Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [CM12]


For those of you who have been waiting for a solid Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM, it’s been a pretty long wait for the Galaxy Note 2 series. One of the coolest things about the Note series and the Note 2 is that there are custom ROM developers who actually make it possible for users to upgrade to the latest Lollipop.

I have actually been flashing a bunch of beta CM12 ROMs for the last couple weeks on my Note 2 and boy, the beginning was ugly. There were lots of problems like camera not working or even data not working. Fortunately as of this week, I can finally say there’s an Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM that’s stable enough to run as daily driver.

This is the latest CM12 ROM that’s available for all the Note 2 variants including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Canadian, GT-N7105, and GT-N7100. (Sorry, if you are using AT&T or Verizon with locked bootloader, you are out of luck unless you have rooted your phone way before and you have CWM or TWRP installed. DOES NOT WORK WITH SAFESTRAP!)

Performance is excellent.  I was able to score near 29,000 on Antutu, that’s a whopping 30% improvement in performance over stock TouchWiz ROM and KitKat.  Yes, Lollipop makes your phone almost as fast as a Note 3, AMAZING!

Installation is easy if you have CWM or TWRP recovery installed.  First download the ROM for your model of Note 2 and Lollipop Gapps.  Then reboot into recovery, format system, do factory reset, install the ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.  That should get you booted the very first time.


Okay, it’s still not perfect by any means as it’s a development in progress but most of basic features of Android 5.0 Lollipop work flawless out of the box including cellular data, voice, NFC, bluetooth, and camera. With that said, if you want to run the latest Lollipop on your Note 2, give this guy a go and do let me know what you think!


Download CM12 ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7105, AT&T SGH-i317, T-Mobile SGH-T889, Canadian SGH-i317M

Download CM12 ROM for Galaxy Note 2 Sprint SPH-L900

Download CM12 ROM for Galaxy Note 2 Verizon SCH-i605

Download CM12 ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

Download Android 5.0 Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, format system, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install kernel, install Gapps, and reboot.  (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop or get force-closed keyboard error on boot, reboot into CWM recovery, go to Mounts & Storage->format /system.  For TWRP, go to Wipe->Advanced Wipe->Wipe /system.)

First time installing a custom ROM?  See our Custom ROM Install Guide first!

For TWRP recovery, see How to Install Custom ROM using TWRP!

Credits – N7105, Sprint, Verizon, N7100 <– Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!!
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q: My 64GB SD card does not work!
A: AOSP ROMs (What is AOSP?) do not support beyond 32GB of microSD external storage.

Q: I don’t have Play Store nor any of the Google apps!
A: You forgot to install Gapps, reboot into recovery and install it! (See above for download.)

Q: The ROM is not booting!
A: Try formatting /system and re-install ROM, sometimes the system partition gets corrupt and you may have to try 2 or 3 times before the ROM boots.

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177 Responses

  1. Kattz says:

    Hi Max. Love your site & videos. Lots of great info here!

    Do we lose the the s-pen functionality with CWM? I didn’t realize that AOSP didn’t support 64 gb cards. If I’m going to lose the s-pen as well, that’s pretty much a deal brake for me.

  2. Sahil Sethi says:

    Any Bugs on the current build??

  3. bilal says:

    So far so good 🙂

  4. Bruce says:

    GT N7105 optus Australia works like a charm awesome work big thanks to developers

  5. ibrahim says:

    please i want to know if wifi hotspot is working on this rom..
    tswale max..i nigerian slangs for boss

  6. Glen says:

    Everything is working except i can’t update binaries. I did use phillz custom recovery. Could that be the culprit? Hot spot is working fine.

  7. Glen says:

    Update 2: i am stupid! Haven’t used an aosp rom in so long, i forgot to go into developer options and turn on root access. Root is working GREAT. Thanks and sorry for the confusion .

  8. DennisP says:

    How’s bluetooth working? I’d like to pair with my car and get calls, play music, control the music, etc.
    How’s WIFI on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz?
    How’s GPS working? does it lock quickly? I use Waze daily for commuting.
    How cell signal? with AOSP ROMs, I would get this symptom where signal would drop and then come back. Also, signal will always be weaker than with Touchwiz ROMs. I’m wondering if this bahavior started happening since the consolidated builds (i.e., one build for all carriers). I’m careful to program the appropriate APN (for AT&T for me) so it’s not that.
    Also, does Netflix work?
    How’s the camera with front and rear facing for pictures and video?
    I’m assuming this ROM is ok with TWRP — I’m running a recent 2.8.x.x.
    I’m have the AT&T Note 2 i317 (unlocked).
    Sorry for so many questions but those are all in my “test plan” for ROM’ing.

