How to Store Apps on SD Card with Rooted Galaxy Note 2! [App2SD MOD]

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For those of you who want to have more app storage space for your HD games and whatnot, here’s a simple App2SD script you can use to store all of your apps on your microSD card.  This will essentially swap your internal storage with your microSD card and allow you to use up to 64GB of space (if you use 64GB microSD card).

This should work on all the Galaxy Note 2, test on international GT-N7100, T-Mobile SGH-T889, and Sprint SPH-L900.

Step 1. First, you will need a rooted Galaxy Note 2.  This will work on any custom ROMs except CM10 or AOKP.

Step 2. Second, I highly recommend you to format your microSD card before using this.  Also, after formatting you can copy the contents of your internal storage to your microSD card.

Step 3. Download the script on your phone:

Download app2sd script

Step 4. Install and open Script Manager app on Play Store.

Step 5. Using Script Manager app, find the app2sd script on your microSD card and enable “SU” and “Boot”.

Step 6. Reboot.  You should now see your microSD card used as internal storage and internal storage as microSD card.



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265 Responses

  1. phil says:

    your a star max, works perfectly on the n7100, with all the mods that i have done through your site.

    cheers once again, i needed that space.


  2. Pete says:

    Hi Max great video I could not get this to work at first but after running the download from
    it was telling me that busybox could not be found…which was not on my phone, so after downloading that all worked ok cheers

    • zmo_____h says:

      I was also getting the same issue (busybox not found), i downloaded busybox from the play store then installed it but still didn’t work. Can you share what you did to make it work? Thanks.

      • mamoonpk says:

        after install busybox free from playstore just open busy box after installation finish. then open busybox here u see three button install, uninstall and restore just press intsall and after finish just close and repeat these steps again
        Step 4. Install and open Script Manager app on Play Store.

        Step 5. Using Script Manager app, find the app2sd script on your microSD card and enable “SU” and “Boot”.
        hope its ll work

  3. phil says:

    hi max
    i made a comment in the faq section but maybe its relevant here.
    i have 2 problems dont really know if its the apps to sd, but samsung apps doesnt load and s planner crashes, i did copy all of the internal sd card to the external before applying the scipt.

    i have the wanamlite rom multi view gmail 4.2 and the apps 2 sd as my mods n7100 model.

    cheers phil

  4. arnab says:

    hello max!i want to ask you a question that :-
    after doing this, all the pre installed app will work(like s planner,s notes etc) properly without crashing.

  5. phil says:

    hi max

    after a couple of days use for some reason all my s pen apps crashed using the wanamlite rom, so i swapped to the HD rom but the script does not run, says it cannot find directories, again i did copy everything over to my sd card, although i have noticed that after copying over 1 directory got a name change to data1 instead of data does this make a difference.

    cheers phil

  6. Dhruv says:

    Hi I’m using GalaxyNote 2 SGH T889 with its stock running i just rooted my phone with your method but when i am installing that Appsonsdcard.bin it gives me error not found even after granting fron SuperSU so plz help me

    • Max Lee says:

      Make sure you have rooted your phone first.

      • james says:

        Hey Max thanks for all you do,but with the script im finding out that it wont work on custom kernels like perseus but soon as i replace kernel with stock kernel it works great. Any idea why i have init.d support ihave busybox installed.

        • Ant says:

          From my understanding having flashed perseus is what is allowing me to read my SanDisk ultra 64g micro. If i go to the original kernel(im using jedi master 14) then my phone won’t be able to read my card? Any suggestions?? Please help max, ive been searching the web all day.

      • tkjtkj says:

        Are there numbers available reflecting any loss in performance (app speed, eg) after the sdcard0 and the extsdcard are switched?
        Wasn’t Samsung’s logic that apps wouild be faster running from internal ram?

  7. Keven says:

    After install the hack do you still need to keep the Script Manager or you can uninstall it?

  8. arnab says:

    sorry to disturb you once more max!
    after formatting sd card do i have to copy everything from internal sd to micro sd???

  9. SSee says:

    Hi Max,

    I’ve a GT-N7100 rooted thanks to your awesome video tutorials so far! And similarly, I’ve been following your method step-by-step in this. There’s a problem though.

    The first is when I download apps2sd script actually saves in my internal SD card instead of my external. I’ve tried both ways on running SU and Boot; even after moving the file in my external SD card.

    I keep on getting getting “busybox: not found”

    Please help. Cheers

    • Dhruv says:

      same with me i am having SGH – T889 gives me the same error “busybox: not found”

      • OB Tor says:

        Download the busy box app from google store
        Open it and press the install button to install busybox after it install
        Open script manager and go thru all the steps again. Good luck

    • adrian j says:

      download the “BusyBox Free” from Play Store and all will be fine


      • zmo_____h says:

        After installing busybox from play store, still not working. I installed jedi master 2 rom which i believed has a busybox included, do the steps yet still getting an error: sdcard failed no such file or directory.

        Any idea what went wrong?


        I’m using t-mobile note 2..

        • tkjtkj says:

          i’m no expert here, but logic seems to me to point to downloading an independent busybox, such as: BusyBox from the store …

  10. Andrew says:

    Hello Max
    Does it work on my rooted GT-N7105?

  11. adrian j says:

    hey, just wondering….after i copy all from phone to external memory, is it OK if i delete and wipe out the Phone memory?


  12. Boeler San says:

    don’t cry, samsung did this on purpose and it is a very good thing. You all are very very wrong and take the wrong conclusions. Did one of you actually put the main memory 16GB to the max and saw what happened after that??? Noooooooooo, just bashing on Samsung without knowing that if the main memory is full, it will automatically store your data to the external SD card. The option to choose to put pictures, video and music right away on the external card is because you can take it out and use it in another device to show it. Apps are mostly device specific. The main memory will also be the fastest to run data from, so Samsung made the right decision to put everything on the main memory first and push all extra data to the external micro sd card

    So wipe your tears. Apps2SD is not a neccessity anymore, Samsung renovates stuff, don’t cry if you have only 1 kb of your main memory left… run to buy a micro Sd at your local store and you will be fine. You don’t have to root your Sammy

    • Abdullah Hazaea says:

      Are u sure about that?

    • jojobizarre001 says:

      are u dreaming…….
      i already facing this problem…….. low memory

    • lorne says:

      How very wrong you are. With only 4 Gameloft games, upto 2.29gb for one, my phone is full at 16gb with no pictures or movies on it. When I try to install another app, the phone says not enough room even though my 64gb card is freaking empty! It will not automatically store anything on your SD except pictures and videos. Apps2SD is absolutely mandatory. My 8gb Droid X I replaced with this Note 2 holds more apps then my 16gb Note 2. I have to not install apps since the Note is full after 2 days. Shame.

      • tkjtkj says:

        “When I try to install another app, the phone says not enough room even though my 64gb card is freaking empty! It will not automatically store anything on your SD except pictures and videos.”

        Are you sure you’re ‘rooted’ ?? i just put about 100 small txt files on to my 32gb microcard , plus a zipfile of them all, too, using smanager (a great prog!) .. zero problems .. that card also has maybe 30 *.m4p ‘s .. I did hear that there IS some issue with 64gb cards .. where reading/writing ot them is hardware-dependent, and not all Note2’s have the same hardware .. Could you try a 32Gb ?

        • mystagog_inc says:

          I have tried the Apps2SD on my Galaxy Note 2. I am using an 32gb external card. I have run into similar issues. Is there a way to reverse the Apps2SD in script manager? I have even tried formatting the external card, and it simply is no longer what it was when I bought it. Some apps won’t even recognize the external storage or have conflicts with it, like Rom Manager, SUManager. I am just going to go buy a new external card if there’s no reversing the script? Any ideas?

    • sZe1 says:

      I already filled up the internal memory, and now I get a warning saying some functions will not work. Also I cannot add new apps or update my current apps that are already installed.

