adrian De Anda says:

    Thank you very much. It worked excellent! I have the Note 2 from at&t unlocked and i put a Simple Mobile sim card. Simple Mobile uses T-Mobile antennas so is basically T-Mobile configuration. My cell phone has android 4.1.2, I just installed the phoneutils apk at the end of the instructions first, then i followed everything exactly as the instructions and voila! Now I have 4g.

  76. Greg says:

    Had done this before but I upgraded to 4.3 and redid this tutorial unlocked it again so I could choose the 1700 band again

  77. Bash says:

    i tried this on my phone and my data connection isn’t even showing up. i tried three different carrier with the correct APN setting and nothing. i even changed the roms from CM, PACROM, OmniRom, SkyNote even stock nothing works. Please help.

  78. victor m says:

    please anybody help me…how reverse that mood to original att bands? thanks

  79. frank says:

    Im looking for the same thing but for galaxy mega 6.3 from att

  80. Angel says:

    this is my question i got a note 889 (tmo) i came across to this site by doing some reading on a post about someone having a similar issue

    note 889 has no signal after unlocking it and according to this person this method works my only question is
    can i restore the ATT_I317_AWSMOD_dumimei.qcn file to it even though is a tmobile note 889?

  81. sam says:

    can i use these steps to flash the t-mobile band on rogers note 2 i317m.


  82. GeekTech says:

    Great!! Awesome it made my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I317M (Canada Bell network) working again, thank you guys and to the author your rock!!

  83. Ron says:

    Does this work with 4.3? Everything I find seems to be for before 4.3 – it came stock and I heard trying to downgrade causes problems. I’m getting 3.0mbps – 5.8 currently but isn’t LTE supposed to be faster? Can my att note 2 get LTE on tmobile? tmobile said no? ???

  84. kirk says:

    Can I still root the i317M note 2 When I did this? Wind works great

  85. Dwayne says:

    Good site you have got here.. It’s hard to find high quality writing like yours nowadays.

    I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  86. sokdy says:

    I have a problem. Qpst on my pc says no phone. Also is the 3g or 4g working if i use it out of US ?

  87. Wind SGH-T889V Help says:

    Hi, I want to use my unlocked Wind Mobile SGH-T889V in the US but it only gets 3G and not 4G service on t-mobile. Any idea if this method will work for that situation or is there another hack to get 4g LTE on t-mobile. Many thanks!

  88. robin carrasco says:

    man you are the best

  89. james tolbert says:

    Hi iam thinking about buying a note 2 off of ebay but its a at&t model and iam ising metro pcs witch is tmoble now but my question is does the note from at&t hv to be unlocked to use on tmobile or can i use it if its not unlocked or do i hv to unlock it to do the change u hv up top of this post. Please let me know asap i dont hv alot of time left on ebay. Thanks

  90. Hanny says:


    I followed directions, tha phone showed com11 per device manager, but QPST would not recognize my phone…sgh-I317 stock running 4.4.2.

    kept saying no phone connected. and even when i added the port to the side it said “no phone”

    just unlocked this phone from att and using with tmobile, and just have to get this working…any suggestions??


  91. zakiss says:

    Hello, you don’t have one solution for me. I remark that you are very good on android. Congratulations!!
    My problem is on the galaxy note 2 SGH-T889 T Mobile. On motherboard i have an N7105 but into the firmware i have SGH-T889. it’s not a problem but i want to use the phone in my countries with AIRTEL or other network in 3G but not work. in GPRS no problem. Please help me. Thanks

  92. edher vazquez says:

    Thank you !! Worked for me on 4.2.1 Telcel Mexico. many thanks !!

  93. cydia pebble says:

    Unlock your iPhone 3 g with no hassles at an excellent cost.
    Turn off your telephone afterward, and then turn it back on. Normally,
    this will do it for you, but if it does not for one reason or another, then you have to do this yourself.

  94. Gordon says:

    I have successfully unlocked and modified my Rogers Note 2, I’m using it on videotron and I have great speeds, I have both APN’s for videotron set in my device, and I am getting about 10-15 mbs great speed, great device.

  95. Gordon says:

    I have successfully unlocked and modified my Rogers Note 2, I’m using it on videotron and I have great speeds, I have both APN’s for videotron set in my device, and I am getting about 10-15 mbs great speed, great device. My only question is, is the aws mod permanent or do I have to flash the qnc everytime I flash a new Rom?

  96. Pckopat says:

    Hello my phone SHV- e250s have the same problem , too. I want my phone to solve .qcn appropriate file. I would be glad if you can help . Also my phone is 32 GB model

  97. jayjay20 says:

    Hi, i am using sgh-i317 from at&t, ive unlocked it and when im trying to use my mobile data, its just “E” or G that shows up… and i’ve found out that i dont have an option for Network mode. What can i do?

  98. jayjay20 says:

    Oh yeah i forgot to tell, i am currently using Globe as my sim here in the philippines… sometimes i use Smart sim.
    The only thing is i dont have any option of network mode
    Can you help me figure this out please?

  99. Veda says:

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  100. subaron says:

    Hey. Does anyone know if there are any other LTE bands present on the T-Mobile variant of note 2 (T889) that can be enabled.

    So basically using this guide to enable AT&T bands on the T-Mobile note 2?


  101. Vlad says:

    After all procedures it works.
    Just two restarts was needed after process finishing.

  102. sam says:

    will this work on 4.4 os? sgh-1317m

  103. Mamie says:

    Hi, everything is going fine here and ofcourse every one is sharing facts, that’s
    really good, keep up writing.

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