How to Fix WiFi Hanging Problems on Galaxy Note 2!

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For those of you having some wifi “hanging” problems on your rooted Galaxy Note, it’s not from installing custom ROMs or rooting (I found out).

Recently, I’ve been having problems of connecting to my WiFi router at random times with my GT-N7100.  (I haven’t seen this problem happen with other Note 2s I own but you can still use these methods to solve your wifi problems for all the Note 2s.)  The problem occurs when you are trying to connect to your Wifi, it will hang while trying to connect even though you have perfect signal.

At first I thought this was due to installing certain custom ROMs but later I found out that many other users were having the same problem, especially with Android 4.1.2 but no problems with Android 4.1.1 ROMs.

This is a “bug” created by Samsung, it only affect Android 4.1.2 TouchWiz-based custom ROMs and stock ROMs.

There’s two ways to fix this Wifi problem, one is a quick-fix method you need to do on every boot and the other is a permanent solution.

Step 1. So, here’s the quick-fix, simply dial “*#0011#” on your dialer.

Step 2. Hit the Menu button and choose “WiFi”.  You will see that “WiFi Power Save Mode” in ON, simply turn it OFF by hitting the button.  After that, your wifi should work fine.  Now, if you reboot your phone you will have to do this again.

Step 1. Basically, we are going to copy Android 4.1.1 wifi files to your Android 4.1.2 wifi files.  The bug is with the wifi files so if we use the older Android 4.1.1 files, the problem will go away.

Download and open with ES File Explorer.




Step 2. Click on the file then hit the “Extract” button.

Step 3. Hit “OK”.

Step 4. Hit the back button, then go into the GTN7100wifi directory.

Step 5. Hit Menu button, then “Operations” button, then “Select All”.

Step 6. Hit Menu button, then “Operations” button, then “Copy”.

Step 7. Hit the Menu button, then “Root Settings” and make sure Root Explorer, Up to Root, and Mount File System are all checked.

Step 8. Browse to the /etc/wifi/ directory.

Step 9. Hit Menu button, then “Operations” button, then “Paste”.

Step 10. Reboot your phone and you should have permanently fixed the hanging wifi issue. You will have to do this again if you install a new ROM.

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77 Responses

  1. ricrude215 says:

    Does this work for sph-L900 too..mines does the same thing

    • Max Lee says:

      yup should work

      • Ty says:

        My SPH-L900 has been dropping WIFI connection speed from 65 to 5 while on my home network. SG2 right next to me is showing 65 and getting good speed test of 50+mpbs while my SPH-L900 is getting 1-2mpbs….

        PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    • robert says:

      my SPH L900 does the same too is there a for the SPH L900

      • robert says:

        i have tried doing the *#0011# on my phone it still wont work. also me and my girl have the same phones galaxy note 2 SPH L900 but my phone is rooted and her phone is not and we’re both on the 4.1.2 version. anyways her wifi works great and mine doesn’t want to connect at all to any wifi’s. at work, home, mcdonalds, etc. is there any explainations why my phone wont connect. i have done unrooting, flashing back the stock rom a month ago and i flashed the 4.1.2 stock rom into my phone and my wifi was working great till 4 days ago it just stop.

  2. Kevin Lepp says:

    I need this for the AT&T version any one have those files?

  3. nick says:

    Ok..this only works if your WiFi is actually turn on..and hangs..what if like mine, my wifi could not open at all?? than how..I downloaded the rom and bam..wifi id dead..had to unroot and go back to stock rom..what I know is, the IP address was missing..( what is the IP address) hope you find the problem..kind of phobia now wanting to flash a new rom..hahah

  4. Nesie says:

    After applying the files my wifi totally stopped to work. Even copying back the old files seems not fix the issue now.