    • jcwosoever says:

      yes everything works on my t889 that is t0lte version, you have to flash lte modem or a latest modem update on your at&t and you wont have any problems with cell signal or data, gps depends more on waze updates for lollipop. any app(including netflix)will works unless the app developer just stop updating for lollipop as happened with flashplayer when android upgrade to gingerbread remember? i already have 3 weeks with lollipop on myt889 this is all i had to do or noticed in my device.

  9. rachit sachdev says:

    i am facing a weird problem. my data network is connected it is showing h+ but then again my internet doesnt work

  10. jeff says:

    Flashed it this morning…using 64g SD card and it works fine with me. ROM works flawllesly in note 2… Using this as my daily driver…thank u max…more power.

  11. ENFORCER1983 says:

    As of 01-17-15, I flashed and tested liquid ROM and cm12. Neither have working GPS. Liquid is almost done with creating an inverted interface for those who enjoy blacked out ROMs. So far, liquid5.0 ROM is where its at.

    • DennisP says:

      Do you mean Liquidsmooth ROM?

    • jcwosoever says:

      try donwloading cm12 directly from cm site look for it as cm12 for….what ever your cellphone version is..
      then download and flash it as you are flashing a complete new rom , whipe data etcc remember to use latest cwm recovery or the one of your preference. flash your cellphone latest modem to help with your cell signal and your data.
      “soli deo gloria”

  12. DennisP says:

    Thanks for the reports. Non-working GPS is a no-go for me. But it’s still good to see progress on Lollipop for our Note 2.

  13. Raymond says:

    Screen Turns off, Stops Working on Phone Calls after install, Rom is great just the on call screen wont turn on or hang up need help ??

  14. rich says:

    Hi. I am new at this. You said to download rom and kernel and then g apps. Do I have to get the kernel from somewhere else or is included in the ROM. Can u please let me know. T-Mobile T889. Thanks

  15. rich says:

    Never mine. I am not to bright. Sorry. Was reading the wrong thing.

  16. Hi all!

    I flashed this rom yesterday and I love it! The only issue that I encountered is that the bluetooth audio in my car does’ go through. Unfortunately, that is a deal breaker for me. Anyone else run into this issue?

    PS: Running AT&T i317 Note 2

    • jcwosoever says:

      try factory data reset in settings and reboot that should fix it, that happened to my t889

      • Adam says:

        I tried that and still nothing. Weird thing is that it works with my little boombox that is Bluetooth but not in my car. Weird. Also when I import my contacts they suddenly disappeared hours later.

        • Mark says:

          Have you figured out any solutions for the bluetooth function in car? I can’t seem to get the bluetooth to connect properly with my car.

  17. Mumin says:

    I tried the ROM. Until now, the only thing I found not working is when I use Viber for calling. I can hear people but they can’t hear me and sound is going out of the speaker and I can’t put it through receiver
    Any thoughts?

  18. Ibrahim says:

    Pls after factory wipe I tried to install the ROM via recovery BT it says can’t extract files and I tried restoring back my liquid smooth ROM then says can’t find md5 files…please help

  19. Gingi says:

    Installed. Previously I had LiquidSmooth. I think the installation was ON liquid smooth? the wallapaer looks the same.
    Sadly, GPS still does not work. Any idea why? thanks.

  20. Sahil Sethi says:

    The battery life is not great, but the stand by time is good. Earlier I was on cm11 which had excellent battery life.. I think an update should be able to fix this… Otherwise it’s an excellent rom.

  21. JBCool says:

    GPS not working
    Bluetooth Not Working

  22. Sonsky says:

    Just applied a GPS fix that I found here
    and GPS seems to be working not sure if it doesn’t break anything.

  23. Navin says:

    Hey..installed this ROM ….everything is fine ….one thing is that the volume is too low when compared to the previous stock ROM used…
    is there any way to boost the volume..?

  24. Amaretto79 says:

    Sup Maxx ,Long time since I commented on one of Your threads. Quick question is the rom only 229 mb in size. ??????????

