How to Fix WiFi Hanging Problems on Galaxy Note 2!

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For those of you having some wifi “hanging” problems on your rooted Galaxy Note, it’s not from installing custom ROMs or rooting (I found out).

Recently, I’ve been having problems of connecting to my WiFi router at random times with my GT-N7100.  (I haven’t seen this problem happen with other Note 2s I own but you can still use these methods to solve your wifi problems for all the Note 2s.)  The problem occurs when you are trying to connect to your Wifi, it will hang while trying to connect even though you have perfect signal.

At first I thought this was due to installing certain custom ROMs but later I found out that many other users were having the same problem, especially with Android 4.1.2 but no problems with Android 4.1.1 ROMs.

This is a “bug” created by Samsung, it only affect Android 4.1.2 TouchWiz-based custom ROMs and stock ROMs.

There’s two ways to fix this Wifi problem, one is a quick-fix method you need to do on every boot and the other is a permanent solution.

Step 1. So, here’s the quick-fix, simply dial “*#0011#” on your dialer.

Step 2. Hit the Menu button and choose “WiFi”.  You will see that “WiFi Power Save Mode” in ON, simply turn it OFF by hitting the button.  After that, your wifi should work fine.  Now, if you reboot your phone you will have to do this again.

Step 1. Basically, we are going to copy Android 4.1.1 wifi files to your Android 4.1.2 wifi files.  The bug is with the wifi files so if we use the older Android 4.1.1 files, the problem will go away.

Download and open with ES File Explorer.




Step 2. Click on the file then hit the “Extract” button.

Step 3. Hit “OK”.

Step 4. Hit the back button, then go into the GTN7100wifi directory.

Step 5. Hit Menu button, then “Operations” button, then “Select All”.

Step 6. Hit Menu button, then “Operations” button, then “Copy”.

Step 7. Hit the Menu button, then “Root Settings” and make sure Root Explorer, Up to Root, and Mount File System are all checked.

Step 8. Browse to the /etc/wifi/ directory.

Step 9. Hit Menu button, then “Operations” button, then “Paste”.

Step 10. Reboot your phone and you should have permanently fixed the hanging wifi issue. You will have to do this again if you install a new ROM.

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