  5. ITLee says:

    Hi, refer to step 7 above, ?I can’t tick all the items there, except “up to root”. Please advise. Thanks

  6. ليفربولي says:

    The problem I have them in the installation Romat wifi network and thank you for solving the problem(^_^)

  7. MIKAELI says:

    I also have problem like “ITLee” 🙁

    Hi, refer to step 7 above, ?I can’t tick all the items there, except “up to root”. Please advise. Thanks

  8. Adrian says:

    Please help me, I went to five service stations, I have a samsung korea Note 2 SHV-E250L version, starts only in download mode and it asks pit file partition. I neveoi pit file partition. Thank you, my address is Thanks a lot!
    Download mode:
    CUSTOM BINARY DOWNLOAD: Yes (23 counts)
    I gave the command delete the partitions inside the adb shell. it shows me now download mode, connect to Odin’s drivers. I ask for flash pit file.
    LINK: //// 000000 //// DR.K

    Here here. With this software you can extract PIT a functional phone

  9. francisco says:

    Still have same proble if i install a custom room does the problem solve

  10. Ajith says:

    I can not switch on my wifi at all means. I made hard reset my galaxy. Still i am having the same problem. Pls help.

  11. Parathy says:

    Amazing man. The quick fix worked beautifully. Haven’t tried the permanent solution yet, but thanks!

  12. Yang says:

    HI Max,

    how about LTE note 2 version ?

  13. Toni says:

    Greetings from Munich, Germany
    I tryed your way “wifi permanent fix”

    … my problem is that i LOOSE (erase) the original wifi dates in etc/wifi/directory in my Note
    Only with wifi dates “” i have no more wifi connection

    Please can you send the original wifi dates android 4.1.2 for etc/wifi/dirctory to my email adress??
    Thank You !!

  14. Łukasz says:

    Hi, can I do it on my note I n700 or somethink like that i installed androis 4.1.2 and my wifi crash…

  15. Cindy says:

    i tried it, but for some reason it still doesn’t work for me. i’m able to connect to EVERY other network but the one in my apartment. it’s set to be WPA/WPA2 so im not sure what the problem is

  16. John says:

    Canada – Samsung Note 2 SGH-I317M – every since updating the jellybean OS, the “Obtaining IP address” hang has been driving me nuts. one work around that worked was to toggle on/off the gps with wifi off then turn on. but didnt work on all routers or all the time… Finally found your post.. had to “root” my phone first but that went very easy with another of your tutorials and downloads. The above replacement of wifi programs went easy once I ensured I had my root permissions on. So far working flawlessly no wifi hangs… Thanks!! Also red something about permissions under system/etc/dhcpcd/ with the dhcpcd-run-hooks needing the permissions (long press on file) to be changed to be checked for all read and execute for all three User, Group, Others…. you may want to check the validity of that… I had done that first and it seemed to work.. but liked your rollback approach so did that too.

  17. yuri says:

    i did this and it worked perfectly , but when i restart my router the problem happened again , though i re-copy and paste the file over and over again and i make sure that the root settings are all on and granted , please for god sake give me a solution , why does this happens when i restart the router? is it IP problem or a VPN problem????

  18. sharol jamar says:

    Try the permanent fix and now my note 2 cannot turn on wifi.some help please

  19. Behnam says:

    I had the same problem with the stock ROM but I flashed HAWKISH ROM and now and WIFI works great and regularely and there is not any disconnection at all.

  20. Brent says:

    Will this work on a Galaxy S3 i535 previously running on JB 4.1.2 stock ROM? Since upgrading to Synergy, the wifi doesn’t work at all. Or do I need to reflash back to original stock ROM and re-do the Synergy install? I’ve reloaded back to my backup and then re-installed Synergy but the same problem exists. I’ve also had issues trying to reset the phone SD via CWM. The process seems to lock up and run for 2-3 hours before I end up pulling the battery. Suggestions?

  21. ib says:

    I don’t know how to find Root Settings?

  22. pulkit says:

    Please let me know if this solution can work for SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND? or please share if you have a solution for this same problem that I am facing in Grand. Thnks!!

  23. ramtwins25 says:

    I have the Hanging WiFi issue on my GNote 2 (SGH i-605) Verizon version. My ES File Manager doesn’t seem to give me the same options as yours does on the video. I can duplicate what you did up through step 4. From that point, I notice my files and options within the ES File Manager does not appear to be the same as yours. Also, on the quick fix method, when I attempt to bring up the hidden menu with *#22745927 to enable it, I just get a blank screen. But when I enter that on any other Rom, it works with no problem. What can I do to fix this?

  24. ramtwins25 says:

    Never mind. It worked after I uninstalled and then re-installed the ES File Manger. Wifi came on right away on my I-605 Verizon Galaxy Note2….Boomshakalaka! Thanks Max.

