How do I specify an address from an email in Linux?

What is the command to mention in address from mail?

Specify the sender name and address

To specify the additional information with the mail command, use the -a option with the command. Execute the command as follows: $ echo “Message body” | mail -s “Subject” -aFrom:Sender_name<Sender mail address> recipient address.

How do I change the address of a Unix email?

Here are some options:

  1. If you have privelige enough, configure sendmail to do rewrites with the generics table.
  2. Write the entire header yourself (or mail it to yourself, save the entire message with all headers, and re-edit, and send it with rmail from the command line.


How do I set email sender?

Sending e-mail with a different sender address (Outlook)

  1. Step 1: add the extra e-mail address to your account. In Outlook 2016, click on File > Account settings > Account settings. …
  2. Step 2: Set up Outlook for multiple sender addresses. First click Send/Receive, then on Send/Receive Groups andDefine Send/Receive Groups. …
  3. Step 3: Check your settings. Compose a new message.
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How do I change my email address in Linux?

By updating email aliases file:

  1. Step 1 : edit /etc/aliases file. $ vi /etc/aliases. Add email ids at the bottom of the file. root: …
  2. Step 2: Run the aliases command, to compile aliases file. $ newaliases.
  3. Step 3: Restart postfix server. service postfix restart.


How do I find the path of an email in Linux?

You should find it in either /var/spool/mail/ (the traditional location) or /var/mail (new recommended location). Note that one may be a symbolic link to the other, so it’s best to go to the one that is an actual directory (and not just a link).

How do you send mail in Linux?

5 Ways to Send Email From Linux Command Line

  1. Using ‘sendmail’ Command. Sendmail is a most popular SMTP server used in most of Linux/Unix distribution. …
  2. Using ‘mail’ Command. mail command is most popular command to send emails from Linux terminal. …
  3. Using ‘mutt’ command. …
  4. Using ‘SSMTP’ Command. …
  5. Using ‘telnet’ Command.


What is mail command in Unix?

The Mail command in unix or linux system is used to send emails to the users, to read the received emails, to delete the emails etc. Mail command will come in handy especially when writing automated scripts. For example, you have written an automated script for taking weekly backup of oracle database.

How do I change my Sendmail email?

How to change the Email from address from with UI.

  1. Navigate in the UI to Configure> <Select your Unitrends appliance> Edit Appliance> Advanced> General Configuration.
  2. Use the Section and Name filters to filter down to the ‘Reports’ section and the ReportFrom ‘Name’.
  3. Select the entry by clicking on the Value shown.
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What is ETC Mailname?

The plain text file /etc/mailname is used by the Mail Transfer Agent (i.e. mail server) to know its own hostname. … It will contain the portion after the username and @ (at) sign for email addresses of users on the machine (followed by a newline). Different MTAs may define the hostname differently.

How do I hide a sender in email?

To hide the email addresses from recipients:

  1. Enter addresses into ‘Bcc’. …
  2. To help prevent your emails from going into spam folders, add your own address into the ‘To’ field.
  3. Note the number of contacts before sending an email. …
  4. Use ‘Undisclosed recipients’ to warn your addressees about bulk messaging.

How do I set my name and address in Mail?

How to change your name

  1. On your computer, open Gmail.
  2. In the top right, click Settings. See all settings.
  3. Click the Accounts and Import or Accounts tab.
  4. Under “Send mail as,” click Edit info.
  5. Enter the name you want to show when you send messages.
  6. At the bottom, click Save changes.

What is the meaning of sender address?

Usually, a sender address is always a business email address and reflects the “From” part of an email creations so that the recipient can identify the sender of the email.

What does Ctrl C do in Linux?

Ctrl+C: Interrupt (kill) the current foreground process running in in the terminal. This sends the SIGINT signal to the process, which is technically just a request—most processes will honor it, but some may ignore it.

How do I change my Ubuntu email?

Change which mail application is used to write emails

  1. Open the Activities overview and start typing Details.
  2. Click on Details to open the panel.
  3. Choose Default Applications from the list on the left side of the window.
  4. Choose which email client you would like to be used by default by changing the Mail option.
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What is ETC services file in Linux?

The /etc/services file is used by applications to translate human readable service names into port numbers when connecting to a machine across a network. The file will typically include the service name, port/protocol, any aliases, and comments.

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