How to Update Sprint Note 2 Manually to L900VPALJC! [Multi-Window]

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Yey, now you can get multi-window on your Sprint Galaxy Note 2. For those of you still waiting for the L900VPALJC firmware update, you can do it manually.

For those of you on custom ROMs, I would say wait a couple days and there will be updated versions with this update. No need to do this unless you totally want to do it NOW.

UPDATE: You can now get Recovery-flashable L900VPALJC firmware!

You will need a microSD card for manually updating.

Step 1. First, you will need to be on a stock ROM. If not, restore back to your stock ROM backup using TWRP recovery. If you did not make a backup of your stock ROM, you can unroot.

Step 2. Then, re-install stock recovery.

Step 3. Download this L900VPALJC firmware update and place anywhere on your microSD card.

Download L900VPALJC update

Step 4. Reboot into stock Android recovery and install.

Credits – XDA

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