  25. James says:

    Thanks. This is great. Sprint SPH-L900 and as far as I can tell there have been no issues. Does anyone know of a kernel that will work with this that will allow you to overclock over 1.6? Thanks.

  26. Mumin says:

    SuperSu failed to update binary su. installation failed. any thoughts?

  27. Nick says:

    Is there any fix yet for GPS not working?

  28. James Hatcher says:

    I’ve tried a clean install of Lollipop ROM from here, so far it’s really smooth and fast. Bluetooth is not working for my Motorola bluetooth device for my car. It connects, but will not send sound over it so I can make phone calls over car speakers. Any idea how to fix this?

    Aside from that, it’s pretty nice. Still testing out.

    Wish there was a way to keep Samsung camera app, as that is still superior. Google Camera works fine, doesn’t crash like it did with LiquidSmooth ROM I used before.

  29. mel says:

    cm12 running on canadian rogers note 2 only problem so far Netflix app does not work..

  30. Matej says:

    The battery os draining super fast…any way to stop that?

  31. HeavenX says:

    It works great! My phone was running the DN3 and was crashing for the past 3 months. This ROM runs flawlessly with my SGH-T889V. I definitly see a performace increase. Thanks a lot Max!!

    Few things I have to do:
    -Upgrade from CWM to the latest TWRP 2.8. Otherwise you get ‘Status Error x’ when flashing ROM.
    -I have look for another Gapps. The one Max provided (stock and micro) failed to install. I got the Full 5.0 Gapps from this thread: I needed to format /system first.

  32. Mumin says:

    SU binary failed to update

    • Ruffio says:

      You need to download an updated SuperSU zip and flash it in recovery. If it’s outdated it should prompt you to update binary in the Play Store. I did this with a clean install (Factory,System, Dalvik, and Cache wipe with a CM12 ROM, gapps, and SuperSU install)

  33. Adam says:

    I think this still needs some time in dev but it is a good start. Having said that, all AT&T i317 Note 2 users can actually go to Ditto Note 4 now with v2. I do suggest doing some searching as someone also made an addon on the XDA forums. Just google it. Everything works very smooth.

  34. Anthony R says:

    T889 T-Mobile Bluetooth Audio issue with Plantronics Voyager Legend Headset
    • When lowering volume to zero it still plays audio through headset (tested on Music, MXplayer and Play Music Apps)
    • At occasion no audio plays from BT Headset but audio seems to be playing from player. soft reboot fixes issue temporarily.
    • At occasion when audio notification plays during music playback Audio is distorted/choppy. Pause and Resume corrects the issue.

    Netflix Not working
    “Sorry we cannot reach the netflix service (-9)”
    It did work on SlimKat ROM no issue.

    After updating to cm-12-20150121-NIGHTLY the following issues arrises:
    • FC on Audio FX App when not even using app
    • FC on Music App when not even using app

    • Amaretto79 says:

      Got the same FC’S on these 2 I just silenced them with Titanium Backup problem fixed.

      • Anthony R says:

        I just restored prior to the Nightly update. I like the Music app and it didn’t work due to the force close. I would imagine silencing it wouldn’t have fix that issue.

        • Amaretto79 says:

          You are right It didn’t fix the prob, I like the rom I think I’m gonna use it until they port the Note 4 To the At& t note II

    • James Hatcher says:

      Having same problems here, hope they fix soon. Great ROM otherwise so far.

  35. Maro B says:

    Installed CM12 on my Sprint Note 2 but was unable to use Xposed.. Went back to CM11. Great work CM guys. Great work Zedomax. I will revisit CM12 in the near future. Thank you.

  36. json says:

    I just install the n2 cm12. anyone have a problem with the gallery? because it doesnt detect my SDCARD. like it doesnt load any photos, videos on it. my gallery is blank. my sdcard is a samsung 16gb. thank you

    • Anthony R says:

      Works for me. I have a 32GB SD Card. Do you know how is it formatted? (file system type)

    • Amaretto79 says:

      I got the same think actually scared me for a minute thinking that I had lost 600 and something pics of my Decesased Mother and my little one’s b day part .

  37. fred says:

    No gps for verizon. A patch would be nice. Great rom otherwise tho.

  38. Rajesh says:

    No GPS working on ATT. On XDA forums, gurus are suggesting a sequence of steps like
    – Going to stock Rom
    – Enabling GPS and leaving it turned on as is
    – Dirty flashing this ROM to get the GPS working.

