How do I find my mail server Linux?

How do I find my mail server name Linux?

Type nslookup and hit enter. Type set type=MX and hit enter. Type the domain name and hit enter, for example: The results will be a list of host names that are set up for SMTP.

How do I find my mail host server?

How to find the SMTP Mail Server for an Email Address

  1. Open a DOS Command Prompt.
  2. Type “nslookup”.
  3. Your computer’s DNS Server name and IP address will be displayed.
  4. Type “set type=mx” – This will cause NSLOOKUP to only return what are known as MX (Mail eXchange) records from the DNS servers.

What is the email server in Linux?

Four mail servers are most popular on Linux: Sendmail – the most widely used MTA on UNIX/Linux systems. It’s very powerful, but also difficult to configure. Postfix – designed as a modular replacement for Sendmail, rather than a single program that does everything.

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How do I find my SMTP server IP address in Linux?

Type “ping,” a space and then the name of your SMTP Server. For example, type “ping” and press “Enter.” The window will then try to contact the SMTP server by the IP address. It will say, “Pinging x.x.x.x with 32 bytes of data.” The “x.x.x.x” will be the SMTP server’s IP address.

How do I find the mail server in Unix?

You can always use netstat or sockstat to figure out which MTA is running, if you don’t know. netstat -pat | grep smtp for example. the last column should tell you the PID and name of the executable bound to port 25. You are running sendmail.

Which mail server is best in Linux?

LinuxSoftwareApril 15, 202007 best Linux mail servers

  • Exim. Exim was developed as a message transfer agent at University of Cambridge for use on Unix systems connected to the Internet. …
  • Postfix. …
  • Sendmail. …
  • Axigen. …
  • Citadel. …
  • Zimbra Email Server. …
  • Qmail.


How do I set up SMTP server for email?

To set up your SMTP settings:

  1. Access your SMTP Settings.
  2. Enable “Use custom SMTP server”
  3. Set up your Host.
  4. Enter the applicable Port to match your Host.
  5. Enter your Username.
  6. Enter your Password.
  7. Optional: Select Require TLS/SSL.


How do I find my domain email?

Use the ICANN Lookup tool to find your domain host.

  1. Go to
  2. In the search field, enter your domain name and click Lookup.
  3. In the results page, scroll down to Registrar Information. The registrar is usually your domain host.
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How do you send mail in Linux?

Specify the sender name and address

To specify the additional information with the mail command, use the -a option with the command. Execute the command as follows: $ echo “Message body” | mail -s “Subject” -aFrom:Sender_name recipient address.

How do I setup a mail server?


  1. Click Admin tab on the web console.
  2. Under Server Settings, click Mail Server Settings.
  3. Specify the following information: Server Name : Port : 465 (SSL) / 587 (TLS) Sender Email Address: Your email address. Test Email Address: email address to receive test mails. Email Type: SMTP / SMTPS.

Which mail server is best?

Best Free Email Accounts

  • Gmail.
  • AOL.
  • Outlook.
  • Zoho.
  • Yahoo! Mail.
  • ProtonMail.
  • iCloud Mail.


Where do I find the SMTP server settings?

Click the “Servers” tab at the top of the Account Properties window. The fields under the “Outgoing SMTP Server” heading contain your SMTP server settings.

How do I find the IP address of my server?

First, click on your Start Menu and type cmd in the search box and press enter. A black and white window will open where you will type ipconfig /all and press enter. There is a space between the command ipconfig and the switch of /all. Your ip address will be the IPv4 address.

How do I find my SMTP server in Linux?

To check if SMTP is working from the command line (Linux), is one critical aspect to be considered while setting up an email server. The most common way of checking SMTP from Command Line is using telnet, openssl or ncat (nc) command. It is also the most prominent way to test SMTP Relay.

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