AOKP ROM MR2 for Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/Canadian/GT-N7105/GT-N7100]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out AOKP ROM MR2 for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Canadian, GT-N7105, and GT-N7100 Note 2s.

It’s been quite awhile since AOKP Team has been building Android 4.3 versions of AOKP MR2 now but we’ve got some even better news, they are already working on Android 4.3.1 versions.

What is new?

AOKP MR2 brings some new additions to AOKP ROM Control Settings and biggest addition is probably the “Animations”, which have been implemented already into custom ROMs like PACMan ROM and others.  You get to fully control every transition animation on your phone, which can give you true custom transition animations.

Of course, AOKP isn’t going to give you 3 wishes or stuff like PIE Control, HALO, or ParanoidAndroid Hybrid Settings.  BUT, it is going to give you the stability and performance built by AOKP Team, which may be a complete different experience from other ROMs that have simply ported AOKP features.  All AOKP ROMs for Note 2 are official AOKP ROMs except the GT-N7100 version, which is ported.

That being said, you can always opt to use alternatives like LMT Pie launcher, Floating Notifications, and Xposed App Settings if you absolutely need features like on ParanoidAndroid/PACMan ROMs.

Overall, AOKP ROMs have always been in the forefront of UI/system customization through its AOKP ROM Control Settings.  If you want to check out what’s coming soon with MR2 milestone, definitely give the AOKP MR2 nightlies a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download AOKP ROM MR2 for Galaxy Note 2 AT&T SGH-i337, T-Mobile SGH-T889, Canadian SGH-i337M/SGH-T889V, GT-N7105

Download AOKP ROM MR2 for Galaxy Note 2 Sprint SPH-L900

Download AOKP ROM MR2 for Galaxy Note 2 Verizon SCH-i605

Download AOKP ROM MR2 for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

Download Android 4.3 Gapps (for all, DO NOT USE Android 4.2 Gapps, they will FC!)

Download Flash Player APK (if you want flash player)

DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere (if you want photosphere, but may force close so make a backup of yourGallery app using Titanium Backup app before installing!  )

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps and reboot.   (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop, reboot into recovery, go to Advanced Wipe for TWRP or Mounts & Storage for CWM, format or wipe /system, then re-install ROM.)

You should also be able to install it on Korean Note 2 with SJKernel.

Credits – AOKP <— Please donate to the developers if you like this ROM, thx!

Check out Note 2 S-Pen Altenative apps you can use with AOSP ROMs.

If you need ParanoidAndroid Hybrid Settings-like feature to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, check this out.


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40 Responses

  1. brandon says:


    Would you go with this Rom or the Beam Stock rom?? Which one would you prefer.. I’m having system shut down problems with Jedi X19 (I love the Jedi X roms) but I want to try something new for a while.. Thank you for your time.. Keep up the good work.

  2. Jay says:

    Does this Rom work with 64 gb SD Card????

  3. JmCourir says:

    Hi! Is there any spen functionnality? If yes, I’ll give a try, I do experience problem of black screen on JediX19 too. :/

  4. Alvin says:

    Was wondering is there a hotspot that works with android 4.3?

    • Max Lee says:

      Hotspot should be working out of the box for all Android 4.3.

      • Alvin says:

        When I install the trevE mod 11 22 2012 it always says installed with errors. I have tried this on the pacman rom as well as the carbon rom and got the same message. Any suggestions?

        • Max Lee says:

          Try using the one on the ROM, “Tethering and portable hotspot” under settings->wifi & net.

          • Robert H says:

            Max, would you know if any of the Note 3 ROM would be able to be ported to a Note 2. The new Note 3’s are using a touch wiz with version 4.3 and has a lot of cool features with the pen. Thanks, keep up the great work.

  5. windsor says:

    whenever I try to install a rom, it starts and after the installation aborted Feedback.

    what I do because the only rom I could install was a jedi jedi 17 and then 19, now in this jedi 19 can someone help me?

