How do I install iTunes on Linux Mint 19?

You cannot because there is no such thing as iTunes for Linux Mint 19. You could use WINE to run the Windows version of iTunes though.

How do I install iTunes on Linux Mint?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download and install WINE.
  2. Check to see if your version of Linux needs any extras installed to support iTunes or its files. …
  3. Download iTunes for Windows and install it. …
  4. If the initial installation doesn’t work properly, try an earlier version of iTunes.


How do I download iTunes on Linux?

Installing iTunes on Ubuntu

  1. Step 1: Download iTunes. To install iTunes, go to the downloads folder, and then double click the downloaded file. …
  2. Step 2: Start iTunes Installer. …
  3. Step3: iTunes setup. …
  4. Step4: iTunes Installation completed. …
  5. Step 5: Accept license agreement. …
  6. Step 6: Start iTunes on Linux. …
  7. Step 7: Sign-in.


How do I install iTunes on Ubuntu?

8 Answers

  1. Download iTunes.
  2. Navigate to the already open PlayOnLinux window and click on Install a non-listed program as shown below.
  3. Browse to the iTunes setup file.
  4. Click on Next and follow the installation instructions.
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How do I manually install iTunes?

Download iTunes from Apple’s website, then click Download to download the iTunes installer. When prompted, click Save (instead of Run). If you have Windows 10, you can get the latest version of iTunes from the Microsoft Store.

Can I use iTunes on Linux Mint?

You cannot because there is no such thing as iTunes for Linux Mint 19. You could use WINE to run the Windows version of iTunes though.

How do I download iTunes on Linux Chromebook?

How to Install iTunes on Chromebook

  1. Enable Linux.
  2. Set up Wine on Chromebook.
  3. Download iTunes for Chromebook.
  4. Open the Linux Terminal and update Linux to latest build.
  5. Change the Wine architecture to 32-bit.
  6. Install the 32-bit version of iTunes.
  7. click on “Finish”

Is Ubuntu a free software?

Ubuntu has always been free to download, use and share. We believe in the power of open source software; Ubuntu could not exist without its worldwide community of voluntary developers.

Can I run iTunes on Raspberry Pi?

TLDR; how do I get iTunes on a Raspberry Pi 3? There is no iTunes build for linux, and you cannot currently install a full version of Windows on a pi.

How do I backup my iPhone on Linux?

1 Answer. Yes, you can use the libimobiledevice project to backup your iPhone. However, most Linux distributions have it available in their package managers for easy installation. where myfolder is a path to a folder, where you want to store the backup.

How do I listen to Apple music on Linux?

Apple Music is now available through a web browser, which means I’m pleased/obligated to report that you can now use the service on Linux! Users on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other distros just need to load in a modern web browser (sorry Lynx) and, et voila: the ability to stream Apple Music on Linux.

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How do I connect my iPhone to Ubuntu?

The magic that makes iPhone syncing in Ubuntu possible is a software library called libimobiledevice.

Updating Libimobiledevice

  1. Launch Terminal. …
  2. Type: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmcenery/ppa. …
  3. Type: sudo apt-get update. …
  4. Type: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.

How do I download Wine on Ubuntu?

Here’s how:

  1. Click on the Applications menu.
  2. Type software.
  3. Click Software & Updates.
  4. Click on the Other Software tab.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Enter ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa in the APT line section (Figure 2)
  7. Click Add Source.
  8. Enter your sudo password.


Why can’t I install iTunes?

If iTunes does not install successfully, there are some things you can try. Start by uninstalling any existing installation of iTunes. … Restart your computer when the uninstall is complete. Proceed to download iTunes from Apple’s website, then follow the pre-requisite instructions for installing iTunes.

Can you still download iTunes?

Windows users will still use iTunes. … While iTunes the app will be dead on the Mac, the store will live on. You’ll still be able to use any iTunes gift cards you may have sitting around to buy new music or apps or movies and TV shows.

How do I install iTunes on a different drive?

Answer: A: Install it normally, launch it with the Shift key held down, and create a new library on the desired drive. The iTunes application contains system components and therefore must be installed on the drive or partition containing the OS.

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