    Please read the exact steps on XDA before attempting 🙂

  39. ARLO says:

    why cant I sigin in to my google account?

  40. json says:

    gallery working now. it seem by default it will not scan media from SDCARD. what I did is open an image using file manager then open it with gallery.

    now my problem is the voice call (of any time type, e.g. regular voice call or wechat, line etc) is not working. when in call i can hear the other side, they dont hear me. i tried to record a voice too, didnt record anything. anyone have this problem?

  41. json says:

    omg my phone is messed up. its not booting. its stays on the boot animation of cyanogenmod. i cant get to the recovery using the power+home. please help. thank you

  42. fred says:

    No GPS still.
    No WiFi working. Just hangs and won’t activate.
    Alarm clock glitch bad.
    Random superuser symbol appears in notifications.
    But other then that it looks good as of yet anyways. This will be a great ROM once the wrinkles are ironed out. Good work max as always.

  43. ivy2310 says:

    Hi max,
    love ur site and ur roms.
    i have added the DN4V2 version to my GT-N7100. that works very good but i have a great prob connecting bluetooth to my car. its a VW RNS 300 system. what i need is a way to connect when i start the engine ( like before ) I ve just inastalled the APK bluetooth auto connect but i dont know the correct parameter to connect with the carphone. can u help me???
    u have an other option??
    kind regards

  44. Bob says:

    Install great…Just one problem…
    I cant find the setting to turn off the little black pointer/cursor.

    I’ve checked Developer Mode and Accessibility, not to mention all the other settings available and I just can’t find it. I was able to turn it on and off in 4.4.4 but I’m at a complete loss with 5.0.


    • mel says:

      Es file Explorer with root explorer on

      Goto file
      open in Text Editor

      change the value

      touch.deviceType = touchScreen
      (for mouse pointer off)

      touch.deviceType = default
      (for mouse pointer on)

      save, reboot and enjoy

    • mel says:

      Install cm spen addon from play store 🙂

  45. kantha says:

    hey i couldnt flash gapps. i tried both the standard and the micro versions.
    i tried to install manually installing playstore, but it didnt work.
    any help?

  46. Richard says:

    Hey max I’Have a galaxy Note 2 sprint and I FLASHED CM12 Correctly and the GAPPS. Every Thing works fine Except My Phone dial App.Every time I make a call the screen go’s Black and the call will stay on but I am unable to get the screen back on until the call ends maybe u can help me out I tried to install a phone dial app from the play store and the same thing happen:(

  47. jorge says:

    Hey max thank for the 5.0rom love it its fast smooth everything works just have a question how do you upgrade the ROM I have s sprint note 2 it keeps telling me to update but when I tried Goole apps stop working

  48. James Hatcher says:

    OK, been using a week now. This is my only phone, so I have no choice but to either make it work or try something else. The interface is great, and it’s smooth and fast. I love the native Android 5.0 launcher and built-in customization without third-party apps.

    Major problems however with everything Bluetooth. Works for awhile, then just stops. Get sound distortions initially until I change volume, but still maybe get ten minutes max. I listen to Audio books on my commute to work. Different apps don’t make a difference. Did not have this problem with CM11 or Liquidsmooth, so I know it’s not my hardware.

    I also get some display distortion on occasion, like a bad video driver. Haven’t tried Netflix yet, but I see above that doesn’t wok

    Hope this is fixed soon, because I’m thinking of trying a different ROM. But I still love it, hope it keeps being improved!

  49. Amaretto79 says:

    Just to let You guys Know, I stopped using this rom due to lots of crashes and FC’S ,Found out Yesterday that DN4 Rom now works for the AT&T NOTE 2 Just flashed it and it works like pretty good so far.

  50. Jaimy says:

    Installation went great but I’ve lost my root access. Any idea why and how I can fix this?

    Have only been using it for a day now but the performance improvement is massive. Kinda feels like a new phone!

  51. THEWALL says:


    I installed this CM 12 Rom on my Note 2.
    Installation was smooth but i am unable to get root access. It says binary needs to be updated and when i try to update it, it says installation failed.

    Tried rebooting and other things…..

    But cant get root access.

    Can any 1 help.


