How to Install Stock Recovery on Galaxy Note 2!

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For those of you paranoid about receiving OTA(over-the-air) updates, here’s how to install stock recovery back on your Galaxy Note 2.

Having stock recovery will allow you to receive OTA updates on your phone. Also, you can use this method to also unroot your phone back to stock (if you are on stock ROM) without using ODIN.

You can simply flash this in CWM or TWRP recovery, that’s it!

Download stock recoveries for Sprint, T-Mobile, and International Galaxy Note 2 here:

Download Sprint SPH-L900 Stock Recovery for Galaxy Note 2

Download T-Mobile SGH-T889 Stock Recovery for Galaxy Note 2

Download International GT-N7100 Stock Recovery for Galaxy Note 2

See all stock recoveries

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56 Responses

  1. Wouter says:

    Hi Max,

    Is Stock recovery also needed on Samsung S2 to receive OTA updates?

    I restored my S2 to stock and tested KIES and it worked fine — will OTA updates work???


    • Max Lee says:

      Yes of course. But only Tmo gs2. For other gs2 u have to reinstall stock kernel not recovery as recovery is part of kernel.

      • david says:

        sorry i really need your help i screwed my phone i accidently deleted my internal storage, i went on windoes to format my sd drive but i end up formatting the phone, i cant not use odin or kies to fix my phone. can you please help

        • Mathew says:

          I did something like this before (I no longer drink and flash ūüôā and was able to save it by downloading the zip of a custom rom to the external SD card using the computer. I then put the SD card in the phone then used CWM to wipe then flash the phone. You’ve probably fixed it in the last 7 months since your post though ;p

      • elizabeth says:

        Hi Max, I just went back to stock after rooting since I wanted to update. The update was installed, however when I tried to see if there was another update, got the message that updates are unavailable because my phone has been modified. Would I have to do root again, then apply triangle away, then unroot back to stock again.


        • Nick says:

          Hey Elizabeth from the sound of it there is another way, you can buy the pro version of Super User and there is a option to temporarily turn off root so you can take the OTA, you have like 3 mins from the time you reboot to go into Software update, hope this helps message me back if you have any other questions

  2. Raji says:

    Hi Max! where is AT&T stock firmware SGH-I317? I want too unroot my phone, please HELP!

  3. Larry says:

    Hi Max,

    I’m a reader from Brazil. Just purchased an International Galaxy Note 2 (made in Brazil) and read your article on how to root it. My question is, after using Triangle Away, how can I return it to its original ROM (without root) in the event of the necessity of returning for service? Thank you for your time and help.

    Larry Barrett

  4. capodecina says:

    hello max.. So Im completely stock if i take the ota which is the best way to root.. Thank you for you help

  5. bruno says:

    hello…i rooted my note 2 some days ago…i have version 4.1 and i want to update it to 4.2 can you tell me how to do that??i downloaded Stock recovery and flash it with clockworkmod..but when i do check for updates it says “your device has benn updates are not awailible” what should i do?

  6. Dan says:

    Hello. I have a galaxy note 2 , SGH-I317M , that I bought from Bell Mobility , in Canada. ( locked to this carrier )
    I am an android newbie, and am trying to learn as much as I can. I have successfully rooted it, and did a rom backup, and would like to know if I should, or need to install Stock Recovery , in case I would like to update to an updated future stock rom or is there another way to do this? Is it just an OTA update you can not do? Also, I don’t know what “Stock Recovery” Download I should use, as my carrier version is not listed. Would it be considered the “International” version?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • robert says:

      Hi, I have the same phone and would also like to root it. What CWR did you use?

    • robert says:

      If you restore your phone using CWR and using the backup file that you created it will return the phone to its prior state. I’ve done this several times with my old phone which was a s2. Everytime I installed a new ROM and all the apps again and alll settings I would back up the ROM. This way I could flip to the different Roms by using the restore option

  7. Ted says:

    Max can you help us find the ATT Stock Firmware please? We’ve been getting no responses. Thanks.

