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HyperNote ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100!

For those of you who are looking for a bloatware-free, Touchwiz-free, minimalistic custom ROM for your rooted Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100, try the HyperNote ROM.

This ROM comes with Apex launcher, 280DPI (so you can put more apps on the screen over TouchWiz), and completely unbloated.  It’s a still Samsung-based ROM (not AOSP) but you will find much of Samsung apps stripped completely.


How to Install Stock Recovery on Galaxy Note 2!

For those of you paranoid about receiving OTA(over-the-air) updates, here’s how to install stock recovery back on your Galaxy Note 2.

Having stock recovery will allow you to receive OTA updates on your phone. Also, you can use this method to also unroot your phone back to stock (if you are on stock ROM) without using ODIN.


Recommended Galaxy Note 2 Cases!

For those of you looking for good Note 2 cases, I have tried several of them and have some to recommend.

If you are on a budget and want a nice case that will protect your case well under $10, check out CruzerLite cases.  These cases are pretty nice, they are built with TPU material and has cool Android Andy logo on the back.


Jedi Master ROM for Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2! [Version 2][Best ROM]

Slightly de-bloated (while keeping most of stock Sammy apps), the Jedi Master ROM for your rooted T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 brings a few tweaks including Awesome BEATS and Sony Bravia Engine to improve upon your stock ROM. For those of you who want to keep most of your stock apps while giving your newly-wedded phone a boost in performance and battery life, give the Jedi Master ROM a try, also developed by an Android master developer ptmr3 (you can follow him on Twitter here)


Blazer ROM for Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900!

For those of you who are just starting to root your Sprint Galaxy Note 2 and installing custom ROMs, here’s a great custom ROM you can start with, the Blazer ROM.

While keeping most of the stock stuff, the Blazer ROM adds cool features like circle battery mode, RolleTube YouTube app that allows you to download YouTube videos, inverted Facebook, silent camera, and performance improvements over stock ROM.


WanamLite ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100!

For those of you looking to get your feet wet on the international Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100, check out the WanamLite ROM. Built off the latest stable stock firmware, the WanamLite provides added features to your stock ROM.

Some notable features include full multi-view support, 15 toggles, unlimited SMS recipient list, no SMS to MMS conversion, tweaked kernel with init.d support, tweaked Pegasusq governor (to give you better performance and battery life over stock), call-recording, 4-way reboot, CRT TV animation, and some more.


AndroidRevolution HD ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [GT-N7100]

For those of you who are just getting started with custom ROMs (or want to) on your international Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100, AndroidRevolution HD ROM is a good choice as you will get much of your stock ROM plus more.

The AndroidRevolution HD ROM adds great features to the existing stock ROM such as full quad-core Exynos GPU UI rendering (over stock software rendering), RAM optimizations, GMail 4.2, OpenVPN support, Flash Player, and more.