      I can’t update my current apps, so I ask have you filled your internal memory to see what happens before you whine on this website?!

    • damian says:

      Wow, that was a ridiculous rant for no reason. I too show insufficient memory and my phone says it is full and will not add anything else period. And that like the guy stated below, some apps may not even work. Samsung may be alright with some of their products, but they are still all about over charging and making money like the rest of the corporate world. So I am happy for people like max and even me in some areas that help others to get the most out of the products that they buy and spend loads of money on. You own the device so you should be able to get the best out of it.

      Thank you Max for everything. This site is amazing and has helped me out considerably with my Galaxy Note 2.

    • tkjtkj says:

      Thanks, but do you have some confirming source for what you say ?? If you do, great (but not TOTALLY great, for what you say suggests that samsung actually believes it knows just how we use our external cards!! So, samsung practices ‘paternalistic programming’ ??
      I for one use it to transfer data and any sort of files .. and i have multi phones , so i want to be able to easily at least use data on any of them … Yes, its up to dev’s to define the extsdcard but where i sit, there’s confusion .. so many dont understand this ..
      For myself, had i known that the extsd wasnt useable right away, i’d not have bought the phone (which would have been an inconvenience rather than a debilitating error, given your info here )
      .. How is it that only one person seems to know this ‘samsung truth’ … ??

    • OB Tor says:

      Is that true??? And can you please send me a link for proff?
      I would greatly appreciate it

  13. fzcano says:

    hey max, works like a charm… thanx, listen, im about to upgrade my sd card… how do i undo this in the meantime?

  14. Flaco says:

    hey i was wondering whats the point of doing it if the note has 16gb….. just wondering

  15. Flaco says:

    is it good to save apps in the SD Card? or whill it slow down the app since its in the SD Card?

  16. Sparaxin says:

    Works great but every time i Reboot the phone every thing gets back to square one till i re – re run the script. Any Ideas?

    • ero says:

      i have the same problem after restart the phone everything goes back

    • Moe says:

      Same problem, even after killing task, how to fix??? pweeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz

    • sazaba says:

      I download rom toolbox lite to fix this issue. Goto “scripter”, import the app2sdNote2 file. After that click on “app2sdnote2” and choose “set at boot”. You should see a blue circle at the end of app2sdnote2. After reboot, the script will run automatically.

  17. Thomas says:

    Help! So I did this method and worked wonders. Now I wanted to install a custom rom. So I took my sd card out, rebooted, storage switched back. Now I went to recovery and reformatted/reset/wiped all the needed items. rebooted the phone just to make sure everything was wiped, and no. I did hard resets, nothing. I cant reset my phone. I took the script out of the smanager, and still nothing. Please help!

  18. Allen says:

    I have rooted my phone and check it with root checker.
    I installed busybox from play store but i was getting a different error as follows when i try to run app2sdnote2.bin
    exDSCard/download/app2sdnote.b­in’ <
    mount: mounting/dev/block/void/179:17 on /mnt/sdcard failed: no such file or directory
    mount: mounting/dev/block/void/179:17 on /mnt/sdcard failed: no such file or directory
    I have a rooted Tmo Galaxy Note 2 and i'm running Jedi Master ROM ver 2

    thanks for any help

    • Allen says:

      I installed Jedi Master Rom ver 1 and it works. so it has something to do with some setting in the ver 2, just not sure what that is.

    • zmo_____h says:

      I had this issue until i flash a custom rom with init.d support and the hack did work. This problem has been hanging around for a while now. It looks like max is too busy that he can’t answer our problems but i understand how hard to get in touch to all of his followers.

      If you can’t get help, just do a little research and try to experiment but ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP before doing anything just to make sure.

      Flash a custom rom with init.d support then flash the apps2sd hack and your good to go.

  19. Wu says:


    exDSCard/download/app2sdnote.b­in’ <
    mount: mounting/dev/block/void/179:17 on /mnt/sdcard failed: no such file or directory
    mount: mounting/dev/block/void/179:17 on /mnt/sdcard failed: no such file or directory
    Rooted GN2 GT-N7100 running on Android Revolution HD ROM

    It used to work when i was running on stock ROM tho


    • jojobizarre001 says:

      hi friends…

      I also use Android Revolution HD ROM, and the results same as you, its failed.
      Changed to Wanamlite ROM, and work like charm….

    • Kenneth Sandvar says:

      I’m not any good with Android, but I got it working after i got this error.

      I simply run the command “busybox mount” in a terminal emulator. And look for “/dev/block/vold/179:17” mine was “/dev/block/vold/179:49” so I simply changed the script from “17” to “49” and ran the script.

      Problem solved for me. Hope it help you too.

      • George Lomboy says:


        Thanks to your feedback, I got mine working. Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7108 (TD-SCDMA).

        • George Lomboy says:

          All apps are working fine… however I noticed that Market Unlocker Pro is no longer doing its job right. Accessing Google Play lands me square on China Market only. Anyone encountering such issues?

        • George Lomboy says:

          Replying on my own problems:

          Definitely have to do the following steps after reboot:

          1. Stop Google Play (if running).
          2. Stop Google Services.
          3. Re-install Market Unlocker Pro. Set market preference.
          4. Start Google Play again – it should work as before.

          Not a biggie but something that other users like me should be aware of. Cheers!

          • Sumi says:

            These steps didn’t work for me.

            I’ve tried everything possible, uninstall/reinstalling, clearing cache, unrooting, factory reset…nothing helps. It’s like doing this swap permanently broke some connection they could make to the play store.

      • david says:

        How do u go about changing the script from 179:17 to 179:49? I am new at this sorry

        • Paul Sumner says:

          In script manager (smanager) when you click on 11extsd2internalsd you should touch “Is executable” and “Su” and “Boot”. Then touch “Edit” and if asked what to open the file with, touch “SM Editor” in this SM Editor you should be able to move your cursor to busybox mouny -t blah blah blah… at the end it should say “vold/179:17 /mnt/sdcard” change the 17 to 49 and on the next two lines there will be a 17, change them both to 49 touch your bottom left button, looks like an arrow down and touch back and it should ask if you want to save changes, do so and reboot your note and it should work.

          • Paul Sumner says:

            Sorted it. Ignore the above instructions to David and keep the first 179:49 the same, the second 179:49 change to 179:17 and the third 179:49 leave as it is. This works for my 64GB SD card formated as fat32

      • Paul Sumner says:

        I tried changing the script as you did Kenneth and it works of a fashion but my 64GB card became the main memory and my internal 16gb (11GB usable) dissapeared. Any suggestions?

      • Ronnie says:

        omg im so glad i came on here thanks it fixed my problem!

  20. Adam says:

    For those of you who have done this and have it working, how is the speed when loading and running apps from the SD card? Is it noticeably slower at all? Anyone running any CPU/GPU intensive apps or games from the SD card? This could be the answer to the one issue that has been holding me back from buying a Note 2. Thanks for any info you guys can share.

    • adrian j says:


      i did not notice any slowdown in running apps from the SD card. i have NFS Most Wanted, NFS Hot Pursuit, Real Steel HD, all these games running fine from the SD card. but i’ve only used up about 50% of my SD storage so maybe thats why these apps are running smoothly. so far smooth sailing for me

      just my 2cents~ adrian j.

  21. Gabriel says:

    I am going to try this but is there a script to revert the changes if I encounter any issues?

  22. Gabriel says:

    I am getting an error with my ATT Galaxy Note 2 running CleanRom and Perseus kernel.
    Here is a picture of the error I get running the script.


  23. Leo says:

    Does this method works with a rooted Sprint GN-2 with stock ROM? When I try it, it cannot find BusyBox, which is not on my phone. When I try to install it says memory is full even though it is not.