    • alex says:

      what recovery version are you using? try switching to TWRP, which you can get via goomanager app on the playstore. just install it, and then go to options, and find InstallRecoveryScript (or something like that). it has proven to work better for me.

  6. Brandon says:


    Is this the overall best AOPK rom or what about Bean Stock?

  7. Prashanta Sutradhar says:

    in my galaxy note 2 gt-n7100, cwm recovery mod was not working..
    To get into CWM I pressed Vol+,Home key,Power button simultaneously but the screen displayed;
    Android System Recovery 3e.
    reboot system now
    apply update from SD card
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    What should I do now?pls help me…

    • Jacob says:

      Pull battery out. Hold vol up and home button then power and when the screen says Galaxy note II, release all buttons.

  8. Ralph says:

    I am having headaches with the non tw roms. Keep getting no mobile data available and roaming messages. Anyone have a solution or lead me in the correct direction? I am on the Verizon Note 2. Thanks

  9. Dean says:

    Hey MAx. I have a Rogers sgh l317, I have installed several roms. i like a few. My question is some of them after install i look under phone model it now says gt-n7105. I need to know some basics here. I need to make sure I get my lte speed for one. and that i am on a good compatible rom for the canadian Rogers note2 l317. ALSO I ALWAYS have problems tethering. Can never get a computer to connects do you know why? Here wil rogers it is free i have a feeling in the usa it is not. Stock rom i can tether no prob. Which are the best say 3

  10. Andrew says:

    Can you do a SD external to internal swap with this ROM?

  11. john says:

    im having trouble installing this rom everytime i try to install in on my sprint galaxy not 2 it say using twrp to install can someone please help me out thank you

  12. Jesus says:

    Having the same problem

    • john says:

      jesus did you find any solution to installing this rom? im still stock trying to install it if you did can u let me know thanks bro

  13. Justin says:

    Sprint version is broken. Everytime I try to copy over to my phone, it says “cannot copy file. device is disconnected”

    • john says:

      that makes 2 of us have same issue

    • Sam says:

      I have the sph-l900, and had the exact same problem, but figured out a fix last night.
      step 1) DL AKOP from:
      and dl the latest version/ud, as of right now its 10/31/13, the one on top of the list, i guess the update from 10/18 is not going to work.

      step 2) DL Android 4.3 Gapps from the link provided here on this page

      step 3) factory wipe, install akop, install gapps, dalvik cache wipe, reboot, should work fine.
      One thing that didn’t go off without a hitch was the google apps installs, like i never got maps and i needed it today, and we all know how great sprints service is, so just dbl check in the play store under “my apps” when you have a wifi link.

  14. P. T. says:

    Can someone please tell me why I get an error email every time I try to flash 4.3 rom??

  15. Drew says:

    Sprint version still broken…………….

  16. Uche Nun says:

    Hi Max, Good Job. i have a note 2 from a friend that have fake IMEI(0000049…….) and no network issue. This problem started after he rooted with an AOSP ROM. How can i restore network to the phone and fix the IMEI.


  17. K says:

    I rooted my verison note 2 and im getting text message error -1, I cant send anything …..can someone plz help!

  18. Noah says:

    The link to the ATT variant says SGH-i337, which is an s4. I hope this means to say SGH-i317?

  19. pete says:

    I have a sprint note 2. Currently running swamp monster and twrp. Do you know of any mods for puting note 3 software on note 2 like the international version has. All the note 3 spen features ate working for them. And I would love to throw them on my note 2

  20. Luciano says:

    I would also like to know if it is possible to do a SD external to internal swap with this ROM?

  21. legendofkane says:

    wifi gives me the sign in in status bar but when i pull it down theres no way to log in,at holiday inn. theres no option anywhere to sign i missing something tmobile note 2

  22. James says:

    does anyone know if this ROM has problems with MHL to HDMI?

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