What is Proc Kcore in Linux?

/proc/kcore is a file in the virtual /proc filesystem of a Linux machine. It is created by the kernel in fs/proc/kcore. c and allows read access to all the kernels virtual memory space from userland. … Internally it has the format of an ELF core dump file (ELF Type 4/ET_CORE).

What does Proc Kcore do?

This file represents the physical memory of the system and is stored in the core file format. Unlike most /proc/ files, kcore displays a size. This value is given in bytes and is equal to the size of the physical memory (RAM) used plus 4 KB.

Can I delete Proc Kcore?

“Is it safe to delete the /proc/kcore file? Or is there a solution on getting it to an normal size.” No, it’s not safe.

What is Proc Kcore in Ubuntu?

/proc/kcore. This file represents the physical memory of the system and is stored in the ELF core file format. With this pseudo-file, and an unstripped kernel (/usr/src/linux/vmlinux) binary, GDB can be used to examine the current state of any kernel data structures.

Why is proc so big?

Like all other files below /proc the kcore file is only a virtual file. It contains the RAM the kernel can allocate. … This file doesn’t use actual disk space and only exists virtually. Note: On 64-bit systems the size of /proc/kcore is even 128TB because that’s the absolute limit of what 64-bit systems can allocate.

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Does Proc take disk space?

In any case, as steve mentioned, /proc is its own, virtual, file system, and doesn’t occupy any space on your drive. To avoid listing irrelevant files, you can tell find not to cross file system boundaries using the -xdev option. The files which appear to be giving you trouble are /var/log/awslogs.

What is Ubuntu Proc folder?

The /proc directory is a strange beast. … This special directory holds all the details about your Linux system, including its kernel, processes, and configuration parameters. By studying the /proc directory, you can learn how Linux commands work, and you can even do some administrative tasks.

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