  24. Steve says:

    Hi Max. I had heard that the new smartphones have it setup that if you run out of space on ur internal card data will then spill over to ur sd card?? Is this true??

  25. jason says:

    hey Boeler San I tried saving all my Google music to my device but that’s no dice. It didn’t let me go past my 16 gig limit. I will try this mod because I would like offline access to google music.

  26. praleesh says:

    it go back to the normal stage, how can i fix it. i need it permanently….so please help me..i’m using Crash Rom.

  27. Clover43 says:

    Hi Max,
    have been using this mod for a few days now, but even though Apps are suppose to be now swapped with the internal memory(16GB Internal Memory)e with external memory (64GB MicroSD) but there is still a approximately 11Gb that is a limit into my application memory. I wonder if i did something wrong while performing this mod. let me know if there are anyone experiencing this same issue…


    • rickey says:

      Clover43, this is what I did and she runs fine.

      1. I took my sd card out and copied to pc.
      2. Formatted my card with the note 2.
      3. Installed script manager and downloaded script.
      4. (Copy) all data from internal to ext. Sd card using pc.
      5. Ran script, found what file the script was located in and checked off su and boot and run.
      6. Delete all data from (now) and reinstall data back to (now) from pc. Should work fine

    • rickey says:

      Sorry clover43, didn’t read through your post all the way before replying. You already know tha crap I just wrote down because you have been using it for a couple days. Sorry. Maybe the script isn’t completing it’s task. With my sghi317 it used to work fine when I rebooted my phone but it would take a while at first. Now the info block comes up saying script manager has been granted permission blah, blah, whatever. But it doesn’t execute it. I have to go into my files and manually do it. I guess I’m gonna have to uninstall everythibg and do it again. Crap!!!!

    • Yann says:

      I also encountered the same problem…even though my 32gb microSd is selected as device memory, when I go into task manager then storage, device and sdcard memory are limited to 10.46gb… please help Fix this issue.. Thank you.

  28. Moe says:

    Max, i had this on my phone and i disabled it since i didnt feel like using it, now i got a new memory card and it just switched memory on me and the camera is acting up, i need to disable it %100…
    what do i do please????

  29. pascal says:

    hey max ,tell me plz do i need a custom rom to swap my phone storage to microSD?or a rooted note2 with a stock rom might work?!!!

    • rickey says:

      I am stock att rooted and it works just fine. I just have to enable it everytime I turn the phone on again even though boot and su boxes are ticked.

  30. martrader17 says:

    Hello max read, thanks for your work, but I have a galaxy note i317 from att, I follow the steps you indicated but when I look to see if store Apps on SD Card with Rooted is not . I want mention that I root my phone and checked by applying root check. Might help. Thanks for your time.

  31. kim jun hong says:

    Nice. Works on my Note 2 N7105 model.

  32. Kuhwristchin says:

    Hey if you guys are still Getting the Busybox or device not found errors I found a troubleshoot method that I just tried out and worked. He didn’t go over the plans as detailed as he has before. *(You need to be rooted)

    Step 1: Make sure we’re on the same page. You followed all his steps and you’re stuck?

    Step 2: Okay, so you got “Busybox” from google play, you have “ScriptManager” AND You’ve also downloaded the add2sd.bin”″

    Step 3: Open “busybox” when it’s done installing and it will ask you to install, accept and reboot.

    ======After Rebooting========

    Step 4: MOVE the .bin file to “Storage/extSdCard/Download/” using any filemanager.

    Step 5: When you open “ScriptManager” there will be a window that pops up on startup check the box that says “BROWSE AS ROOT”

    Step 6: Find and Open the .bin file and select SU and BOOT. Then Run.

    Step 7: Go to settings and look at your patience paying off. 😀

    Lmk if you still have issues. *( Worked on stock rom; Tmobile Samgung galaxy note 2 SGHT-889

    Hopefully this works,

    • julian M says:

      U r awesome!! finally got it! I was almost giving up, after I did above still busybox was not found, did already spent a couple of hours researching, and just now, I was about to call my tech guy to fix this!! WOW!! Thank u VERY MUCH!!

    • david says:

      Whaf if busy box doesnt prompt you to instsll accept and reboot?

  33. reza says:

    Hi, I did this and it is good! But I was wondering if I want to get a backup now with the titanium, should I disable the file in script manager? (Does it still save my backup in the sd card? Since the internal & external R switched) tnx max.

    • sazaba says:

      titanium backup can change the backup store location. You can just point it to wherever you like. But remember sdcard0 is your external sdcard and extsdcard is actually your internal storage. I point it to /storage/sdcard0/TitaniumBackup/ (which is my external sdcard). So it won’t lost the data even I need to wipe everything for my internal storage.

  34. Jason says:

    Hiii, Whenever I download an app from google play, it consume the memory of the (SD) instead of the phone memory

    • Jason says:

      The SD card Portion with less than 12gb memory(previously the main memory) should not be decreasing anymore, can any one explain wats happening ?

  35. david says:

    Hello Max, Thanks for answering questions. Are you familiar with an app called gl to sd? I used this specifically for games, would I still need this script if I rooted my galaxy note 2?

  36. Eddie says:

    The download file is corrupted. Please fix it.

  37. Juan says:

    Does This Work With The Verizon Note 2 Just Checking?

  38. martrader17 says:

    Hi, i installed this on my note 2 and it worked fine. later on though i installed scotts clean rom and i wasnt working so i tried to reinstall everything but its still failing to install with script manager. what can i do?

  39. rickey says:

    Max I installed the script and everything works fine until I reboot or turn off the phone and then turn it back on. I have boot enabled and su. It worked a couple of times but took forever to swap over. Now I have to manually do it every time I turn the phone on. Any advice?

  40. huwahu says:

    When I download app2sdnote.b­in, it’s downloaded to my SDcard0/download. It does not go to the extSdcard, and I don’t have a download folder here.
    I ran it from SDcard0/download but nothing happened. any thought ?

  41. Lem says:

    I need help. I followed the steps that were provided. However, now my phone shows up as having 59GB avail and the card now is replaced with the actual phone memory..

    • sZe1 says:

      that means you did everything right that’s how it should be, you just traded your phone’s internal memory for the external sdcard and vice versa.

      • Lem says:

        Okay.. I wasn’t sure because I took pictures and I was unable to view those pictures because I had the pics saved to the microsd initially. I had to change it to save to phone (which is the microsd) now..

        • Erik P says:

          I’m having the same issue. Script is working but can’t change camera setting to save to SD card (phone internal storage).

          • George Lomboy says:

            I just noticed this problem too, after a few days having the script on my phone:

            1. If you set your camera to save to SD Card (originally Phone Internal Storage), you won’t be able to view those pictures through quick review function in Camera app, or even in Gallery. Browsing through the DCIM folder of the SD Card (originally Phone Internal Storage), you will not see a picture file.

            2. Interestingly – using Root Explorer – browse through the same file location (that would be /storage/extSdCard/DCIM/Camera), and you will see the picture you just took but cannot see from the Camera quick review function , Gallery, and the built-in File Manager of the phone.

            3. Closer inspection – the file permissions of the said picture file look funny (Owner: Read & Write). Furthermore, the file owner is 10071-u0_a71.

            4. You cannot delete the file and folder using the phone’s standard File Manager – you can only do it in Root Explorer or similar program that has root privileges.

            5. Copied mp3 files on the SD Card (originally the Phone Internal Memory) to take advantage of the empty space. However, trying to play them in Music Player will produce the message “Sorry, the player does not support this type of audio file”

            6. Play the said mp3 file in Root Explorer – nope… can’t play.

            7. PDF files, Word Files, etc. – anything that you know can be opened by standard programs… if you place it in in SD Card (originally the Phone Internal Memory)… it won’t open or throw up some fancy error message.