  52. Al says:

    Liking this new ROM, however the mobile data is patchy and quick to disconnect. After flashing the latest nightly I lost the keyboard. And the biggest deal-breaker for me is the absence of GPS 🙁
    Thinking of going back to stock with Aviate as before 🙁

  53. THEWALL says:

    Thanks AI…

    Figured out that….got root access as well.
    As u rightly said mobile data is patchy and quick to disconnect.
    For me GPS was working fine but mobile network is also patchy and sometimes unable to make a call and get error tht ‘not registered on network’.
    Also when i connect mobile to car system via Bluetooth….mobile network is lost.
    So as of noe back to DN3….
    Waiting for a stable version…

    Can u suggest a good stable rom as a daily driver (should not be lag as DN3 on my Handset N7100)

    Thanks Buddy.

  54. david says:

    I am trying to install rome on sprint note ii and have superuser. I get error when installing the cm12. any idea?

  55. aref shaikh says:

    give the password …..

  56. aref shaikh says:

    there are two login …………..
    guset and proprietaire ….
    give me password of proprietaire plz……………………………

  57. Jake says:

    Running CM-20150131 on att n7105 using the t0lte rom.
    This problem started after I updated from CM11 to CM12.
    Netflix will not get past the red ring screen (first screen after launching the app. I have tried every combination of uninstall/reinstall, reboot, update that I can think of,what I have not done is factory wipe. I really don’t want to do that but I will if there are no other suggestions. Thanks for the help.

  58. SumanG says:

    Using CM12 20150127-UNOFFICIAL rom for the last 3 days. Looks good n is pretty smooth, but battery life is disappointing. OTG cable fails to work – phone restarts everytime I try to connect any pen drive using OTG. Any fixes/updates in sight?

  59. SumanG says:

    Found another bug – text selection slider (left one) goes out of screen area

  60. Dez Litten says:

    I lose keyboard function after nightly upgrades. Any idea why? Even 3rd party keyboards don’t work.

    • Jake says:

      Go into settings/input/keyboard hardware andthere is a toggle at the top that days show hardware keyboard or something. toggle it on.

  61. Mumin says:

    I had a new bug recently. while i’m working on the phone it’s rebooting by its own suddenly. any thoughts?

  62. charles says:

    tried it and lost root access on t889

  63. Sush says:

    I want to install this rom.
    can anybody tell me installation procedure with CWM mode for my Note 2 model GT-N7100.

  64. Lunchbox says:

    Netflix is not working. This is a ROM issue.

  65. hai says:

    I could rom to note e2050L

  66. Alko67 says:

    Good ROM!
    Can I add more tiles to notification drawer?
    I need Synchronization and Wi-Fi access point switches.

  67. JB says:

    everytime I flash cm12 I cannot seem to get my keyboard to work.. i dont know what im doing wrong. Nameless rom (lillipop 5.0.2) seems to work fine though but i wanna try CM12 as my friends say CM roms rork great… i have tried to install the T0LTE nightly released 2/8/15 and 2/6/15 from and they both install fine… but when i get to setup, i cannot seem to use my keyboard. it will not let my type anything in– so i try to skip all the set up and try to text, still i cant get my keyboard to pop up. by the way i have tried to wipe and reinstall both ROMS at least 3 times each but still no resolution in sight.

    btw im using TWRP 7.4 and my device is GT N7105. a little help and advise will be appreciated. thank you!

  68. Joe says:

    Currently running cm-12-20150116-UNOFFICIAL-t0lte on my Sprint Note 2 (l900). Whenever I try to install the nightly, hitting an error that constantly opens and says “unfortunately, the process xxx has stopped working”. Any thoughts?

  69. Rich says:

    Definitely a nice ROM but too many bugs. Data issues, new update and phone app crashes too so calls are really hard to make and impossible to take. I guess I will have to try to use dn3 cause 4 won’t see my sim card or my s pen for starters.

  70. Kjell Arne says:

    This is Crap, why cant we put apps on SD? I did go back to DN4 whit my Note2 N7100 and there i can putt what i want on my SD!!! Thank you Team-Electron Thanks from North of Norway!

  71. Senthil says:

    Its very good ROM for Note 2. My score in AnTuTu was in the 22,000 to 23,000 mark only! how is it possible to clock near 29000!!

