How to Install ROM, Kernel, or Zip File with TWRP Recovery on Galaxy Note 2!

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Want to install a new custom ROM on your newly rooted Galaxy Note 2? Want to install a new kernel? Or perhaps you want to install a mod that comes in a zip file format.

Well, whatever it is you want to install, before you do anything, please make a backup ROM FIRST!!!

Next, you can use TWRP Recovery to install a new ROM.

For installing a new ROM, doing a “data wipe/factory reset” is recommended for most custom ROMs unless otherwise noted.

For installing a new kernel, Gapps or mods, you don’t need to do any wipes, just install.

Having trouble? Watch the video tutorial above once which explains everything in gory detail for noobs.

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11 Responses

  1. Mohammad jeffry says:

    I haved rooted my note 2 using your method and was successfully got rooted and got the super su.the problem is my custom recovery which is clockworkmod are broken and not working at all.whenever i tried to reboot into recovery mode in attemp to flash rom the display just blink for a few seconds after that it turn totally black and blank after a moment it reboot back to normal standby mode again.what should i do to solve this issue?cannot do anything at all if i cant get into recovery mode such as flashing roms,kernels & etc,just got stucked at rooted stock rom thats it nothing does frustrated me a lot for not be able to enjoy root access with tons of goodies on other roms.please help me out……….

  2. johnny says:

    i have a sprint note 2 rooted with trwp recovery & odin pro yet i cant flash any custom roms. twrp always says failed & when i use moblie odin pro either it just flashes the kernel (which only worked once) or it gets stuck in a boot loop and i have to boot from my backup. i have been trying to flash whompasoruars for weeks now no luck any tips?
    p.s. i have also reinstalled the stock recovery to get my ota with no luck so i reinstalled twrp

  3. Jean-Joseph says:

    using twrp – I installed macks ROM – but it wont boot to the main screen. it gets stuck at “powered by mackentosh”. if you know a fix, please help

  4. Jess says:

    I’m using TWRP as my custom recovery for my Nexus 4. Could I do the same thing with my Nexus as you did in the video? I want to install faux kernel.

  5. Hussain says:

    I use the Galaxy note 2 GT N7100 , I follow your instruaction on how to install custome room first I roote it every thing went ok second i install the TWRP I try to install room but it didnt work

  6. Michael says:

    Please give me the link to download twrp img.tar.md5 recovery mode. Thanks.

  7. N8IVEWARE says:

    i suggest using the note 2 tool kit has everything you need to install your stock firmware, install your root, and much much more and i suggest doing your homework before installing and changing any system files on your device i swear there are warnings all over the net and on this site that state to DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON THESE INSTALLS or you can fail and forever be known as a noob lol

  8. dannyboy says:

    I recently locked my Note 2 bootloader by accidently flashing kit kat but I managed to save all my ROM Backups on external cards. Tonight I was able to locate another Note 2 with TWRP and unlocked bootloader….I can’t seem to flash my old backed up ROMs on this other Note 2…Is that even possible? And if yes what needs to be done?

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