            Seems like we have permission/ownership related problem in our hands here. Max, are you aware of this limitation? Surely any user would like to make use of that extra space on the phone. Any help is appreciated to clear this up!

          • George Lomboy says:

            I just came into the realization that using the script means that the internal phone memory swapped as external memory is now exclusively just for app installations – hence the ownership and permissions issues. This means too that if your app installations are already over 16GB (I’m talking about the main program files -apk related, not the resource files typically downloaded that really take up space), that’s about it. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can install more. The script just helps you to offload space intensive app data into the SD card.

            For me it’s not a walk in the park to make further modications – I’m already happy with my current setup.

            If you still want to store some personal stuff on the phone memory – make sure to set ownership and permissions correctly in order to access these files using native programs. I did that with my small collection of music… set it to: owner 1000 – system and group 1023 – media_rw. Set permissions to allow read, write, execute to all group classes.

            Camera – some people have raised a concern about not being able to see pictures when the program is set to save on “Memory card”. This is precisely due to the observations I mentioned earlier in this reply. My simple solution is to add a symbolic link “DCIM” on the phone internal memory (that’s on /storage/extSdCard) with path going to /storage/sdcard0/DCIM. So even if you accidentally select “Memory card” on your Camera app, it will still save it on your SD.

            Sorry for the long post – but I do hope it helps someone who needs answers…

  42. gary says:

    Me too… to fix it play help! Thx So much and marry Christmas!!!!!

  43. gary says:

    after i took photo when i view those photo was unable to load photo…the setting changed the storage to mircosd ,If the setting to phone then can view….. how to fix it??

  44. Ajun says:

    I’ve used this script numerous times, and I have troubleshooted a lot of the problems which arose.

    1. If your memory is reverting back to default after a reboot, i.e. it doesn’t work after a reboot, then the following most likely happened: You wiped the device memory, or flashed a rom, but kept the extSD as it is. There is a directory created when you run the script on the extSD, and for it to work again after you flashed something, you need to make sure that directory is deleted, so that the script can create a new file on the extSD for the new rom. Usually a format will work. The exact directory, I don’t know, you’ll have to search it if you don’t fancy a reformat.

    2. You need Busybox for this to work. If you don’t have it, you can download it from the Play Store for free. If you didn’t have this problem, then your custom rom more than likely included it.

    3. File directory does not exist… This means your custom rom has no init.d support. Avoid the rom if this mod is essential. At the time of writing. AFAIK, ARHD is not compatible.

    • Yann says:

      Hi Ajun, what about the system memory being limited to 10.46gb even though the 32gb microSd is selected as the device memory…

      • Ajun says:

        It’s not limited. It’s just displaying what it thinks is the internalSD.
        I think it’s safe to ignore the reading from that part. Besides, your true way of determining the available storage is from Settings > Storage, not from the task manager.

  45. Roger says:

    Can I Use the script APP2SDNote2 for my Samsung Galaxy S3 ….Android 4.1.2 with 32 GB microsdcard ???

  46. Derek Harding says:

    PC using Ubuntu.
    Rooted fine – no problems, thanks.
    Apps2sd – everything apparently went as it should except that both internal and external cards now report being a 32GB card (true for the real external) and they are duplicated. Essentially, I can no longer do anything with the old internal card and it reports that nearly 10G of phone memory is in use for apps with only 2G of the real external card is used.

    • slick says:

      You might be bugged, something similar happened to me, seemed like my directories where in copying loops, repeated files across different sdcards. Like Ajun said, it usually happens when you flash something after running the script. What I did to fix it was titanium back up, wipe and reflash my NOTEorius rom, flash all my mods, once I had everything the way I wanted THEN I ran the script, followed by restoring apps.

      Boy what a difference that made. Back to displaying both internal and external cards and running so much smoother! I would totally recommend doing this on a f fresh system.

      And of course… If you flash anything again, you’ll probably get bugged again.

    • Gianfry says:

      try my solution 😉

  47. Gianfry says:

    Eeverythung works except it keep showing both internal and external as 64Gb memory, until I unmount and remount the Externel ( wich is the internal).
    Stock n7100 rom rooted.
    How to solve this???

  48. Gianfry says:

    Hi, Max, Everythung works except it keep showing both internal and external as 64Gb memory, until I unmount and remount the external ( wich is the internal).
    Stock n7100 rom rooted.
    How to solve this???

  49. Gianfry says:

    Sorry for double post.
    Apparently I found the solution.
    I noticed that my note2 take several seconds to check my 64gb card (full at 50%) after startup.
    So, I was guessing something goes wrong because the card is not completely ready.
    Then I added a “sleep 20” on top of the script, and, magically, now it work perfectly after several reboot.
    There is only one thing I cannot explain: the script is ONLY on my internal memory ( now shown as external), and it is NOT checked as SU and boot: how can it starts after reboot? :O :O

    • Gianfry says:

      Ok, it was checked but without the correct icons visualization for the file .bin in Script Manager.
      Infact, after upgrade with offical Rom 4.1.2, and rerooted, now the icons are correct ( both su and boot ).
      Everything works great!!! ( but increased sleep time to 50 🙂 for safer setting )

      • Pratik says:

        What do you mean add sleep20 in the script…how do you do it?

      • Edge says:

        Hi. I am also interested on how you fixed this. Most of the contents in the card appear as duplicates and only the external sd (now internal) is displayed. Can you post your additions to the script?

        Thanks for the help.

  50. RedWizard says:

    Thanks for the idea Gianfry with the sleep timer. I have a class 10 64gb card but the error check takes a while. Change the sleep to longer setting to like 50 it seems to be a safe starter limit. It has been working on every reboot for me. As the card gets full as I guess you would need to set the timer longer. I’m not using Script Manager anymore also. I am using RomToolbox the free one using scripter.

  51. Shawn says:

    After going step by step I am getting a parsing error when installing an app. Help?!

  52. rico says:

    What other roms will this work with? It would not allow me with macks rom.

  53. hiren soni says:

    Hey thanks a lot for this but how to undo this? Plzzz reply me

  54. Rui says:

    The app2sd is working but now i have a issue.

    On Sdcard(old 10gb internal) the Download folder doesn’t take any files now.
    It’s not a urgent issue cause i’m using Firefox, but if i use the Stock browser it doesnt let me download anything and ofc theres no option to download to another folder that i know of. Also i can’t place anything inside it.

  55. jim schukow says:

    Hey Max! Thank You! This is great, works perfectly. Just a few things I noticed. Quadrant did not work any more, no big deal. Holding down home, the ram and storage, in there nothing was changed, sd card was sd card and vice versa. I flashed the perseus kernel on my stock deodexed rooted sprint phone and the script would no longer work, reverted back to normal. Tried to move the scrip into the kernel folder with Smanager but was unsuccessful. So, this worked great on my stock kernel, keep up the awesome hard work that you do, I would not have what I do without your knowledge.

  56. Murat says:

    work great on My N7100 4.1.2 i use a SanDisk 64GB class10 is faster den befor (i feel) THANK… i did try my crazy with Link2SD to format the SD Kart but with the 64GB somthing going wrong. CWM dont mount and many more thing… But this Method works fster den 1 Minute…

  57. Eddie says:

    This works great until I flashed the note2core kernel attempting to overclock my device to 1.92 ghz. An error msg “file not found” appeared on the script manager. I figured that the 176:17 file inside \dev\block\vold has become 176:46. I tried changing that on the app2sdNote2 script but no luck. It says “permission denied (Are you root?)” on the script manager when it runs. Anyone have an idea how to make both of these mods work on one device?

  58. Carlo says:

    Worked fine until I tested the camera function. It is not saving pics you took including screenshots. It is saying “unable to load file”. For videos, it is saying “unable to record”.

    Can anyone help me restore this function?