  8. Brian says:

    Hi Max, when do u expect to get the ATT i317 ALJ2 Stock Rom ?

  9. jcho360 says:

    NO SIMCARD detected, I solved here:

    Thank you guys, I’ll wait for more updates from AT&t

  10. Lumen says:

    Hey Max, this should be the same as using Chainfire’s new CF-Auto-Root method (which automatically restores the stock recovery after rooting), right? Would OTA/KIES update still work?

  11. Ralph says:

    After installing the OTA update, do I follow the root instructions posted before to re-root my Note 2?

  12. Griff says:

    I have not had an OTA since I got my Droid X over 3 years ago. Then I rooted and ROM’d it. No longer need OTA’s LOL

  13. Rohan Rajgurav says:

    thanks for such helpful video.
    I am new to android.I just rooted my note 2 GT-N7100.I have not installed any other rom on my phone.does that mean i have a stock rom?i also want to unroot my phone as i am returning it for warranty so using SuperSU app will unroot my phone.Also the status of my phone shows ‘Modified’ and i am unable to use Samsung Learning Hub,Samsung Readers Hub as it shows message root detected.
    Please Help.
    Thank You

    • frehrikk says:

      were you able to fix this to returning for warranty?? Im trying to do the same thing. i also ran Triangle Away. No progress…

  14. Danny says:

    I NEED to find the stock recovery for AT7T Note 2 I have searched and searched and can’t find it anywhere someone please help!

  15. Yang says:

    Hi max,

    is it available for stock recovery rom for GT-N7105 LTE ?

  16. Andrew says:

    Broken download links???
    I can’t download files.

  17. Dante says:

    Good day, I performed this task to get the tmobile update last night and this morning I woke up to “update failed. your device will recover the original configuration” what exactly does this mean and how can I get the update with out losing my wifi calling?

  18. Mohamed helal says:

    Hey guys I rooted my note 2 n7100 then put a custom rom without making a arestor backup how to go back to stock ?

  19. Taylor says:

    I got the MyMIUI custom rom and i tried this and did everything i want to get stock back, i’m really needing help seriously nothing i find works i’m really scared, i mest things up, i’m on the T889, please do me a favor and help me

  20. Taylor says:

    Skype me: trg1408

  21. Shehzam says:

    hi, Followed yr method on rooting note 2 N7100.
    Got super SU, But my CWM Recovery is not working as when i follow the steps a blur screen comes and restarts the fone.

    Any tips on how i can fix CWM??

    Please REPLY

  22. Dreadloc says:

    Hello I have a quick question for t889 is unlocked and I use it on AT&T..if i install a rom and decide to go back to stock will it relock my phone back to T-Mobile?

  23. Bryan R. says:

    Max please i need to do i go back to TWRP recovery after im done with the OTA updates?
    Thanks for everything!

  24. Csaba Cserba says:

    Hi, i would like to ask from you:
    i have rooted my samsung galaxy note 2 N7100 with chainfires exynosabuse.apk. After it a reseted my phone custom binary download: 0 and current binary:0 only problem is that my system status: modified. Will i receive update OTA? Or i can download update via Kies? I have stock recovery too.
    Thanks for your help.

  25. bryan note 2 says:

    Hey max does installing the stock recovery remove twrp? And if so, Do i have to go through the whole root process again with odin to get twrp back?


  26. Tiffany says:

    i have a note 2. i rooted out of the box following your sprint instructions. i then did the stock recovery. it worked but then unrooted my phone. i did a factory reset and followed to rooting instructions again. the odin software says it passed but i cannot go into the twrp boot mode to reroot. can you please help me????

