How to Get Free Wifi Tether on Rooted Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-I605!

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Couple days ago, I went on a trip to Lake Tahoe to see snow with my rooted Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-I605.   Well, I didn’t realize that I didn’t setup wifi tether but was able to get it working while on the way there.

It’s pretty simple, you will need a rooted Verizon Note 2 and also use a modified Wifi Tether app.

Step 1. Download and install the modified Wifi Tether app:

Download modified Wifi Tether app

You can use ES File Explorer to install the downloaded apk file.

Step 2. Run the Wifi Tether app and choose “Generic ICS/JB (wlan0)” for Device-Profile.

Step 3. Choose “Netd-Ndc (master)” for Setup Method.

Step 4. Make sure “Send Netd Max Client Cmd” is checked ON.

Step 5. And also make sure “Routing Fix” is checked ON.

Step 6. You can setup SSID and wifi encryption if you’d like.  Once everything set up, simply start the Wifi Tether and try connecting to it from your computer or another wifi device.

That’s it!

Now, remember this only lets you bypass Verizon’s monthly charges on tethering but it will still count under your data plan.  I personally have a grandfathered unlimited plan, which means everything is free but for those of you who don’t, be aware that it does still count under your data plan.

Also, for those of you on unlimited plan, use your common sense and don’t abuse this feature by running your whole home internet off it.  Light and moderate usage will be fine (maybe around 2-10GB/month) but if you abuse it, Verizon has the right to terminate your account.

And lastly but not least, enjoy!

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28 Responses

  1. Steve R says:

    Is there a T-Mobile solution for WiFi Tethering?

    • KiethS says:

      Located a tethering app which has been modified for T-Mobile. In fact it appears to be based on the same app as above, just adjusted for T-Mobile.

      Original URL is quite long, so I shortened it using TinyUrl:

      Setup instructions are otherwise same as for the Verizon above.

  2. John Davis says:

    How do you get WiFi on Sprint version of Galaxy Note 2 ?

  3. John Davis says:

    I meant: free WiFi Tethering on rooted Sprint GN2.

  4. Alex says:

    This didn’t work for my note 2 on Verizon. Its not putting off the signal.

  5. cengiz says:

    Not working on my Verizon Note 2 as well. I tried the other 2 “Wifi Tether for Root Users” apps in the Play store as well and all ended up not working. My other devices cannot see the network my phone is supposed to be putting out, and no data is being downloaded or uploaded from the phone.

  6. camote says:

    Hey it works om my gn2 fom t-mobile the thing only devices like phones and tablets are pick up the signal not
    My laptop which its ok but any recommendations to do something on the compurer?

  7. proud-Note-II-owner says:

    For Sprint Galaxy Note II (SPH-L900), see this URL for a solution that just worked for me:

  8. Beddamade says:

    It works on my Galaxy Note 2 just fine. I followed the instructions to the letter. I also can connect to my laptop.

  9. Pokerphil247 says:

    Hey im a constant traveler & Just Started converting over to android Galaxy note 2 i605 Verizon when in the US….
    I tried to insert a Local sim in Moscow & Now it Reads No Sim.
    Even When I Insert My Verizon Sim….
    Is this Some Factory or Verizon BS…?
    Should I Try & Figure this Out Before I Try
    To Root?
    Thanks Phil!

  10. Evan Elsey says:

    So I have a tmobile galaxy note 2 with an unlimited plan and about three weeks ago I rooted it to get the wifi tethering and either it would start up just fine but neither my laptop or my nexus 7 wouldnt detect it ir they would connect to it and the browser would just go to a tmobile website asking me to change my plan. DOES THIS FIX THAT? DOES IT REALLY WORK ON TMKBILE? Haha thank you in advance for replies

  11. Verizon Note2 says:

    I followed the instruction exactly and my phone does not put out signals at all.

    I am running Jelly Bean Build 5 ROM.

  12. Verizon Note2 says:

    I followed the instruction exactly and my phone does not put out signals at all.

    Those who got it working, please share your experience.

    I am running Jelly Bean Build 5 ROM.

  13. LISTEN TO THIS says:

    ok guys you dont NEED a rooted NOTE 2 to be able to WIFI tether. Download the app “blackmart Alpha” off of google and search for an app called “fox-fi” … download the free version and then the payed one for FREE on “blackmart alpha” and you will have free wifi tether without any need for root!!


  14. David Polister says:

    Thank you. I got it to work. Though I had to check my settings a couple times to get it to go. Once everything was set and stay set with the setting listed here. It worked like a champ! I was able to get HD on my Roku for Netflix. I can’t get that from my local ISP. I’m lucky to get through a show without stopping with 2 dots.

  15. Doug Peters says:

    You guys must have different plans than I do. If you have the unlimited data plan that we had when we were on 3G that is a good plan, but is more expensive. The nice thing about that plan is that it isn’t a 3G plan and will accept 4G calls if you have a 4G capable device. So the free Wi-Fi tether circumvents the $20.00 Wi-Fi Hotspot charge for that plan. At our dealer, when you upgrade to a 4G phone you will have to upgrade your plan, unless you pay the full purchase price for the Note II. I wanted to do this, but we got 3 Galaxy S III’s and My (1) Galaxy Note II, and so we would’ve had o buy all 4 phones outright in order to stay on that plan.

    Our new 4G family share plan comes with free unlimited mobile calls, free unlimited texts and we purchased 4 GB per month of data. The 4GB is split between 4 phones and is well over what we need, but we use Wi-Fi at home. The WiFi Hotspot is free and comes standard with the Note II and supports like 10 devices per hotspot, and each phone can be configured as a hotspot, but the data will always be split between all phones and tethered devices sharing and accessing the 4 GB plan.

    So just be sure you need the free wi-fi tether according to your plan type.

  16. wwjoshdew says:

    I installed the very latest wifi tether from my mobile browser, and could NOT get it working. I followed every step in this guide, and was able to use Wifi Tether for Root users with no problem.

    Max, you’re very good at these detailed guides, and honestly this was frustrating me that I could NOT get it to work and was the only way to get Wifi to my Wifi Only devices. You’re truly an awesome person and I can’t wait to see you reach 100,000 Subscribers!

  17. Mitch says:

    At first I had trouble initiating with getting my SSID to broadcast. Then it started to use the wifi while trying to tether at the same time. Then I selected the wifi driver reload and wifi driver reload 2 to on. Then it worked perfectly. Works on SGH-T889 stock rooted on 4.1.1. Hopefully my carrier doesn’t catch on to this.

    Thanks for the guide. I used this site to initially root my note 2.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  18. proud-Note-II-owner says:

    Success with the OTA Update pushed by Sprint this month. No problems other than the usual (delete the MS Exchange Server config and re-create it since it won’t update anymore). Unrooted first, updated, re-rooted, rebooted, and WiFi Tether works as planned.

  19. R. Bice says:

    can you tether on the note 2 without rooting if you use an app called “Elixir”?

  20. Filip says:

    Mine (Verizon Note 2) says:Tethering started with errors. Please check log file” (which does not exitst).
    Any suggestions?

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