  59. John says:

    I can only get this to work with stock kernal if I flash a kernal to over clock it resets everything then I get an error in script can some one provide me with a kernal that works and is compatibal with a beans rom

  60. max says:

    apps still install in the sd card…

  61. max says:

    still install in phone memory not in the sd xD

  62. Daevionne says:

    So to make this clear. This puts ALL the stuff you have on your internal storage on your ext sdcard and it puts all the stuff on your ext sd card on internal storage? And, how do you reverse this process if you would like to switch back?

  63. eda says:

    Hi Max.
    Sorry but I am a relative newbie. I have installed the script and the N700 recognizes the microSD card but when I install an app the free memory in the card does not change and the apps seem to still be installing on the internal memory. Is this normal? Shouldn’t I see the apps install on the microSD card?
    How can I resolve this issue? I am running a custom crash ROM but that is working fine.
    Please kindly let me know if you have a suitable answer. Many thanks for the excellent work!!!!

  64. Fred says:

    After installing the tweak, apk files that I download from a browser won’t upload into my dropbox app from my phone like they once did. Is there anything that I could do to resolve this?

  65. Tarek Salah says:

    Thank you very much. Finally I succeeded to let my tiny Note 2 7100 becomes a 64 gb.

    I’m running stock rom rooted. That is all then installed BusyBox and Script Manger. I do not know about Init.d and what does it do. Very good It is working very fast and perfectly.

  66. Julio says:

    Does app2sd compatible with crash rom?,what other rom is compatible with app2sd, can you suggest a good rom..thanks…

  67. Hi Max, First of all THANK YOU so much for your site. It is beyond awesome!!
    I have 16gb International GT-N7100 64gb micro sd card. Rooted.
    Ran the process and all worked perfectly………or so it would seem.
    In settings, storage it now states that the external and internal are the same size.
    I also noticed that the content in both locations is the same.
    I confirmed this by taking a picture and the picture exists in
    \storage\sdcard0\DCIM\camera & \storage\extsdcard\DCIM\camera
    I have tried a couple of reboots but no change.
    Since beginning to write this post I did one more reboot and now the external sd card (ie internal memory) is not showing connected as mass storage but the sdcard0 (ie external sd card) is.
    Please can I have some assistance with this?

    Thank you in advance

  68. kalvin says:

    I just tried to install this on my verizon note 2 rooted jelly bean . And it did not work .
    Please help .


  69. aussie says:

    Hi Max, thank you so much for showing the way. my note 2 now is on internal 64gb (actually exsd) and external 10gb (internalsd), can ask one more thing, can i still use the 10gb memory to store some files, music, etc. cos i try take photo store there but unable to access. please help my Guru…

  70. Moises says:

    Hi thank you for the tips! it worked great~!..

    I just have a question. would it be fine to format the phones storage afterwards? I mean the internal one.

    thank you once again..

  71. Ak Swagga says:

    My phone is rooted and stock rom would it work ?

    And if I get the camera problem what should I do

  72. kik says:

    Hi Max

    Thank you a lot for sharing great technique
    but I still have concern whether Can I return the memory back to normal? How to do? please advise


  73. metafizik says:

    Hi Max, I don’t want to switch my internal storage with the sdcard. I have a rooted note 2 as per you easy root method. I have filezilla ftp server installed and cannot change into the directories on the sdcard. Can you tell me how to change the permissions to allow other rwx or what do I need to do so I can upload files to the directories on the sdcard. Thank you, metafizik

  74. metafizik says:

    I was able to solve the problem of not being able to change into or write into the directory with ftp client by installing a terminal shell and using unix commands to change permissions.

  75. Jeremy says:

    Hey max, How do you undo this action/mod?

  76. KJ says:

    Hi Max. Since doing this on my ATT rooted Note 2, whenever I try to download anything from the Play Store my phone says “Insufficient storage available.” So, I can’t try BusyBox since I can’t load it. Thank you.

  77. TheG says:

    does this Script works with JellyBam? I actually have AR9 but I wanna change to JellyBam, if this Script is working there!

  78. BabyPro says:

    When can we expect to enjoy in i317 models???

  79. Siddarth Grewal says:

    Not working on Crash ROM. I like this ROM any other method? I tried Stweaks but my 32 GB card ends up as a 10.4 GB card for some reason

  80. Dave McIntyre says:

    App2SD does NOT work on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – doesn’t recognize any SD card. Also doesn’t work on the S3 either.

    • pocphoenix says:

      this script work like a charm. plz try to understand the installation a prerequisite with more concentration 🙂

  81. pharaoh.tobelle says:

    Can someone answer this?
    I did all the steps but forgot to save the internal content to my sdcard before the switch. Is there an easy way to fix this?
    Thanks in advance…..

  82. david says:

    Hi Max

    I really need help. I have a note 2 running jelly bean rom. I tried your mod with and without the addition of running busybox to no avail. My internal now shows 32 gb which is the size of my memory card and my sd now shows 10gb but when I click on the internal memory at the very bottom it displays 5gb used and 5gb free. I am also unable to download anything as it says i dont have enough memory. Did I do something wrong? Is it not compatible with this rom? I appreciate any help! Thanks a bunch

  83. david says:

    Now after running script it fails and says no such device or address 🙁 I need a miracle

  84. pharaoh.tobelle says:

    Mine did the same thing. Then I uploaded busybox and “re-did” it, then it worked like a champ

  85. David says:

    After reading the comments I get the feeling the answer is no but I’ll ask. Does this mod actually increase useable storage on the device from 10gb to 64gb or so? Meaning I can install 59 gb worth off apps, audio, videos etc ? Thanks !

  86. David says:

    After doing the mod to swap internal and external is titanium backup suppose to reflect it ? When I view it it shows both as being the same 10gb. Any ideas if I did it wrong and how to fix it ? Thanks !

  87. Walter says:

    Working great so far, I do have a question for anyone who might know. I have a note N7100 and immediately only getting 3g hspa, + on at&t. Is there a flash that would enable at least 4g??

  88. pharaoh.tobelle says:

    So anyone know the answer to my question?
    I forgot to save the internal storage to my sdcard. Is it still possible to do that after the swap? And how?
    Thanks in advance.

  89. David says:

    Why is it important to save your internal storage to the sd card ?

  90. pharaoh.tobelle says:

    I guess because I need to so I can apply the jedi rom to use the multitask tab for every app and also get the call recorder turned on….

  91. pharaoh.tobelle says:

    Can I just plug in to a computer and copy all internal storage into the sdcard storage that way. Then delete all internal storage?

  92. david says:

    Does titanium backup reflect the swap?

  93. kidtwitch says:

    Hey there im having problems with the mod. I did everything correctly. I reformatted it and everything work fine. Its a 32 gb scandisk class 4. Now what happens is after a while it will show my main sd as the ex one and the ex as mai like it should not ill let the phone screen turn off and look at it again few hours later and its not there anymore. It show 29.08 for sd and 28. For the ex. And my main hard drive is not showing now.. and then nun of my pics show up or anything and then I have to reset my phine to fix it or take my sd card out and rerun the script.. im also useing pimp my rom and rom toolbox….. so I dont know if its tje pimp my rom or the rom toolbox. Any advice would be cool ty..

  94. chris says:

    Im cunfused and thats hard to do lol I did everything correctly. I reformatted it and everything work fine. Its a 32 gb scandisk class 4. Now what happens is after a while it will show my main sd as the ex one and the ex as mai like it should not ill let the phone screen turn off and look at it again few hours later and its not there anymore. It show 29.08 for sd and 28. For the ex. And my main hard drive is not showing now.. and then nun of my pics show up or anything and then I have to reset my phine to fix it or take my sd card out and rerun the script.. im also useing pimp my rom and rom toolbox….. so I dont know if its tje pimp my rom or the rom toolbox. Any advice would be cool ty..

