AOKP MR1 Milestone 1 ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/GT-N7105]

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For this week’s AOSP ROM of the week, check out AOKP ROM latest build, “MR1 Milestone 1”.


AOKP has released MR1 Milestone 1 ROM for Galaxy Note 2, now available for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and GT-N7105! (Canadian users, use AT&T or T-Mobile versions by matching up the first 7 letters of you model number.)

Milestone 1 marks the very first Android 4.2.2 “stable” version by AOKP, this is an “official” ROM for all the mentioned variants. The latest version comes with minor updates like revamped Power Menu settings and custom toggle option.

I’ve actually installed all of them and they seemed to work pretty flawless. If AOSP is your thing, definitely try out AOKP MR1 Milestone 1 and do let me know what you think!


Download AOKP MR1 Milestone 1 for Galaxy Note 2 AT&T/T-Mobile/GT-N7105 (same file for all three)

Download AOKP MR1 Milestone 1 for Galaxy Note 2 Sprint SPH-L900

Download AOKP MR1 Milestone 1 for Galaxy Note 2 Verizon SCH-i605
Download Gapps (for all, you NEED THIS to get PLAY STORE!!!)

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from AOKP ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, then reboot!

Getting Status 7 error? Here’s how to fix Status 7 error on CWM Recovery.

Credits – AOKP

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30 Responses

  1. Matthew says:

    Do I need to reformat my sandisk 64Gb SD card to run this or will it still read the card fine?

  2. Vinnie says:

    Not so stable Max…..Lost all sound when using this ROM LOL

  3. Casz says:

    Cannot make phone calls when using this ROM other than that looks and works great.

  4. skoOby dew says:

    Gr3at ROM max..thanx u the man

  5. Vinnie says:

    Did your sound work after installing it

  6. Shrekopher says:

    ROM is fast and smooth, but it had a few issues still. Let us no when it gets to milestone 5 then it will be stable.

    Known issues:

    Sound does not work on some devices.
    Netflix does not work
    Battery life is not perfect.
    Reflow of websites is glichy
    Keyboard lacks caps lock
    It gets laggy for no reason but goes away after restart.

  7. Vinnie says:

    Which ROM is good for getting good battery life?

  8. Jay says:

    Do I need to reformat my sandisk 64Gb SD card to run this or will it still read the card fine?

  9. Emon says:

    Question. I saved my game on PVZ on a touch wiz based rom and then tried to restore it in AOKP Milestone 1, and it wouldnt load. Is that because its different on a Touchwiz based from than it is one AOSP based rom?

  10. sean m says:

    couldn’t get rom to flash correctly after wiping everyhting and flashing….keep getting error while flashing……I even deleted the download and redownload the rom but still the same thing anyone elae have this problem

  11. isaiah crowell says:

    finaly a 4.2 rom that allows me to send mms and videos through stock messnger ! but now i have no sound at all wtf im never going to have 4.2.2 on my note 2 might as well wait for the official touchwiz release

  12. Archie says:

    hey max thank you for all of your great work that we often take for granted. I too tried the AOKP MR1 and also encountered sound and card issues, Have gone back to the great Mach Rom, thanks again for all your efforts

  13. John says:

    This rom sucks! It doesn’t come with any apps at all. When I was using it I needed to navigate myself back home and what do you know it doesn’t even have maps pre-installed. So I was stuck in the bad side of town until it was done downloading.

    The camera always crashes but it says the gallery crashed.

    Oh and I listen to music when I sleep and I put the phone under my pillow, so I tried to do this with this rom and for some reason the phone got super hot. Other roms did not have this problem. So I unpluged the charger thinking it would just cool down from that alone, but I was wrong. Later the phone was 174 degrees it was to hot to touch. The battery had drained to 60% (within an hour), I checked the battery stats and “Media Server” was using the most. I checked the performance control and i wasn’t overclocking anything and everything was normal. It was very weird, so I am going back to Mac’s Rom

  14. Online Slots says:

    It is in reality a nice and useful piece of information.
    I’m happy that you shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  15. adlerrot says:

    Anybody have any idea how close we are to getting touchwiz on Android 4.2

  16. Donald Cerda says:

    I love this time but my phone slats losses 4G and reverts to global mode.. Any idea on a cause or a possible fix?.. Other than that it’s perfect for me

  17. Dionisio says:

    I would barely call this ROM stable. Get no sound at all from my note II, and the data work work either. Love the look feel etc. Really dont want to revert back to touchwiz but i lose the functionality of a phone by keeping it.

    • Dionisio says:

      To Revoke all of this. The ROM is updated nightly by the AOKP Dev’s so if You’re having the same problems as I am Just head over to their site and download the latest nightly. I’m currently running 5-18-13 and its beautiful. Hope this helps anyone who loved this rom and was disappointed by the bugs.

  18. robert says:

    Can any one help on how to get the tethering to work.

  19. rajeev says:

    works flawlessly for me everything work thanks Max

  20. Morgan says:

    bluetooth earset connects but hears nothing from the other end. have tried a few times, same issue.

    • Max Lee says:

      Did you try rebooting? Sometimes just a reboot fixes everything.

      • Morgan says:

        Yes, i even tried to flash stock rom. no problem with stock ever.
        by the way, mine is Sprint L900 note 2.
        Will Milestone 2 fix this problem? has anybody reported this particular problem ever?

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