  72. JB says:

    so Im running the nightly version released last 20150213… everything seems to work fine but I am unable to connect to mobile data. i mean it did allow me to connect to mobile data for a few minutes after I updated but it has been just an exclamation point ever since.. I never had this problem using the nameless ROM (5.0.2 lollipop).

    this happened on the 2015211 nightly version which I had installed prior to updating to 20150213. does anyone else have this problem? i might have just missed a setting or a system tweak but i cant seem to find what’s wrong as of the moment. maybe this is a problem that Cyanogenmods have yet fix.

    any thoughts? and yes i have rebooted.. placed on airplane mode then back agabi… i ahve even done a power shock but still nothing

  73. Omar A. says:

    How can I update ROM for example from 12-Feb version to 15-Feb version. can i use (CWM install zip)??

  74. dave says:

    I just dirty flashed it with gapps and super su again.

  75. David t says:

    Nightly FEB15 still broken BLUETOOTH- phone works, music does not. Mobile data is really slow/ cut in and out. Netflix still does not work.

  76. briiguy says:

    Still no GPS. Sprint note 2 CM12 nightly’s. I get a decent lock, but when I go to drive the GPS arrow does not move, although it seems the distance time & miles would go down. Anyone got anything on this? Been dealing with this for over a year now, even on earlier CM’s.

    • Joe says:

      Yeah, I never did get GPS working so I went back to stock. Someone on another thread said that you could flash a stock rom, get a lock on gps, and then reflash cm12 but that didn’t work for me

  77. Suresh K Madhavan says:

    Mic on the Head phone & voice over Bluetooth not working. Any solutions?

  78. Phil Freedman says:

    I rooted my T-Mobile SGH-T889 and flashed this ROM. I had a lot of trouble with Knox etc. but finally have a stable root. ROM works OK except for some minor glitches. My question is: since flashing the ROM my phone now says it is model GT-N7105 and not the original SGH-T889.Does this matter? In the future, when I want to flash a new ROM do I pick the T-889 version or GT-N7105? – they are not always the same. What is the difference now that my phone has changed its “identity”? Pardon me if this is a noobie foolish question. Thanks

    • Bill Franklin says:

      I have the same setup. I was wondering the same thing. Did you ever find an answer?

      • Phil F says:

        Short answer – NO. Ialso lost root with this CM-12 ROM. Finally gave up and went back to Stock ROM and rerooted phone. Everything working now and phone back to being SGH-T889. I am reluctant to try any other ROM right now.

  79. Ali El-Asmar says:

    Installed the new rom, kernel, Gapp, stuck at bootloop.
    re-installed all again.
    now it is asking me for a PIN. I used the same PIN code on my previous setting, but it does not work.

    Any help, Pls.

    • Ali El-Asmar says:

      Solved, by formatting, wiping and re-installing again.
      Interestingly, my Note II still remembers PSWs or my APs even after formatting and wiping.

  80. Ian Watts says:

    For a Bluetooth Media fix, try the XPeria Bluetooth Media Fix from the App Store. I know it is for Xperia but it seems to work on this ROM!

  81. Tony says:

    How do I get superuser functionality and gapps to work?

    Any ideas and what info do you need from me?

    • kingfish600 says:

      Al says:
      January 29, 2015 at 1:08 pm

      settings>about>tap on build number>developer options unlocked
      settings>developer options>root

      and get gapps-lp-201412

      • rahul says:

        I am getting error status 7 while i try to flash gapps. i enabled the root access, still no luck. please help.

  82. Rafael says:




    • kingfish600 says:

      ok I have the l900 as well. You need to flash a different version of gapps (gapps-lp-201412) worked for me. also has a pro with android keyboard not working but sideloaded swiftkey. Did you try holding the home button power button and volume up?

  83. JohnnyJ says:

    I’m going to give this a try even though I have no Custom Rom installed at the time. Lets hope this works.

  84. kingfish600 says:

    Some people have been having luck getting netflix to work with CM12 by getting root explorer or esfile explorer and renaming or deleting file from the /system/vendor/lib directory. I never found the file to rename on nightly 3/4/2015. Any help would be appreciated

  85. Mic says:

    currently running cm-12-2015-0305 nightly. seem like Bluetooth is still not working. it works only on incoming call using my car’s Bluetooth device but not working on outgoing calls. The rest of the features are working great, camera, WiFi, and etc

  86. swapnil says:

    Do I need to flash any kernel.. or stay on stock kernel for cm 12?