  95. Owie says:

    Is this working on Romow Rom? because I get no such file or directory

  96. dashawn says:

    hey max
    im trying to switch my internal memory to sd card but im using the new Whompasaurus ROM on the nova launcher you said that was better to use than touch wiz i followed the video and its not working for me can you help me please thanks in advance im using a 32 gig class 10 sd card

  97. Mohammed says:

    hi all,

    got a stock rooted N7100, using rom toolbox with Gianfry tip of adding a 50 sec sleep time on the script thanks for that one issue i have and that is to do with the music and pictures i had backups so i removed them from the phone and memcard before rooting and scripting now that everything works perfect whether i send to phone via bluetooth or connect phone to pc and copy onto or memory card they appear in gallery and music player for a while and then will come up as corrupt but when i go into file explorer they are still there anyideas to sort this out

    many thanks

  98. Sumi says:

    After running this script, market enabler/market unlocker no longer have any effect.
    I have tried everything possible including the 1 comment above. I stopped all google play services, uninstalled/reinstalled everything. Blocked store updates, wiped every cache on the phone.
    I even unrooted/factory reset the phone and after a fresh factory reset and new root, still neither work. Even though market enabler fakes the market, google play on my phone only shows me the default US store no matter what I try.

    Anyone have any advice?

  99. Twitch G says:

    Hey max you do some really nice work. I’m just having problem with app2sd I’ve done everything u said and it’s set for boot and su but after few hours when screen is off I turn it back on and go look in storage and it won’t show anything for the real internal memory. It just show my 32 gb on both as main and ex. I go to reset it and it’s fixed but few hours later does it again. I’ve done full wipe and fresh rom install all data wipes and reformatted my ex sd its formated as fat32. Idk whaat els to do. I’ve tried a lot. I even used pimp my rom and turned on intd support. So Im lost of how to make the script stick.. any advice would help a lot ty max

  100. Supa says:

    Need help. I did everything correctly. Everything works fine but one thing. The data of my apps are still being downloaded into my internal memory.

  101. Supa says:

    I need help. I have followed the video correctly and everything works fine but one thing. Everything is still being downloaded into the Internal memory. everything is switched but idk what now

  102. jen says:

    Used to work and I love it! But now it doesnt do anything, and I have tried everything

  103. justin says:

    i can not get the download!!! is there another link that i can have.

    • mario f. says:

      Were you able to get a link with the download? I have been trying to look for it for days and I can’t find it. I just now put a comment up about it, but it seems that nobody has been getting response from this “so called Max” person for the longest time about anything. If you were able to get the link, please let me know.

      Thank You.

    • mario f. says:

      I posted an update for the script download. If you have not figured it out. Check it out. 🙂

  104. The memory swap has been working well for a couple of months. The note has always seen the two memory cards as the same card including through My Files the content matches. Reformated the external (ie internal 16gb card) using the storage section within settings and once formatted the phone sees the internal memory card as the 16gb card until I leave that menu and go back in again. Now, No apps will install as of this morning “insufficient space”. I think it is has reverted to saving with the internal card again.
    Any help would be appreciated. All that has changed is I upgraded ROM manager to premium. I can not see a setting within there that states where to save apps.

  105. Zach B says:

    I also had this working correctly for a couple of weeks. Now it seems whenever I restart my phone the script does not run automatically. I have to go into smanager and manually run it in order to reswitch the cards. I’ve confirmed that Boot is checked on the script so not sure why it isn’t running anymore when I restart.

  106. Jeremy S says:

    Will this mod stay after the new update that is being pushed? I have performed the mod and worked great and have ota rootkeeper but i am nervous about taking the update and jacking up my system. Any news on this?

  107. Chantel says:

    Ive tried it on my T889 and everytime I go to download the script, instead of saying apps2sdnote2.BIN it says .htm… I need help please. nothings working.

  108. Cheyne says:

    Any chance of an article on how to reverse this?

  109. asif says:

    will this work on galaxy s duos? If it wont, could anybody please tell me if there is any other method? When i try to install hd games (which consumes a lot of space), it says i am running low on space in my internal sd. PLS help!

  110. Kcor says:

    after trying this and it not working….my NOTE 2 IS NOW NOT ALLOWING ME TO INSTALL ANYTHING ELSE!!

    its telling me “insufficient storage”…even though there is plenty of storage on bot sd(internal) and extSD(external)…

    dont know what to do and im seriously lost…

  111. mario f. says:

    Where can I find a different link to download the script because when I click on the link that is posted on here, I wait for the countdown to finish and click download, it shoots me to a blank web page and it doesn’t load up. I’ve tried searching other places for the download, but I haven’t been able to find them.

    Thank You.

  112. mario f. says:

    UPDATE: I found out what I was doing wrong and the reason why the script would not download and just shooting me to a blank page. You have to fill in the captcha after the count down is complete, if you fill that out, and press download, it will automatically download. Also, in order for the process for the SD CARD SWAP TO WORK, you have to download busy box, then do the install just like it was mentioned before, then install script manager and look for the script, once that’s complete, reboot phone and look into storage in setting, if you see no difference right away as it happened to me, plug your phone into the computer and disconnect it, and then go back in and you will see your SD CARD being used as internal memory for your apps. One thing recommended is that you do a full wipe of the rom before you process all this, that way you install your apps, and they will automatically download to your SD CARD, because if you do this and you have applications downloaded to the internal memory, they don’t transfer over leaving you to still have no space left in the internal memory of the phone, and result into having to delete your apps manually and re downloading them. Also, having issues with Photos being taken and trying to save to the SD CARD, they don’t save there, they will only save in the internal memory for some reason. Other than that, MOD works fine, downloading all my apps, and HD games and they are going into my SD CARD, instead of internal memory. Last thing to find out are my music to see if they will go in my SD CARD and let me play them.

  113. Andrew says:

    Thank you for this! I rooted my phone only to do this.
    I only have a few problems that I hope you can help me with.

    1. When I restart my phone i can not access my gallery anymore even though all my pictures and videos are saved on my external sd (which should have been switched with internal memory when i run the script). It says “cant play file”.

    2. When i restart the phone the reboot function doesnt work. I have to run the script again.

    Thank you very very much and I hope you can help me with my problem.

    • mario f. says:

      1. okay, for the pictures you have to transfer them to the internal memory of the phone in order for you to view or play the videos, they do not transfer automatically, you have to do them yourself. when you take a picture or video, you have to make sure the storage in the camera settings app is set to phone and not sd card to automatically go to the phone storage or else when you take a picture or video it will not save them.

      2. Make sure you do not delete busy box nor script manager app, nor the script2sd. I did that and rebooted my phone and the internal memory and sd card switched back to its normal state. So that being said, if you keep those 2 apps installed, and dont delete the script, the sd should remain as your internal memory for the apps because it is still running those 2 apps in the background for the app2sd MOD to work. I went ahead and kept rebooting my phone and pulled out my battery several times after downloading them again, and the sd card remained as my internal memory for the phone. you will still have the 10gb or 9gb (whatever is says on your phone) to keep your pictures and saved there and not in the sd card. make sure you do not run any custom kernel because you will not be able to run this mod. i did that last night and i the mod did not work, so i went back to the stock kernel of the rom and when i rebooted my phone, the internal memory showed my 32gb sd card. 🙂

    • mario f. says:

      I left a comment in the wrong part, but just access this web page and you will see.

  114. mario f. says:

    1. okay, for the pictures you have to transfer them to the internal memory of the phone in order for you to view or play the videos, they do not transfer automatically, you have to do them yourself. when you take a picture or video, you have to make sure the storage in the camera settings app is set to phone and not sd card to automatically go to the phone storage or else when you take a picture or video it will not save them.