  27. Nem says:

    Hi Max,
    Can you please help me out I’m loosing my mind over this. I’m running Deodexed ROM on sprint note 2 and I installed stock recovery. I used Triangle Away to remove counts and get status in Normal. With all this I still can’t get OTA updates, to be more precise I cant tap on any of the update features in settings, when I do nothing happens. Any idea what I can try? Thanks

  28. Nick says:

    Max I know your busy, and have alot of of different projects going on, but if you could please help me with somthing I will be in debted to you bigtime. I followed this guide to root my at&t Note 2 as I have before, however during the flashing process in Odin where it is supposed to boot into CWM it just showed a blurred screen with lines and a pertial samsung logo??? It rooted fine and restarted but now I cant boot into CWM when I try to press up+home+power it just does the same thing as described above??

  29. Nick says:

    Just want to let everyone know I never got a response from Max as it seems he is to busy at this time, however I found that it seems CWM had some issues with the latest update to the at&t Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317. The root still works fine if you have issues with CWM Recovery eithier reflash with Rom Manager via PlayStore or download Goo Manager from Playstore and Select “install open script recovery” then let it flash TWRP Recovery which is what I did. If you don’t know what I mean by recovery in general, then you need to go to the internet and type “What is rooting and installing a recovery mean?” and read until you understand what it means

  30. Clarence says:

    I successfully rooted my Sprint Galaxy Note 2 using your guides and everything was working great! I then tried to install MacksRomPlainjane following your instructions on TWRP several times and it continued to fail. I seems I have somehow wiped the OS off the system because when I tried TWRP recovery using my backup, the back up is installed but it advises me no OS install. I followed your instructions on how to unroot back to factory OS and I’m trying to re-install the system firmware Sprint Galaxy Note 2 L900VPALJC using ODIN and all starts out well but then it fails as well:

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    COMBINATION_L900VPALJC_CL434243_HWID04_HW-Rev0406_user.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Any thoughts on how to add back the OS?

    • Clarence says:

      Problem Corrected. For some reason, it would not let me re-install the system firmware Sprint Galaxy Note 2 L900VPALJC. I had to use re-install the system firmware Sprint Galaxy Note 2 L900VPALJ1 which worked. Galaxy note back up and running!

      • manuel says:

        I know this was long ago, but I’m having this same problem. I’m downloading this right now, can you give me more info on how you fixed it

  31. sry asking these questions but i’m new to android and gt-n7100 is my first android phone
    1. this will erase (or Reset) the phone (The OS)?
    2. is this gonna fix the modified Device Status caused by CWM Recovery ? (if not how to fix it)

    • chuck says:

      I did the firmware flash and I still get modified device status and can’t get updates. I’m no longer rooted and I don’t have access to CWM Recovery. I went to get updated CWM stock rom and it says not to download it due to SDS with the ETF. I’m gonna try and update stock rom with ADB over the tools kit,as the android stock recovery wont let you install zip from internal storage.

  32. Vincent Juan says:

    Saw your video on re-installing stock recovery for Note 2(N7100), will your method and stock recovery files(zipfiles) work on N7105 too?


  33. Alpa says:

    I’m looking for the official firmware but I find I would like to know which one to use Spanish language containing no company logos free mine was made‚Äč‚Äč, which I recommend, Greetings

  34. B says:

    This guide is useless for Sorint Note 2 as you cannot download a .tar.md5 of the stock rom. THEY ARE ALL ZIP FILES WITH NO .TAR.MD5 INSIDE AT ALL.

    I suggest you go back to school and figure out the right way of doing it before you use useless base fixes that do not work for SPRINT NOTE 2.

  35. joel says:

    Hi guys,
    Im currently running stock 4.1.2 touchwiz rom on a rooted phone GT-N7100 (CWM recovery). If i just flash the kernel file using odin(PDA method) from samsung-updates .com will i be able to unroot my phone and be able to get OTA updates? I hear 4.3 touchwiz is just around the corner for the international version and i cant wait.
    thanks in advance

  36. mustan says:

    hi i want to get the stock recovery for my galaxy note 2 upgraded to 4.3 with knox while rooting it, kingo installed CRM recovery however I would like to have stock recovery, could you please tell me if above recovery will work with my phone and even the link for download is not working with registered account

  37. Abdul kareem says:

    plz help……
    i am install CWM on my note 2 GT-N7100. now it dos not work…..

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