How to Turn Rooted Verizon Galaxy Note 2 into a World SIM Phone!

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Traveling to another country soon? Perhaps you bought a Verizon Galaxy Note 2 and want to use it in another country?

Did you know that the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 has world bands and supports GSM/HSPA+ to use as a World Phone?

The Verizon Galaxy Note 2 is already a world phone if you swap out the SIM card but Verizon has locked down APN, which means you will be able to get voice but 3G/HSPA+/4G LTE data is blocked.

*Note – UPDATE: works fine for AT&T 3G/HSPA+ data!

Well, if you have a rooted Galaxy Note 2, changing APN is very easy to do with two apps, Titanium Backup PRO and APN Manager PRO app. Both are paid apps but for being able to easily turn your Verizon Galaxy Note 2, it’s totally worth it. (There is also totally free way of doing it by changing the APN files manually but I think this is much easier/practical method.)

Roaming on Verizon internationally can become very expensive, nearly $20 per Megabyte as I found out when I brought my Note 2 to South Korea.  Seriously, do they expect people to use roaming internationally?  I hope they were joking.

Step 1. Download the two apps, Titanium Backup PRO and APN Manager PRO from the Play Store.  For Titanium Backup PRO, you will also need to download the regular Titanium Backup app as the PRO only gives you the key.

Step 2. Open Titanium Backup app then hit the “Backup/Restore” tab.

Step 3. Find “APN Manager PRO” and do a long-press.

Step 4. Choose “Convert to system app”.  This will convert the APN Manager PRO into a system app so you can use it to insert/change new APNs.

APN settings allow you to get 3G/4G data, this is something Verizon blocked and why we need to insert the correct APN for the country you are traveling to.

Step 5. Once converted, open APN Manager PRO, it might be changed to “…”, but don’t worry about the name and open it.

Step 6. Choose “Insert APN”.

Step 7. You will need to insert the APN settings for your carrier.  For example, I inserted South Korean SKTelecom APN settings.  I found the APN settings by simply googling “SKTelecom APN Settings”.  Sometimes, you may have to search a bit more to find all the necessary information, make sure you insert the correct MCC and MNC values.

Step 8. Once inserted, you can press “Swap APN” and choose the new APN and the Verizon APN so you can easily switch between the two APNs.

Step 9. Once you travel to another country, you can swap your SIM card out.

Step 10. Open up APN Manager PRO and simply hit “Swap APN”.

Step 11. If you used the correct APN values for the SIM you are using, you should be getting either 3G, HSPA+, or 4G LTE (if you use 4G LTE SIM).

In my testings in South Korea using SKTelecom SIM, I was able to get perfect 3G, HSDPA, and HSPA+ signals with download speeds between 1 to 10Mbps.  Also, voice working flawless.

So next time you travel to another country, you don’t have to buy/rent another phone, just get a prepaid SIM card in that country and use your Verizon Note 2 as world phone with both voice and data working.

Lastly but not least, don’t forget to leave your comments after you use this method to use your Note 2 as a world phone.



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