    2. Make sure you do not delete busy box nor script manager app, nor the script2sd. I did that and rebooted my phone and the internal memory and sd card switched back to its normal state. So that being said, if you keep those 2 apps installed, and dont delete the script, the sd should remain as your internal memory for the apps because it is still running those 2 apps in the background for the app2sd MOD to work. I went ahead and kept rebooting my phone and pulled out my battery several times after downloading them again, and the sd card remained as my internal memory for the phone. you will still have the 10gb or 9gb (whatever is says on your phone) to keep your pictures and saved there and not in the sd card. make sure you do not run any custom kernel because you will not be able to run this mod. i did that last night and i the mod did not work, so i went back to the stock kernel of the rom and when i rebooted my phone, the internal memory showed my 32gb sd card. 🙂

    comment: i have come to understand this MOD, it took me couple days, but now i get it. this isn’t a MOD that will permanently switch your storage, its just temporarly. as long as you keep the the apps and script downloaded then you will be fine. It isnt the best solution, but it does work and I am loving it. Now all i need is a 64gb sd card and download more games and apps.

    I didnt create this MOD, i thank the creator for his awesome work, but if yall need anymore help, just email me.

  115. Bryan Rozon says:

    Is the author of this script still active here?
    What is the correct method to reverse this and go back to stock internal storage?

    I have been using a 32GB card for this and am getting a 64GB one. Is it possible to just format that card, copy all contents from the 32 GB card, insert 64GB card in device and it should work just as the 32 did?

  116. Novia says:

    Hi, i have tried this, and the storage shows as my ext sd card as my internal card. but problem is, everytime i downloaded anything from google play store or anywhere else, they kept on downloading and saving it on my internal sd card (which is external sd card since this script is on). and i tried setting default downloaded files to my internal (which is my external) but then google play will say i don’t have enough storage. i even tried app2sd pro, toolbox pro, and any other programs to make it move to my internal or set the download to save it on my int, but none works well. and every programs still recognize my 10GB is my internal memory, not the ext.
    so, up until now, even though storage shows my ext as my int, but downloadings are still going to my int which is my ext.
    does anyone occurs the same problem?
    please help.
    thank you.

  117. Bryan Rozon says:

    Well since I have been using this with my 32 GB card it works. Anything I download goes to card not internal as it should. So, my Storage shows 29.81GB and my SD card (internal) shows 11.07GB. There are a few other options as well at XDA but I haven’t tried them. Directory Bind seems a bit complicated for me. there is another method extsd2intcardnote2 something like that thread. It would have been so easy for Samsung to just allow this and then apps like App2SD would work.

  118. Jack Ford says:

    I have been following you for quite a while and have never left a comment, but I need help. I’m using the same 64gb sd card you show in the video I installed everything perfectly, and my internal memory and sdcard0 memory are exactly what they should be, but when I try to reinstall my apps from the Play Store I get an “insufficient storage availablle” error, and nothing installs. I need to get this or something that will do the job to work. At some point, you wrote that if someone is having trouble they can try installing your Rom; Which Rom? Is it TW compatible? I want to stay with TW if possible because I have an Allshare Cast and want to use it.


  119. mario f. says:

    update: so far so good for this mod, still works perfectly fine. but i guess i will go back to having my internal memory as my internal memory, lets hope the samsung galaxy note 3 comes out with more internal memory. other than that, keep up the good work. just dont forget people, its not a permanently thing, and its not perfect. its just a temporarily mod.

  120. Jack Ford says:

    Fixed. I was running Macksrom and it seems to be the problem. I installed the stock rom and rooted it. Then I installed Smanager and ran the script. Everything seems good.

  121. pharaoh.tobelle says:

    My phone all of the sudden will not save any new pictures! If I take any new pics they all of the sudden dissapear from my gallery after I restart my note 2. Anyone know why its doing this all the sudden? Or how I can fix it. I have my camera set to save to phone to save to sdcard like yall said…

  122. Staffan says:

    Works like a charm after fixing the busybox-problem. Maybe that should be included in the guide above?

    Only problem is that the mod doesn’t survive a phone restart. How is that? (And I have checked boot in SManager).

    • Mario says:

      I would say it could be that you have uninstalled busybox smanager? Leave those installed, and it should be fine.

      Also, I found a rom that already includes the app2sd swap. For verizon galaxy note 2 users click on the link below. When you install this rom, it’ll go thru the aroma installer and let you choose what you want to install. You still will get the benefit of having all the Samsungs apps and features. When you get towards the end, it gives the option of putting 2 diferentes kernels. And then the last page is the swap2sd. You do that and it will automatically do everything for you and you avoid doing it yourself, and btw even after rebooting your phone the mod still stay. 🙂 . The good thing about doing it this way, is that you start fresh with the rom without any apps installed and that way they automatically go to your sd card once you start Downloading your apps. Also for pictures, don’t change the storage to external, leave it to phone because the pictures and videos save to the sd with this rom. I bought a 64gb micro sd card, formatted it to FAT32 and was able to use that as my internal memory.

      This is the link for those that have verizon Samsung galaxy note 2;

      For those of you that have a carrier other than verizon I am not sure if they have the rom for you but it doesn’t hurt to look. Just click on the link and copy and paste the name of the rom to Google and type in for (phone description and carrier name)

      Enjoy guys. 🙂

  123. Alex says:

    I’ve tried this Script for Verizon Twice but it does not work? Is there a different script forthat I can get?Or am I just doing this wrong?

  124. soegiono says:

    Does it work with note2 with original firmware rom?


  125. Tim Chevis says:

    I have a Sprint Galaxy Note 2 on Macks All Star rom and Perseuskernal Alpha i also tried this on Jelly Bomb and H2o cant get this to work i downloaded busy box i even tried it through rom tool box pro nothing, does any one know another method or how to get this to work

  126. johnny p says:

    hi max..

    I just flash and now have ‘alliance rom’ and really like it, but cant not use script manage for sdcard as internal memory. Can you do something, or did I miss something ?

    dr. JP

  127. Sunil jangir says:

    Plz tell me – What will happen if i remove sd card by mistaske after doing the same. Will phone work with internal sd card.

  128. Zaneous says:


    I was able to swap my sd card with the internal memory and I was able to take photos and a video but when restart the phone the photos previously taken became a corrupt files which cannot be view. Even for whatsapp photos is the same error/issue

    Could anyone pls help be out on this.

    Best Regards,

    • nick says:

      I think it is the permissions issue. I changed the permissions on the pics and was able to view. However, when I take another pic. the permissions are different than previous settings and therefore cannot access newly taken pic – unless you fix the permissions again.

      Is there a way to force no change in permissions in the DCIM folder?

  129. Brett says:

    Anyone have any luck with the At&t model? I have the 64GB that I had to switch to FAT32 when I got it before my phone would even read it but I just formatted the sd because this video told me to like 3 times then when I put it back in of course the FAT32 was gone and now its saying error cannot read the sd card in the script manager when i press “run”. Any ideas? appreciate it.

  130. K-Wash says:

    Should I remove the script before changing ROMs using TWRP?

  131. Demetri says:

    I keep getting this —> every time I try to run the script. Please help

  132. Richy says:

    Hey Max, the instructions work. I have rooted and also install the script and script manager to run at reboot. Yes only on touchwiz rom works, but do not install Perseus kernel or Bullet beside the kernel that it comes the rom with when doing this mod. Even after formatting the ext-sd the camera and video stalls out. is there a fix for this Max. This seems to be the only issue, so far.

  133. dionne says:

    worked excellent for me wohooo..thanks

  134. dionne says:

    thanks.,…it worked excellent for me….always waited for this moment

  135. GaryB says:

    Hi Max, Worked great, thx.. I do have a question though, how do I revert storages back to normal?

  136. Ichua says:

    Does this work with N7105?