  25. ramtwins25 says:

    If you are refering to the wifi file, I used the one linked in this post:

    I downloaded the ES File Manager from the Play Store

  26. Chandra says:

    I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Y-Plus (GT-S5303) which has the same issue… Would this work for this as well? Or would the work for this model, too? Thank you in advance for your response.

  27. Enrique Huerta says:

    Does anybody please email mmeor have the link for the original 4.1.2 wifi files?

  28. kennith says:

    Hi I rooted my galaxy note 2, after rooting my phone connects to the home wifi but I am not able to browse anything it says unable to connect. …please assist…

  29. JR says:

    I did not do as the OP did. I turned off Window animation scale & Transition animation scale and my home Wi-Fi has worked perfectly since. They are under, System settings-Developer options… hope this helps!

  30. efze says:

    I run a rooted N7100. Had issues with wifi after 4-5 month of usage. Tried many things incl this. Didn’t work. Guess what? It was my battery saver that was messing up the wifi. I had DS Battery Saver. Ever since I disabled it, no further issues faced!


  31. albar velasco says:


  32. shiva says:

    Note 2 running 4.3 wifi problem it’s work ?

  33. albar velasco says:

    hola es que tengo que traducirlo .tengo 4.2.2

  34. Hark says:

    Would this solve Note 3 wifi issues??

  35. kishor says:

    I have wifi setting up issues with my note3 N900.. can someone help? It doesnt turn on and I have used a custom ROM

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  38. Mark Allyn says:

    I had all these problems with my note 2. Tried all the fixes except factory reset and nothing worked. Interestingly I was still using a wireless G router and after update 4.1.2 is when wifi problems started. I added a cheap DLink wireless N router and wifi problems SOLVED!!! Wifi connected at 72 mbs! Once I got the new router in, note 2 upgraded to jelly bean 4.3 and all I can say is WOW!!!

  39. bryan says:

    does it work in galaxy core duos?

  40. Naman says:

    Hi Max….Your advice is amazing. But help me out i updated my Note2 with kitkat 4.4.2 stock firmware now my wifi is not getting connected. I tried Dr ketans Wifi Fix but no use my bootloader doesnt change it is ND3.
    Will this work for me???? and can try the permanent fix way that you have suggested.

  41. Rob says:

    Block my WiFi it does not work at all now

  42. vinod says:

    my note2 wifi and bluetooth is not working after update plz give suggetion thanks

  43. Tay Silva says:

    Hi, I follow all these steps but my wifi still is off. Please, help me. Have another solution? Thanks.

  44. Tay Silva says:

    Android version

    Band version
    se.infra@SEP-95 #1
    SMP PREEMPT Fri Jan 25 15:16:27 KST 2013

    Build number

    More anything?


  45. magz says:

    Thanks buddy it worked

  46. Desi says:

    Thanks a lot! It worked!!

  47. Gabriel says:

    Will this permanent fix repair my Note 2 WiFi Direct NOT CONNECTING to my new LG Smart TV for Screen Mirroring?

    Model GT-N7100
    I’m on latest Official Samsung Firmware 4.4.2 (released May 24, 2014)
    PDA: N7100XXUFND4
    CSC: N7100OJVFND3

    Thanks, MAX(IMUM)

  48. zaki says:

    Thanks a lot! It worked!!

  49. Rohith says:

    Thanks, I was getting “Authentication error” when connected to wifi for some time on a custom rom dn4.
    This method fixed the issue.

  50. Guillermo says:

    Hi Max I need your help.

    My Galaxy note 2(N7100) has a wifi problem,When I write the password in the wifi network appear Conecting…………..after appear Saved,Protected. Is all time.
    I tried change rom but is the same problem

    Help me to fix please………. thanks

  51. Carlos says:

    it works! thanks a lot.

  52. galaxy67 says:

    i have a problem with note3. wi-fi and bluetooth are not responding.
    it try to open but not opening. do you have a solution?

  53. junbu says:

    hi, this phone i use is oppo 4.3. but my concern is my newly second hand n7100 is no gps setting, cant access to any website. only txt msg and call is active. i try to download app from play stpre but i failed authentication. whats best to do with this matter.

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