  87. Mic says:

    update: flashes cm-12-20150308. mobile data(signal) active weird.lost signal, sometimes signal bounce back and forth from H, H+ and LTE then lost again.

  88. Thomas says:

    Hey I am using an At&t note 2 and the data keeps intermittently disconnecting. Not sure If I am the only one just want to let the devs know.

  89. Michael says:

    My Note 2 SCH-i605 (Verizon) with 4.1.2 rooted and with MetroPCS/T-Mobile now rocks with lollipop. Follow the instructions no deviations. Please do a rom backup, i used TWRP. Install the Lollipop and gapps file on your device. I had issues with the extsd installation. Also check the file size is the same as the stated download if not you may have downloaded a corrupted file. Lollipop recognizes my SDXC 64 gig card and everything works. Also i enjoyed Facebook Home on my earlier version. At this time Lollipop does not recognize Facebook Home.

  90. side says:

    I don’t understand these issues here. EVERYTHING in my phone is working as it should but the earpiece and speaker volume is way too low in comparison with other ROMs, I mean, can’t barely hear it. If anyone knows how to fix this I would keep it, otherwise is a deal breaker as I love my music loud

    • side says:

      A reply to myself and others. Fixed the sound issue installing the Agni Kernel. Now everything including gps and Bluetooth are working correctly. ( Never had an issue anyways). Will post in a few days to check for screen flickering or any other weird things with the new kernel

  91. Abhishek says:

    Is it possible to install this rom on a completely different device? ( but somewhat similar specs)
    btw i am using Alcatel onetouch flash. could this rom be installed on my phone…??.

  92. joe says:

    Seems stable. Canadian (Koodo) Note 2. Tried the maps, GPS, phone calls, camera.
    Came from Gummyrom.
    With gummy ROM, and the camera patch, it was stable for a few weeks then had to reflash.

    • joe says:

      Also, on gummy anything google always crashed. The keyboard, voice, and gmail app. It would either crash or force a softboot.

      This lollipop rom seems to be stable with google. Will test bluetooth later.

  93. ed says:

    Hi Max and everybody reading my post.
    i flashed many roms on my Note @ GT N7100 but now i am really have a problem!
    i flashed from DN4 back to HAWKISH Premium Rom
    Now it says No Network Available!
    i Restored Back to DN4 but no luck and No Network!
    Anybody knows a fix for this?
    Thanks everybody…keep it up and get HIGH on ANDROID!!

  94. Ashwin says:

    Here are all the issues I have had while using CM12
    – For some reason “Google Play Movies & TV” kept shutting down on me and threw pop-ups (I eventually disabled the APP itself in Settings)
    – GPS still does not work. (Directions list is perfect wrt to current location, but image does not update on movement, looks like its frozen. However, when I put it on walking mode, it works for sometime until it eventually gives the “GPS signal lost”)
    – Volume randomly low (Sometimes the calls volume is fine and sometimes very low, ill try the slowly press volume down button method)
    – Search function (magnifying glass) in settings app bombs out when you use a custom theme.
    – Music player continues playing when I make a call (Although, I think I am beginning to like this :))
    – Chrome browser shows me gibberish every now and then, got fed up and using stock browser.

    The GPS is the biggest Bummer for me! wonder when they will fix it, can we send out a request?

    • Cam says:

      Pressing the volume down button once during a call rectified the issue for me then I was able to turn it up again and it worked!

  95. Fattah Agahi says:


    There are many bugs . here are what I’ve faced yet :

    1. camera keeps closing unexpectedly. crashing i mean
    2. there is no way to set the camera to save on the external sd card and i have lost 3 long videos due to that :(( . the internal sd card got full and then the camera crashed and … no video recorded at all
    3. the speaker is weaker so i cant play music loud enough with internal speaker
    4. the clock on the lock screen cant be modified to show the houre digits Bolder
    5. there is no way to close all background apps at once .
    6. there is no way to organize apps ( like grouping them or sorting the manually) ((not in home screen))
    7.there in so way to turn off some of the notification from lock screen . options are ( turn all on , turn all to just notify and not show content , and all off) there should be a way to customize each app about its behaviour in the lock screen
    8. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE is : the wifi and bluetooth signal has become so weak that i have to sit within 3 meters of my access point (without any obstacles) to be able to connect and use it properly.

    other than these , its a good ,fast , smooth and battery friendly one …. nice job and please fix these bugs its a very good firmware and i dont want to change it soon.