  137. savarna says:

    I made this like you wrote, but now I have card 59 GB and phone 59 GB.
    Wahr should I do?
    I understood, that after running that script the card and the phone changes – and so the card must be 10,xx GB and the phone must be 59,xx GB.
    Pls help 🙂

  138. SUPERCAIN says:

    What custom roms for sprint supports this ? Besides stock.

    • Max Lee says:

      Any TouchWiz based ROMs.

      • SUPERCAIN says:

        I tried perseus kernel. It did not work. I want to overclock. And keep my app to sd. That was taught to me here. I also have a volume script that makes my note 2 extremely loud. I have a 64 gig. Sd card.. Everything runs smooth. I just want to over clock and keep what I have. I studied some of these roms and I see they use perseus kernel with them. So I am wondering which one will work. And thank you For all you do in helping us. Ive learned a lot from you. I Have a sprint note 2 stock rom.

        • Max Lee says:

          What format is your SD in? Is it in FAT32? If not, I suggest try with FAT32.

          • SUPERCAIN says:

            Thanks Max. I will give this a go. On my 3 note 2s. One from each carrier. I will install multiple roms. On each and see which one works with the app to sd. I do know it works flawless on stock rom. And this has made it possible for me to use a 64mb sd to its full potential. I have multiple emulators and lots of high end games . Which I can play on my 67 inch screen tv using allshare and a ps3 controller. And I can watch full hd movies cause of this app to sd. So it out ways overclocking anyway. But I will try and see if it is possible to do both. Thank you.

  139. Rasty says:

    Hi. thanks for this tutorial. For me everything worked out but the only thing troubling me is that that I can’t use my internal storage which 16GB. I can copy everything into the internal storage (which is now the external) but they won’t read. The video and music and anything else can’t be played? is there any way to fix that?

  140. Rasty says:

    Hi. thanks for this tutorial. For me everything worked out but the only thing troubling me is that that I can’t use my internal storage which 16GB. I can copy everything into the internal storage (which is now the external) but they won’t read. The video and music and anything else can’t be played? is there any way to fix that?

  141. James Li says:

    Hi Max,
    I followed your instruction to set up my 64 SD to become internal memory. Everything works fine for a few months until now. It switches back itself every now and then for no reason. I have to keep running script in order to see the SD card again. Any idea why this happens and how to fix it, thanks.

  142. Raul Moreno says:

    Tried a bunch of times even changed sd card but never worked not even with busy box I was running goodness noteworthy with persesus kernel. Once I changed the kernel to original ma7 build and added busy box its working perfectly. L900

  143. yashwant says:

    How to undo this mod . can u plz help me !!!

  144. Jacqueline Liggens says:

    I used the script on my rooted Verizon w/no you Verizon only, no other ROM. The script worked 2 days then it just switched back while I was looking at some photos. I don’t know where my info went, but I was not able to pull my files back up after that. I tried script again but it kept giving an error so I un installed and reinstalled with error that it could not find script and that it added another unknown sentence if script was found. I need to know what the calendar files might be called??? since all of My Calendar events disappeared. I would like to recover missing info but have no idea what to look for or how to add it back if I do recover it.
    Thanks 4 your time

  145. ozzy says:

    How to turn it back to normal?

  146. JWnFL says:

    Max, YOU ROCK!!!

    Thank You for being so helpful and FANTASTIC!!

    after reading all the info here.. it seems that the Camera does not work correctly? or the pictures / videos do not save properly (fighting over native factory settings? and the ad-hock script re-written?)

    if there is a fix I will stick with the hours I have invested into this project.. (before I read the comments)

    my major issue (other than being a complete Noob) is that I am haing problems copying my internal memory to the sd card..

    I have clockwork pro and titanium pro (and not a clue as how to use them to their full potential, YET!)

    So? how can I easily (please don’t say Holo / ABD, its a long story) copy all my internal memory / information to my computer (PC Windows 7) so that I can paste it in the SD card?

    You can now laugh at me and curse me at the same time.

    Thank You Max! Your Site and Sharing has inspired me to Root and maybe even try a new Rom.. once I get my 64gb of internal up and going!

    My Best to You and Yours Max!

    God Love and God Bless You and Your Family!

    Sincerely, James Workman

  147. xjaimex says:

    download is not avaliable in downloadandroidrom anymore, would anyone please help me to get the file? PLEAAAASE

  148. abhiram says:

    Max please modify the script fot latest 4.3 roms

  149. nick says:

    Does app2sdnote2 script work with Perseus kernel ?
    Tmo t889, rooted, stock ROM, Perseus kernel.
    Thanks, Nick

  150. Robert Shelton says:

    GREAT app and it works super. I think I remember your app will work with most custom ROMS except CM 11, correct? Have you tried it with KitKat 4.4?

  151. Mohit Gupta says:

    exec /system/bin/sh ‘/data/11extsd2internalsd’
    exec /system/bin/sh ‘/data/11extsd2internalsd’
    root@t03g:/ # exec /system/bin/sh ‘/data/11extsd2internalsd’
    mount: mounting rootfs on / failed: Permission denied
    mount: mounting /dev/block/vold/179:97 on /mnt/sdcard failed: No such file or directory
    mount: mounting /dev/block/vold/179:97 on /mnt/sdcard failed: No such file or directory

  152. Danny says:

    Im having problems with apps2sd apk v.1.9 and v.1.9.9. When rebooting the internal storage and sd goes back to original default.
    I have a SPH-L900 on Macks Rom Plain Jane with apps2sd apk 1.9. Another on Macks Rom All-Star 5.0 wit
    h apps2sd apk v. 1.9.9. Using SManger, Titanium Back up, and SU. Am I using the proper version of apps2sd ?

  153. perry says:

    hi sir i had a rooted note 2 .then i unroot it with universal unroot app on play store and it unrooted successfuly and than it started download updates but after download the update file it is failed to install the updates.what should i do .pls reply ..thanks.

  154. zombie says:

    Hey max, thanx for all the help u give us. Every android phone I’ve had I rooted and installed CWM using ur tutorials. I was able to download and run this script, it swapped the memory just fine, but now any apps I install just go to the internal memory (16gb) and not to the swapped external (64gb). Is there any way I can get them to go to the external part of the memory (64gb). Thanx.

  155. Danny C. says:

    First time I got my Note 2 about 1 year ago. I landed on your site and have been at to this day. But I’m having a problem with the apps2sd. Everytime the device is turned off, after turning it back on my sd card and internal storage reverts back. Which for some reason does not recognize any of the ringtones id that are still on the list menu for my contacts, it would not recognize any of my mp3’s even though they are still listed. And when I reinstall the apps2sd script. It reads something like – non detected remount. But I go to settings – storage, it show that the device reads the sdcard as internal. – Hope you have an answer. Its tiring having to manually set ID ringtones for a couple of hundred of contacts on 2 phones.

  156. REAL6 says:

    I can’t find if this work with CM11 ‘Kitkat 4.4.2’ on the Note 2 or does it just stay below 4.3


  157. Mallory says:

    Hello! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading through your posts.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics?
    Thank you!

  158. Ezekiel says:

    But the i – Pad is going to be a great addition to the family.
    This is the pet bed that holds a garment belonging to the owner, preventing the pet from feeling separation anxiety when left alone.
    In today’s day and age, nothing could be further from the truth.

  159. Tom Chuamklang says:

    Will this work on galaxy note 2 t7105 verion 4.3 anroid..

  160. Sayber says:

    Nothing happen when i do this…

    i had liquidsmooth rom with agni kernel..

    anyone know why?

  161. Enrique says:

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    Suspect(s) entered the residence by shattering the front door
    window panel. In fact, the only thing i – Books lacks is a
    big library of titles, which will come in time.

  162. Drusilla says:

    I’m amazed, I hwve to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and interesting, and
    let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
    The issue is an issue that not enough folks are
    speaking intelligently about. I’m very happy I came across this
    during my hunt for something regarding this.

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