  96. Arjun says:

    Guys…i installed it…it is working but for one glitch…
    I couldn’t sign in to my google account…it says some error occurred…try again later….
    Can u gimme a solution???

    With Regards…

  97. Arjun says:

    I couldn’t log into my google acc….
    When i give my mail id…it says one sec..and after some time it says error pls try again later…pls help me out…Otherwise the rom is working perfectly

  98. Bob says:

    Now asking for PIN code to get into phone. I never set this up and not sure what to do to get into phone. Please help

  99. galal says:

    wifi direct not working

  100. Andrew says:

    Andriod Gapps url not working

  101. cornelius says:

    wifi not working..any help?

  102. Beernd says:

    Sometimes when I called someone it crashes afterwards or when i try to call someone it says “call not send” is there a way to fix this? And is there an update somewhere i’m don’t want to try out 5.1.1 just yet cause that seems a bit to buggy for me.

  103. SAGAR BANDKAR says:

    I love this rom everything working fine but i only have 1 problem. I want to install Themes but getting errors while installing from playstore as well as sd card. While installation it showing unable to install the theme. I am unable to install any theme. After i tried various themes various time but all same error.

    Anyone facing this problem? Please help.

  104. vaibhav says:

    hey I have installed cm12 on my note 2 n7100 I did a clean installation n every thing is working fine bt their is no moble networks … so I tried cm12.1 then also I am facing the same problem of no mobile network …. help me please

  105. phillip says:

    Thank you for the files that now make my kitkat now Lollipop 5.0! i tried others and nothing seemed to work!

  106. phillip says:

    now the file for the recent gapp does not work and causes google play to an shut down, use the other one version and it now works.

    now does the s-pen completely not work now? i pull it out and it doesnt open up like it used to? this is all new to me and i love using the pen and how it opens the program for it when you pull the pen out. will this be fixed soon?

    • phillip says:

      no it does not work, that is the one downfall, but you can still use the pen better with the phone by dl the app from samsung called Keep, it is note based, not as good as the samsung notes that interacted with the pen when pulled out. I will take this version of os versus the other bloated version of jellybean anyday. so much advanced to upgrade an old phone when the phone companies want you keep buying a new phone. well next year after having this phone for almost 3 generations of notes out there, i plan to buy a newer (better processors) phone.

  107. Roberto Sibaja A. says:

    Hi, I could install the mod, and almost everything is working fine on my GT-N7100 but the data for mobile internet isn’t.
    This is like very important and I need help.


  108. Krishna Agrawal says:

    I am not able to see contact name when someone callls me.??What should i do???

  109. Will G says:

    Is this nightly the same as cyanogenmod website or has it been patched for other lte variants? Just wondering if this nightly can be upgraded to current nightly for the n7105 on a tmobile sgh-t889? Current development for sgh-t889 on cyanogenmod site stops at cm10.2

  110. dejiurp says:

    Installed cm 12.20150911-nightly-l900. Calls wouldn’t come in. If I beep my line on another phone, it rings but on my phone nothing happens. It won’t ring out on my sph-l900. No sign of the call coming in.

  111. BR says:

    UPDATE: After using this ROM for a couple of months there are only 2 main issues:
    Random restarts, and after restart it looses LTE connection. Have to manually change Career Settings back and forward from “LTE” to “CMDA + LTE” to get it going again; Currently looking to install a different ROM…

  112. Joshua says:

    I’m trying to fix a friends phone, stuck at the galaxy note 2 screen. He came from a cm12 and then it broke when he downloaded other themes that eventually wasn’t compatible. Where can I get an odin version of cm12? thanks in advance

  113. Amit Patel says:

    please unlocked my SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2

  114. Adrian says:

    Hola, me sirvio y hasta ahora me anda de 10. gracias.!

  115. turay says:

    must I root my phone first?

  116. turay says:

    As im totally clueless about it and i dont know what to do about it as i never tried to root my phone or anything else…

  117. rohith says:

    what about the s-pen . does it work after installing this rom

  118. julius godinez says:

    this rom is not working anymore neither is the Gapps also after installing CWM will not work

  119. justinmcmemphis says:

    guys please i need help i was trying to root my phone by using kingroot up but when i started rooting the rooting my phone went off and has started continues booting and i cant do any thing on it so please help me

  120. dsd says:

    what about SHV-E250S i dont know what to download

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